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School Uniforms

It's that time of year! Parents all over the continent, are buying "Back-to-school" supplies for their children.

In what seems to be, a sick twist, parents are now being asked to purchase items such as; toiletpaper, lightbulbs, and more! (Some parts of the US) This is on top of all the regular things, a child needs, going back to school!

Not only that; ever child, wants to be "different" and "unique" in their own style! Shoes that sell for $200+ and jeans can cost well over $100 a pair!

Many parents, find themselves digging into their bank accounts, out of guilt. The fashion parade, that is our public schools, are unforgiving; and unfortunately dictate how a child is treated, by their peers, and teachers! The staggering cost of "keeping up with the Jonses", is a luxery, not a necessity, however, it purports an individuals's social status.


Instead, create a logical school uniform.

Parents could shop online, or by catalogue f…

It takes a certain Calibre

The human being is a fascinating creature! Lacking defensible traits, such as fur, fangs, and razor sharp claws, they somehow fought their way, to the top of the food chain. Excluding the few random instances with giant cats, sharks, and other extreme predators, humans enjoy a luxury of being dominate; simply because of intellect and innovation.

Our technologies bring us "magical" comforts, and allow us more recreation time. Through the generations, a variety of sports have evolved, into the games we play today. Basketball; for example, was invented, when a ball was thrown at baskets hung on walls. Everytime, someone scored a "basket", they had to manually climb up and retrieve the ball. Other sports, too have evolved, as technology advanced.

Paintball is no exception!

When the first paintball markers were developed, their use was simplistic; to shoot at trees, marking them for harvest, or trail-blazing. The weapons were fairly crude (by today's standard) and…

How to vault Fort Frances, into the Future

Fort Frances, Ontario, is a border-town of 9000 souls. It is located on the North of the Rainy River, directly across from it's sister city, International Falls in Minnesota, USA.

It has the potential to be a wonderful place to raise a family. It is over a thousand feet above sea level, and due to its location, is hurricane free. It has over two miles of solid bedrock, resulting in a seismically sound zone. (No earth-quake zones) The landscape is gorgeous, and our lakes and woods are abound with fish & wildlife! The fact that our winters freeze every year, prevents any venomous snakes, deadly spiders and other types of poisonous insects from being able to survive.

The nickname for our district is called "Sunset Country", and for good reason; tourists from all over North America come to hunt and fish. Tourism is a major industry, and the fact that Fort Frances is a border-town, creates an entry point for our American cousins. During the summer months, the line-up to …