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Being single sucks

Being single sucks

There are so many aspects to being single.

First off, the reason you are single to begin with... name the reason why people who are with each other for years, suddenly find themselves no longer wanting to be with them anymore. It can be as insignificant from "leaving the top off the toothpaste", to much larger problems. (financial, physical, trauma in any form, and even abuse)

The whole "breaking up" scene is disturbing. The fights, games, and financial loss is entirely emotion-driven. No sane couple, who months (even weeks) before, loved each other; would seek to destroy their relationship! For some strange reason, however, something is conflicting. Let the mind games begin!!

That disturbing period in time is emotionally, financial, and physically draining! The range of emotions that a person experiences during this time will cause the most reasonable person to do things they never would..

I’m digressing....

...being single. There is no one the…