Fuzzgrommet the alien, came from very far away.
He had come to visit our planet, EARTH today.
Through nebula and vast expanse of space,
his rocket ship blasted all over the place.

His ship landed, with hisses and clunks,
and a tiny rocket door, opened with a plunk.
Fuzzgrommet the alien, jumped from his ship,
he was so tired, it had been quite a trip!
He stretched his doozlehazzit, his arms, and his nose,
and nearly fell over trying to touch his toes.
He wiggled and jumped, and shook his short tail,
and opened his wings, as wide as a sail.

The little purple alien from outer space,
was suddenly shocked, and made a funny face.
Animals! So many animals did he see!
There were birds, cats and dogs, and even some bees.
Fuzzgrommet looked around, at the animals he saw,
“There are so many!”, he said, “With fur, feather and claw.
I must study them! Will you please help me?”
He giggled, and wiggled, and clapped with glee.

He looked in his book, and up to the sky.
It's birds, oh, the birds! Did they fly?
They float on the air, so high up above,
there were eagles, some sparrows, and even a dove.
Fuzzgrommet giggled and clapped, so excited was he
happily he said, “Why, these birds look like me!”
It's not only that they so sweetly do sing,
It's because, they can fly, just like me! With their wings!

The spoodlerfoodoodler he had in his pocket,
began to flash red. Just like his rocket!
Excited, the little alien looked all around,
and saw insects of all kinds, all over the ground.
“These are bugs, Oh, what fun! The bugs look like me.
On top of their heads. Two of them, do you see?”
Some are curved, some are straight, and some of them jiggle.
It's my antenna”, he said, with a giggle.

From out of the bushes, there jumped a small cat.
“Oh, look”, squealed Fuzzgrommet, “Oh, please, look at that!
That's a cat! Oh, what fun, and it too looks like me!
We have the same thing, on the back, do you see?”
The small purple alien, clapped his hands with a smile.
He wiggled and jiggled, and giggled a while.
The cat jumped up and sat on a pail,
“See how it balances? With the use of its tail!”

Fuzzgrommet was having a really great time,
when suddenly his ziddlewink started to chime.
Bong! Bong! Bong! It was three o'clock.
“Oh, jumping jillikers!” he said with a shock.
“I'm having such fun! My, how time has flown.
I don't want to be late, I'd better go home.
But, this is so much fun, can't you see?
These animals on Earth, all look like me!

He jumped in his rocket, and fired up the engine.
He flicked switches, and doodads, too many to mention.
Fuzzgrommet gave a big wave to all of his friends.
“I'll come back”, he exclaimed, as his rocket transcends.
He soared high in his ship, and sailed past the moon.
“I really have to come back to Earth soon.
It's a great place!”, the alien giggled with glee
“And, all of the animals, look just like me!”

He roared by the planets, and far into space,
past comets, and stars, so fast did he race.
Through nebula clusters, and galactic formations,
Fuzzgrommet cheered, and laughed with elation.
The little red rocket ship touched down at his place.
He jumped out, and stretched, a wide smile on his face.
“I've had a great day, so far did I roam.
Earth may be fun, but, there's no place like home.”


Anonymous said…
I love it!!! Really hope you can find an artist to do some real drawings for this! You should have it published professionally! I know 2 kids who would like their own signed personal copy!!
Anonymous said…
Wow Joe you're writing is great

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