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Turn The Page - Chapter Four

This is the fourth installment in the TURN THE PAGE series, where I document my journey from desolation to success.

May 4th - May 14th: Chapter One
May 15th - June 30th: Chapter Two
July 1st - July 27th: Chapter Three
"I wanted to remind everyone about confidentiality when it comes to projects you are submitted, auditioning and in production or post-production for.  Most productions, major or minor, union or non-union, expect and appreciate confidentiality from all parties involved in projects from inception to submissions and all the way to post-production. 

Confidentiality and discretion will serve you very well in the business in and out of the audition studio.  Current, previous or upcoming projects should never be discussed in waiting rooms or amongst friends, at school or at work until the time it is released"
 ------------------------------------------------ This is why you will not hear me talking about specific projects.
I will not be posting any i…