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Turn Off the AC

Summertime. After a long, hard, winter of ice and cold, the heat is FINALLY here! Oddly, the first thing most people do is crank up the air conditioner.

There are reasons why people have this need to control the temperatures in their house or place of work.
EXTREME heat has a negative impact on intelligence, and physical activity. Controlling the temperature in the home or office, has the benefits of increasing job performance.Reduces the risk of dehydration While it is a relief for most people to walk into a cool room after being in the hot sun, for some, however, it's painful. Prolonged use of air conditioners also do GREAT HARM. The constant change in temperature is actually extremely unhealthy for the human body. Moving from a super-air conditioned car, to outside, to the super-cooled office, and back again, is detrimental to health.

First, and foremost, the immune system is not designed for such transitions. The human body, is a wonderful machine, able to withstand a varied dif…

Not Your Average Monologue

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So. I'm supposed to do a monologue. The stuff that actors dread, and casting agents are forced to tolerate, as wanna-be hopefuls roll across the stage with a cliche, To Be Or Not To Be. What is the question? Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer, the boring soliloquy of some past author of renown, or perchance to risk it all, and brave the mere vestiges of personal acclamation.

Now, keep in mind, I grew up in a different time, with bustling side-walks, and corner stores. The local mill was a hive of activity and opportunity, where many of my friends merely walked in, and were literally handed a broom and a future. Jobs were everywhere, and a handshake actually meant something. We didn't wear seat-belts, helmets, and LORD KNOWS we've all skinny-dipped in the duck pond!

It hasn't always been easy. For I find commonality in the affirmation that this too solid flesh would melt. Thaw and r…

Disinformation of Disease

disinformation nounmisleading; being dishonest

You have been deceived. We all have; so much so, that we actually believe our own lies when speaking about the subject.

Modern Medicine.

Doctors are not miracle workers. They are regular human beings, who make educated guesses, everyday of their professional careers. Some specialize in a chosen field of expertise, and become really good at what they do. Some Doctors choose the role of general practitioner. Regardless of their field of work, however, all Doctors are faced with moments that exceed their education, and have to rely on simple common sense, to make a choice as to medical treatment of a patient.

Since the invention of Penicillin, Doctors have been able to do wonders with their patients maladies. As our technology improved, our modern-day doctors now perform what is akin to miracles, in what they call "Routine Surgery". We've all heard of the magic that medicine can achieve, and compared to even…