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The truth about dancers.

I have been a DJ in a bar for over 2 years now. I would make the bold statement, that "I have seen it all", however, I'm sure someday, someone, will shock me again. Not that anything people do really shock me anymore. (see entry : Humanity or virus) The list of "Oh, my God!" statements will require another entry, someday, I'm sure.....


Now; having a "general knowledge" of the bar-scene, and with my experiences in "extra-curricular activities", I have observed that: "You can tell how a person is in bed, by the way they dance!"

This applies to either men or women, although there are differences (obviously) in the ways that they act in public, or more importantly, dance.

There are four categories of dancers (lovers).

a) Don't have a clue: but, "oh my gawd is this fun!?!"

b) Self-centered: They can move, however, they are so concerned with "appearances", you are overwhelmed.

c) Rock your world: not profe…