A tall tale

As for my point on the subject of "pot's limiting abilities", allow me to equate this for you, in the use of an analogy:

A maintenance man, working in a huge downtown sky-rise; alerted by the silent alarm on the roof's emergency door, runs to check on the problem.

He finds the door propped open, with a brick, allowing snow and blowing wind to enter through the one inch crack. Peering out the door, he notices a man, in a business suit, smoking a joint.

Well, the maintenance man bursts through the door, and confronts the dope-smoking stranger.

"What do you think you are doing up here, smoking weed?"

The man, startled by the sudden intrusion, guiltily looks around. He resists the temptation to try and hide the evidence, smoking away, in his hand.

"Yea, I guess you got me," he sheepishly admits.

Well.......the maintenance enters into a charade of guilt, and fact about the dangers of smoking illegal drugs. He then proceeds to explain that pot is a gateway drug, and use of pot, "no matter how much", will cause "you to want to try other drugs".

The maintenance man, is really starting to get rolling here, until the man takes another drag off the joint.

"What the hell, man?!" "You seriously going to stand there smoking that joint, while I'm telling you about all the TRUE facts of dope. There's a reason they call it dope, you know!

The older gentleman, just merely shrugs his shoulders, and announces, "I just thought it seemed like such a waste of good weed to just let burn. Carry on." Then he stands there, waiting for the maintenance man to speak.

The maintenance man stammers, "Wha'? Are you?", He stares dumbfounded at the man smoking the joint, casually on the rooftop.

"Think of all the money you spend on that habit!! The money could be used for a variety of different things, other than feed your habit!", the maintenance man declares.

The older gentleman shrugs his shoulder again, and turns a bit, to take note of the cityscape.

"See!" The maintenance man started, "If you were to take all of your money, you ever spent on drugs, you could have invested it into your future! I bet you have spent a ton of money over the years, feeding your addiction! "

The maintenance man took another step towards the man smoking the joint, He noticed that it was almost finished, and realized that he still didn't know who this man was, or what he was doing on the roof. No matter, he decided, I'll just try to reason with him, and find out his name.

"I think you better put that out, and come with me downstairs", the maintenance man declared.

The older man turned to face the brazen office worker. He asked, "You see that building over there?"

The maintenance man, not willing to show any weakness to this criminal, on top of his roof, looked at the direction the older gentleman was pointing. It was another skyscraper, although, not as large as the one they were standing on.

"Yeah, I see it", he started, "I bet if you had invested your money, you might have stock in a company like that. Come on, let's get going." The maintenance man took another step towards the drug smoking gentleman.

The older man, flicked away the roach, and placed his hands on his hips.

"I wouldn't do that.", he announced.

The maintenance worker, steeled himself to glare back at the other man, resisting the urge to pull out his hand-held radio, and alert someone. He secretly wished it wouldn't come to that. Instead he asked, "Why not?"

The man smiled slightly, as though amused by the sudden turn of events.

"'Cause I do own that building...and this one..."

"....and I'm your boss..."


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