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We have faith in you, Summer!!

Memo: To Summer

Hello! It's your dearest devotee, Zz, up here in North-western Ontario!

I just thought I would drop you a line and just offer some advice. The whole spring-thing-coming-early was really nice. Many of the animals, insects, and plants at the Spirit Fire Park are a bit confused; but I quite enjoyed the early jump at maintenance! Our Tiger-lilies have bloomed and already are dying off. (Ergo the norm - July 10th - 15th) We have two batches of squirrels, due to the long spring, and most are getting tame enough to hand feed....

....I've also considered, that up until now though, they have not had any food, and taking a peanut directly from some BIG ugly bald guy like me, is a small sacrifice to a free meal! You see, summer; up until this last week, your presence has been...

....well; let's face it summer, I had almost given up hope on you!

I guess I'm a little bitter from last year, still. You did the same thing; beautiful spring, that came a tad early (alt…