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Break and Entry II

March 31st, 2010, at 6:30 pm, will once again be stamped forever in my mind. I was raided again, by OPP! I was handcuffed in front of my family, and degraded in front of my community!

This isn't the first time either! Break and Entry
On February 6th, 2004 I had the misfortune of a visit from the drug enforcement of the OPP. They found negligible amounts of weed.

Once again, I am facing going to court, this time, over 12 grams! ($100 fine)

My landlord has been notified. At present time, I have yet to confront him. When I do, he is now under the impression that I'm involved in criminal activity!

I'm trying to get my 2 businesses going; now I may have serious setbacks due to this consistent harassment from the government's hired thugs!

When is this stupidity going to end?!?!

Even the arresting officer explained that the whole raid was a waste of taxpayer's money! In today's society, marijuana is not the focal point of their attention, as much more dangerous chemi…