Turn the Page - Chapter Five

Summer seems to have boarded the GoTrain on an express run! So much has happened, and I'm glad I decided to maintain a journal of my journey; from desolate small-town survival, to fruition in Hollywood North. The story hasn't ended yet, but, it's been a wild ride of new experiences, and working hard to achieve my goals.

All good tales have a beginning, and mine is no different. As time progresses, and events change, I have documented the struggles I faced, and encourage anyone who hasn't read the start of the story, to take the time to do so.

This is the fifth installment of "Turn the Page".
Chapter One: May 4th - May 14th
Chapter Two: May 15th - June 30th
Chapter Three: July 1st - July 27th
Chapter Four: July 29th - August 31st

September 1st
I awoke to a quiet Monday morning, with overcast clouds. My muscles ache from nose to toes, from exercising so much. In my attempts to firm and tone myself, I've actually gained weight. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I do feel good about my progress, and plan to stick to my diet and exercise program.

I was pretty hung over yesterday; the hip hop concert I went to see in Hamilton on Saturday night, was awesome, but when I went to bed last night, I was still tasting tequila. I can only blame myself, as I stumbled into the obvious mix of orange and Jose Quervo, and the cocktails were going down as quickly as shooters! Didn't get much done, except clean the house, and proof read the short story I'm currently working on.

I've been writing; one of the last things told to me by my buddies back in Fort Frances, was to make certain I focus on my talents, most notably my written work - Several short stories later, and one novel in the works, are due to the fact that I am now writing as often as possible. I've quit playing World of Warcraft - two or more months have gone by, with me ignoring my online family. I'll admit, I feel extremely guilty in this. At least they've stopped asking me when I'm coming back. I remember days where I spent hours upon end, lost in a cyber-universe, and ignoring reality. I really miss my friends and getting lost in a world of swords and sorcery! Perhaps someday I'll revisit Azeroth, but I know that if I want to succeed at my goals, I cannot be playing games.

I'm having a very hard time keeping my mouth shut. My agent has expressed concern over social media, and perception; with instructions to watch what I post or share, I feel as though my hands are tied! Topics ranging from terrorism, disease running rampant, teacher strikes, and the current conflicts on the planet, beg to be addressed, however, any polarization could quick;y destroy my career before it even gets off the ground! Damn my personality! In the end, it really matters little what anyone really says, so why do I feel such a need to bring to light the problems that plague our planet?! What good does pointing out the folly of others? How does it even begin to make me feel better by expressing my concerns?

I've asked myself that very question many times over my lifetime; what difference does it make, and why do I care? I believe deep down, that there is a truth that needs to be addressed. I watch as our species flops around like some proverbial headless chicken, and greedily clamours to obtain as much as possible from the slop trough of life. I cringe at the atrocities being committed, and sigh heavily at the sheer idiocracy of those in power. The main reason I desire so badly to bring light to a darkened world, is because I can see the folly for what it is, and the realization that people like me need to share the truth in a society of cell phone mentality, where deception is the weapon of choice. My heart aches for those struggling, when we live in a era where no one should ever be forced to surrender. For this reason, it bothers me that I am to remain quiet on important topics, but I do understand why; any negativity could quickly hurt me, and if I desire to be a public figure, I cannot mindlessly fault others for fear of backlash...and so, I bite my tongue.

Well, I should get to work. Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!

9 pm
I went to the beach in Grimbsy this afternoon with my roommate, rolled up my pant legs, and tried to see if there was any fish in Lake Ontario. The sun was warm, and I ended up just sitting for half an hour, staring across the giant freshwater lake. There were many people taking advantage of the last days of summer, and they happily splashed in the shallow beach, while motorboats towed inner tubes back and forth the bay. Throw in a couple sailboats, one fishing boat, and a handful of jet-skis, and I can assure you that there is no fish in that bay. Didn't really matter I guess, as it's not necessarily the catching of fish that I was looking for, but rather, the sun dancing on the waves, the smell of the spray from the waves crashing off the rocks, and the sound of birds calling out to one another. It did my soul good.

I actually had an epiphany, which is practically the whole purpose of such an excursion; when I focus on my goals, I am subconsciously ignoring my desires. When I go back and examine the last couple months, I can see clear patterns where I am avoiding certain situations. It could be claimed that it's not necessarily a bad thing, that I focus so much on what I NEED to do, rather than what I WANT to do, but there does need to be some balance in my life.

I found a small stone on the beach. It's very flat, and smooth from years of being washed by Lake Ontario waves. Not sure why I picked it up, why I dusted it off, or why I shoved it in my pocket. It was there when I got home, and emptied my pockets, and I placed it on the desk beside my wallet. That's when I had another idea. I'm going to carry this little flat stone with me, tucked away in my pocket. Anytime I'm worried or uncertain of something, I only need to put my hand in my pocket, and remember this day, and the fact that small stone is smooth, is due to the wear and tear of the elements, and yet, it's only because of the struggle that the little round, flat, stone caught my eye. Any struggle I have, is only to make me better, not destroy me or make me weak, and each time I feel the smooth surface of that stone, I will remember that.

My roommate is giving me advanced notice, that she will be hanging the proverbial necktie on the doorknob tomorrow. I've been asked to give her a day of alone time with her hunny. For that reason I am planning an impromptu trip into Toronto, with absolutely no plans - Not even a place to stay. Guess it means I'm going to put a few miles on my shoes. Who knows what can happen.

Well, I should sign out for the day. I'll keep you informed as to the events of tomorrows adventure. Cya in the morning.

September 2nd
I'm out of the house and trying to find somewhere to go. It'll be over 36 hours before I can return back to Grimsby. To be honest, I seen this kind of thing coming....I HAVE NO real place to live, and am still couch surfing - ergo, I'm still subjective to the whims of those I'm living with. I thank my roommate for all the help she's given me, but, I really don't know what I'm supposed to do until Wednesday.

I'll keep you posted as I can.

11;10 am
All aboard the Burlington GoTrain for Union Station! It took me a few hours to get out of Grimsby, but I am on my way to the big T.O. Once again, there are reasons for me going on this trip, and not just because “I feel like it”, or “My roommate wants to get her funk on all night”. There are legitimate reasons why, although, not all are definitive....

........I'm probably not making sense. Let me try it this way, I am forcing myself to take this impromptu adventure because I have to! I need to break myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to certain aspects of my personality, and for that reason, I am throwing myself into the wind, and seeing where I land. Other reasons include going on an adventure, as well as, going on a non-rushed visit to the biggest city in Canada for a good look around. Don't get me wrong, I'm broke as shit, and it won't be a paid vacation or anything; there is no Five-Star hotel waiting for me tonight. I may end up not sleeping at all..... Who knows!

I'm hoping the weather at least holds out. It's muggy and sticky, and could rain if given a chance. That would make everything today very difficult for me, as I'm carrying around my computer and other things I might need today / tonight.

I have to say that riding on trains is definitely the way to travel! It's very relaxing, and the sideways motion, rather than front-to-back of a normal vehicle allows for safe use of laptops. [the screen bounces in a car]

I plan on jotting down details as my day goes by. Not much to say yet, but, there IS another reason I'm on this train...........

6 pm
I've had a pretty decent day so far. I boarded the Yonge and Finch subway line, and jumped off at Bloor-Yonge. Then I hopped on a second subway UNDER the Yonge line, and ended up scooting across the city towards Scarborough. It's very interesting to ride the subway right to the end of the line, without having some scheduled appointment where I needed to watch my stop.

Then the sky opened up, and a summer rain that rivaled Niagara Falls broke loose. UGH!!!! I brought a rain jacket / poncho as part of my survival gear [you really didn't think I wouldn't pack a rain poncho / flashlight / spare batteries / etc??!] It just sucks that I have to now protect all my stuff, including electronic gear, from the elements. I'll admit, I stood around for a bit, just watching it rain. Ever notice that rain is a four letter word? It knows exactly when you are planning on some event or outing, and does it's utmost best to dampen the situation.

[Places hand in pocket and feels the stone found at the beach] There is only one reason this hard piece of bedrock, is so smooth. Gouged out of the Earth by glaciers, it was pushed to the edge of what is now known as Lake Ontario. The beating sun, and pounding rain were nothing compared to the relentless grinding ice, and massive waves generated by the huge freshwater lake. Now it resides in my pocket as a testament to the effects of powerful elements; molded, sanded, polished, and beautiful. It reminds me of no matter what gets thrown my way, I will only become more attractive by staying strong and weathering the storm.

Rain still sucks. I wanted to sit on the sidewalk and write. My only chance is to go and purchase coffee and a meal to be able to sit and plug in somewhere. Even the people around me are affected by the weather, and huddling in doorways, as the slashing rain made certain everyone in Toronto is nominated for the ALS cold water challenge; there was no escape from the deluge! It makes things hard when you are trying to people watch........They act differently when it rains.

I will have to admit, that I have had a blast watching people today. One of my favourite pastimes, is to sit and watch as other people go about their lives. I can learn a great deal from watching people, as well as, easily entertain myself. [It's cheap too] Right now, as I sit and type, I am surrounded by people. There are more than three languages being spoken, and none of them are English!! Isn't that great?! I love diversity! Fact is, we are all Canadians, regardless of what we look like. Without dragging any racial or ethnic stereotypes into play, it can easily be said, that the kind of diversity found in Toronto, cannot be found in the same mannerism, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!! We Canadians are known for many things, but one of the best qualities, is our respect for one another. Everyone is so polite! While they may avoid each others glances on the subway, they carry an affinity for Canadian values, and that makes me DAMN PROUD!

There is one more reason I'm in Toronto today. It actually feels a little surreal, but I met a woman on a dating website, and we are supposed to meet at 8 pm. Kinda forgot to mention that part, didn't I? I've seen one picture of her, and read her dating profile, but we started talking, and decided to meet. I had no plans to actually push forward on this date, but if you remember my epiphany yesterday where I hesitate where I should charge ahead, due to comfort, I am going to change that. Besides, it's a date, and regardless of what happens, it will be a good thing for me. What I can tell you so far, is that she's pretty. I get to meet her in a just a little bit. Oddly though, I'm not nervous. [thinks about it] OK, maybe a little nervous. So, the fact is, I did have a plan to come into Toronto. I stopped by the Doctor's office and dropped off a form from last week, and I get to meet someone new.

Not sure what happens next, but I still have to stay away from the house until Wednesday so my roommate can play the hokey-pokie.

Anyway, I'm off. I'm heading to a local grocer I passed in the mall, to see if I can buy a single rose. It would be much easier to meet a woman that I don't know, if I had a distinctive look. Hope it's not too over the top, but, it seems like a good idea.........

..........wish me luck!!

September 3rd - 4 am
Nothing happens by chance.

I went to the grocer, only to find that they don't sell single roses; I ended up buying four. A small bouquet of flowers in hand I stood and waited at the front door for my date.. Oddly, I didn't feel nervous! She had picked a small mall in East Toronto for our first date, and I stood in front of the doors, and scanning the crowd for a woman I only knew from a picture. As I stood and waited, a small voice in my head, told me she might not show, but I ignored that nagging feeling and kept smiling.

I saw her!

The picture did no justice! She is amazingly cute! I could only smile, say hi and shyly offer the flowers I held. She smiled, took the roses, and lead me into the mall, where we found a quiet corner, and sat to talk. [ SHE bought coffee – regardless of my persistence to pay for drinks]

I lost track of time.

Before I knew it, two hours had passed., and I was lost. I can't start to explain how wonderful she is! I really didn't want the date to end, but before I knew it, the coffee shop was closing. We walked out and she asked for a hug, and I can't begin to wish that I had swept her up and just kissed her! [sigh] I was told, however, that I am supposed to make sure to text her, and call.

I'm so out of practice when it comes to this dating thing! Really hope I made good impression.

ANYWAY................... After the date, I decided to bum around Toronto for a bit, and learn more about Union Station and the TTC. To be honest, I'm not sure why anyone in Toronto owns a vehicle, because you can get practically anywhere with the ROCKET. With barely anyone around except security [at night the TTC security outnumbers passengers by 5 to 1] I walked around and familiarized myself with the layout. I even went outside, and walked around the streets for a bit. Toronto is an entirely different town once the sun goes down; you can really get a sense of the magnitude of the buildings when they are all lit up and shining like beacons reaching for the sky. The streets were empty for the most part, with only a long train of taxi drivers vying for a chance to offer anyone a ride. I started to get the impression that if I remained in Toronto with no where to really go, it might be problematic; loitering is illegal in most parts of the city, and a country boy like me could easily get hurt if I wasn’t paying attention. I went back to Union Station and checked the GoTrain schedule. It was 12:30 am, when I realized the last train for the day left at 12:45, and it would be 6 am before the first train of the day left. I made a choice to leave, believing it would be better to find a quiet place along the route to sit and wait, since the train stopped at Burlington, and the bus to Grimsby left at 7 am. I knew there would be some layover because of the choice I made to stay so late, but believed it would be better for me to do my waiting somewhere else, rather than hang around Union Station.

I boarded the train, and settled back to watch an episode of “Band of Brothers” with my headphones on. I could have sworn that the announcer said Burlington, so I turned to a woman getting up and starting to leave the train. I asked her, “Did he say Burlington?”, and she said “Yes”, so I quickly gathered my things and bounded off the train. Immediately I knew something was wrong! I glanced around in confusion, as I realized the station wasn't familiar, and groaned when I saw the sign “BRONTE”. I soon found a schedule, and it confirmed what I already knew – the next train going my way wasn't for any other 4 hours!

So, I'm sitting on a bench, my cell phone dead, and the battery on my laptop quickly dying. Thank goodness I packed a sweater! The night breeze got pretty chilly, so I resigned myself to hunching over my briefcase in the chance I fell asleep. As I stared up at the night sky, a HUGE falling star flashed overhead. I closed my eyes and made a wish, but I can't tell you what I wished for.........

.......I want my wish to come true.

5 am
I have to take time to mention an odd occurrence. - I just met the most interesting cab driver! As I was sitting on my little bench [I found an outlet, and I'm charging my computer] a cab quietly approached the terminal. I decided to stretch my legs, and walked over to say hi. His name is Reza, and before long, the two of us were engaged in a deep discussion about many worldly mattes. That's when Reza turned to me and asked me if I knew what “synchronicity” is. I had to actually google that one, and quickly realized that we were indeed experiencing such an occasion.

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, where they are unlikely to be causally related

He asked me if I wanted coffee, and refused to take any payment. His concern was genuine; after learning that I was not from the area, he was insisting on making certain I was safe. I hope someday to meet him again, and repay his kindness. I would like to let him know that at the darkest time of the night, he was a shining light. It simply confirms my beliefs, and my faith in humanity to meet such a warm soul.......

....just wish I could have imparted the fact that I've stared down wolves and bears back home. The biggest thing I have to worry about in a city, is the Police harassing me, getting mugged by a criminal, or shot by either the cops or the crooks.
September 3
I walked into the house, and collapsed on the bed at 9 am. I slept until late afternoon, and woke hungry. My body aches! I'm not going to do much writing, and merely relax for a bit. My plan is to simply go to bed early, and get back at things tomorrow.

I totally forgot to blanket my business cards around the town. I also forgot to take a bunch of pictures as well. Oh well, it was a time I'll never forget...........

September 4th
Good morning! I'm up and watching the morning news, and frustrated with the same old double-standard; those in power are breaking the law, and innocent people are suffering because of it. Toss in a plethora of useless sports scores, and you have the making for what is promoted as "top news".

The Toronto Film Festival is opening today. I should be there!! Yet again I am reminded of the fact that I am not living where I need to be, as the trip on Monday proved  - When you factor in time, schedules, and planning, it makes it difficult to merely run down-town when I need to. I just have to remind myself that such things take time. I am where I'm supposed to be......Nothing happens by chance.

Today, involves a shopping trip to stock up on necessities, and working on the short story that has me second guessing my writing skills. I think a bit of a work-out is in order, and I'd be foolish to not take advantage of the sunshine. I need to look up the bus schedule for London, as I am heading there on Friday to attend the wind-up party for airshow volunteers. It will be great to see everyone one last time! The plan is to have Diane drive me back to Toronto for my audition on Sunday, then catch the GoTrain back to Grimsby.

One note on my monologue - I now have two that I can readily use at a given notice. I am going to do my utmost best on Sunday as I realize the importance of this audition; besides getting my feet wet, it's my opportunity to show everyone exactly what I am capable of. You can bet I'm rehearsing my part, and making the monologue a part of me. It's not merely a matter of standing in front of a camera and reciting lines from heart - You have to make the character believable as well!

September 5th
Well, my plans changed. I was supposed to head to London today, so I could attend a wind up party for the volunteers of the airshow crew on Saturday. I've decided to not go, but there is a good reason! - The party was Saturday night, and I have a very important monologue and dry read the next day! I want to go to sleep early, and be on the top of my game when I slate.

I put another hour and a half on the rowing machine last night, and I'm feeling pretty good. I also rehearsed for at least an hour, and believe I have the character for my monologue nailed. See what happens when I'm left alone?

Today is going to be more of the same - write, rehearse, and workout.

September 6th
What a soggy day! Southern Ontario is making headlines for the amount of rain we received yesterday! Not only did the temperatures soar to June levels, but the storm that swept through the area, brought heavy rain, lightning, and a small tornado! The storm knocked over trees and toppled power lines, and this morning, everyone is busy cleaning up the mess.

I still get a kick out of watching city folk deal with nature.

Guess what world!? This website, after years of sitting fairly dormant, is approaching 10,000 page views!!! The counter shows that I have approximately 800-1000 views a month now, and while the majority of people reading my work live in Canada, it surprises me to learn that one of my biggest fan base comes from Russia!! Guess I better get writing!

Oh! I recently found out what happens when you add body wash to a whirl-pool tub. My roommate thought it was funny to take a few pictures of the aftermath.......

September 7th
Good morning! I'm up, bright and early, so I can catch the GoTrain to Union Station.

I'm travelling light today; the only thing I have to do in Toronto today, is an audition for the final drama class. My marks and recorded video, will be made avaialble for my agent to review, and dictate their focus. You can bet I'm taking this seriously - Time to show everyone what I'm capable of!

September 8th
Good morning. Sorry, I didn't come right home and report on my drama class! After a leisurely trip on the GoTrain, and TTC, I made supper, and launched myself into a workout. After that, I relaxed on the couch and watch TV. Haven't done that in a while, so it felt good to just merely relax.

I made up for my free time last night, by writing the whole time I was on the train. I'm actually getting to the third and final time the main character is captured in my story, and the proverbial fan is about to hit. I'm taking my time writing this, for an obvious reason, in an attempt to really hook the reader, I have to play with their mind, and writing in that style means taking time to do properly. I want it to be perfect!

I do have to admit, that wearing a suit and tie really changes things! There were several instances yesterday, where I noticed a difference in how I was treated, merely because I was wearing an Italian suit jacket. From making the ladies do a double take as I walk past on the main streets of Toronto, to the way I am treated in restaurants, or even on the train; when it came time to show our tickets, I was told "It's OK sir", when I started to dig into my wallet to procure my ticket, and the woman kept moving down the train full of passengers - You can be certain she checked the tickets of those men wearing hoodies behind me! I have to admit, I am starting to like wearing a suit, and the fact that I look pretty good in one, helps to bolster my belief that I am doing the right thing.

My drama class went well! The dry read was a good indication of my ability to approach a script from any perspective, and my monologue proof of my desire to belong in Hollywood North! I get my marks later in the week.

I have to do a few things around the house today; fix a window, clean, and cook. Toss in a bit of writing, and exercise, and I have a full day ahead of me. Talk soon! :)

6 pm
I was baptized in Lake Ontario this afternoon. As summer winds down, I figured it was high time I went and bathed in the iconic Great Lake. The beach was fairly empty, which provided the perfect opportunity to relax. I slowly walked along the beach, squished sand between my toes, searched for skipping stones, watched the waves crash against the shore, and bathed in the sun. Eventually curiosity got the best of me, and I ran into the surf, only to be thrown back by the pounding 5 -7 foot waves.  Again and again the huge waves rolled over me, pushing me towards the shore. Out of the corner of my eye, a massive wave appeared. I giggled and stood my ground, as the rogue wave blasted into me, forcing water and frothing sand in my face. Coughing from the sudden rush, I slowly made my way back to the shore.

Before long, it's time to go...... and for one more moment, I stared across the lake, and saw the city of Toronto..... I'm coming.

September 9th.
Well, good morning! I'm up bright and early for a trip to the Doctor. I'll have to admit, traveling this far each time, is inefficient! Soon, I'll be able to merely jump on the TTC and go anywhere I want.....It's just a matter of time. But, for now I have to content myself to at least 3-4 hours of travel to get to appointments, and auditions. Gotta do, what you gotta do, right?

My roommate had a party last night. I went to bed at 11 pm, and was awoke to music, and laughter. Turns out, she brought a few friends home, and they stayed up until well past 4 am! I never once left my bed, and merely rolled over and covered my face with a pillow. Once again, do what I gotta do, right?

Seems to be the mantra this morning; quietly accepting of life, and politely pushing forward with my goals. I've messaged a couple of friends living in Toronto, to see if they want to do something after my appointment. Guess we'll see.

9 pm
 I'm back from the big T.O. It was a great day! I managed to stop for coffee with a friend, and still managed to make my train on time.

Clickety-clack. Clickety-clack. Clickety-clack. Riding the train is still fun, but, it seems to have lost the shock value for me.  I still feel like an excited kid each time every-time I board the train,and it pulls away from the station, however, the feeling of being scared, and not knowing where I am is gone. It's a good thing;  knowing the routes is one thing, understanding the busing system, and how to be able to go anywhere in Toronto is a skill! I made from Union Station to Thornhill, and to my appointment today, without barely walking!! Look at this bad boy rocking the TTC! :)

There is one bit of warning......carry exact change! Made that mistake this afternoon, where I wasn't given change back from a bill, when boarding the bus. Cost me an extra couple bucks for that little mistake. The big thing to realize about bus drivers, is that they are human too! Some exuberantly carry out their task of safety ferrying their passengers, while others just drive the bus. Throw in a good / bad day, and you can have a veritable grab bag of what to expect when boarding the bus.

Turns out, I move slower on the way home. I people watch, sight see, bask in the moment, and take my time. People watching is so much fun!! You can read the entire bus / train / terminal so quickly! [No digression on negative aspects of humanity - I want to believe in humanity!]

One aspect of city that I don't understand, is the constant demand for money. Between tollbooths, paid parking complete with lift gates, and parking meters, I'm a tad confused. With the cost of insurance, fuel, vehicle payments, and maintenance, PLUS parking.....I'm amazed people drive! The exorbitant cost of driving IN the city almost seems to outweigh the "benefits". Perhaps, I'm merely having too much fun riding public transportation.

There does seem to be a cost factor to most aspects of living in the city. It's almost as if I'd have to pay money merely to flex my muscles........

........guess I just need to find somewhere to flex for free.

September 10th
Happy Hump Day! 30,000 people in Alberta woke up this morning without electricity, due to snow. SNOW!?! Good Gawd! The season of death and decay is upon us. A bit too early in my humble opinion, and I can just hear the nay-sayers line up to chime, "See? Global warming is a myth". I guess they are due for another 5 cm today as well.  At least it's not us! Weather man says that by Sunday, the snow will be gone and they will be back to 18 degrees. Mother nature is off her meds again.

I just received good news; a package I've been waiting for since spring has finally arrived! It's in London, which means I have to go there to deal with it. Contents include a silver-brass tuba, a tuba mouthpiece, and my external hard drive. I will have to shine up the tuba before I sell it. The external hard drive contains all my written work, so I will be finally able to publish the book I was working on a couple of years ago!

Lots to do today. I now have to get ready to go to London for a week or so. It will be great to see the Lawrence family again, and I am now pledged to working another airshow this weekend. "Wing and Wheels". Diane is picking me up on Friday, so I have to pack and make sure I have everything I'll need for the next while.

No trips planned to Toronto for the next couple weeks. Time to work on my writing, and hopefully get "Perils of Power" published!

September 11
"Lest We Forget"

My thoughts and prayers today, go out to the families an loved ones all over the world, who have been persecuted, or killed by extremists,. The "war on terror" has been poorly handled, by politicians more worried about getting re-elected, than desiring to bring about world peace. I pray for an end to this.

I remember that day; over at a buddies' house, and his son says, "Look daddy. That building's on fire". We both walked into the living room, and watched in horror as the second plane hit. A day, I'll never forget. But! What has happened since then, is what bothers me. - Nothing. In truth, the "war on terror" has killed thousands, but, for what? We now have the biggest threat this planet has seen in decades! The extremists who want to bring about their own laws, and way of life, are slaughtering thousands of innocents, and committing all sorts of crimes against humanity, yet the world merely watches as the scene unfolds. I'll be blunt, and call out the world leaders on a shitty job of maintaining peace! Once again, everyone is too worried about their own re-elections, than actually doing something  It reminds me of the TTC subway, where no one wants to make eye contact, and if something does occur, everyone merely stands around, and doesn't interfere; the mantra of "If it's not happening to me, I don't care" rings like a beacon to expose the fickle nature of humanity!

Forgive me. I've recently learned of a personal disaster. The Lawrence family is experiencing a summer flood, and their basement now holds over 2 inches of sewer water! My. Stuff. Is. Stored. There! I'm scared to ask if my good computer (with all my files on it) and my other electronic equipment is safe....... Probably find out today. Would make sense, for me to lose even more of my personal belongings, leaving me with even less. -  After surviving a fire, being homeless, and the trip to Southern Ontario.......I just hope and pray everything is safe!

6 pm
Drum roll, please? "The Perils of Power" is finished!! The cover art is designed, and the book uploaded to Amazon. It should be available by tomorrow morning!! It only costs $1.49 to download on kindle, etc. Help out a guy out, by purchasing the short story, and be prepared to have your mind blown.  While I was working on my Amazon account, I decided to do a couple of promotions. For two weeks, I will be offering the other two stories I have published for FREE. Anyone that has the chance to read these books, is encouraged to pass on the word to others.

So, I'm told that my stuff was salvaged, but, I'll find out tomorrow how bad things are. I'll be picked up by 11 am, and off to London for a week or so. Perhaps longer, given the fact that I am going to be helping cleaning up the mess left by the flooding of the Lawrence family's basement.

September 12th
My newest short story is AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!! - "The Perils of Power" Download your copy today!!  Be prepared to second guess yourself, as you answer the simple question, "What would you do, if you could do anything?" This short story is cleverly crafted to involve the reader. - In the duality of nature, where I depict humanity struggling hard to do what's morally right, and the monster where they easily give in to absolute desires.

I'm getting ready to head to London for a week or so. Lots to do before my ride shows up. At least I can make the claim that I AM working hard to achieve my goals, with the publishing of my third book available on Amazon. Hope you enjoy them!

September 13th
It never ceases to amaze me, how weather can affect people. We woke up to a gloomy, rainy, day. Today is "Wings and Wheels Family Fun day". An event that features the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association, and other Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft, as well as, vintage automobiles, and hot-rods!!  It was cold, and rainy all morning, and when the rain finally stopped, the wind came out. Estimates claim that the crowd was only about 10% of expected tournout, which is unfortunate; it takes months of planing and hundreds of volunteer hours to put on such an event, only to have it rained out. Even once the rain quits, the crowd is still affected, as people don't like geting cold, wet, or dirty. I put my rain coat on, and pulled up my hoodie. Even after the rain quit, I left my hoodie up, because of the biting cold that followed. I'm stiff and sore, tired and drained from having to contend with the cold all day, however, it was still fun to watch the bright yellow Harvard's take to the air, and it always gives me a good feeling to volunteer my time for such a worthy cause!

Greg just lit a fire in the fireplace! It's darn cold! I think the bitter chill caused by the rain has everyone moving sluggish, and cranky. Summer is trying hard to stick around, but damn-old-nasty winter just won't stay away. [sigh] Summer is always too short......

.......Bit of a BBQ tonight, then maybe watch some TV with Greg and Diane. Guess we'll see :)

September 14th
Well, the sun is shining. Good thing too, as the lawn needs to be mowed badly, and the ground is so wet, you would sink up to your knees if you tried to walk on the grass. Hopefully, that dries up enough I can help Greg out with the yard work.

I woke up early this morning, and started making breakfast for everyone. Told you I like to cook, if I have someone to cook for; one of the reasons I love to hang out with the Lawrence family, is they love my cooking! This morning, it was Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes, with Peanut Butter and Maple Syrup. I made the kids pancakes shaped in the initials of their name, which they thought was pretty cool.

I haven't tried to plug in my desktop computer yet, to find out if the flooding of the basement damaged it at all. We are still cleaning up the basement and throwing things out, even today. It never ceases to amaze me, how much stuff people have to throw away when disaster strikes.......

......the rest of the day, will find me cooking, cleaning, and do a little baking; I've promised the kidlets that I would make cupcakes after lunch. Now that I think of it, I also promised to make them chocolate milkshakes for lunch, as well as, a Jedi light-saber battle later in the afternoon. Guess I have a very busy day ahead of me.

I have already started my next story. I'll need to do a bit of research on PK energy before I get too far into the story.......there's a hint as to what the next one's about........Hope everyone has a great day.

September 15th

Had a great weekend! I spent time with Greg, Diane and the kidlets, helping keep the children busy, while mom and dad cleaned up after the disaster from last week [flooding], a sword lesson,  making cupcakes, and going for a ride on London's asphalt trails. [kids bike, while I skate].  What a great weekend!

Today, I woke up very early to the sounds of kids going to school. The temperatures have taken a dive, and it won't be long before the season of death and decay is upon us. Good bye summer, I will miss you terribly!!

I fully intended to write a little bit this morning, and instead, found myself drawn to the debating boards on social media, and FOX news. Just ran circles around a couple people in a debate, who are more interested in sensationalism, than truth; Seems to be the mantra these days - No one is really concerned with truth, as long as they feel good about their opinion. Once again, it feeds my personal belief in CELL PHONE MENTALITY. [That, and the fact, the world is happily going to Hell]

Many things to get accomplished today, and sitting still isn't one of them.....better get my butt in gear! Hope everyone has a great week!

September 17th
I missed a day. Yesterday, I sat down and typed up an attestation as to the upcoming weather; it's getting colder. Not only that, but, the sun is coming up later in the day, and seems to be having a hard time peeking past the gloom and doom of the upcoming season of death and decay. Anyway, I wrote a two page entry, checked my mail, and had an Internet crash, and lost everything I had worked on for a half hour. So I chucked it in the fucket bucket, and went about my day.

I got the tuba cleaned, and shined up. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to let a guy from back in Fort Frances talk me into letting him clean and sell the thing. I know for a FACT that there are tonnes of damage from this idiot, as it sat in his basement rusting, and getting knocked around. Once again my faith in humanity, was dealt a blow. It sickens me, how much faith I put in people, only to be sorely disappointed! Oh, well...... it's as clean and shiny as it can get, so I'm off to see if I can't find a decent buyer for my used tuba.

My external hard drive is not working. It was working when I left it, and now it's not. There are only two conclusions to this: A) It just magically stopped working. 2) It has been bounced around, and broken; and judging by the damage on the outside, it's only logical to assume the latter. Which means that I may not get the pictures, and THREE BOOKS stored on the drive. UGH!

Well, this entry is turning out to be negative, so let's finish with this........ I received a letter back from the woman I went on a date with. She is not interested in dating me, unless I get myself settled in Toronto. No surprise there, I guess.

Hope everyone is having a better day than me.

September 18th
After visiting 8 different places in London to try and sell my rare, silver plated, tuba, I am now having to resort to a private sale. UGHHH!!!! So much for a nice, quick sale, and suddenly getting my life back on track; first and last months rent, and maybe pay for a couple trips to audition in Hollywood North. Please, won't someone help me get my foot in the door?!?

I took my external drive apart, to find serious damage. Yup, I was right. Somehow, since the last time I plugged in the device, someone has smacked it around enough to stop it from working. [sigh] My only recourse now, is to find a drive reader, and hopefully get those three books, as well as, all the pictures on the device! It's always something.....

.........I had a vivid dream last night. I know what I'll be writing about today. Hopefully, I can get a good chunk of the story written, as I have no other plans now, since my well-laid plans didn't pan out.

At times like this, I have to remember.....the strongest tree in the forest, is not the one that refuses to move, and stands tall when the wind blows, but rather, the tree that bends in the storm.. I need to be flexible when times get tough, for only then, can I persevere.

8 pm
I was hit by a car on Wharncliffe. I was rollerblading down the hill having just turned off Commissioner's. I could see the white import car slowly coming towards the road, and the sidewalk I was skating on, so I naturally jumped into the grass to stop. I could tell the guy driving really wasn't paying attention, and even slowed down. I waited, standing in the grass on my blades for a few seconds, and watched the driver. Who knows what he was doing; either on the phone, or watching something other than the sidewalk, and was just sitting there. So, I started on down the hill, and was looking ahead to see if the light was green, when WHAM! I flew from the sidewalk, and across two lanes of London traffic, to land beside the yellow median. Cars in both directions stop! People start jumping out of their vehicles. "Are you OK? Are YOU OK? ARE YOU OK?!?"

Fuck yea. I'm OK....just hurt my pride a little there, dude. Seriously, I was doing fine until your ass plowed into me. Stupid import. So....... I dusted myself off, checked to make sure everything worked, and stood up.

"You OK buddy?"

I looked at the driver, and in as best a mood I could summon, just nodded and told him to "Fuck off, I'm fine", and started skating again.

SHESH! I just realized that I have been hit by vehicles a total of 11 times. Now, either somebodies got it in for me, or maybe people need to take into account that there are some people that can travel at speeds of 30 KM an hour on the sidewalk! I pass slow moving bikers, dammet!

I'd travel on the road, but, I get hit there too. [I was sideswiped, last Fall]

Well, I started a new story this morning, based on my dream. All I can say, is that a certain woman has been in my dreams lately....... and as all my love stories go, it's a little twisted; this one is about two strangers falling in love during a prison riot! :)

September 19th
Thought I might be a bit stiff this morning, but, not even a lick of evidence I was hit by a vehicle moving at over 30 KM/H. Go me!

Fact is, I was legally within my rights to be where I was, doing what I do. The main problem, is drivers don't check sidewalks like they do roadways, when entering traffic. Sure, they do a quick peek to see if anyone is coming, but in the time you've looked both ways, I'm halfway down the block! I suppose I could also ride on the roads like a bicycle, but that too is problematic, as most motorists are rude, and dangerous; crowding people on bikes, and blades to the curb and honking wildly. One guy did that to me yesterday on Viscount, where I was on the shoulder, heading INTO traffic as the law states I'm supposed to on an unmarked street, and some idiot comes speeding over the hill, barely misses me, and honks. Well..............I stop in my tracks, flip the guy the bird and yell at him to "get bent" [OK, not exactly what I say, but you get the drift] I waited for the fool to stop, so I could teach him two lessons: A) I was legal. 2) I would have kicked his ass!

What I thought was to be a short story is once again morphing into something much more. The tale about the prison break romance, is suddenly taking on a life of its own. Of course, it could easily be said, that I don't know how to write a short story. :p

Argh! Shiver me timbers! Me t'inks I plumb fergot it wuz talk like a Pirate day! They'll be makin' me walk the plank fer sure. Arghh, they will matey!

Avast! I be needin' ta do sum moar writin', aye Ah do! Suren be wishen' all me maties a jolly good day, and may yer plunder be vast, and the wenches sing stories of yer deeds.

September 20th
We went out for supper last night; Greg, Diane, the kids, and I. It was nice to go out, and we had a really good time.  After that, it was arts and crafts in the kitchen, and we whipped up some really great looking cupcakes!

We finished season four of Game of Thrones! Now I guess we have to wait for the next season to come out.

Saturday morning, and I made pancakes and bacon for the whole family. Felt good to sit down together and enjoy breakfast like that, since Greg always has to take off for work so early, and the kids are always rushed for school. I kept firing the pancakes out of the kitchen, until the kids were stuffed.

Now, it's time to write, and try to see if we can get the information on that dead external hard drive, onto another storage device.Cross your fingers!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

September 21st
Well, I have to say, I had a great day yesterday! The hard drive box was the problem, and once we took apart the drive from the external case, and put it in a new case, it fired right up!! Only a 16 dollar fix! Once the info was made available, I transferred some of the pictures, and managed to go through the documents, where I found a few projects I was working on. My workload just spiked by about two-three projects.

I helped Greg and Diane outside. They were moving some of the firewood in the yard, and there was several logs that needed to be split. It was nostalgia for this country boy to swing an axe. I had a good time, and felt good to help. Turns out, I can still read  the grain on the log, and can split a human hair with an axe!

Now, I realize I mentioned I had a good day, so I should explain that it was hard for me to see ALL the pictures on that external drive. I've had it since 2002, and you can imagine the lifetime of photos stored. Pictures of my children, lost love, the paintball park, and Yowza Music Serves. It really broke my heart to see some of the videos and such, and I'll admit, I openly wept the whole time working on the drive.

The house is empty today, so hopefully I'll actually get some work done. Talk soon.

September 22nd
Turns out, when you leave me alone to work, I actually get things done. I managed hours of editing yesterday, although, I still have hours left to go. I found a few unfinished projects that could easily be adapted for print from years gone by...... I've always been writing. Just never published anything.

Still no word from anyone wishing to help me out. Months later, I'm forgotten by family and friends. My own father won't even accept my "friend request" on Facebook. I'm still couch surfing, and having to struggle each day to try and find a place to work quietly, food, and 

I've stopped doing things for fun. I rollerblade now merely to work out. I watch reruns of shows I've seen before, since no one else has seen those shows, and I like to share. I don't go out anywhere on my own. I'm broke, and if it wasn't for the charity of the tiny few people that do help, I would be in dire straits. I've got a couple of ex-girlfriends who have made a few empty promises, but other than the two dates I went on, there is are no women in my life. I'm alone, and struggling each day, just to do what I have to.

Yes, I'm feeling overwhelmed. I need my own place! I need to be loved, or at least held by someone of the opposite sex. I'm sick of promises, and want something tangible! I'm tired of waiting, and biding my time, when I know what I'm capable of. I realize that Warcraft is making its next big release very soon, and my heart hurts that I cannot play.

Maybe, I just need a vacation.

If you wish to continue the journey, Click Here to find chapter six.


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