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Addressing World Issues

Growing up, I always envisioned a world where everyone got along peacefully. My vision included jet packs, hovercraft, and an end to world hunger, but also a world where money ceased to exist, and everyone worked hard to better themselves, and those around them.

I was WAY off the mark!

Here we are, 30 years later, and the planet is stricken with greed, corruption, hunger, war, and the whole world revolves around cut-throat economics; and I don't get my jetpack, or a hovercraft. Today, we are faced with one of the most deadly plagues to face mankind, and still suffering from archaic ideals of consumerism. Terrorist groups are funded by first-world countries to fuel age-old conflicts. Extremist groups are slowly taking over the planet with political correctness as their weapon of choice; raping, and murdering people by the thousands, and no one wants to do anything about it for fear of reprisal.

The creed is simple; "If it doesn't affect me, I don't care."

It's d…

Turn the Page - Chapter Six

This is the SIXTH chapter in the "Turn the Page" series, where I keep an online diary of my daily activities, thoughts, and notable events. Originally meant to only be a short letter home to my family and friends, so that my mom and those I care about could see that I was still alive and safe, has now become so much more! I have followers all over the planet; Canada, USA, France, Russia, Israel, UK, and many more [I listed the countries in the order of viewers] This is more than just being able to read another person's diary, it's a daily documentation where I detail my rise from obscurity to fame. Anyone reading these entries, will see instances of my struggles, as well as, my success.
IF you have not yet read the other five chapters, I would encourage you do so before reading further. It's always best to start at the beginning of a story.

Chapter One: May 4th - May 14th
Chapter Two: May 15th - June 30th
Chapter Three: July 1st - July 27th
Chapter Four: July 29th -…

Crippled Conversation

I'm the absolute worst! My friends tell me that all the time. I'm not certain if it's even possible for me to change, given my own personal beliefs. Regardless of the endorsements by millions of people, the fact remains, however, that using a text message is an extremely inefficient way to communicate.

I enjoy social media, probably even more than others. I take great delight in instantly sending messages to others in the form of emails, but, I'm not a big fan of instant messaging.There are many ways to keep in contact in today's society; the telephone has become so advanced, that everyone it seems can carry around a portable computer and easily talk anywhere, anytime. When you factor in programs such as Skype, you can talk to anyone on the planet in real-time, and even see who you are talking with! So why do people use IM to convey our messages?

Don't get me wrong, I still use text messages, and other instant messaging programs. I haven't bowed to the use …

Modern Age Love

It's been a year since I wrote "Broken Hearts & Shattered Dreams". I went and reread it, and even I can see the raw emotion behind what I believed to merely be a glimpse into my love life. It's not really that surprising that it was written that way, as I was obviously crushed, As with all my written work, the inspiration festers in my mind if I don't write, but once it's finished, I can get it out of my head; it's also how I deal with heartache, as was the case.

The truth remains, being in a relationship in today's modern society, is difficult.

There are many reasons divorce rates are so high - We live in a disposable era, and simply throw things away when they broken. It's a catch 22, where the concept of working on relationships, is foreign, and break ups expected, those who do work hard at maintaining their marriage, are viewed with skepticism, or even wonderment. When you factor in technological advances such as internet, social media, sma…

Turn the Page - Chapter Five

Summer seems to have boarded the GoTrain on an express run! So much has happened, and I'm glad I decided to maintain a journal of my journey; from desolate small-town survival, to fruition in Hollywood North. The story hasn't ended yet, but, it's been a wild ride of new experiences, and working hard to achieve my goals.

All good tales have a beginning, and mine is no different. As time progresses, and events change, I have documented the struggles I faced, and encourage anyone who hasn't read the start of the story, to take the time to do so.

This is the fifth installment of "Turn the Page".
Chapter One: May 4th - May 14th
Chapter Two: May 15th - June 30th
Chapter Three: July 1st - July 27th
Chapter Four: July 29th - August 31st

September 1st
I awoke to a quiet Monday morning, with overcast clouds. My muscles ache from nose to toes, from exercising so much. In my attempts to firm and tone myself, I've actually gained weight. Not exactly what I had in mind, bu…