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Lavender Hill Road

The tires on the car squealed as Darren revved the engine on his new, black, Mustang convertible. He glanced down at his speedometer and realized he was traveling almost twice the legal speed limit.With t a whoop of exhilaration, the young man gunned the engine again. The beautiful sports car was a gift from his parents - sweet sixteen had finally come, and the thrill of driving, the rush of freedom, surged through his veins as the powerful engine whined down the road.

Barely anyone used this highway anymore. The closing of the paper mill had devastated the small community. A few years ago this highway was well maintained and bustling with vehicles, but now the pavement was aging and cracked, and the yellow paint was peeling and faded. The local Police force was drastically cut, as funding vanished; there would be no one to pull him over.

His hair whipped  wildly in the wind., and he let out a whoop of exhilaration. He smiled as he glanced at his reflection in the rear-view mirror. S…