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Jedi vs Sith: Not so good or evil

Jedi vs Sith

In a debate reguarding the difference between the Sith Lords and Jedi Masters, of George Lucas' ongoing "Star Wars"saga; an interesting development has occured. Sith are not neccessarily evil, whilst, Jedi are not neccessarily good!

There are many aspects to this concept. First and mostly; the force, is akin to God (Alah, Budda, Jehovah, and any other name I am forgetting) *** For literal sake, I am not going to get into my understanding of religion. Not now.

Bold statement... however, God is my force. In a fundamental aspect, I rely on Him for everything I do. My inner energy comes from my belief in a higher power, and His influence in me and things around me. Sounds like the force to me. Now..... I WISH I could move things with God's influence..... but I can't. There is probably a good reason for that, though...

Imagine ...... I have mastered the force in "many" of it's aspects. I can telepathically link myself to others .... Telekenetica…