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Ventrilo Set-up

1. Goto
2. Click on "Download"
3. Under "Client Programs", select the operating system that your computer uses
4. Download the program, and install it.
5. Run the program.
6. Click the arrow button beside "User name"
7. Click "New"
8. Choose a name for yourself - How you want others to see you
9. Ignore "Phonetic", "Description", and "Work dir." Click "OK"
10. Click the arrow on the right of "Server"
11. Click "New"
12. Name the server - Can be anything (No one sees it but you)
13. Under "Hostname" enter ""
14. Under "Port name" enter 4298
15. Under "password" enter "frey"
16. Ignore the rest, and click "OK"
17. Ignore "Bindings"
18. Click the "Connect" button.
19. You are now in the lobby of my Ventrilo server.  To enter other channels, double-click the one you want. (S…