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Not a "real" pandemic

I found this in the Winnipeg Free Press, opinion page.....

Not a "real" pandemic

The reason H1N1 has been the least deadly pandemic of all time has to do with the revised definition of what a pandemic is by the WHO. It was changed just before they declared the "pandemic" on June 11. The original definition contained two other conditions - there must be a high morbidity and a high mortality rate, meaning a lot of deaths would have to occur.

Although many people caught the illness, most experienced only mild symptoms and only a very few deaths. But this small percentage makes headlines and strikes fear into the masses and makes the pharmaceutical companies rich. The public health agencies could have a serious problem on their hands when a "real" epidemic strikes us if the masses become cynical and begin to question the legitimacy of any future news report on such issues. It seems to me, it's already started - a majority of people didn't buy into this &…

Another year older

Happy Birthday to me

Another year, come and gone.

I won't quite say how old I am, in the off chance,
I might be mistaken as young enough to still be cool.
Having said that, I'm already not.....(sighs)

It's going to be a good year.

Top of my Class - CF

I had to take this picture off the wall to scan it

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Zzorhn Carlson


International Drug Policy

International Drug Policy

Drug Laws

"We recognize that focusing on drugs and weapons, without stopping the money, is not going to stop the cartels," Assistant U.S. Treasury Secretary David Cohen told the AP...."

Get the full story here

"But it's a deterrence, official says
The Treasury official played down the importance of the low returns, saying the act is designed mostly as a deterrent to keep drug organizations out of the U.S. financial system."



Why are our governments spending OODLES of cash fighting drug warefare? Develop an Internation Drug Policy that is adaptive, and flexible.

Get rid of the pill problems by restricitng those (insert bad word here) government drugs!! Make naturally accuring plants as worthless as cabbage!!

If everyone has lots of it, there is no drug trade. Like I said earlier....

.....why does this make so much sense......?

Drugs that need to be decriminalized!!!


I wrote this in response to a CNN discussion board....

Go here to read discussion board

I thought I should blog it here as well....

Humane in early use meant civil, courteous or obliging towards humans and animals. In modern times it is characterized by sympathy with or consideration, compassion and benevolence for others, especially for the suffering or distressed.

I love your idea Jessica! I have the same concept of justice as you and your husband, it seems.

Let me continue where you left off.....

....the victims of the crime should be the ones deciding the fate of the guilty person. Let the courts prove an accused person guilty, however, the final word on the sentencing should belong to the victim, or family.

EG: Youth breaks into store. He is apprehended, and found guilty in a court of law. The shop owner would have guidlines to assist them in deciding the sentance for the youth. He could choose to have the stolen money, repaid, with some sort of proba…

How do I....

How do I make comments on any subject without using criticism. I've realized that judging something is easy. How do I put anything in this blog without sounding like I'm nagging, or bitching?

Honestly? That's why I haven't blogged in forever...........

I have all sorts of things to say, however, I do not wish to have my work reviewed, and then used against me, as ammunition in the future.

I put a disclaimer at my header, years ago, because I thought I was going to need to warn people before they got too involved reading material on my blog. So far, it's pretty PG-13........

........I don't know what the future holds. Someday, I may start writing material that would be deemed worthy of attention. I'm just not sure if my life can take any more attention....

.....we'll see.

Blogging like you wouldn't believe

Hey All!!

It's been a long time, since I put anything on this site, so I figured I should show you what I've been up to.

Go here

That is the newest blog I'm werking on.

Keep it real.