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Opposites Attract

I was sitting in my usual spot, at the end of the cell block. No chair, but rather, had propped my feet up on the grimy, white bars of the jail, and was sitting on hard cement. A hard cover book, about "The Universe", provided a clipboard of such, and lay against my knees.  I was writing, about the events of the day, as I had, since I first ended up here. I'm in jail.

I'm not that bad.  Not everyone that gets incarcerated, is deserving of such a fate. There are times when, life throws you a sucker-punch, and you find yourself in a place you would never thought you'd end up. Such is my fate, I'm stuck behind bars for crimes I didn't commit.  Blame it on the Police; they fabricated a report where I supposedly attacked them, and tried to get away. So, in retrospect, it doesn't really matter if I'm guilty of the accusations - there are written reports claiming I did.

I've been here for over a month.  I've grown accustomed to the aspect of j…