Ring Around the Rosie

If you knew there was cases of Ebola was in your city, or town, would you send your child to school? Go to work?

Frightening scenario, isn't it?

When it comes to the spread of a killer virus, we know too well just how dangerous this can be; human history is rife with instances of deadly outbreaks of disease. The folk-lore, nursery rhymes, and superstitions we echo, come from generations of deadly plagues, and our responses to it.

“Ring around the Rosie
Pocket full of posies
Ashes, Ashes
We all fall down.”

The fact is, the explanation we've all come to believe,The red ring around the neck was one sign of the disease, and armed with sweet flowers to ward off the smells of the dead, as we begin to sneeze, only to fall dead in the end.”, is actually not true. “Ring around the Rosie” is a nursery rhyme of indefinite origin, that had an “explanation” created after the child's poem came into existence. The sheer fact that so many people actually believe the pseudo-explanation, is simply a testament to the way we think of disease.

Modern humans have much more information and technology available to them, compared to our ancestors! We have a better concept of how disease spreads, and when we do get very ill, our modern medications are capable of curing some of the most horrible viral infections known to history.

But, we can't kill Ebola.

There is no readily available cure. Any medications being used to currently treat this modern-day hell, are experimental. With a death rate of 50 to 90 percent, those that fall victim to this killer virus, become a walking biological bomb. Infection rates are not easily measured due to the severity of the virus; any mention by the World Health Organization in regards to Ebola, is carefully screened before any of the public hear it. No one wants to cause a panic, but it should be of great concern to everyone, that while there are mention of incubation periods, and survivor statistics, there are very few, if any, definite clarification of how easily, or quickly the virus spreads; according to the WHO, body fluids, are the only ways this virus spreads.

So why then, is there so much concern? Am I the only one that sees this??!

IF this virus behaves the way the health officials claim, then why is there even concern about the spread into countries, such as United States, or Canada? Sure, in some of the African countries, where they lack the education and medical facilities that are available to North American citizens, the virus has an opportunity to infect those who are ignorant to the dangers.

I ask again, what's the worry, if this virus is only spread by blood, semen, or saliva? The truth is, the professionals who are in charge of protecting not only the citizens in countries all over the world, but the pocketbooks of the International markets as well, are faced with a tough job of maintaining world order. Their mission is simple, keep the damage minimized, and the financial casualties to a dull roar. When you factor our “health officials are blatantly falsifying information”, it suddenly becomes cause for concern!

Ebola has come to Texas. In a statement issued today, they explained, how as many as one hundred people may have had contact with the Dallas patient; with four of his relatives now in quarantine. Does this NOT indicate that health officials KNOW that Ebola can spread easier than stated? The scariest part of all is, that when this man went to the Hospital complaining of symptoms, he was turned away!

While the investigation in Dallas continues, the nagging question remains; is this plague going to sweep across the planet? Is this just the start, to our modern-era black death?

The people of North America are intelligent, even if their government is not. We know that the officials are lying to us; it happens so often, that our society has become desensitized to hearing lies. At the end of the day, if we have our job, health, family, and the taxes are paid, the average person isn't too concerned about the recent government scandal. We're smart enough to realize that this killer virus is being handled by highly trained professionals, and is not only being carefully monitored by the WHO, but, also watched by the whole world, so we really take no notice if the neighbour's child is looking ill. When we lay our heads on the pillow at night, we don't care if someone from Africa just arrived on an airplane. Our faith in the WHO, and the professionals that are entrusted with our safety, keep our hearts and minds focused on our jobs, and paying our taxes.

What happens when we stop believing in the system?

My prediction for tomorrow, is that some of the school children in Dallas will be absent; on Monday more students will be calling in sick. Concerned parents will be withholding their children from school. After a few days, officials will be called in and from that point, it will become a political move by the White House.

Can you imagine the ripple effect of people refusing to go to work, for fear of catching Ebola?

This is going to end up being a major part of human history. The coming year, 2015, is going to see a world reaction, unlike any in our modern time. The future has many possibilities, and I have a few other predictions about this plague.....

.......but, I'm hoping that if I don't write about such hell, it won't come to pass.

So what do you think? Is your child staying home from school tomorrow?


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