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Add Alcohol to Fruit for Summer Snacks

It's FINALLY summer!! Time to get away from the daily grind, and head out to the cottage, or even toss back a cold one with friends on the back porch. Summer and cold drinks are synonymous, however, anyone can mix a drink, or twist a cap off a beer. For an inventive and clever way to entertain guests, and bring a little inventive spice to a party or get-together, try these recipes.
Vodka Watermelons Spiced Rum Fruit Cocktail Tequila Lemons Bourbon / Moonshine Cherries Champagne Oranges
There are MANY recipes available for cooking with alcohol, or creating exotic drinks, ice cream, and even slushies. It all depends on your personal preferences and taste. You must be of legal drinking age to consume alcohol, or foods / drinks with alcohol. Remember moderation is the key to any summer event; unless you actually want to end up passed out in the summer sun, while your buddies haze you. (Which by the way is easily accomplished with sunscreen. Merely write something on your pas…

Fritz the Frog

I dedicate this children's story to a good friend of mine. May you always see through the eyes of a child, and never lose that vivid imagination!

Special thanks to Diane, for the photos. More than that... thank you for believing in me.

Fritz the Frog

Logan loves frogs.

He loved green frogs, and brown frogs, and even the brightly spotted frogs. He loved the way they hopped on the ground. He loved the way they could swim so fast in the water.  “Frogs are so much fun”, he told his mom one night, as she was tucking him into bed. His mom kissed him good night and smiled, as she tucked Logan's favourite stuffed animal into bed with him. Can you guess what it was?

A big, green, frog. His name was Fritz.

Logan gave Fritz a big hug, and smiled happily as he closed his eyes. His mom turned off the lights. “Goodnight Logan”, she said. “Goodnight Fritz”, she said, winking at the frog.

Logan opened his …


Fuzzgrommet the alien, came from very far away. He had come to visit our planet, EARTH today. Through nebula and vast expanse of space, his rocket ship blasted all over the place.
His ship landed, with hisses and clunks, and a tiny rocket door, opened with a plunk. Fuzzgrommet the alien, jumped from his ship, he was so tired, it had been quite a trip! He stretched his doozlehazzit, his arms, and his nose, and nearly fell over trying to touch his toes. He wiggled and jumped, and shook his short tail, and opened his wings, as wide as a sail.
The little purple alien from outer space, was suddenly shocked, and made a funny face. Animals! So many animals did he see! There were birds, cats and dogs, and even some bees. Fuzzgrommet looked around, at the animals he saw, “There are so many!”, he said, “With fur, feather and claw. I must study them! Will you please help me?” He giggled, and wiggled, and clapped with glee.
He looked in his book, and up to the sky. It's birds, oh, the birds!…

I Wish

Jill stared wistfully at the fluffy white clouds, drifting slowly across the azure sky. A light breeze tussled her long red hair, and playfully tickled her nose. She sighed happily, as she closed her eyes, and turned to face the warm, spring sun; the wash of golden light caressed her freckled face. She smiled, leaning on the old, faded fencepost, as she waited.
A large wicker basket sat beside her; a folded light green blanket, covered the food and drinks that lay nestled in the basket. She stared down the long, narrow, dirt road, and pushed the hair out of her face, only to have the wind blow it right back into place. Her green eyes squinted, as she spied a lone figure coming down the road; a small billow of dust dancing around his feet. She stood up straight, and picked up the basket.
“He's coming”, she whispered to herself. Jill quickly ran her free hand over her white dress, and unconsciously swatted the stray wisp of hair from her face. She smiled, then frowned, “Steady girl…