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Ta'Anar Raoul MaQuesti

She stared across the narrow street, and muttered. “Good. It's busy”. Glancing down at her dress, she began to fidget with the little bow in front. The bow never stayed where she wanted. Rolling her eyes, she thought to herself, “Of all the details that might go wrong tonight, and I'm worrying about a stupid, white, lace bow on the front of my dress”. She glanced in the store window, and tried to smile. It seemed so wrong! Blonde? Blue eyes? And a dress?! Ta'Anar blanched at the spectacle.
The fact that she was human even seemed wrong! Still, this was the perfect disguise. Just what her employer wanted. “Make it public. Do what you do best!”, she remembered. He was very clear on the fact, that it “Didn't matter HOW he dies. Just send a message”.
The message; that was all she was really bring paid for. Any number of individuals could have easily killed the “firya”, but it needed to be done right. With finesse. She stared at her reflection in the wondow, and muttered to …

Turn the Page - Chapter 7

Perhaps the tensions of the moment are making me over-dramatic. My journal may prove completely worthless and a waste of time. Yet, as a historian, I must satisfy the impulse to record what is happening around me" - Leon Uris, 1961

This is the SEVENTH chapter in the "Turn the Page" series, where I keep an online diary of my daily activities, thoughts, and notable events. When I started writing this journal, it was meant as an easy way for my family, and loved ones, to keep track of what was happening in my life. I now have friends from all over the planet, who enjoy reading my journey; from homelessness, to finding my family. The story doesn't end, rather, it's merely begun!

If you haven't yet read the first six chapters, I encourage you to take the time, to do so. After all, it's best to start from the beginning.

Chapter One: May 4th - May 14th
Chapter Two: May 15th - June 30th
Chapter Three: July 1st - July 27th
Chapter Four: July 29th - August 31st