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Protest This!

The concept, of speaking out, against the leader, of any democratic nation, is of the utmost import. It is why, there are chapters dedicated to concepts, such as, freedom-of-speech. It is extremely important, that, the citizens of any democratic nation, use these tools, to voice their concerns.

What is unfortunate, is the way, media is twisting the facts, and manipulating them, to suit their own needs! In the most simplistic terms; the organizations that own the media companies, have a financial interest in how they portray the news. They present events, and concepts, based upon their own beliefs; our media is influenced by religion, political beliefs, corporate power, and greed. They literally, want to sell you on their ideology!

And it works.

Through the use of suggestive concepts, and presentation, they influence the nation.  How people dress, what & how they eat, what mode of transportation a community uses - mass transit, vehicles, phone, computer, etc, etc, etc.....