Turn the Page to Toronto

Based upon the original, "Turn the Page"; depicting the start of my journey to Southern Ontario. A MUST READ for those who haven't already! In recreating an online diary of my struggle and success, along with my other literary work, I am hoping to keep in contact with those I love, and anyone who might wish to follow my journey; from small-town survivor, to succeeding in the largest city in Canada! Detailing May 4th-May 14th.

To read my journey from May 15th to June 30th, please click on "Turn the Page to London". This entry was made, when I realized the story didn't end. I have to apologize, as I have re-read my original post where I promised to keep writing to let my family and friends know what was occurring. I hope I made up for the lack of daily communication, with the fact that I have been making many new friends, and experiencing a literal plethora of new things! I miss everyone, but, I know this is the right choice!

So. You ready for this? I'm moving to TORONTO!!!

I'm. Scared. Shitless. [heavy sigh]

Seriously! The most Fort Frances could boast, was 9 thousand a decade or two ago, before the place started to fall apart......... .....Now, I realize I once lived in Vancouver, and briefly Winnipeg, St. Jean, and Calgary, however, the last time was fourteen years ago........and.......its Toronto.

July 7th, 2014
Some people buy lottery tickets. Some people make their own luck. - I wrote that in June. How prophetic. Energy, drive and ambition make Knights out of common folk, or so the story goes; In this, I'm focused. I cannot turn back from my path. Too much is invested, and besides, anyone that actually knows the real me, would understand that I do NOTHING lightly. I either do my best, or I do not even try.

Truth is, I'm broke! It's been a long, hard road, this last decade! I've gained, and lost so much, due to economy and small-town ideology. (I'm not going to start pointing fingers - I'm beyond those weak-minded people) I have sold or given away nearly everything I ever owned, just to come to London, Ontario. I absolutely HATE asking for money, however, after being made homeless THREE TIMES in less than two months, a guy starts to get a bit cynical, and starts counting priorities. I HAD to move. I am so happy I made the choice to leave Fort Frances, and the Rainy River District!

If you haven't noticed thus far, I'm penning this entry as dated. Yuppers! I'm back to writing as much as possible - I WAS WARNED. Not that I usually mind speaking my mind, and sharing my tale.....

......so, I will ask you to be somewhat forgiving. [rolls his eyes and gets defensive] Listen, I'm my worst critic, and I have a hard time with merely sitting back and writing verbatim... AKA what I think. I like to be polished. Refined. And, even when I break the simplistic grammatical rules on purpose I like them to sake mense. Call it poise, or definition.........I call it me.

Back to the broke part; in my discovery of who I am, I have come to realize a few truisms.
A: People will spend money on the hope they receive it back in some sort of "windfall" or "investment"
2: I AM going to make a career of my various talents.
D: I cannot forget anyone who ever helped me, or stood by me!
I'm buying a two week vacation in the Bahamas, for anyone that helps me get my career started!!! Hollywood North is expensive! Message me if you are interested in investing in my acting / modeling career.

It's not a matter of "IF". It's a matter of "WHEN".

I promise to write more. Things are just heating up!!


July 8th, 2014
I quit smoking cigarettes. Forgot to tell you that.... 8 days now! I went and purchased a nicotine inhaler, and a pack of nicotine gum, then flipped the switch in my head. Went from a smoker to a big hypocrite overnight - reformed smokers are the biggest hypocrites. That "switch" I speak of? Think of it, as absolute determination. I don't toy with the notion of quitting smoking, I just choose to do it, and "flip the switch". The first day was rough, however, I am not even bothered by some of my "triggers" EG: when I first wake up, have a beer, etc. July 1st, I was surrounded by smokers, at the park, and did rather well!

I have NEVER SEEN a fireworks show, like I did on July 1st! WOW!! I have seen some pretty magnificent displays in my 40 years, however, the Canada Day Celebration in St. Thomas, was beyond anything I've saw before! 27 minutes, of what could easily pass for "The Finale", was merely the warm up.....I kid you not! And, talk about people!! There was well over the entire population of the Fort Frances and the surrounding district, at this one event! I was quite impressed with the level of professionalism, as well as, the friendly family-orientated atmosphere; in reality, it has to be that way with that many people. It's just so pleasurable, to visit so many places in Southern Ontario, and discover that everyone is friendly. The positive attitude I see daily, makes me feel good about my choice to move.

Let me be clear, and bring you up to date. I am STILL IN LONDON. Don't let the title of the article fool you; there had to be a clear distinction between London, and Toronto, so I opted to write the month of July explaining the trip to Toronto. Unlike the trip to London, I am not going to Toronto, and not coming back...... rather,  I am taking my time to research every aspect of this move, and doing it in stages.
  • Stage one: Get my Talent agency details finalized.
  • Stage two: Shop for a place to live
  • Stage three: Professional photo-shoot to create portfolio, and comp card
  • Stage four: Begin workshops
  • Stage five: Pack and move to Toronto at the beginning of August.
These stages are not necessarily carved in stone, as the workshops for auditions and such, could begin in August. I have a date for my photo-shoot, with Zvonko in Toronto on July 14th. After the pictures arrive in a few days at Max Agency, I will have a meeting to pick out the best 8 from 200.....then, I order my comp card. (another $400 for professional printing). This, will be the last time I pay for anything, as after that, I will have all the tools necessary to start auditioning for roles. [sigh] Pretty expensive to start up though, and as I said, I hate asking for money, but I really need help over that last hurdle! These two major expenses would be necessary, regardless of what company decided to sign me on as talent. By actually doing my professional photos through my agency, I am actually saving 40% on retail cost. So, as I wrote yesterday, if anyone is looking to invest money in marketing the Zzorhn.ca Brand, I can guarantee that I will do my utmost best to see your investment to fruition.

If anyone knows someone in Toronto, that needs a roommate, please message me!

I'm going to maintain this entry, as much as I possibly can - Important details, and my experiences as I enter into this new chapter of my life. Talk soon!! :)

July 9th, 2014
Happy Hump Day!!

I received my "prep sheet" for the photo-shoot today in an email. O.M.G!! Things just got a little real! If you haven't taken the time to go and check out the website for Zvonko, I suggest you should. I'm impressed!

Haven't really taken the time to express my mood lately. My apologies.......I'm busy, I can assure you that; writing is taking much of my free time - I'm working on several different pieces, as well as, keeping this online diary, and penning short stories.

I'm also following the conflict in Israel very closely, as I have friends that actually live in Israel. Every time the sirens scream, they grab their children and run for the bunkers. I pray for an end to the hostilities, however, I also pray for justice. I just wrote an article, and encourage you to check it out. Israel - Enforcing Peace.

 So, between my novel, a couple short stories, and my usual debating, I am giving my keyboard quite a workout!

I'm not playing much Warcraft.... I have friends, that are seriously wondering what is happening to me, as of late. It's hard to explain that I no longer have the time to sit with my ventrilo on, doing nothing else, but gaming; helping others level, grinding gold, or doing mount runs, etc. I log on for raids, and that's about it. Kinda sad, really. I see a few of my friends from Fort Frances when they log on, and I don't even have the time to game with them. In some ways, I have lost my love of the game, as the only thing I do now, is heal raids. It feels more like a job, since I have to schedule my gaming time. I would love to be able to sit and game for hours, but, I am too focused on my goals. [sigh]

I get the impression, that my days of gaming, are coming to a close.........oh! Raid time!! Talk later.

11 pm - Raid's over. Fun, but it seems like we keep dying on the same content. Not sure what that's about, as the boss fights are easy once you learn the mechanics. 

In an odd turn of events, I have fallen under fire for my article about the conflict in Israel. Let me be clear.....I do not condone violence. I do not believe that any one race or religion is violent. I do believe that there are some very dangerous factions of terrorist organizations, that do need to be eradicated......and I believe the world needs to pull together in order to preserve a peace, that everyone can enjoy.

It's almost tomorrow; I've sat and visited with a friend for the last hour. A little quiet time can go a long way. Bedtime for me! Hope you all have a great sleep, and I'll see you in the morning. :)

July 10th, 2014
Wow! What a busy day! I'm doing stuff I never ever thought was even remotely important to me; whitening my teeth, ironing black jeans, and polishing my dress shoes. How odd!

I guess, I do fit the role of a model; just enough vanity, and pride, with a touch of narcissism. Mix in outstanding confidence, and the drive that other men only dream of, and I am actor / model material.

Haven't even had time to write today, but, I thought I should at least put a few thoughts on paper (metaphor - I rarely use paper) Hope everyone is safe, and having a good one!

In an odd turn of events, I am now back on a dating website called "Plenty of Fish". I had given up on such a notion for quite some time, however, with my new choice of town, and style, I figure it's about time I started looking for a girlfreind. I have to admit, the women in Toronto are NOTHING like the women I'm used to! The difference is blatant black-and-white.....

.........The ladies from the Rainy River District have a couple of pictures that look like someone used a Polaroid camera. Most are holding up a fish or a dead animal, in their grainy selfies, with a profile listing "hunt and fish, muddin' and kids". Women from the city, have several professional pictures, and a profile that reads, "Camping, yacht / sail boats, fast cars, and children". What a culture shock!!

I have to go polish my dress shoes. I'll be back......

.......3 coats of polish so far on my two pairs of black shoes. Still haven't lost my touch when it comes to ironing and making things shine. 

Speaking of shine........I'm getting super excited about Monday! Nervous, but excited.....

.......I have to take a moment, and thank the Lawrence family! I've been fairly quiet as to my actual living arrangements, with the exception about having difficulties, during the month of June.

I have known Diane all my life (literally - our moms thought it cute to toss us in the cribs together. ....Diane would steal my rattle and beat me up)

ANYWAY...... When I ran into problems*, both Diane and Greg once again opened their home for me, and took me in. I'm told I answer the phone like a butler, and I quite enjoy making meals for the family, but, the warmth and generosity I am experiencing, is unprecedented!! I feel comforted by the respect I receive from their two children, and love them both dearly. Greg is very understanding and supportive, and Diane is a great Life Coach! I can't thank them enough for allowing me to rent a room, helping me shop for clothing and accessories, to driving me into Toronto several times, and much, much more!

*On June 1st I moved into a 5 bedroom house. The place was magnificent, and had so much potential. I was excited to have a place to work. Unfortunately, within two weeks, I had to move - the environment was so caustic and abusive, it was unbearable. I left on June 24th. I had a monthly rental agreement, and had paid a security deposit. I left the premises in the same condition (better, actually) and attempted twice to get my deposit back. The first time, she ignored me, however, the second time she wrote me a really nasty text message and threatened me. So, I am taking her ass to the Landlord and Tenant court, in August. I'm getting tired of these really shitty people who think they can just screw over people with no repercussions! With Diane's help, I have sent out a registered letter to my ex-landlord telling her what day to show up for court. (I am SO glad that Diane is on my side!! Wow! Hate to think what she could do if she ever stopped using her powers for good!)

Gotta go put another coat of polish on my dress shoes........talk soon.

July 11th
My chiropractor says I'm doing well after the auto accident; almost full range of movement according to his gauge. I've been going every Monday and Friday since that fateful day in St Thomas, where I was T-Boned by some young guy, driving a Ford Flex.....

......good news? I've been given low impact workout positions for rebuilding my core, which is actually working on my abdomen issues to a small extent. (and hopefully keep me slim and trim)

I'm going to volunteer for security at another airshow!! Woot!! :)  Just found out, that next Saturday and Sunday, I will working at the London Airport to work security for the JET AIRCRAFT MUSEUM!! I am so excited to be 
working with such a great group of people, and can hardly wait! Oh, yea...the jets will be fun, loud, and rich with history! I am so proud to be asked to do this honour, and to serve in such a prestigious event! 

I didn't really do much today, except debate online, and play with the children of the household. We even invented a new game! Somewhat of a combination of hulu hoop and ring toss, with body checking. Was great fun!!

Sorry for such a small entry, however, between whiter teeth, and shiny boots, I'm still getting ready for Monday. I'll talk to you tomorrow!

July 12th
You know that very brief moment of dream-state and reality? Mine was shattered by a wonderful bouncy boy on my bed at 7:30. Worked pretty good as an alarm clock. Only problem? I totally forgot I set that alarm the night before.....

......I told the kids that I needed to get out of bed early, so that I would be able to make the meeting for this morning at the London Airport. In an effort to ensure such an alarm, I made the promise of cooking chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter, and syrup. So..............for one eensy-weensy moment, (Ok..won't lie..I was grumpy) I was irritated. OoPsIe!! I fortunately vindicated myself, with marvelous chocolate laden pancakes, and bacon.... Must. Think. Happy. Thoughts.....Power of Attraction, remember? If I stub my toe getting out of bed in the morning, it can set the tone for my whole day.

L'il dude works good as an alarm clock, though.....the kind you can't hit snooze.

The meeting at the Airport in London was fairly routine. It\'s going to be great to work with such great people again. Saturday, and Sunday from 10-5pm. July 19-20, 2014. With the bigger runway, we will be featuring jet aircraft!! The CHAT boys (Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team) will also stun the crowd with their formation flying aerobatics. The meeting took about an hour, but the mingle and greet, took us to noon.

Then we went to the Tillsonburg Airport. It's Saturday, and a routine flyday for the CHAA boys - Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association. Diane and I went to visit friends, watch historic warplanes take to the skies, and Diane had an extra special presentation for CHAA..... During the "Harvard's and Heroes" event on June 21 & 22, she had taken it upon herself to have one of the posters for the event put on a plaque; she then took the laminated poster around to all the pilots that participated, and had them sign the back of it! Today, she presented the historic plaque to the President of CHAA, and Shane Clayton the Head of the Support Crew!!

Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team

So, basically, this is the first time today, that I have sat in front of my computer. No writing today, but, it was a great day! Guess I needed a day off, but, since I lounged around yesterday too.

I'm taking care to not stay too much in the sun, or roller blade, or basically do anything that might make me burn / tanline / wipe out / etc.......Monday is in two days!! I have quite a bit riding on this..... I'm taking it very seriously!

Talk soon.

July 13
Good morning! Sluggishly I made my way upstairs for a morning jolt of caffeine, (my mug holds 12 cups. Not kidding! Not even a little) and sat down at my desk. A few pokes, and some notifications for the Simcity Facebook game, "Megopolis" were all that graced my social media feed. No emails, or even a single notification from the dating website I frequent. (stupid thing doesn't work) I began to speed through my morning routine, and assumed I would be getting quite a bit accomplished today.

Not so much.......I sleepily glanced at the social feed, and happened to notice that a friend of mine is posting propaganda regarding the conflict in the Gaza strip. Clue number one that it's propaganda - Any claims that Israel is targeting Palestinian children, is a lie. Israel is not under attack from Palestinians or Arabs; they are under attack from radicals and terrorists. So I naturally chided my buddy about posting such harmful lies. He responded in turn by posting a dozen youtube videos, depicting debauchery and war crimes, all directed at attacking the Israeli people. I suddenly realized, that I was dealing with someone who is a sensationalist, and albeit misguided, his polarization was not about to be swayed in any way.

Don't feed the trolls.

So, I unfreinded someone this morning, I have known for years. I do not wish to contribute to his spreading of lies, as his feed was appearing on mine....and I have high morals and integrity, not-to-mention an International repertoire to consider. I also didn't particularly feel like feeding any cyber trolls today. Once I'm finished with this entry, I plan on hitting the keyboard and actually working on a piece I've been putting off for some time now.

I have to take the time for a shout out to the ground crew and volunteers of the various aircraft organizations in Southern Ontario; the time and dedication it takes to work on the aircraft, and maintain the facilities goes largely unnoticed. There are many videos and pictures showing the pilots and the aircraft, but fairly little is mentioned about those that work behind the scenes. If not for these dedicated people, which are mostly unpaid positions, these types of events would not occur. It is my honour to be a part of the security for these airshows. I will keep trying to help as much as I can, bring wonderment to a new generation of eager young aircraft enthusiasts, and hopefully educate others on these iconic Canadian warplanes.

Well, off to write........

July 14
I got a good start on my newest short story. Expect this one to end up on Amazon, as another of my published short stories - Yes, that means you will have to pay me $0.99 cents to read it.....

......check out the cover picture. I like the imagery, the endless worlds that exist within my mind, are shown as emanations. I'm very happy with the way this picture turned out.

TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!!! I'm heading to Toronto for my first professional photo shoot! Shoes are shined, teeth are whitened, and I'm excited, yet nervous. It's going to be a long day; I'm not eating at all, until after my shoot. Apparently we have to go right downtown Toronto to go see the photographer. I have quite a lot riding on today!

I'm still $400 short. I've managed to find funding for everything so far, but, I've fallen short of my goal by a few hundred! I am a bit scared about this, as I have only a couple days to come up with this kind of money. I pray I don't have to sell my computer, or something major, just to make this work. (Selling my computer would be like shooting myself in the foot) I hope that my family realizes the importance of this, and stops ignoring me - still haven't heard from my dad yet.

So much to do today........ I'll have to finish this entry when I get back. Wish me luck!!

July 16
I just realized I missed an entire day!

The photo shoot was phenomenal! It was absolutely nothing like I thought it would be, and felt so wonderfully familiar! Best described, as walking into a new artistic collaboration in a fancy studio; the smell of paint, wood, and canvass, with the sound of music in the background.

You'll love this conversation......

"Hello, I'm Zzorhn from Max Agency".

"Hi, I'm Zvonko. [smiles] You have a different name"....

[grins] "I was thinking the same thing"

I was put through a variety of poses. When I originally walked into the studio, I was wearing a shirt and tie. After a few poses with formal wear, Zvonko asked me to roll up my sleeves. I stammered an explanation that I was under the impression that professional comp cards don't use pictures with tattoos in them..... Turns out, they do.........

.......next thing I know, I'm walking outside to the back alley, and posing with graffiti.

I'm told, that had I not said "this was my first time" modelling, he would not have guessed.... Bonus marks there, I guess! Other things I found out / was told...

A) I have a wide spectrum of possibilities
with "my look"
2) We shot some "really powerful imagery" - Zvanko
D) I am going to make a really good bad-guy. o.O

I get my call on Friday for the next meeting.

I'm still trying to find a place to live. I just wish it was as easy as it should be........couple possibilities have presented themselves........I just really need this to work! I don't want to get set up somewhere and have to move for a long time! Yes I know that my chosen career will require me to be moving around the world eventually. I'm talking about setting up "shop". A place to be able to work from, and actually call my own.

As for why I missed an entire day of writing in this journal, I can at least proudly explain it as "extremely busy"! I was writing on a new story, for most of the day, followed by a visit from a good friend of mine who drove into London from St Catherine's. This new story I'm working on, will  be published on Amazon.com once finished. I'm penning it in an entirely different style, and so far, I'm fairly pleased with the result - the satire is the concept of the story itself, the author is reaching out to the reader, drawing them in, by sneaking hidden messages through the whole piece. It's designed to be an controversial, fantasy, thriller-mystery.

I'm basing it on my dreams. It's called, "The Perils of Power", where I describe what would happen to someone, if they could cast magic.

Guess I should get back to writing. Talk soon!!

11:17 I'm back from a night of writing and reviewing. I've revamped my website some, and even updated my social media.  I have to say, I am really happy with the way that my newest story is turning out! I don't want to give anything away, however, I will let you in on one important detail; the lead character is not what it appears. I'm pretty stoked about the ingenious of this newest creation I have in the works....check it out!

My newest FB Wall picture

I've had a few offers to live in different places. Live somewhere else....even move back home! I can't go anywhere else!! Like a moth drawn to flame, I must be in Toronto!

I have to take a quick time out, and thank some people back in Fort Frances. In the last moment today, I was in financial distress, and they more than helped me,.... they have given me the final push over the hurdle towards my dreams! Thank you mom ( I love and miss you) and Lincoln Dunn! I know there are still a few final details left back there, but, I am able to stay on course thanks to your devotion and dedication. There will be more hurdles along the way, but as of this moment, right now.....you two have pulled through for me!

Guess what........It's not July 16th anymore....in 5,4,3,2,1..

July 17
I should be in bed.

I know for fact that morning comes early around here, however, I am finding time to write. I just put more ink on the next published story of mine to be published soon on Amazon. If you haven't read my other two published stories, you should check out "Opposites Attract", and " Lavender Hill Road"

How do I go from writing ghost stories, children stories, to world politics, erotica, and thriller mysteries?

From my dreams. Speaking of which........it's bedtime.........or as I say, "Time to go back to reality". Good night all.........

[Log off @ 12 am]

10 am
Good morning. Oh! Phone...be right back......

....it's funny how my entire morning can just disappear like that. I didn't get a damn thing done. Seriously, it's now coming up on noon, and I haven't done any writing at all. Between a few legal matters, that are now finally dealt with, and a skype call to a good friend, I am now looking at afternoon.

I have a confession - My gaming has taken a serious dive! I take great pride in my online presence in the World of Azeroth, and I have not been gaming at all! I come to heal the 25-man raids on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, but, even those are limited lately. My apologies to my online friends; I am having a hard time justifying being in front of a computer, without working. The inspiration I have, rivals anything I can do in a fantasy genre based game. I CREATE my own worlds! The trick is to start making money from my work, and I'm told practice is key. I hope you all forgive me for not being available to game, but, I have other things to do. I still want to play, I just no longer seem to have the time.

Speaking of writing, I'm quite excited about this newest piece of work I'm on,...... I finished the prelude I'll be leaving online, and I'm now writing the rest that will only be available to those who purchase the book. I'm pleased with the concept behind the story itself, and can't wait to craft the final pen stroke; even I get chills thinking of the twist you learn about, only at the very end.

The trick, is trying to find the time to write.

Since I've been in Southern Ontario, my writing has taken a huge leap in inspiration and content! I will admit, however, that I have been stifled in some regards - for example, when I was in the caustic environment for 26 days in June. I do need my own place, where i can set up a small studio to write, paint, sculpt and even take photos and videos.

I'm going to take my inspirations higher than ever before!

Talk soon.

July 18th
Airshow weekend!! I have one appointment this afternoon, with my physiotherapist (From the accident) and after that, it's off to the Airport! My role is security; and I'm told I do it well.

I have consigned myself to the idea that I will not be getting much writing done this weekend - Early mornings, and late nights make for poor productivity.

I get why authors have a tendency to seek time alone. I know for myself, that when I actually need to concentrate and write, the slightest distraction can set me back for hours. EG: I'm writing, I'm focused and concentrating. Someone says my name, and I can literately hear the gears clunk in my head. It takes time to get back to that point of concentration where I can see the imagery enough to write. I also go through stages of denial, "Well, you're not writing now, lets see what's new on Facebook", or "Since your concentration just took a hiatus, let's go for a walk outside".

It takes quite a lot of time, to get to the point where I'm focused and typing, so if you ever see me actually clacking the keyboard with some sort of dreamy look on my face, please, PLEASE, don't disturb!

Well, I have quite a bit of things to do today, so I'll sign off for now.

July 21st
Where does the time go?!?!? I just blinked, and the weekend was over!

Had an AWESOME time at the "Legends over London" airshow. After ten years, London finally has an airshow again!  I was honoured to participate as security, and it was great to see so many familiar faces, and to make even more new freinds!

The event, was to feature two days of exciting warbird flying routines, and static ground displays; Saturday was so overcast, however, that the airboss had to cancel the planned flying routines. Sunday was warm, and perfect for flying, so it more than made up for Saturday. Both days boasted carnival rides for the kids, cockpit tours, autograph sessions with pilots, helicopter rides and many photo opportunities!!

Even if you didn't have a chance to join me for the show, you can still go check out the Jet Aircraft Museum, or JAM, at the London airport, and I would highly recommend going to Tillsonberg to visit the Canadian Harvard Airplane Association, or CHAA! They are always looking for volunteers, but would love a chance for you to come and see the hard work these organizations have accomplished. You can also purchase merchandise in the form of pins, books, signs, shirts, jackets, and even a backseat ride in one of the historic warbirds!

I have to admit, the volunteers work their butts off, but, we have a really great time. Even when Saturday was a little gray and drizzled from time-to-time, we still laugh, and enjoy our time together.

I'll admit, I've caught myself enjoying the smell of jet fuel, a couple times now.

Seeing the warplanes is merely one of the pleasures at these events. I find myself getting nostalgic, and my mind wanders - What was it like for those pilots who flew these iconic machines in combat? What was it like to see these impressive aircraft bearing down on you in a warzone? I hear the scream of the jets, and the roar of the Harvards, and I get goosebumps!  It's no wonder why there are so many people who dedicate themselves to the preservation and restoration of these aircraft.

One revelation for me? I prefer the prop driven planes, to those of the jets; at least when it comes to airshows. For jets doing a flyby, it's so fast, that there isn't much time for aerial displays for the crowd. You hear them coming and WHAM! They are gone again. Whereas, the prop planes are almost always in view of the crowd, and can perform aerobatic displays. Maybe I'm a little biased since my first airshow was all about the Harvards in Canada, and I have rubbed elbows with the pilots and partied with the ground crew - all a great bunch of people! I've seen the CHAT boys [Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team] enough times now, that I'm familiar with their routine.

Oh, how the crowd jumps when those Harvards roar overhead! I have goosebumps each time these Canadian warbirds take to the air, and I stand there entranced, marveling at the way the aerobatic team work together, even on the ground. I close my eyes, smell the smoke, and listen to the 9 foot propellers cry out their distinctive roar. There is no way to describe the giddy emotions that I get, and I know I'm not alone in this.......

..........just ask any of the thousands of people that attended the event this weekend.

Gotta run. Maybe I'll get some writing done later this afternoon.

July 22

 I had a nightmare last night.

I'm not sure how to equate this for some, but anyone that knows me, will understand. My dreams are vivid, and filled with detailed imagery! The best part? I lucid dream.

Hollywood has nothing on me. My mind can detail the most horrifying monster, or exemplify the corrupt nature of world governments, past and present. I have relived war scenes, and flown into outer space aboard intergalactic battleships. I can even cast spells, in my sleep.

So, when I say "I had a nightmare", it must be somewhat profound.

I've chewed on this all morning; what was it about? What does it represent? What is the universe trying to tell me? You know, usual stuff. Truth is, I was jolted awake at 3 am this morning by a concept that made my blood run cold.

Don't worry. I'm not about to divulge such horrific details. I'm trying to keep this journal positive. There has only been one minor incident thus far in my journey, and I told you about that.

Aaaaand, of course, there was no way I could get back to sleep right away, due to the amount of adrenaline pumping through my veins. I laid in the dark, the last mental image from my dream, repeating itself, and repeating itself,.....only to fall asleep, and the dream started again, right where it had left off.

I couldn't lucid dream. That's when the nightmare started.

As I explained, the deep, subconscious, psychological imagery has been rolling around in my head all morning. What DOES it all mean?

I do know this, the flood gates of my writer's block has been opened! Call it a good night sleep, or just a good rattling of the brain with a dose of humbleness.

We all need that every once in a while. Off to write!! :)

July 23
I went downtown to clear my head; that was yesterday at 3:30 pm. I just got home. Current time? 1:32 am........

 .........I took the bus. $2.75 for 90 minutes...anywhere in the city. You can even change buses on the ticket they give you.

I got off the bus at Victoria Park. I brought my roller blades and my backpack; a good boyscout always comes prepared. I sat and watched people, and the animals for two hours! The rabbits, squirrels, birds all amaze me.......they have no fear. The people, however, do. They wont look at each other, and avoid contact. It's funny, isn't it?

You know how much fun it is talking to random people?!

Everyone is so friendly, once you break that silence barrier. I just skate up to someone and just start a conversation, and the odd thing is how fast they warm up talking to me......a smile and and a handshake later, and they are telling you their life story!

So, I started skating. I skated until I got lost, and I skated further. My phone GPS died at 32 KM. That was at 8 pm. I kept skating.

I found the Labatt brewery. The place where they make beer. I have to admit, I was disappointed to learn that beer is not made of glacial water. POW! Like, mind blown! City water.....and miracles, I guess. I HAD to stop in for a tour. Not like expected..........not even a little.........still, I had to purchase a little Nector of the Gods whilst visiting the source. Tastes the same as North-Western Ontario beer oddly.........Goes down as fast too.

So...with a half case of teer bucked away in my packback, I fentured vorward.

Took the trails along the river Thames. WOW!!!!!!! This is what I'm talking about! Smooth asphalt, wide enough for a truck! It threads through the city, and crosses the river on historic bridges! I skated to the end of the trail ( or so the guy I asked for directions said - he laughed at me)

BRB......got serious munchies. More to come.....

....this is what I know.
A) I'm at 100% since the accident
2) I dress up, to excercise. :P
D) I should have brought a notepad to jot down ideas,

I'm going to bed. Tired as hell. Cya on the flipside.....

Oh. My. GaWd!! I am SO sore! I can barely walk right now.

Last night was memorable. 

I put my skates on at 5:30, and for half an hour, slowly skated around Victoria Park. I listened to the chiming of the bells indicating it was 6pm, and I knew I should get moving; but to where? I started skating downtown London.

Remember those trails I spoke of? Oddly enough, they are exactly what I was talking about in 2010. I had no idea these existed, however, it makes absolute sense that someone else had already thought of it  - "A large artery of smooth asphalt from one end of town to the other, is needed for rollarblading / bikes, and pedestrians, with many smaller veins leading to key parts of the town.[SIC]" HOW TO VAULT FORT FRANCES INTO THE FUTURE ca. 2010

I found some really great places to skate, and took the time this morning, to retrace my route.

 Victoria Park - Hyde Park - Airport - Wolseley Hall - Labatt Brewery - Skating along the Thames river on the trails for 3 hours - Viscount.

I was really hoping to see one of the new friends I've made since moving here, but my buddy wasn't around, and not answering his phone. The ringing of the Church bells were a reminder that another hour had passed. I slowly skated out of Victoria Park, and headed downtown.

I am REALLY bad at following directions apparently. Thank goodness for my new phone, that comes with a GPS....... I knew where I was, but for some reason I really wanted to get lost in the city, and I can find my way back with my phone, so I shoved the phone in my backpack I set off, skating down the baby-butt smooth trails along the Thames river -  I felt like I was flying, as I passed joggers, and even a few people on bikes. I zig-zagged down a few streets, and soon realized I was heading out of London. (Or at least it felt like I was) The phone in my pocket chimed, and I read my buddies' text, "Where are you?"

He didn't believe me when I told him. "Good Lord! You're in Hyde Park"

 I started skating back, using my GPS. I was flying along one hill, when I heard the phone's GPS dinging - The one that flashed red, warning you to slow down! I was skating over the speed limit! :) I remember shutting off the GPS, and simply tried to remember the instructions my friend had given me. "Go here, go here....etc". I gotta figure these streets out somehow, right?

Now, somehow.........somehow, I turned off on the wrong road. I don't know any of these places, as I'm new to the city, but, when I started to realize the scenery was familiar, I stopped rollerblading and checked my map. I was almost at the airport!!! (Was just there all last weekend working the airshow) I called my buddy.

He didn't believe me.

So.............. I started skating back. Somehow, I ended up passing the London Military base -  Wolseley Hall, CFB London. I called my buddy again.

By this time he was starting to think I'm an idiot. 

"My phone is dying, so I need to hurry", I texted, finally on the right track.

"Just skate to me, and I'll just tell you how to get home", he replied, as my low battery alert chimed. 

I turned the phone off to save the remaining power, and skated. I was really starting to get winded by this point. My legs were burning, and the backpack I carry was hurting my shoulders as the straps dug in hard. My feet were almost numb, having bounced along some more difficult sidewalks to get in the right direction. The good news? I can breathe like a non-smoker (23 days smoke free thus far - go me) and my endurance is back! I pushed harder, and harder.

I could barely climb the hill to get to Adelaide and Hamilton.

You cannot imagine the relief it is, to see a familiar face, in a situation like that. I hung out and visited with my friend for a bit, taking a much deserved break.

"Which way you want to go home?" he asked. "You know you're just down the road from the Labatt brewery, right?" he explained, as he replied to my question about getting a beer. "Just stay on Hamilton and you'll see it".

I've skated past the building a few times now,and in my mind, I was certain that if I managed to find my way to the beer store, I could find my way home, so I set out down the road. 

They make you take off your blades to enter the store, so I slipped into my sandles. I walked in;marvelling at the really weird feeling to walk, after being on skates for that length of time. I ended up buying a 12-pack of cheap beer, and put it in my backpack. When I was leaving the store, I realized that I was tired, and the backpack now weighed twice as heavy as before! I didn't feel like skating at all.........and it was at that moment, that I saw the bus stop for the exact bus I needed to get home.......

......"Why not?!" I muttered, and went back in for correct change for the bus.

I sat down at the bench at the bus stop, and waited. It was beginning to get darker, and vehicles were starting to turn on their lights. I sat and watched traffic. I waited. I watched a few people hurry past. I waited some more. No bus.

One of the employees from the brewery comes up behind me, and lights a cigarette. It's not long before we strike up a conversation, and the next thing you know, I'm going for a walk around the outside of the building for a short tour of the brewery! Didn't get to see much, as I was outside, but it still just felt very non-descriptive. I guess I was expecting more. It never really occurred to me before, that beer is made from the same water that the city of London uses. For some odd reason, I had the illusion of mountain lake water, or even pristine, cold, water, dripping from the glaciers in Canada's remote North. I didn't dare ask him when they added the magic to the beer.......

......came back around the corner, and still no bus (I could see the road the whole time). I sat down on the bench again, and thought, "I bet if I cracked a beer, Murphy's Law would mean the bus would show right up!", so I opened a beer, and wrapped my shirt around it, to make it look inconspicuous. Before long I had finished the beer, and the bus didn't show up.

"Maybe if I put my skates on, the bus would show up", I muttered. I sat for another few minutes thinking about the implications of putting on my skates and the bus actually showing up, "I'd miss the bus, because I couldn't get them off fast enough to get on the bus, so what would that solve?" It seemed like a lose / lose situation if I put on my blades.

That's when I realized, that I wasn't meant to get on a bus.

I laced up my skates, and got ready, stood up, and at that exact moment the number 15 bus came rolling around the corner! I burst out laughing at the absurdity. "Thank you Murphy", I chimed, as I skated away from the bus, and in the direction of home.

I found those really great trails, not far down the road, and soon realized there are no street lamps on the trail. I stopped at one of the many park benches along the scenic walkway, and let my eyes adjust. "Well, since we're here", I chuckled, reaching for a beer, "May as well have a break!" Before long, I had crushed two cans to fit back in my backpack, and readjusted myself - took off the inner shirt, leaving my dress shirt unbuttoned, and felt absolutely much better with life. Funny how a couple beer can do that, isn't it?

I flew! Let me clear, there is absolutely no room for error, when you are screaming down a paved road on roller-blades at 40-50 KM/hour in the dark! As I raced down the path, I would surprise other people as I whispered out of the darkness. The only sound was the wind through the leaves, and the swish of my skates on the pavement. It all felt so good! The air filled my lungs, and I had the "second-wind" I always bragged about as a youth!

You have to squint a bit, and grit your teeth, when you pass a street light at those speeds; the swarms of little insects smacking into you hurts!

I skated for three hours on those trails. It was almost midnight, when I met up with some stranger on one of the bridges. He thought I was joking when I explained where I was trying to go. Quickly, he pulled out his phone, and showed me the map. Yup! I was lost. He pointed me in the right direction and wished me luck.

Somehow, I found Viscount. It was well past 1 am, when I finally got home. (as my obvious post above)

I've met over a dozen new friends. I still can't find my way home with directions, but I know that I can get from one side of the city to the other on Rollerblades. I needed to spread my wings a bit, and check things out........and I'm happy with what I can see.

OOH!! I tried a new idea for breakfast, and it works great! Use a muffin tin to cook both bacon and eggs.
Breakfast, made easy.....

.....1 muffin tin. Crack eggs, lay bacon on other side of muffin tin. Pop in oven for 15 min.

Off to write.

July 26 - 7am
Saturday morning, and we are off to Canada's Wonderland! Greg, and Diane, are taking the kids and I, for a day of rides, and entertainment!! I've never been there before, so I have no idea what to expect. I know there is going to be rides, and I look forward to the roller coasters.

I have to apologize for not writing a journal entry for the last few days. A few things have happened of note, most importantly, I have found a place to live. It's not as close to the talent agency as I would have liked, but, it's a start. I am going to start working in August, and I need to get set up. I'll write more when I get back!

7 pm
What a great day!! I have to say I'm impressed. Well done Canada!!

Canada's Wonderland, is more than a thrill ride; it's an example of the best that Canada can offer. Built in 1981, the entertainment park, is a cross between modernized technological marvels, nostalgic icons come to life, education exhibits that amaze, and the amenities of a well designed vacation resort. By utilizing the natural features of the landscape, and leaving the rich boreal forest, the creators of Wonderland have captured the very essence of Canada. Even the people attending the park, are a wonderful example of the mixed diversity that call this great country, home. The brilliant layout of the park is complimented by clean paths with stonework, bridges, and streams full of massive, imported fish with geese lounging on the banks. The atmosphere is well controlled, by the use of good music, and friendly staff.

It's expensive! I could see how it could be an affordable activity, however, for those that are able to partake in the opportunity of seasonal tickets; it more than pay for itself in two visits, and the discounts offered throughout the park extend to the various stores as well. A season ticket holder could easily pay the discount wrist-band meal ticket, and ride all day, and dine all day, for $30. (after the cost of the seasonal ticket and parking) Otherwise, it amounts to a fairly expensive outing.

I have to take the time to properly thank Greg and Diane Lawrence! They both treated me to one of the best days I've had in a long, long, time! I was honoured to join their family, and make history. - Not only the first time for myself, but, the for the children as well! Thank you both for everything! I'll not forget this day.....

........Started at 10 am. People line up outside the gates, and wait. The security actually does a very good job of instilling a sense of order, by announcing some simple rules before he unlocks the door – no rushing, and no cutting ahead of people. They even walk with the group, to ensure such things don't occur. The whole time I was at the park, I felt very safe with the level of security present.

Huge man-made mountains, waterfalls, and medieval buildings are the tip of the intricacy that is Canada's largest theme park. The KidZland was fairly impressive, complete with “Peanuts” theme; Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the gang all making appearances throughout the day.

There is always a photo opportunity. Even the rides offer the chance to purchase the screen-shot of you screaming in excitement after the ride's over. I didn't bother – The most I can muster is a wide grin, as there isn't a roller coaster built that can make me scream. I settled for a couple of snapshots, as most of the rides and events are well documented, and available online. I also had my phone put away for over half the day, to prevent loss or damage.

Diane lied to me, by the way. "Oh, you're not going to get THAT wet", she announced as we disappeared into Timberwolf Falls. Up to that point, I had happily tagged along, as she dragged me from one hair-raising ride, to another. The first clue, was that the seats and floor on the ride were soaked. Fortunately, I had the fortitude to put my cell phone in the storage box provided at the beginning of the ride, because I got SOAKED! Turns out, it's the ride where you blast down the canyon on a boat, and shower those exiting the ride, on the bridge, in what they call "The Splash-zone". Still a good time, and I dried quickly.

I didn't go on that many rides, in retrospect. I went to the amusement park with a family, sporting two young children. While we did split up for a small time, I spent a good deal, waiting for the group I was with. Not that I minded that much........

......I did a ton of girl watching. There were beautiful ladies all over the place! There's an interesting development in this; I am happy for once, that I am single. I had an opportunity to see what awaits me in the future, and I know that I cannot simply settle once I decide it's time to find a significant other! My new town boasts every ethnicity, and I am open to the concept of dating a woman from any nation. I can't wait to meet that one special lady that makes me give up my single status; she's going to be one hell of a woman!

One thing I did notice, flying in my dreams is exactly like a roller coaster. Between the free falls, the spinning, twisting, loops, and corkscrews, I am convinced that somehow I've done this before. I see it every time I close my eyes; with the exception, that there are bullets and bombs exploding around me in my dreams, as I fly like Ironman without the use of his suit. I can boldly state, there is not a single roller coaster or ride, that can scare me.

I want to go back!

Vacation's over, however, as tomorrow is a day of packing. I leave for my new home on Monday. Starting next week, I will be finishing up the details for my talent agent, and quickly begin workshops and auditions.

July 27
Last day in London. Today is a day of cleaning, and packing. I will have to go through the few possessions I have left, and get them ready to move tomorrow.

I want to thank the Lawrence family for everything they have done! Most of all, for making me a part of their family. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, as I spent time with Greg, Diane, and their two children. I am privileged to know such good Friends, and I feel blessed to be accepted as "Crazy Uncle Zzorhn".

1 pm
Everything is packed and ready to go. I'm excited to be taking the next step towards my goals.

I just received a care package in the mail from a good friend! I am quite touched by the card, and gifts. Thank you, Christie! You cannot know how much I appreciate your help. Your faith in me is felt all the way across Canada!

 So, here I sit. The last thing to pack will be my computer. One more sleep, and off to the GTA. I promise to keep up my journal, however, this will be the last post in what I am now calling Chapter Three, in the Turn the Page series. What started off as a way to let my family and friends know what I was doing, and whatnot, it has now morphed into so much more. It's a success story, but the ending hasn't been written yet.

I had the best summer!

I've done so many new things in the past couple months. I still can't get over the positive energy I see each day! The vibrancy of the people surrounding me, is sheer confirmation of my choices. I have met many new friends, and plan to continue attending the events they work tireless to host. I like to volunteer, and feel honoured to serve as security for these historic events.

I'm going to miss many things.

From the way I mow the grass, to how I prepare meals; I have rocked the Lawrence family on their heels. I also know they have left a mark in my life, and will forever have a place in my heart. I'll miss watching Game of Thrones with Diane, and roller blading with Greg. I'll miss playing with the kids! I'll really miss that look one of them gets when I show a little of my crazy side.......

......I'll be back to London. All things, however, do come to an end. Guess it's time to turn the page.


Janet Godbout said…
I have thoroughly enjoyed this series you have written.....wonderful job....good luck in your future travels...Jan.
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed reading this entry

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