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Love or mental illness

In an interesting turn of events, I have noticed many of my family and friends / co-workers of late are breaking up with thier mates. Some of them (including my parents of 30 years) have been together for quite some time; and yet , now they are finding the person they swore "I do", is now, an "I don't".

Even myself .... I am now divorced with three children. I rarely get to see my children, and my life has been turned completely upside down; compared to the perfect image I had as a child, and as I grew. I figured that if I was married with children, a house, a car, and a full time job; that I would be satisfied. For some reason, it didn't turn out that way.

I offer this link to a National Geographic article that I found really interesting.

Crazy in love? You bet!

Up in Smoke

I have absolutely no faith in our leaders. I know they are not in power for "our" best interests!

We live in a fragile eco-system on a planet that does not have the universe turn around us! In the whole scope of reality, however, we are special! We are survivers, in a dangerous world that tends to destroy us in "naturally occuring" disasters. Throughout human history; volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, floods, diseases, and even objects falling from the sky have done their best to kill humans by the thousands.

With the introduction of "civilization" and "society", humans have turned to certain people to lead their nations. Human history contains a pleathora of hero's, villians, warlords, as well as, innocents caught in the middle of the destructive power of humanity.

Here we are in the advanced industrial age, and we are still creating ways to kill each other. Viral, biological, nuclear, and conventional warfare have all taken great leaps in recen…


Just another picture of Cyan, and me.

My Iguana

This is a picture of my iguana and me. He's quite tame. ....... Unlike his owner.Zzorhn

Scary thought

.....inside my mind? Pretty scary thought. I've created this site as a way to jot down my ideas, opinions, and show a few pics here and there. If you've ever wanted to read someones diary, then you've come to the right place. Not that my life is that exciting .......