Blank Slate

Blank slate. The term implies renewal, or a fresh start; the connotation also indicating and end, or finality, with the results having been "rubbed clean" with the anticipation of new results - usually after a realization of wrong calculations or incorrectness. After all, why start over completely if things are proper, correct, or "working out"? It is indicative of a realization of mistakes, with an effort to discard a previous state, with new ideas and results, to achieve better results or correctness.

The term comes from an outdated era in history, when people would use slate (a hard surface of smooth mineral) to write on, with chalk. It's prevalent use in schools, offices, and other facilities is due to the usefulness of the structure - easy to write on, and easy to erase; strong, durable, and can be used over and over again. With the emergence of erasable markers, the "black board" or hand-held slates were eliminated.  Now, technology provides an even better medium for presentation and / or display, with hand-held computers (laptops, cell phones, touch screen pads, etc) that can quickly send / receive information; the slate is now excessively antiquated.

Regardless, the term is still used and understood, although, I'm certain it too will eventually be replaced - language and terms often change to reflect culture and experiences (CNTL-ALT-DEL - "End of the world spell")

A blank slate promises hope. It's a chance to right-the-wrong. An opportunity to fix mistakes or redo aspects of life, it is accompanied by mixed emotions; eagerness and reluctance, fear and bravery, anticipation and hesitation, dread and excitability, depression and joy.

It's normal to resist change. Humans are predisposed as habitual, xenophobic creatures that resent change.  Change, however, offers opportunity; new job, house, vehicle, location, love, and many more aspects of life are afforded through change. So, while it's natural to resist changing your life, when you take a risk, good things can happen.

Zzorhn Carlson, August 9th 2012
[Adaptation of "Between the Bars of a Jail Cell"]


Anonymous said…
Very true - your statement "A blank slate promises hope" really resonates with me. It is like savasana - a restorative pose in yoga which prepares the body/mind/spirit for the next cycle to come.


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