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The Reality of Food

Next week in France, a Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development is being held. Gordon Conway from the Center for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London, is the keynote speaker.

The meeting, features scientists, farmers, aid groups and businesses working to ward off hunger in the world's poorest countries, the BBC reported Friday.

"It's a huge problem," said Gordon Conway. "Crop yields must double if the world is to feed the estimated 9 billion people living on the planet by mid-century", Conway explained." The effort is being hampered by climate change and a lack of basic agricultural knowledge", he announced.

"Everywhere you go in Africa you can buy Coca-cola or Pepsi-Cola, but you can't buy a packet of seeds so easily!"

More money must be earmarked for agriculture to avoid a global hunger crisis in coming decades!

When you can't feed your children, you will do anyth…

Application to Date my Daughter

NOTE - This application will be Incomplete and rejected unless accompanied by a complete financial statement, job history, lineage, and current medical report from your doctor.


DATE OF BIRTH: _______________

HEIGHT:___________ WEIGHT: ______

IQ: ________GPA: ______

SOCIAL SECURITY #: ___________

DRIVERS LICENSE #: _________

BOY SCOUT RANK:____________________

HOME ADDRESS: ________________ CITY: _________

Postal Code ______

Do you have one MALE and one FEMALE parent? Yes____ No_______ If NO, explain:

Number of years parents married: _________

TATTOO? ____


In 50 words or less, what does "Late" mean to you? __________________________________________

In 50 words or less, what does "DO NOT TOUCH MY DAUGHTER…

Community Art Project

Mural wall
community art projects in works
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 - 2:36pmBy Peggy Revell, Staff writer (Fort Frances Times)
It’s no surprise that an artist would be the one to transform a simple plan for a paintball safety wall into a full blown public arts project.
But that’s exactly what local artist Eric Keast is planning to do.
“I want to bring art to the people, I guess, to get more people involved,” Keast said about the project, being done in collaboration with Spirit Fire Park in Devlin, which will see a roughly 150-foot long public mural wall built (which also will serve as a boundary for the park’s paintball site).
Funding for this project—and others in the works—comes from an Ontario Arts Council Northern Arts grant of $12,000.
While many know Keast for his work that’s displayed at the Clover Valley Farmer’s Market, Fort Frances Museum, and elsewhere, he won’t be the only one working on the mural since part of the grant has been allocated towards holding a mural workshop with…

A quick survey

1. Have you heard of Spirit Fire Park?
2. Have you ever played paintball?
3. Do you own your own marker?
4. Would being able to purchase paintballs on site be of interest to you?
5. How much would you pay to play paintball for a day?
6. Do you think the Rainy River District needs a paintball park?
7. Would a free paintball safety course be of interest to you?
8. Would an Advanced paintball course be of interest to you?
9. When would you play paintball?
10. What types of equipment sales, would you be interested in?
11. Do you have any other comments?

Please email your results to

Water on Mars

NASA scientists say they've identified thick masses of buried ice in the middle latitudes of Mars and radar mapping suggests the ice is commonplace.

The radar images were provided by the space agency's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is charting the hidden glaciers and ice-filled valleys that were first confirmed by radar two years ago.

NASA said the subsurface ice deposits extend for hundreds of miles in a region about halfway from the equator to the martian north pole.

"We have mapped the whole area with a high density of coverage," said Jeffrey Plaut of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., which manages the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. "These are not isolated features. In this area, the radar is detecting thick subsurface ice in many locations. The hypothesis is the whole area was covered with an ice sheet during a different climate period, and when the climate dried out, these deposits remained only where they had been covered by a layer…

Your mother lied


Her continuous advice, although well intended, is in fact; dogmatic discourse.

Really; if you DRINK & DRIVE, and wreck your car.

You guts are splattered all over the road, your face sticks to the windshield, and witnesses vomit at the sight of you... one really notices your underwear!

Social Networks - How safe are you?

The overwhelming success of social networks on the Internet, are a major part of people's everyday lives. Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Blogster, Flickr, Friendster, MyLife, & Twitter are but a few of the many social networks available. There are many others!

Early each morning, millions of farmers, around the world rise to work in their fields. Each night, legions of poker players shuffle up virtual cards, and deal. Zynga Poker allows people to win real money, all in the comfort of their own home, however, here are currently 118 million installed users of FarmVille, an application that offers no financial benefit!!

Why are these games so popular on these social networks? It's merely a matter of marketing. What seem as though innocent, minor games that we could easily set aside, are in fact ingeniously applications designed to cause repeated visits during the day. Developers are aware of the fact that simple applications, that can be played in a tab on your browser while in …