Anti-Gang Warfare

There is a major problem, with gangs, in North America. Anti-gang legislation, is enforced in both Canada and the United States! Billions of dollars, are spent each year, to combat the growing number of gang-related crimes! In the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba; the ongoing feud between the three major gangs, has recently escalated to include, brazen daylight murders, and shootings! (for more information on related issues, see Winnipeg Free Press )

Ironically; the current laws, actually fuel gang development!

Gangs are formed for many social and economical reasons. It's human nature to seek out companionship. The social network of a gang environment affords the participant, a sense of self-worth, and status; in addition to other factors, such as, acceptance,training, excitement / activities, and even a search for love, and discipline! Other reasons for joining a gang include; racism, poverty, and media influences (love, sex, drugs, etc)
Joining a gang, fulfills the same needs, as joining other organized establishments; such as Scouts, Brownies, Drama club, 4-H programs, Cadets (Air, Navy, & Army) and school programs. (chess club, music, Yearbook club, etc)

The one factor that IS necessary for any organized criminal network; is money. If you remove that element from the equation; the criminal organization, cannot exist!

There are anti-gang programs, in many cities in North America. Millions of tax-payers dollars, are spent on education and sports programs, every year, in North America! The concept of youth-orientated programs, are not new by any means; there are written historical references to gang-related problems in North America, as early as, the 18th century!! Both the US and Canada, have strict laws when it comes to gang paraphernalia, and membership. In Canada, the anti-gang war, is bolstered by tough "seizure" laws, that afford Police, near-judicial powers! This "War-on-crime" coincides with the "War-on-drugs"; spanning the continent, even including Mexico! The violence and crime, that result from this crisis; has created a veritable warzone, with civilians getting caught in the cross-fire!

Current anti-gang laws, are akin to putting a Bandaid on a cancer patient; with the Bandaid factory, being the direct cause of cancer, in the country..........

........rather than address the real issues that cause gangs, the government, drafts legislation that would increase prison populations. Instead of funding education systems, to help provide, after-school, programs, and music clubs; the government cuts education funding, and puts Police in schools. (the "bad-kid" syndrome) Instead of providing a sense of security, for our youth; the government bows to political correctness, and slowly allows our values to be degraded.

Meanwhile; billions of dollars, are spent, fighting the war-on-crime! Heavily armed Police, engage in armed combat with gangs. The death toll, is only one of the results.........

........don't get me wrong; organized crime has no place in our society. It is a bane to the sanctity, of our communities; and the resulting side-effects of violence and crime, absolutely undesirable!! The government's approach to organized crime, however, is ineffective, and distruptive!!

The best weapon for anti-gang warfare, is to take away the financial support of the criminal organization! It's frustratingly simple; take away the ability to make money, and gangs would no longer exist!

Where do gangs make money?

Sex trade, drugs, guns, and a host of other black market goods.

Oddly, the war-on-drugs, actually fuels demand. Many critics argue, that the war-on-drugs is necessary, but the majority of people living in North Americas disagree; the consequences of declaring war on soft-drugs, are worse, than the personal decision to imbibe soft drugs! The fact remains; we cannot win the war on drugs, because the "enemy", is the people of North America!!

There is a case, currently before the Canadian courts, where a former sex-trade worker, is pressing to have the current laws changed, to protect the women involved. She claims that if Canadian lawmakers were to change the laws, so that sex-trade workers were recognized as a legitimate (and legal) occupation, with the same protection that all Canadian's are afforded by the labour codes; it would protect the thousands of people that are exposed to harsh violence and resulting crime. She argues, that the government would stand to make a substantial amount of taxable income, on top of reducing black market sex-trade! It would also help to fight child sex-violence, by making it extremely difficult for minors to be involved; by exposing the trade, and making it accountable, it would be easier to fight the black market.

There are other ways to reduce the amount of money, that is generated on the black market, but imprisoning the citizens of North America, is not the answer. It requires change.....

..........IF, the government were to enact logical laws regarding the sex-trade, and drug reform; it would generate TONS of tax dollars for the country, as well as, taking away the financial support that fuels gangs.

It requires a new, status quo.........

...because; business "as usual", obviously, isn't working!


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