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Green & Clean

"Uneven joints in local sidewalks are being made easier for pedestrians to spot now that the town’s engineering department is marking surface discontinuities with fluorescent orange paint.
Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown said the town is doing this to meet minimum maintenance standards for municipal highways, as per Section 16.1 of the Municipal Act, which states all surface discontinuities exceeding two centimetres must be marked with fluorescent orange paint. “We’re inspecting them and alerting [users] of the issue,” said Brown, noting a discontinuity is where there is a crack or joint in the sidewalk where “one side is up, one side is down,” with the height difference between the two sides exceeding two cm."

Fort Frances Times - By Duane Hicks, Staff writer - Monday, July 25, 2011

Pardon me?!?

It is understandable, that there is limited resources, when it comes to repairing town infrastructure. What is…

Anti-Gang Warfare

There is a major problem, with gangs, in North America. Anti-gang legislation, is enforced in both Canada and the United States! Billions of dollars, are spent each year, to combat the growing number of gang-related crimes! In the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba; the ongoing feud between the three major gangs, has recently escalated to include, brazen daylight murders, and shootings! (for more information on related issues, see Winnipeg Free Press )

Ironically; the current laws, actually fuel gang development!

Gangs are formed for many social and economical reasons. It's human nature to seek out companionship. The social network of a gang environment affords the participant, a sense of self-worth, and status; in addition to other factors, such as, acceptance,training, excitement / activities, and even a search for love, and discipline! Other reasons for joining a gang include; racism, poverty, and media influences (love, sex, drugs, etc) Joining a gang, fulfills the same needs, as j…