Truthful Lamentations

A man imprisoned, laments to his kin
Please, I beg you, get me from within!
Your chores are many, this much I know
I beseech you, I pray you, your love to me show.

I'm innocent, I swear, of the lies told to thee
"Not guilty" he cried, come rescue me!
Each day that I rot behind these cold bars
Is an affront, an insult, of which has no par.

His family with shame, turned their proud head
"I'm sorry", they stammered, with voices of dread
"I cannot, I will not, release thee from hell"
"My life is too busy", they falsely did tell.

In anguish and torment, he turned to his friends
Knowing, in pain, two, their truth did they bend
The very dark reasons for all of his pain
Through lies and deceit, so much did they gain

Help me, oh help me, I need you he'd cry
But to his chagrin, they turned a blind eye
I don't understand your reluctance, you see
Why won't you, he asked, Please! Come help me!

As was his family, those he loved best
Ignored his laments, just like the rest
"We do not wish to become too involved"
"It's not our problem", they proudly resolved

Abandoned by family and friends in a cell
Imprisoned by falsehoods, and lies, did he fell
And so is the saying, as time does unfold
A man in jail, the truth does behold.

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