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Into The Darkness

The thick, iron barred, cell door crashed to a close. The echoing sound of keys, jingled down the dark, empty corridor of the district jail. The cell doors to the other inmates had been locked hours earlier, and the sudden noise and motion, was beginning to wake a few of the lighter sleepers.

    As the sloven jail guard turned to walk away, a sudden flare of light from a match roaring to life, eerily sent shadows dancing around the tiny cell. The flame of the match licked at the fresh tobacco in the thin cigar that dangled from the moth of the cell’s only occupant. He inhaled deeply, the small cubicle brightening from the glow of the bright cherry on the cigar, then quickly blew out the still light match with a exhale of noxious gas. The cell was plunged once again into darkness.

    “Do you really think you are going to keep me in here?”      

    The deep voice, although barely a whisper, crawled through every fibre of the burly guard. Shaking his head, and fighting to suppre…