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Online Profile

I can't imagine; a world without the Internet!

I'm sure our grandparents survived without the World Wide Web, but, I can't visualize it ever going away! Now that it exists; even if radical changes are made to the structure and delivery of technology, the Internet, is here to stay.

Everyone, uses the ‘net to some extent. From banking, to email; the Internet, is a powerful tool and source of entertainment! World leaders are struggling, to keep up to the rapid changes in technologies, and enact legislation to both; protect its citizens, and the industry.

Like it or not; everyone has an online profile. Some more than others, due to the usage of social networks, online shopping, youtube accounts, and more "online opportunities", than this author would care to pen.

Game and software developers, realized early on, how powerful a tool, promoting people's online profile, really is. With the beginnings of MSN, and the choice to optimize your profile, including pictures, …