Disinformation of Disease


noun misleading; being dishonest

You have been deceived. We all have; so much so, that we actually believe our own lies when speaking about the subject.

Modern Medicine.

Doctors are not miracle workers. They are regular human beings, who make educated guesses, everyday of their professional careers. Some specialize in a chosen field of expertise, and become really good at what they do. Some Doctors choose the role of general practitioner. Regardless of their field of work, however, all Doctors are faced with moments that exceed their education, and have to rely on simple common sense, to make a choice as to medical treatment of a patient.

Since the invention of Penicillin, Doctors have been able to do wonders with their patients maladies. As our technology improved, our modern-day doctors now perform what is akin to miracles, in what they call "Routine Surgery". We've all heard of the magic that medicine can achieve, and compared to even a few decades ago, it would appear as though we are near masters of our physical bodies.

The truth in this situation, depends on how you look at things......

Are we better off as a species for our medical advances? Yes.

Has our medical advances given us a pseudo-reality? Yes.

.......We live in a culture, where we believe that there is a magic pill for everything. We live in a culture, where death by disease is nearly unheard of, and shocked when we do hear of such instances; garnishing media coverage, and even creating ripples of panic for some.  We also live in culture that is over-medicating its population, and creating super viruses. We live in a culture, that prefers to medicate than educate its populace, when it comes to matters of mental illness. Most of this is due to the fact, our modern day Doctors make money by writing prescriptions; they are given kick-backs from the pharmaceutical companies, and are awarded for pushing pills on their patients. There are even commercials about modern drugs, branding medicine with the same kind of nostalgia as shoes, make-up, and fast food. It has become such a mainstay of our way of life, that we no longer question the validity of taking prescription medication.

Therein coils the snake of mistruth,

The medication being forced down our throats, is destroying our society, not helping it. The ideology that a pill can fix our problems, is actually part of the problem! We no longer believe in common sense, and natural healing methods to cure us, but now require heavy medications that usually leave the patient unable to perform regular day-to-day routine. Let's not forget, when reviewing a patients physical or mental condition, most Doctors fall into the habit of labeling patients for easy identification and treatment; many times, misdiagnosing people. As well, many of the medications prescribed by Doctors are extremely addictive! Drugs are seen as playthings, and have become a staple for the black-market. - The steady supply of government sanctioned pharmaceuticals, helps fuel the sanctioned War on Drugs.

Beyond the money making schemes of those in charge, and the stock owners who subsidize the schemers, there is a frightening truth; there are viruses that our modern medicine cannot kill. Some of these super viruses are due to the over-medicating of common ailments, but some are ancient, dormant killers that are spoke only in hushed tones, and dismissed as story-tales.

"It will never happen to me", is the common ideology that most people apply when speaking of killer viruses. "It can't happen here", statements are usually bolstered by citation of climate conditions, and lack of records; in many cases, a lack of properly recorded history is due to the fact that history is written by the victor. Our deep-rooted faith in antibiotics and medicine is what drives this ideological engine, and when combined with a society that foolishly puts faith in stringent sterility (non-exposure to "healthy" microorganisms, or eradication of healthy microbes by overuse of antivirus, is creating a weakened immune system) there is a double-punch-disaster poised to occur!

Super viruses will run rampant on the weakened immune systems of our deceived nation.

It's not the fault of society that we have been fooled into our faith of modern medicine. Accountability lies with those in the decision making process, that have made a profit margin from medicinal services for the population they are supposed to be serving! It's our faith, that greases the wheels of the pharmaceutical profits. This is merely one aspect of how the general population is being deceived by Health officials.

It would be great, if a pseudo-reality of absolute faith in modern medicine was the only problem.....

........Health officials are blatantly falsifying information on media sources. The moment a potential deadly virus emerges, the World Health Organization takes action, and the moment there is a vaccine or the main threat passing, they issue a statement bolstering the belief in medicine and their aim to stopping the spread of disease. What happens to the diseases, however, that we can't cure? Turns out, either no mention is made, or facts are even altered, to maintain the validity of the population's faith in the Health system.

I haven't even mentioned the fact that health officials and governments HAVE used entire populations to test the effectiveness of viruses, spread of viruses, and the response times of emergency measures. - Citing declassified government information for the testing of viruses on whole cities, across North America. I'm not referring to the use of viral weaponry by both Canada and USA in past history. I'm talking about lies and actions that threaten our lives, and our families.

For those not able to find much mention of the possible pandemic currently killing hundreds of people, it isn't surprising; our censored media is to blame for that. The killer virus that has the WHO muzzled and dormant, is called EBOLA.

"Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF) is one of numerous Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers. It is a severe, often fatal disease in humans" - READ MORE from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

 That's right, fatal. In 50 percent or more of the cases of people that contract Ebola die, and statistics indicate that the number may even be as high as a 90 percent mortality rate. There is no cure either, with isolation and supportive therapy being the only course of action. The risk of infection is extreme, so medical workers are a constant risk for exposure! -  "On Wednesday a nurse became the second person to die from Ebola in Nigeria." Incubation periods for the virus ensure the longevity of spread. It is a perfect killer!

I get it. No country, or world leader ever wants to create a panic, however, it sucks the proverbial big-one to realize just how much society is being duped! I am not a conspiracy theorist in any means, and before I post anything on social media or other public domain, I make certain I have my facts straight. (Which is why I am not making any medicinal accounts, and citing references)  I have found wild-eyed people spewing propaganda about the END OF DAYS, and I have read the announcements from WHO. I have watched some of conspiracy theories on youtube, and researched the survival plans for preppers and survivalists.
Where there's smoke, there's fire..........In trying to find the truth behind all this, my own research has found several loopholes.........

"It's not airborne" - Spittle is. To make the claim that it is not an airborne disease is based on the fact it doesn't float around like fluff in the wind, however, it travels very nicely in a sneeze or a cough.

 "Prevention" - The idea that everywhere on the planet is equipped with the same medical resources as North America is part of the illusion that prevents panic. If this disease were to find a suitable host, and by chance spread around the world, there would be little to do but sit back and watch.

 "those at highest risk include health care workers" - How?! If the only way this disease can infect someone by the WHO claims of "saliva, semen, sweat and other bodily fluids", how are people getting sick in a hospital? This indicates the infectiousness of the virus, when it can infect people who are TRAINED and in a sterile environment!

............I'm not trying to panic anyone. The likelihood of this becoming pandemic is fairly minimal, given the seriousness of the WHO, the UN, and every country around the world taking notice. There are measures occurring at this very moment to ensure the prevention of the virus, however, it would only take one unlucky soul, to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.....with access to a plane.......

.......the odds of that happening start at 1 in 7 billion, and spreads quickly. ....And you're being lied to about it.


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