Fritz the Frog

I dedicate this children's story to a good friend of mine. May you always see through the eyes of a child, and never lose that vivid imagination!

Special thanks to Diane, for the photos. More than that... thank you for believing in me.


Fritz the Frog

Logan loves frogs.

He loved green frogs, and brown frogs, and even the brightly spotted frogs. He loved the way they hopped on the ground. He loved the way they could swim so fast in the water.
 “Frogs are so much fun”, he told his mom one night, as she was tucking him into bed. His mom kissed him good night and smiled, as she tucked Logan's favourite stuffed animal into bed with him. Can you guess what it was?

A big, green, frog. His name was Fritz.

Logan gave Fritz a big hug, and smiled happily as he closed his eyes. His mom turned off the lights. “Goodnight Logan”, she said. “Goodnight Fritz”, she said, winking at the frog.

Logan opened his eyes, sat up in bed, and smiled at his mom, “Good night mommy”, he said. Logan laid back down, and snuggled deep under the fluffy John Deere covers, hugging his favourite friend. “Goodnight, Fritz”, he said sleepily. Soon, Logan fell asleep, and began to dream.

It was a glorious morning! Sunshine poured through the window in Logan's room. The birds outside were singing sweetly.

Logan rubbed his eyes, had a BIG yawn, and stretched. He looked around his room, and noticed something was missing. Logan thought hard about what might be missing, and then he noticed that Fritz wasn't on the bed where he always was. Where could he be? After all, Fritz is a really big frog.

Logan checked under the covers. No, Fritz wasn't under the covers. Logan knelt on the floor and checked under his bed for the frog. Nope, Fritz wasn't hiding under the bed either. “Where could that frog be?”, thought Logan. He was starting to feel hungry, so he headed downstairs. Logan thought, “Maybe mom has seen Fritz. I'll ask her”.

Logan went to the kitchen. There was no sign of his mom, or Fritz, but Logan noticed the coffee maker was on. He took a big sniff of the fresh coffee. “Mmmmmmm. It smells good”, he said, “But, if the coffee maker is on, then mom must be up”. He smiled, “I'll ask her what happened to Fritz”.

Logan went into the living room. Guess who he saw? “Fritz”, Logan laughed, “What are you doing sitting at the table”.

“Good morning Logan”, replied Fritz the frog. “I was just about to eat breakfast, would you care to join me?”

Logan didn't know what to do! He had never heard Fritz speak before, and he was a little worried what a frog would eat for breakfast. He had to know, “What are you having for breakfast, Fritz?”, he asked. “I thought frogs eat bugs, flies and spiders”, Logan explained, “Yuck!”. He made a funny face.

Fritz looked at Logan. “I really don't know what I was going to eat”, the bright green frog said. He asked, “What are you going to have, Logan?”

Logan was excited. He was having fun talking to his best friend! “Oh, I have juice, toast, and sometimes my dad makes me pancakes”, he explained. “I like milk, muffins, and bacon too!” Logan sat down at the table, and asked, “Have you ever tried bacon, Fritz? It's the best!”

The frog thought hard, “I've never tried to eat before”, he told Logan. He smiled at Logan, “We should have bacon. It sounds much better than flies”.

Logan's mom came in the room. She nearly dropped her coffee cup when she saw the BIG frog sitting at the table. “Logan, why is there a big frog in the house?”, she asked.

Logan smiled happily at his mom, “It's Fritz, mom”, he explained. “Can we keep him, please?”

His mom didn't know what to do.  “I'm sorry Logan”, she explained, “We can't keep him, and there are no frogs allowed in the house”.

“Puh-Lease, mom?!”, Logan asked. “It's just one frog, and I'll take good care of him".

"Well, alright", said Logan's mom. "I was just about to make breakfast, what do you and Fritz want to eat?"

"Bacon!", announced Fritz. "I so want to try bacon", said the bright green frog, pulling up closer to the table.

Logan's mom didn't think that was a good idea, "I'm not so sure that frogs eat bacon, Fritz", she explained. "How about chocolate muffins and juice?" she offered. Both Fritz and Logan agreed that chocolate muffins sounded good, so they happily sat at the table munching their muffins, and drinking orange juice.

Logan's mom called out, "Make sure you brush your teeth after breakfast!"

"Come on, Fritz", said Logan, "We have to go brush our teeth". So, both Logan and his friend the frog, headed upstairs to the bathroom. Logan picked up his brush, and carefully squeezed a little bit of paste on it. He looked up to see Fritz using his dad's toothbrush. "Fritz, I'm not sure if dad would like you to use his tooth brush", he said giggling, "And besides, I didn't think frogs had teeth!"

Fritz opened his mouth REALLY wide, and looked in the mirror. "You're right, Logan", he said, "I don't have any teeth".

Well, neither Fritz or Logan knew what to do, so they washed their faces, and hands. When Fritz saw the water in the sink, he became very excited, and happily splashed his feet, making a very big mess. When Logan saw how much fun Fritz was having, he jumped up on the counter and splashed his feet in the sink too! 

"Logan!" his mom scolded, "You and Fritz are making a mess!" She gave him a big hug and told him, "Go downstairs and have a drink of milk. I left one for you on the table".

"And one for Fritz?", Logan asked.

His mom nodded her head, "Yes, dear", she replied, "I left a glass of milk for your friend too".

Both the two friends headed downstairs, and quickly drank their milk, when Fritz heard a sound coming from the family room. He turned towards the sound, "What's that Logan", he asked, his eyes wide with amazement.

Logan pointed over at the television. "That's TreeHouse", he explained, "That's my most favourite show to watch on TV".

"Can I watch TV?" asked the frog. He thought the television was very interesting.

Logan scrunched up his face as he thought about it, "I'm not sure that frogs watch TV, Fritz". He shrugged his shoulders, "We can try", he said.

So Fritz  plopped himself down in front of the television. They had fun for a little while, but, soon Logan was bored. "Let's do something else", he announced. Suddenly, Logan had an idea, "Hay Fritz", he asked, "Have you ever played with Tinkertoys?"

The bright green frog, didn't even know what Tinkertoys were, but when Logan dumped the can of wooden blocks and sticks on the floor, Fritz happily started to build.

"I'm making a firetruck", said Fritz.

"That sounds like fun", smiled Logan. He picked up a few blocks, and started building as well. "I'll make an ambulance, and you make the fire truck, ok?", he offered. 

Soon the two friends had finished their masterpieces, and were playing "Rescue Heroes". Logan was driving the ambulance, and Fritz was in charge of the firetruck. Logan pretended to talk on the walkie-talkie, "Breaker breaker, this is squad leader Logan. Can you read me Fire Captain Fritz? Over!".

The frog was right behind Logan, and pretended to talk on the walkie-talkie too, "Uum...Roger that good buddy. I read you loud and clear",   Fritz replied. They pushed thier Tinkertoy rescue vehicles across the carpet. Fritz called his friend on the truck radio, "We are approaching the scene. Shall we hit the sirens Squad Leader Logan?"

Logan nodded his head. "That's a good idea Fritz", he agreed, and pretended to pick up the walkie talkie again, "Fire Captain, we are almost there! Start up the sirens!"

Both Logan and Fritz began to howl like a fire truck and an ambulance, "Aaaarrroooooooooo. AaaaarrrroooooOOOoooo! Honk, honk! Get out of the way!"

Suddenly, mom appeared at the door, "OK you two. That's enough!", she said. She smiled and pointed to the window, "It's a beautiful day outside. You should go and play in the backyard", she encouraged.

"That sounds like fun", said Fritz. So he and Logan went to the backdoor. Logan started to put on his shoes to go outside. "What are you doing?", asked the bright green frog.

Logan slipped his foot into his shoe, and explained, "I'm putting on my shoes, so we can go outside".

"Do I need shoes?" asked Fritz, "Is that like, clothes for your feet?" He was very curious about shoes.

"Hmmmm", Logan thought, "I don't know. I'm pretty sure that frogs don't wear shoes". He shrugged, "We can try it though". So Logan helped Fritz put on his shoes. The green frog was pretty happy about his new shoes, until he tried to walk. Fritz found out that it is VERY hard for a frog to walk in shoes, so he took them off.  "That's alright Fritz", said Logan, "You don't need to wear shoes".

The two friends went outside. Fritz was amazed, "Look at all the flowers!", he exclaimed. They watched as bees and butterflies landed on the purple flowers, and took a long drink of the sweet nectar. Fritz was excited, "How wonderful", he gasped with delight.

A small pond in the garden, gurgled and splashed. The two friends wandered over to see what was making all the noise. "Look, Fritz", called out Logan. "There's a bird having a bath in the pond", he said, pointing at the little yellow bird, happily splashing in the water. Logan and Fritz tried to get closer to see the bird, but it flew away.

Fritz stared into the pond, and pointed, "Look, Logan! A FROG!" Sure enough, a small green frog, with black spots, was having a swim in the pond too.
"What kind of frog is that?" asked Logan. He squatted next to the small pond, and watched as it would duck under the tiny green leaves floating on the water, blow a few bubbles, and then pop back up, with its large eyes sticking out. 

Fritz had a closer look, "That's a Leopard frog, Logan", he said smiling, "I like their spots". Both friends watched as the frog sat very still, and then suddenly flicked out his tongue, and caught a bug. 

"Look at THAT Fritz!" Logan pointed at the little frog, "He ate that bug! I told you frogs eat bugs", he said.  Logan scrunched up his face in curiosity, as he asked Fritz, "What do bugs taste like?"

Well, Fritz didn't know what to say. He had never eaten a bug before, so he told Logan, "I'm not sure. Do you want to try and find out?"

Logan thought about it, "Can kids do that?" he asked Fritz. He made a funny face, "It doesn't sound very good", he said. The idea of eating a bug was too tempting for two curious freinds, and before long, they had each caught a small bug. Logan felt it squirm in his hand, as they counted, "One, Two, THREE", and he popped the bug in his mouth. It didn't taste good at all! "Yuck! said Logan, wiping his mouth, "That was disgusting!"

Fritz wasn't so sure. "I dunno, Logan", he declared, "I kinda liked eating that bug". He licked his lips, "Let's go catch some more bugs" said Fritz.

Logan wanted to see the Leopard frog again. "I wonder if it wants to come and play with us in the house?", he asked. Fritz stopped catching and eating bugs, and came to see what Logan was doing. "Here, help me please", he asked. It took both Logan and Fritz to catch the fast frog, and soon the three of them were back in the house.

"He probably wants somewhere to swim", suggested Fritz. The bright green frog looked in the kitchen, and asked, "What about the sink?"

Logan didn't think that was a good idea. "I'm not sure that frogs like to swim in the sink", he said to Fritz. He thought for a bit, and had an idea, "We could let him swim in the tub!" he declared. So all three freinds went upstairs, Fritz the frog was in the lead, followed by Logan, carrying the Leopard frog, who was now named "Freckles".

Logan's mom stopped them at the top of the stairs. "Just where do you two think you are going?", she asked. "You're both muddy from nose to flipper", she scolded. Fritz sat down at the top of the stairs.
"You mean three, mom", Logan corrected her, proudly lifting Freckles up for her to see.

For some weird reason, his mom didn't think that having Freckles in the house was a very good idea. "Logan! Why do you have another frog in the house?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips.

Logan smiled happily at his mom, “It's Freckles, mom”, he explained. “Can we keep him, please?”

His mom didn't know what to do.  “I'm sorry Logan”, she explained, “We can't keep him, and there are no frogs allowed in the house".
“Puh-Lease, mom?!”, Logan asked. “It's just one more frog, and I'll take good care of him".

"Well", said Logan's mom, "Alright, you can keep him". She warned, "Just make sure you take good care of him". She walked into the kitchen.
"Logan, can we slide down the stairs?" asked Fritz. The frog smiled, "It looks like so much fun".

Logan wasn't so sure if that was a good idea, "Frogs don't slide down the stairs", he explained. He smiled, "It might be fun to try though", so both Fritz and Logan took turns holding Freckles, and sliding down the stairs.

Fritz and Logan had a really good time sliding down the stairs, but they knew it was time to give Freckles a bath. As soon as Logan started the water, Fritz jumped in the tub. Logan giggled and told Fritz, "This is for Freckles. He's supposed to have a bath".
 The frog smiled at Logan, "Why don't we all have a swim in the bathtub?" It sounded like a wonderful idea, so Logan jumped in the tub with the two frogs. They had a great time!

After a while, Logan said, "I'm going to find some clean clothes", so he hopped out like a frog, and ran to his room. Soon, he was dressed, and came back to see that the tub was empty! "Fritz! Freckles!", he called out. 

His mom appeared at the door, "Logan, there are a couple of more frogs in the living room", she scolded. "I thought I told you, no more frogs in the house", she said.

"More frogs?" asked Logan, "What kind of frogs?" He was curious, and looking for Fritz and Freckles would simply have to wait.

"I think they are brown wood frogs", said his mom. She looked at the bathtub, and asked, "Where is Fritz and Freckles?"

"I'm looking for them", Logan explained. "Can you help me please?"

"You mean to tell me, that you have FOUR frogs running around the house?", Logan's mom asked. She shook her head, "Logan, that simply will not do". She wagged her finger at Logan, and warned, "You better find your frogs, and take them outside".

Logan stuck out his bottom lip and flashed the saddest face he could, “It's only a couple of wood frogs, mom”, he explained. “Can we keep them, please?”

His mom didn't know what to do.  “I'm sorry Logan”, she explained, “We can't keep them, and there are no frogs allowed in the house".
“Puh-Lease, mom?!”, Logan asked. “It's just two more frogs, and I'll take good care of them".

"Well", sighed Logan's mom, "Alright, you can keep them". She started down the stairs, and called out, "I'm going to work in the front garden, sweetheart. Make sure you find your friends the frogs, and build some sort of place for them to live in your room". She smiled, "I'll be back in shortly, to help you". 

Logan quickly cleaned up the mess in the bathroom, and drained the tub. "Where could Freckles and Fritz be?" he wondered. Then he remembered the two wood frogs his mom had told him about, so he went to the living room to investigate. Sure enough, sitting on the couch, were two, small, brown and black frogs.

Logan clapped his hands in delight! How much fun! He decided to name the pair of frogs, "Pepper", and "Pickles", because it sounded funny. He happily scooped up the two frogs, and headed to his room to build the frogs a place to live, like his mom told him. 

What kind of house would a frog like? Logan looked around his room, and tried to think about what he could build for his friends. "Maybe", thought Logan, "I could build them a blanket fort!" So, Logan quickly took the blankets and sheets off his bed, and built the best blanket fort he could.

He put Pickles and Pepper in the fort, and started to look for the other two frogs. Logan checked the bathroom, the kitchen, and the family room, but he could find no sign of Fritz or Freckles.

Then Logan noticed a green tree frog sitting on the window. He clapped his hands happily, and quickly scooped up the tiny green frog. "I'll call you Mr. Sticky", he announced, and headed back up to his room to take his newest friend to the blanket fort.

Logan played for a long time with Pickles, Pepper, and Mr Sticky in his fort. They had a very good time.

Suddenly, Logan heard his mom calling him from downstairs, "Logan! Why are there frogs all over the house?" 

Logan was curious. More frogs? He had to go see. Logan headed down the stairs where mom was waiting for him. "There are frogs EVERYWHERE!" she said, with her hands on her hips.

Logan could tell that she was upset, but he was SO curious. More frogs? He had to see. "What kind of frogs, mom?" he asked.

Logan's mom let out a loud sigh, "All kinds. I've never seen so many frogs". She shook her head, "We HAVE to get rid of all the frogs". 

Logan smiled at his mom, “It's only a few more frogs, mom”, he explained. “Can we keep them, please?”

His mom didn't know what to do.  “I'm sorry Logan”, she explained, “We simply can't keep this many frogs".

“Puh-Lease, mom?!”, Logan asked. “It's just a few more frogs, and I'll take good care of them".

"NO", said Logan's mom. She placed her hands on her hips. "There are frogs in every room in the house, Logan! We HAVE to get rid of them", she said. She pointed, "You start in the kitchen, and I'll start in the family room".

Logan shuffled towards the kitchen. His mom called out, "Make SURE you take the frogs outside!" 

"OK, mom", Logan sighed. He really wanted to keep some of the frogs. He stopped when he reached the kitchen. His mom was right, there were frogs EVERYWHERE!! Logan started scooping up frogs, and releasing them on the deck. Back and forth, he ran. He found frogs in the cupboards, frogs on the floor, and even frogs in the sink! There was green frogs, brown frogs, spotted frogs, and even one lumpy old toad.
His mom poked her head around the corner, "How are you doing, Logan?" she asked.

Logan leaned against the counter, he was so tired from all the running. He smiled at his mom, "I've found a lot of frogs, mom!" he said happily. He started to count on his fingers, "Let's see", he explained, "There's Giggle, and Hiccup, and Percy, and Lumpy the toad....."

"Logan?" his mom said.

"Yes?", replied Logan.

"STOP NAMING THE FROGS!" She stood there wide-eyed and in disbelief. "You have to get rid of the frogs, not name them as pets", she explained. She shook her head, and giggled slightly.

Logan asked, "Have you found Fritz yet?"

Logan's mom shook her head, "No", she said. "But, I'm still looking". She turned to walk away, and called out, "When you are finished in the kitchen, start getting the frogs out of the basement, please".

Logan started scooping up the frogs as fast as he could. He stuffed them in his shirt, and his pockets, and ran outside to the backyard and released them. Again and again, he ran back and forth. Soon the kitchen was empty, and Logan headed to the basement. "Oh, no!" muttered Logan, as he looked around. There were frogs EVERYWHERE!! There were frogs on the workbench, frogs on the model train set, frogs on the book shelves, under the chairs, and on top of the TV!! 

Logan found an empty box, and started hauling the frogs out of the basement. Gingerly he would scoop them up, fill up the box, and haul the box of frogs to the backyard. Back and forth, back and forth.

Logan's mom stuck her head around the corner, "I found Fritz", she said.

Logan clapped his hands in excitement, "Where is he, mom?"

She sighed, and explained, "I guess he's the reason there are so many frogs in the house. He's catching them and bringing them inside to play. He keeps giving them baths, reading books, and even talking on the phone".
"That silly frog", said Logan giggling.

Suddenly, there was a crash from upstairs. Logan and his mom raced up the stairs, to see what had happened. There were frogs EVERYWHERE again!! 

"Oh, no", muttered Logan. "No more more frogs......"

Logan awoke, and sat up in his bed. It was a glorious morning! Sunshine poured through the window in Logan's room. The birds outside were singing sweetly.

Logan rubbed his eyes, had a BIG yawn, and stretched. He looked around his room. There was Fritz laying beside him on the bed. "It was just a dream", he sleepily mumbled.
 Logan went downstairs to tell his mom about the weird dream he had, with all the frogs.

That IS a weird dream", his mom replied.

"Too many frogs", said Logan.

"In the house", added his mom. She smiled and asked, "It sounds like you had a busy time with all those frogs. Maybe dad and I will think about letting you keep a frog...."

"NO!" said Logan. "No more frogs." He thought about his stuffed frog and smiled, "I will be happy with just Fritz". He gave his mom a big hug, saying, "And I like him, just the way he is".


"High Five, Fritz!"


Diane said…
I have read this story several times and I love it. I haven't read it to the kids yet..........but I'm sure they will just as much as I have!
Krustayshun said…
and then Fritz said... "Z. Why are you fisting that sock puppet? That looks painful. :("

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