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Need Fishing Partner

I'm going fishing.

I've fallen out of the boat when it comes to angling. I practically grew up on the lake, but, in my adult years, I've stopped going fishing.

There is something therapeutic about fishing; you and the elements. The water, sun, and wind, sooth the soul, leaving you at peace. (And possibly a bit sunburned) Time slows. You witness all sorts of wildlife. It's a magical portal, to another world.

I'm going fishing.

Once I buy my license, it's cheap food. Patience is a virtue, but when all it takes is a bit of time and some luck, and I can provide a feast anytime I'm craving fresh caught fish, I am gearing up to make fishing a serious aspect of my summer. I'm quite the cook too! I can expertly remove the "Y-bones" from "Jackfish". I will also admit, nothing tasted better than fresh caught Walleye or Northern.

I need a fishing partner.

I plan on putting together some tackle. My options for fishing include going to a cabin wit…

Fire Bombed

Think back to a moment, where your life has been irrevocably altered, by disaster. Think back to how it made you feel - The frustration, worry, and having no control. These times are rare, however, they leave us with lingering physical and emotional pain; something that remains with you, long after the smoke has cleared.

March break. I should have known. I have no idea why, but, for some god-forsaken-reason, I never have a good March break. Rather than bore you with details, (although you are free to ask) just take me at my word; I was honestly conscientious that March break was fast approaching. I hadn't gone out of my way to pack a bug-out kit or anything, but, I'd be lying if I hadn't thought about it. So, by the time Thursday had rolled around, my guard was down; proverbial shields lowered. Nothing of any import had remotely occurred, and I had nearly put the whole bad luck charm, behind me.

 I play Warcraft; not casually. I take pride in my raid healing, and look fo…