Turn the Page to London

Based on the original entry, "Turn the Page", written May 4th-May 14th.

This entire chapter of my life, is written as an afterthought. Truth is, I really didn't know what exactly I had to do, and made a few mistakes. I became quite busy, researching what I needed to do, to pursue my dreams. It isn't easy, I was told. It will take time, or may not happen at all.

Like a moth to a flame, I watched myself being drawn unequivocally towards events, I could not have predicted a mere month ago.

The story didn't end when the bus doors opened in London....

 .......If you were to document my journey in chapters, then this would have to be Number Two - May 15th to July 1st.

I keep getting asked, "Is this what you expected?"

It's an odd question, because it's actually two-fold; no, and yes. I had absolutely no idea of what I had to do, and yet, I knew what I wanted to do. I still get butterflies the instant I think about what I'm doing. I still feel like this is some sort of weird dream, and I should be waking soon.

I started, by making a mistake; looking for a place to live. For the average person, that would be the most logicial first step. For me, however, it was the wrong direction. I investigated potential new homes with a vengange; lost in London, due to shell shock, and culture differences, I was scared, and excited at the same time.

I met many great people! London is a very friendly and beautiful place to live. The nickname of "The Forest City" is aptly suited, and is bustling with positive energy! The opportunities are endless.

For a couple weeks, I researched what it would entail to find and sign a contract with a talent agent. With help*, I managed to have photos taken, and print-shopped into what I believed would get me started. I read FAQ on website after website, and perused over 15 agencies all over Southern Ontario. I put together what I needed, to start filling out applications.

* Special thanks to Diane Lawrence

Then, I got into a major automobile accident. Read "T-Boned" for full details as to that fateful car ride.

MEANWHILE, I found a place to live, in London. This was my second mistake. After visiting many places that were decent to fair, I chose a place that was super swanky, with a landlady that was a 420-friendly hippie. By all appearances, it was heaven. I. Was. Wrong. I will not go on record to describe the legal problems, including being bitten by her dog, however, it would be accurate to say that after three days, it seemed as though some switch had been flipped in my landlady's head.
I had to get out of that house! Abuse was rampant. The serenity I sought, was a facade. It was at that time, where I realized, I was not going to be living in London anyway. The effort I spent trying to simply find a decent location to "set up shop", should have been spent researching what I needed to advance my career as an actor.

Nothing happens by chance. Everything you do, is necessary; including your mistakes. I was neither late, nor early when I finally made my choice to follow my dreams.

So, I dove in. I scoured websites, and googled "Curriculum Vitea", "Comp card", and even set up an amateur photo shoot. I did everything I believed would help me get to the next step in my goals; a talent agent.

I woke up that June morning, ready to start sending out applications to over a dozen companies / agencies. I had researched most of the major agencies in the London and Toronto area. "Hollywood North" is where the action happens, and if I'm going to get anywhere, it would be the place to start! I sat down at my computer, and applied to the first agency on my list, "Max Agency". I jumped in the shower, to freshen up and shave my head, when I heard the phone ring. Once dressed, I realized it was the agency calling me back.........which, is odd; on their website, it says to "allow up to 72 hours for a response". I got my call after 20 minutes!!! I called back, and set up an appointment to go see one of their associates. My Facebook status for June 24th:

 After weeks of building my portfolio, CV, and doing research, I emailed one of the biggest agencies in Toronto this morning. The site says "...within 72 hours. Don't call us....."

Less than an hour, I get the call. ......

....I'm going to Toronto! Wish me luck.

I put together the best "comp card" I could muster. This was mistake number three; no agency will accept any photos or represent anyone with amateur photos. In short, if the photographer isn't published, and charging over a thousand dollars an hour, then the agency won't even look at them! Another unnecessary expense, however, I learned more from this error than any other so far on this journey.

It doesn't matter what agency you desire - You NEED to have a professional portfolio.

SOMEHOW, I was called back, regardless of the fact I didn't have the proper portfolio!! Here's the conversation - "Hi, Zzorhn. This is ______ the Senior Director for Max Agency. I believe you spoke with ______ yesterday. She's one of our Junior Executives. I'd like to meet with you and talk about working for us..........".

So, back to Toronto, I go. This time, to sign the paperwork to start working for my new agent.

I keep saying that I have made mistakes. Just keep in mind, that I like to make mistakes; it's the only way I really learn. I hit the ground running, and dove straight in. This is how I do things, either really well, or not at all. I live by the wise words of Master Yoda - "Do, or do not. There is no try".

Please understand, it has not been all hard work - I've done so many things in the last month and a half!! I've gone swimming and fishing in Lake Erie, rode a passenger train for the first time, visited a few iconic hot spots for dining, and even shot pool in some of the best billiards facilities. From cars, to planes, and helicopters, there is a constant flood of new things to see and experience. At least, I've stopped acting like a tourist!

One of the most memorable events I was privileged to participate in, was to volunteer as security at the Tillsonberg Airport for the "Harvard's and Hero's" celebration.

I made so many new friends at this event!! What a great weekend! Fact remains, this wasn't an airshow - this was celebrating 75 years of an iconic Canadian aircraft, and the pilots that flew and trained in the Harvard. It also showed the dedication and time it takes for the ground crew to keep these wondrous machines in the air! I was very impressed with the volunteers that give so much of themselves!

In the skies over southern Ontario today, an iconic piece of Canadian aviation history took flight. During the Second World War, the Harvard aircraft trained Allied pilots and air crew. Today those men and women were honoured as the plane celebrated 75 years in Canada.

A flyover of 11 Harvards that attended A Gathering of Harvards and Heroes at the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada in June 2014.

I now have a new goal - I'm going to get my pilot's license.

The weather is even different, than what I'm used to, however, I have to admit, I'm loving the change!! Gone are the gloomy clouds and stormy skies, and now I have sun, and heat!!  So much about this move is positive, I am shocked to realize that I could have made such a choice years ago......

.......My life is enhanced since I made the choice to leave the Rainy River District. I am going to leave this entry, with the knowledge that this journey is still ongoing; I am already starting to get ready to move to Toronto! I will continue to keep track of my adventures, but, the stepping stone of London is nearly finished. It leaves me with mixed emotions - excited to continue, but sad to go. Scared to move to Canada's biggest city, but, looking forward to all the new experiences I will have.

How does the story continue? Just turn the page...........


Anonymous said…
My favorite quote is "I was neither late, nor early when I finally made my choice to follow my dreams" so very true


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