Water on Mars

NASA scientists say they've identified thick masses of buried ice in the middle latitudes of Mars and radar mapping suggests the ice is commonplace.

The radar images were provided by the space agency's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is charting the hidden glaciers and ice-filled valleys that were first confirmed by radar two years ago.

NASA said the subsurface ice deposits extend for hundreds of miles in a region about halfway from the equator to the martian north pole.

"We have mapped the whole area with a high density of coverage," said Jeffrey Plaut of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., which manages the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. "These are not isolated features. In this area, the radar is detecting thick subsurface ice in many locations. The hypothesis is the whole area was covered with an ice sheet during a different climate period, and when the climate dried out, these deposits remained only where they had been covered by a layer of debris protecting the ice from the atmosphere."

The researchers said the ice could contain a record of environmental conditions at the time of its deposition and flow, making the ice masses a possible target for a future mission with digging capability.

There it is! The possibility of visiting our neighbouring planet, just became a reality!

Until now, a visit to Mars, would have been impossible; since once at the planet, terraformers would quickly find any resources dwindling fast! Oxygen, water, and fuels, would have to brought from earth, and storing the vast required supplies for any extended time would be difficult, if not hindering to the entire mission.

Not anymore.

Frozen water deposits can be collected for use by the colonists, who would be transforming Mars! Water to drink, hydrogen to power their equipment, and most importantly, oxygen to breathe!

The possibility of new resources to be discovered on Mars, is exciting!! Even the known deposits of minerals and materials is enough to compel some to attempt exploring under the surface.

I can't wait for the day, we start mining and the subsequent delivery of iron-ore from Mars!

I'm willing to bet everyone will want to own, an Ipod or car made from martian metals?


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