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Corrupt Moderators - CNN

An era; has ended.

November 17th, 2009, I joined the CNN discussion board. I found the site when I was writing into HLN (Headline News). I excitedly joined the online forum, with high hopes of of stimulating conversations / debates, and the intention of being an active member of the CNN IReport team.

I wasn't disappointed.

I met many new people, and engaged in stimulating debates. I participated in worldly events, as they unfolded. I started two threads; one a cyber-bar, where anyone could mingle and discuss any topics at hand, and the other one, a topic dedicated to my experiences in the world. Entitled "CNN Summit", I added material every week, and had some really great debates.

Then.......... the last 6-8 months, cyberpaths dismantled the DB. Through the use of fake profiles, and attack threads; they either drove away the majority of good debaters, or found some way to get some people banned!!

The entire DB took a turn for the worst! Each day became a drama…

Abuse of the Law

These two letters-to-the-Editor of a local paper, NEED to be addressed! The first is the letter from an extremely concerned parent and father-in-law over the illegal search and seizure of his medical marijuana grow op, with the second letter written by the OPP in response.

Dear Editor:

Detective Constable Landgraff of the OPP Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau is out to get you! Early morning Thursday Feb 24 Landgraff and his posse of cowboy’s served a search warrant on a legal medical marijuana possession/production card holder in LaVallee Township, saying he was there to make a trafficking charge. Upon search of the card holders residence, having found no quantity of marijuana or evidence of trafficking Landgraff charged this young cancer patient with production of marijuana for being 6 plants over his quota. Even though this sick young man told Landgraff that he had to grow a few over his quota because of the mortality of his plants, having half or more di…