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More hard time, than a rapist - Zz & BR Show

Z: Hay fish. How you doing, fish?

E: Hay (adlib)

Z: Yea, well, welcome to Stony mountain pen.

E: Yea, right. Welcome to prison…..

Z: That’s right homey! This is where the man puts all the dangerous offenders! This is where they house the scum.

E: Why? What did they catch you for?

Z: Since you’re new, I’ll let you in on a little secret; never ask a man what they caught him for. You can ask a guy, what they convicted him of, but, never ask they why they got caught! That answer is easy, we got sloppy, yo!

E & Z: (adlib) sloppy gets you caught. - some want to (fresh shower, warm meal)

Z: …………..took advantage of the correctional system, and now he’s a lawyer!

E: So how long have you been here - I can ask that, right?

Z: Yea, that’s ok. Some even like to tell you how long, because to many here, it’s a badge of honour! 10 years my new friend! 10 years!

E: Oh, ok.. Well, what did they convict you of? Did I ask that right?

Z: Terrorism! Oh, don’t look so alarmed, it’s not like I blew up a bui…