Once Bitten

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. 

I don't know what lead me to that party. A night out on the town was one thing, but I knew it was pushing the limits when I chose to leave the bar with the group of strangers I met that night. They were mysterious, seemingly exuding power; the two blondes who could entice with every deft movement they made, the red-head who was the epitome of sexy, the very hairy, boisterous, younger male, and the oldest of the five, a very serious, intense man, dressed in leather and chains. Perhaps I didn't want the night to end. Maybe it was the promise of alcohol and drugs. Possibly the sexual allure of three women. I don't know. All I know, is I went willingly.

How was I to know that my life would be irrevocably changed that night? Perhaps I should start at the beginning.....

.......The club was busy. It had been ages since I last went out, and I yearned for the chance to drink, dance and shoot pool. I was enjoying a beer, and easily running the pool tables, when the five of them walked into the club. Immediately, the bar reacted; subtleties the average person doesn't see, but I couldn't help but see the reaction these individuals evoked. Men sneered at the antics of the bearded younger man, and the women rolled their eyes at the raw beauty the three ladies possessed. People moved out of the way quickly as they purchased drinks, and found their way to one of the couches near the dance floor. They commanded immediate respect; almost fear. I couldn't stop staring at the darkened corner where they sat.

I went back to shooting pool. The dance floor was writhing with bodies, as couples contorted and twisted to the staccato thump of the bass. The flashing laser show created an almost surreal scene; a veritable cornucopia of intense colour and patterns that pulsed and twirled to the music. I knew noone in the club, having recently moved to the city only three months earlier. I was lonely and alone in the crowd. Perhaps I was distracted, but I couldn't seem to concentrate on the game, and I lost for the first time all evening.

"Better luck next time, buddy", the greasy man grinned as he pocketed my money with his dirty, nicotine-stained fingers. I nodded, not even trying to reply. I figured it was time for a bathroom break anyway, so I headed down the cement stairs to the men's room.

Carefully I made my way over the urine splashed floor. Paper towels littered the ground, and I remember rolling my eyes at the disgusting filth left behind by the sloven drunken masses. Why are humans so destructive and careless? Perhaps it's their nature, only somewhat removed from the various creatures that slither and crawl. Maybe it's the alcohol. Who knows why.

I had barely finished and was still washing my hands, when the older man walked into the washroom. I glanced up, taking note of his demeaner, but what intrigued me the most was the way the other men fled. In mere seconds, it was only the leather bound man and myself left in the room.

As I finished washing my hands, I walked over to the hand dryer. The machine rumbled as hot dry air blasted the water from my hands. Out of the corner of my eye I watched the older man as he causally ran water over his hands. The instant the air dryer quit, he spoke. It was barely a whisper, but the voice seemed to echo in the cement and metal enclosure, "You want a bump?" His voice was heavily accented, and thick.

I couldn't remember the last time I did a line of coke, as it's not something I would normally do, but when in Rome, right? "Sure", I grinned, pushing past the wash of fear, and the nagging voice in my head telling me to run.

He smiled, and nodded in the direction of the closest bathroom stall. "I'll set us up a line", he casually quipped. He fumbled in his leather pocket, and pulled out a small plastic bag. Expertly, he sat on the toilet backwards, and within mere seconds had arranged four neat lines of white crystalline powder on the lid of the toilet. The man pulled out a hundred dollar bill, rolled it into a temporary straw, and took the first hit. The second line disappeared as quickly as the first, and he stood up. "Here", he announced, handing me the rolled bill, "Those two are yours".

"Wow!", I gushed, "Thanks dude". I took the rolled hundred dollar bill, and sat down on the toilet, facing the back of the stall. As I said, I rarely do hard drugs, but I do know how; one line per nostril. "Holy crap", I muttered as I handed him back the rolled bill, "That's really good shit!"

The man smiled. He was intense, and his lips curled as he flashed brilliantly white teeth. "Nothing but the best", he admitted.

I sniffed a few times, and checked myself in the mirror to make certain there was no powder on my nose. My blood raced, and my heart pounded in my chest from the drugs. I turned to face him, and nodded in respect, "Well, that's awesome! Thank you. What's your name?"

"Jorge", he answered abruptly, rolling the letter R. His leather clothing creaked when he moved. "And you're welcome." He paused and seemed to be examining me, "Where are you from?", he asked. Jorge seemed to be looking through me, and cocked his head as if puzzled, "You're not from around here are you?"

"No", I replied. My mouth was dry, and my tongue seemed to stick to the roof of my mouth. I swallowed hard. "My name's Joe. I'm from up North", I explained. I remember shaking his hand, and was suddenly curious about the stranger's cool, smooth, skin. His complexion was flawless, and when I grasped his outstretched hand, I felt an odd sensation course through my body, almost as if a wash of heat was flooding my senses. I felt a bit dizzy, and shook my head trying to clear my thoughts.

"You OK?" He seemed genuinely concerned.

I stammered, "Yea. I'm fine, thank you. It's just been awhile since I did coke", I admitted, clearing my throat, trying hard to keep my senses.

Jorge smiled, "Are you here with anyone?", he asked.


"Good". His eyes flashed in excitement, and for one brief moment, my mind swam in fear. He asked, "I saw you watching us earlier. Would you like to join us?"

I couldn't believe my luck. I was finally making new friends. "Sure", I blurted, probably too hastily, "What are you guys drinking? I'll buy a round", I heard myself offer.

He grinned, and seemed amused, "It's OK. You don't need to do that", Jorge mirthed. He started to walk out of the bathroom, and then turned around and cocked his head inquisitively, "You coming?"

"Sure! Yea, I'm coming", I puffed, feeling giddy from the cocaine. My feet floated across the floor and up the stairs as I followed him back to the bar. The throbbing music blasted me in the face as we entered the packed club. Once again, the crowd parted before him like water over a rock. We stopped at the bar, and I once again offered to buy a round as I bought myself a beer. Once again, Jorge refused.

"No mate", he purred, "It's not necessary. Tonight's all about you". He turned and began to walk to the couch hidden in shadows. I followed, brandishing my beer like a badge of honour, while a nagging small voice in my head screamed in protest. I knew there was something different about him, but couldn't put my finger on it.

As we approached the couch, I could see the red-haired woman, and the bearded male sitting on the couch, watching the crowd with interest. He was sitting on the arm of the couch, rocking back and forth to the pulsing beat, a big smile on his hairy face. The woman was seated quietly, sipping what appeared to be red wine from a crystal glass. She raised an inquisitive eyebrow as we approached.

"What have we here?", the beautiful red-head purred. She rose gracefully, and extended a small, delicate hand. "Why hello. My name is Natasha". She gestured over at the younger man with the beard and chirped, "That's Rakshasa". He nodded at me, never once loosing beat with the music, and turned back to watching the dance floor..

"Hi!", I beamed at the gorgeous woman, "My name's Joe". I shook her small hand, and was surprised at the strength I felt in the handshake. I suddenly felt clumsy standing in front of this exquisite woman. Her eyes flared, and I felt like she was looking straight through me.

Suddenly, her eyes relaxed, and she turned to face Jorge. "Well, he's adorable", she crooned, sitting back down on the couch. Her eyes turned away, and she went back to scanning the bar as if looking for something.

I felt Jorge's hand on my shoulder. "Please, sit down", he urged, a wide smile on his face.

I felt completely at ease and took the offered seat on the couch beside Natasha. She turned and smiled, and suddenly I felt peaceful. I couldn't help but smile back.

Natasha turned, and asked, "So, Joe. Where are you from?" Her voice was sensual, and rich. Her fingers somehow found my leg, and she began to caress me softly.

I couldn't help myself from blushing slightly from her touch. She was electric! Her pouting lips flashed a dazzling white smile. Her eyes were bright blue, and seemed to look through me, rather than at me. I couldn't help but swallow hard, suddenly nervous as her fingers danced up and down my leg. I stammered, "I'm uhh, I'm from North-Western Ontario".

Her eyebrow raised slightly as she asked, "Near Thunder Bay?"

"No", I blurted, "At least four hours West of Thunder Bay".

She turned away as if uninterested, but her hand kept toying with my leg. I didn't know what to say, so I sat there looking around the bar, but no one seemed to notice or care. The song ended, and I found myself staring at the two nearly identical blonde women.

They seemed to speak in unison, finishing each others sentences. "Well, hello! Who's this Jorge? He's cute as heck! There's something about him, like, I dunno. He looks good. Where did you find him?" I was suddenly being fawned over and caressed by all three women.

"Umm...whoa", I stammered. All three women were magnificent! Only in my dreams could I imagine such a thing happening.

 Rakshasa grinned, and suddenly jumped up. "I LOVE this song", he roared, and raced to the dance floor. From the couch I could barely see his antics, as he half danced, half jumped around to the pulsing beat. It wouldn't have mattered, as I was distracted by the fawning of the three women.

They were kissing me, caressing my body. One of the blondes knelt down in front of me, and started to rub my legs seductively. I could feel a stirring in my loins; an ache that needed to be quenched. Natasha grabbed my face, and started to french kiss me deeply. I could feel her nails dig deep into my neck as our tongues danced. Suddenly I tasted blood; salty, rich, and metallic.

I pulled my head back. "You bit me", I teased, wiping the blood from the corner of my mouth. My mind was spinning as I licked my lips, swallowing hard. My tongue traced the cut in my mouth.

"Natasha!", barked Jorge. His eyes were fierce, and penetrating. "Not here", he hissed.

She pulled back, as did the other two women, almost as if sulking. Natasha wiped the trace of blood from her pouting lips. She appeared embarrassed, "I'm sorry", she mouthed.

That little voice in my head screamed at me to run. 

Jorge frowned. "Go find at least one more", he demanded at the two blonde women. They pulled away from me, and stood up, looking around the bar.

"I want her. Oh, look at him! There's one", they chirped and pointed, as they scanned the bar.

My head was swimming from the alcohol, drugs, and the headiness of that very passionate kiss. I remember blinking hard, trying to act in control, while I felt myself slipping. I forced myself to sit up straight, and smiled at Natasha. She nodded as if reading my mind.

Natasha leaned over and whispered, "Do you want to come back to a private party?" Her hand played with my chest, resting on my quickening heart. Her lips brushed my ear, giving me goosebumps.

I should have went home. Everything inside me knew this was wrong. Instead, I leaned over, and whispered in her ear, "As long as I get a chance to know you better". I still felt clumsy and foolish in the presence of this woman, but I wasn't about to pass up a chance to get to know her better. Can you blame me? Her eyes were hungry, almost ravenous. Her chest heaved with each breath, and the sheer silk clothing she wore did little to stifle the imagination. I ached to have this woman; hold her, and make her mine.

The antics of Rakshasa on the dance floor were intense; he had found a group of women dancing together, and had joined in. He spun, and twisted in ways no mere mortal seemed capable. The bearded young man was boisterous, loud, and obnoxious, but was eagerly welcomed by the crowd as they parted to make room for his powerful dance moves. I barely noticed, too entranced by the woman at my side.

The two blonde women appeared out of no where. Again, they spoke in unison, interrupting, and finishing each others sentences, "We found a couple of ladies, that want to party. They're pretty dumb, should be easy picking. So, with the bald guy, and those two, this should be a great party."

Jorge appeared pleased. At the time, I didn't understand what he meant by, "Alright then. Let's get this show on the road. I'm hungry". His smile seemed off somehow, almost sadistic. To be honest, I didn't care as long as Natasha was going to be there.

I swallowed the rest of my beer hastily, and quipped, "I'm ready. Where are we going?"

Jorge nodded toward the dance floor, and instructed the two blonde women, "You two, get Rocks. Tell him it's time to go. And tell those other two women it's time to leave".

Natasha stood up , and pulled me to my feet. "Time to go, love", she purred in my ear. I could feel her hot breath wash over me, and my heart seemed to leap into my throat.

I grinned. I'm sure I appeared foolish and gawkish, as I felt standing beside this beautiful woman. I couldn't believe my luck. "I'm ready", I blurted eagerly..

Natasha slipped her hand into mine. Her eyes flashed seductively, "Stay with me. We have to wait for everyone else first", she reminded.

My heart fluttered and I couldn't take my eyes off her. Jorge stood quietly, nodding his head to the beat as he waited for the other three to come back. Natasha must have felt me staring at her, because she turned to face me, slipped her arms around my waist and began to kiss me again. The whole world disappeared as our lips met, and I pulled her close against my body. I could feel her heart beating wildly with excitement, and a soft growl escaped her mouth.

Suddenly, Jorge barked, "Alright Natasha. That's enough! Let's go". We turned to see Rakshasa with his arms around two young women, a big grin on his face.

Natasha pulled me by the hand. "You can ride with me", she stated as we swiftly walked to the exit.

The night air was warm. I could still hear the ringing in my ears from the loud music, and the quiet city street was a welcome reprieve. "What kind of car do you drive?", I asked, looking around as we walked down the sidewalk. Behind us, Rakshasa was bragging loudly, as to how he was going to eat both of the women, which of course prompted shy giggles from the inebriated ladies hanging off his arms.

Natasha rolled her eyes at the antics of the bearded young man, and shook her head. "He's such an animal sometimes".

Rakshasa grinned, and replied, "Hey, Tasha. I try". He kissed one of the women on top of the head, and gave her a big hug. When the other protested about not getting a kiss, he hugged and kissed her too.Suddenly, he let out a loud whoop, "Fucking rights! This is going to be a blast!" His face was split in a huge grin.

Natasha stopped walking, and pointed at a sleek, bright yellow, racing motorcycle. "I don't drive a car. I drive that", she proudly announced.

It was a nice bike! I whistled in admiration, "Wow! That's a pretty sweet crotch-rocket". I'm not sure why I said it, but the words came tumbling out of my mouth, "But I thought you said I was going to ride with you".

She smiled, flashing her dazzling white teeth. "You are, silly", she stated.

I watched as Jorge opened the door to a black, Italian, sports car parked in front of Natasha's bike. He pushed the leather seat forward, and held out a hand, inviting the two women to climb in the cramped backseat, while Rakshasa climbed into the passenger seat. He cranked up the music, and began to play air guitar to the heavy metal beat. The two blondes straddled matching pink motorcycles, and reved the engines. I turned and looked at Natasha seated on her motorcycle, and asked, "So, umm, you guys don't wear helmets?"

She threw her head back, laughed, and then shot me a wink. "No sweetheart", she purred, "There isn't a cop in this city that can catch me". She took a pair of designer sunglasses out of her saddlebag, and slipped them on. with a big grin.

I didn't know what to say to that. Everything this woman did made me want her even more! I just stood there dumbfounded.

Natasha cocked her head, and happily chirped, "Come on hun. Hop in the bitch seat! You're going to have to cuddle."

She didn't have to tell me twice. I swung me leg over the sleek bike, and wrapped my arms around her. I could smell her perfume, and I buried my nose in her hair. Natasha revved the engine of the powerful motorcycle, and squealed away from the curb, the back tire smoking.

The twin pink motorcycles quickly fell in beside us, and Jorge expertly brought the expensive sports car right up behind. I could hear the music blasting from the stereo as we whipped through the city streets at well over 160 Kilometers per hour. The buildings flashed by, almost a blur, and I held on for dear life as we raced through the crowded streets. My heart was pounding in my chest as the motorcycle weaved through traffic.

Before long, we had left the city, and Natasha sped up even more. I soon realized she was now racing the other two bikes, as our speed climbed over 240 Kilometers an hour, with the sports car dangerously close behind us. I remember thinking that if there was even one slight mistake by anyone, that we wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell surviving. Back and forth, the three motorcycles weaved all over the road, each one trying to get ahead of the other. I tried asking Natasha a couple of times where we were going, but there was no possible way for her to hear me, so I just held on tight to her waist.

Finally, we started to slow down and turned off the highway onto a dirt driveway. The tires crunched over the gravel as we climbed a small hill. At the very top of the long driveway was a large, dark, house.  We pulled up in front of the massive stone and marble house, and Natasha parked the bike.

I climbed off, and held out my hand for Natasha. "OH, and a gentleman too!", she chirped happily. She ran her fingers through her head, and winked at me, "Was that fun?", she asked.

I had to admit it was, having never done anything like that before, "Yea. That was pretty cool! You had that needle buried!"

"I know right?! Come on."

I smiled as she took my hand, and lead me up the stairs. Natasha pulled me into the darkened doorway, and pulled me close. Her leg wrapped around my ankles, and she started to claw my back. Our lips met; I felt her tongue slide deep in my mouth, and a sudden wave of passion overtook us.

Behind us, I could hear the rest of the group laughing and talking loudly, as they piled out of the car. Rakshasa carried an empty champagne bottle, and half-carried one of the women up the stairs, as Jorge helped the other stumble from the backseat. The two blondes giggled and teased each other as they entered the house, arguing about who beat whom in the race.

I pulled my head back, and whispered in her ear, "Are those two, sisters?"

Natasha cocked her head, and asked, "Yea. They're twins.Why?" She pursed her lips, and cocked her eye defensibly; I had seen that look before, she was jealous. Natasha appeared bored suddenly. Her eyes flashed, as if almost disgusted, and she pushed me away. "Why?", she snorted, "Obviously not identical twins. Their names are Kerri and Sherri. Why? You want them?" Natasha lashed her hand out, and grabbed me by the front of my shirt faster than I could see. Her nails began to dig into my chest, and I couldn't help but wince. Suddenly, Natasha flashed a huge smile, "Because, you can have them". Her eyebrow cocked, as if almost daring me.

I shook my head, suddenly confused by the sudden mood changes.  I stammered, "No! That's not what I meant. I uum..".

"Sshh". Natasha's finger traced my lips, "It's alright sweetheart", she purred. Her eyes danced with mischief, and she pulled me towards her. "I know what you want baby", she cooed, her lips brushing mine.

I couldn't help myself. This woman was intoxicating! I started to bite and kiss her neck, my hands caressing her back.

"Stop", she giggled, obviously aroused. "We have to go inside". Natasha took me by the hand, pulling me toward the door, "Let's go", she smiled.

The interior of the house was white marble with gold inlay. Huge crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, creating a sparkling effect on the polished stone. The foyer opened up to the right and left, and a wide marble staircase lead to the second floor. The house was sparsely furnished, with a metal hatrack, and a polished, heavy, maple cabinet, with a large mirror.

Now, you have to realize that hindsight is twenty / twenty; I remember walking by that mirror with my arm around Natasha's waist. I did a double take when I realized that she cast no reflection, and it looked like I had my arm around nothing but empty space. I know why I shook my head and kept walking forward, dismissing the notion as giddiness from the exhilarating motorcycle ride, possibly Natasha's passionate kisses, the alcohol, or simply the fact that I felt sluggishly tired even though I was excited. I now realize that my eyes weren't playing tricks on me as Natasha doesn't cast a reflection on mirrored surfaces. She doesn't even have a shadow. The odd thing is, if you were to put me back in that moment, knowing what I know now, things wouldn't have changed. I would have still followed her.

"Follow me", she said, taking my hand and leading me further in to the pristine house. A giant Grandfather clock standing sentry in the hall, echoed throughout the house. The walls were devoid of decorations, with only plush purple drapes over the windows. Natasha pulled me into the massive kitchen. "What would you like to drink?", she chirped. She let go of my hand, and bounced over to the fridge. "I think we have beer, if you like", she stated, opening the refrigerator door. "Hmmmm.....", she purred unhappily, "Looks like Rocks has cleaned out the beer shelf again. You might have to drink wine with me".

"I'm ok with that", I stammered, "Yea, sure. What kind of wine do you have?", I asked, clearing my throat, suddenly feeling very dry; the same feeling you get when you enter a mausoleum.

Natasha shrugged as if indifferent, "I don't know. What do you think? Red, or white?". She held up the two bottles, for me to examine.

"I'm not really a wine connoisseur", I confessed. "But I do prefer dry reds over a fruity white".

"Red it is", she announced, and placed the bottle of white wine back in the fridge. She pointed to the glass shelf on the wall, and asked, "Can you hand me two wine glasses, please?"

"Sure", I nodded, walking over the shelf. The delicate crystal were light as a feather, and I took great care not to break them. I heard the pop of a cork from behind me.

Natasha giggled. "Oops", she mirthed, "You're not supposed to pop the cork. It bruises the fruit". "Oh well", she waved her hand dismissing the notion, "No biggee. It's just alcohol, right?", she shrugged with a big smile.

I smiled and agreed, handing her the two glasses, "Right". I leaned in close and planted a firm kiss on her lips. "Hey, I uuum... I need to use the washroom", I stammered.

"Oh! Well, it's the next door down the hall.", she stated, pointing to the right.

"Alright. Thank you".

"Wait", blurted Natasha. "Just meet me out back. Go back to the entrance, and go around to the back of the big stairwell." She started to pour the wine. "I'll meet you there", she smiled.

"Oh, ok". I shuffled down the hall, and found the bathroom. Everything about the house was immaculately polished from the floor to the ceiling. Large mirrors adorned the four walls of the spacious bathroom, and the fixtures were made of gold. I have to admit, that was the first time I ever used a gold toilet. Real gold. I hesitated at first; it felt wrong somehow, but I managed to push my reluctance aside.

As I walked up to the double sliding glass doors behind the marble staircase, I could see the rest of the group. They were sitting around a stone table, laughing and talking. I could hear a muffled whump of the bass through the glass. The whole yard was manicured, from the flower gardens, to the giant rose bushes. Large, flickering torches lined the walls. I pushed the glass door open.

Natasha rose from her chair, and walked over to greet me, "Oh good, you found us", she purred. Taking me by the hand, she ushered me over to the table, and offered me a seat beside her.

I picked up the wine glass that had been waiting for me, and eagerly took a big sip. It was rich! I couldn't believe the flavour the wine embodied; the fruit exploded in my mouth, and left me gasping for air! The aftertaste was sweet. "Wow", I gushed, "That's really good wine!"

Jorge grinned. "Good! I'm glad you like it". He pointed at my glass, "That is a very good vintage", he admitted, flourishing his hand.

I looked around the table. The two sisters were STILL bickering back and forth about something, while Rakshasa was nodding his head to the music with his feet up on the table, as he took large gulps from a can of beer. The two younger women were inebriated, and slurring their words, as they talked with Jorge. Natasha kept staring at me.

Jorge called out to me, "So what did you think of that ride on the way back? You like that?", he asked, a wide grin on his face.

I nodded, grinning in return, "Oh yea! That was pretty intense! Those are nice bikes! Yellow happens to be my favourite colour", I admitted.

"Mine too", purred Natasha.

"Pink's better", sneered Kerri. Maybe it was Sherri; they actually do look a lot alike.

One of the younger women slurred, "I like your pink bike. It goes fast! Vvrrooom!" She tried to make the animations for driving a motorcycle, and nearly fell from her chair.

Jorge chirped, "Careful, love. We wouldn't want you to get hurt".

"Yet", piped in Rakshasa. His eyebrow lifted in curiosity as he looked over Jorge. A silent conversation passed through the two men's eyes, and Rakshasa nodded his head in agreement. He closed his eyes, and started bopping his head to the music again.

One of the women leaned forward on the table, and looked at Jorge. "Where am I sleeping tonight?", she slurred.

"Not sure yet", blurted Rakshasa. He opened his eyes, and sat up quickly, visibly excited. He gestured at his friends, "They do this blood thing, and they have this game where they figure out...."

"Rocks!" hissed Natasha, "Shut up big guy!" Her smile was strained, as she gritted her teeth. Her eyes flashed angrily.

His eyes opened wide in recognition, "Oh, sorry", he giggled. "I shouldn't have said that. Not sure why I said that." He took a deep breath, "I need to stop talking now". He started nodding his head to the music again.

"Thank you", Jorge wheezed, shaking his head. "We love ya, but you can be really dumb sometimes!", he quipped. His shoulders shook with a quiet chuckle, and he shook his head, dumbfounded by the sheer innocence of his friend.

"I know", grinned the bearded man, "I try". He lifted his beer can, and drained it in one last gulp. He roared, crushed the can with one hand, and slammed it on the stone table.He rose quickly, and walked over to a small blue cooler, and pulled out another can of beer.

Natasha held out her wine glass, "Cheers, hun", she chirped. Our glasses clinked, and I took a big sip of the magnificent wine.

"What time is it?" whined one of the twins.

Rakshasa looked over at the two blondes, "Why? You bored? Me too"

"Yes! We're bored".

Jorge nodded his head in agreement, "Alright then. Shall we have a little fun?" He looked over at Natasha, drummed his fingers on the marble counter-top.

"Drink, dear", Natasha purred in my ear, "Drink up"She lifted my crystal wine glass up, forcing me to drain the glass.

I started to feel dizzy, almost sleepy.

“Good”, crooned Jorge. “The drugs are starting to take effect”, he muttered, his voice ringing in my ears.

Natasha chirped, “I had to give him double. The one in the club didn't seem to phase him”. Her fingers traced my neck, her sharp nails scratching my skin. I tried to pull away, but I was feeling too groggy to resist, as she whispered in my ear, “And now my love, you need to sleep”.

I passed out before my head bounced off the marble table top.

The sound of an animal licking something, woke me up. My head was pounding, and my body felt numb. I tried hard to lift my head from the table, groaning in the process. My head was pounding!

Suddenly, a voice broke the silence, “Ewww!!! He's licking her, you-know-what!”, one of the twins protested.

Rakshasa's voice had a deep throaty growl to it, “And I'm going to eat it too”. I heard the sound of flesh ripping in the distance. “Ah, yes! Next to the human heart, the pussy is the second best part to eat on a woman. Mmmmmm, so good!” Again I hear the sound of flesh being torn off the bone.

Natasha's voice rang out, “That's gross, Rocks. For once could you put aside your animal carnage?”

“I AM AN ANIMAL!”, roared Rakshasa. He howled, and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end, as the unholy sound echoed in my soul.

I shivered, and tried to raise my head again, but only managed to open my eyes. I kept thinking to myself, “Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up”.

“Uh,, hey Tasha”, Jorge said, his voice strained with curiosity, “I think your boyfriend is waking up”.

“What?!” Out of the corner of my eye I could see her walking over to me. There was no mistaking what she was now; blood dripped from the corners of her mouth, and her eyes were dark and sinister. Long white fangs protruded from her lips; vampire fangs. “Oh, fuck! He IS waking up!”, she growled in dismay.

“Wait”, I slurred, trying as hard as I could to raise my head. I wobbled as I sat back, my eyes not believing what they saw. One of the young women from the bar, was at the table surrounded by Jorge, and the twins. The woman's head lolled around with her eyes closed, as the three vampires feasted on her life giving blood. They weren't neat about it either, as pools of the crimson, sticky liquid was splashed around the marble tile. She was barely alive, her lips muttering some incoherent whisper, as the three monsters gorged themselves on her. On the ground, the other woman lay in a crumpled heap. Her clothes were ripped off, and half of her body was missing. Blood was everywhere! Hunched over her like a rabid dog tearing into a rabbit, was a transformed Rakshasa. He was fully covered in a dense, thick fur, and his face was bestial. The jaws of the half wolf, half man, were massive, and lined with razor sharp teeth. He had become a denizen of nightmares, a beast of lore, a hound from hell; a werewolf!

Rakshasa growled. Jorge stopped feeding, and looked up alarmed, “Damn it Tash! Knock that fucker out again!”, he snarled.

Natasha quickly strode up to me. I tried to move away in reaction, but she was so quick. Inhumanly fast! She hissed, her fingertips brushing my face, “SLEEP!”

I felt this wave of energy hit me, like running into a wall. My head rolled back, but I fought through the dizziness, and sat up straight. I shook my head, and mumbled, “What was that?”

“Oh, fuck!” Natasha stared at me intently. She grabbed the back of my neck with her fingernails digging deep into my skin. “SLEEP!”, she growled through her fanged smile.

That wave hit me hard. I tried not to show it, and merely shrugged, “Uum. Whatever you're trying to do, isn't working”. I winced from the powerful grasp she had on my neck. “You're uum, you're hurting me. What's the safe word sweetheart?”

Jorge hissed, “Dammit Tasha, knock that fucker out!” He started to stand up.

“I'm trying!”, Natasha hissed in response. She turned to look at me, and suddenly her features melded back to the woman I met in the club; her eyes returned to blue, her fanges disappeared, and the fierce demeanor of a predator was gone. She smiled, “Wait Jorge. I think there's something about this one.”

Jorge walked around the table, and thrust his hand in my face, “SLEEP”, he commanded

I'll admit, I probably nearly fell over from the attempt, but I wasn't about to go down without a fight! “Sorry, big guy”, I shrugged, “It's not going to work!”

Jorge cocked his hand back to strike me, and I braced for the blow. At the last second, Natasha's hand streaked out and caught his fist. “No!”, she snapped, staring straight into Jorge's eyes. “I want this one”, she growled.

The twins began to tease, “Oooohhh!! Tasha's got a crush! Is he your boyfriend? You gonna keep him as a pet? Give him a kiss, and see how good he tastes.” They giggled and pointed, taking great delight in the drama.

“Stop”, Natasha barked. The room fell silent, save for Rakshasa happily licking on a human bone. She turned toward me and asked, “Are you OK?”

Weirded out? Sure! Scared? You bet! Was I OK? Well, that might be a bit of a stretch. I plastered a grin on my face and nodded my head, “Yea. I'm OK.”

“What are you doing?”, Jorge asked, pulling Natasha roughly by the shoulder, to stare her in the eye. He broke into a tight-lipped smile. “You gonna keep him as a pet, like Sherri said?”, he mocked.

Natasha growled, and pulled me to my feet. “No”, she snapped.

“Awwe!”, teased the twins, “You can't let him go, you know. He'll run, and tell everyone he knows, that he saw vampires, and a mangy dog”

“Werewolf”, chided Rakshasa between licks on what appeared to be a bloody leg bone.

“I'm kidding hun”, the blonde vampiress winked at her furry friend. “But you DON'T really care do you, Rocks?” She stood up, and walked over to pet the overly large, half wolf.

“Nope”, Rakshasa grinned. His long teeth flashed in the flickering torchlight as he smiled at the attractive blonde suddenly petting him on the head. Happily, he turned his attention back to the bone he held in his furred hands, biting straight through it. The cracking and crunching of the werewolf chewing on a bone was the only sound for a few seconds, as everyone stared at me.

Jorge broke the silence, “She's right, you know Tash. We can't just let him walk out of here.....”

Natasha whipped around and pointed her finger at Jorge. “He's not!”, she screamed, then calmed herself, and added, in a lower, gravely voice, “He's not walking out of here. Not alive”

“Wait!”, one of the twins whined, “You're not going to do what I think you're going to, are you?” They both stopped feeding, and dropped the lifeless woman on the stone ground.

Rakshasa looked up from his bone. “What?”, he asked with a dog whimper. “What's Tasha doing? Seriously, what? Guys?” His demeanor almost appeared comical, like a little lost puppy.

“Shut up!”, Natasha snapped. She squared off with Jorge, and haughtily placed her hands on her hips. “Listen! You and I had this conversation before...”

“Too many times”, interrupted Jorge. He flexed his arms and chest in irritation, causing his leather vest to creak. “Fine!”, he exploded, “Do what you want Natasha. You always do!” He pointed a finger in her face, “But if your pet gets off his leash and causes problem?”, he warned, “This will come down on your head!”

Natasha snarled and tried to bite Jorge's finger. She was lightening fast, moving so quickly it was a blur, but her fanged teeth chomped down on air. CRACK! Jorge had pulled his finger away with the same lightning speed.

“Careful, careful, love”, he clucked. Jorge waved his hands, “Shoo! Off with you two then” He waved his hand as he chuckled, and winked, “Have fun!”

I was confused at that point; here I thought I was going to join their ranks of monsters somehow, and now I'm getting the impression I might get laid. It was involuntary as I blurted, “What's going on?”

“Shut up!”, Natasha growled and grabbed me hard by the arm. She practically dragged me to the door.

“Have fun!”, called Rakshasa, He held up a gnawed-on human hand and was using it to wave with a big grin on his toothy maw.

The twins joined in the revelry, “Oh, yea! A new toy!! He's mine first. No, we'll share him! Bite him good Tasha!! Yea, tell us what he's like, OK?” They started to kiss and fondle Jorge who just grinned, and wrapped up both of them in his arms.

The last thing I heard as the door closed behind us, was Jorge; “You have to kill him if he says no.....”

I felt the stinging blow, but I never saw the strike. The slap across the face brought tears to my eyes. “You sure don't hit like a girl”, I mumbled as I instinctively reached up to feel the bruised cheek.

“Just shut up”, she whispered, and lunged forward, planting her soft, red lips against mine. She gasped as I pulled her hair a little, and wrapped her up in a tight embrace.

“I won't say no”, I gasped, “But I'd like to find out first what it...”

“Please, just shut up and listen.”, Natasha interrupted. “First kiss me!”, she begged.

Well, I certainly wasn't going to say no to that! Do you blame me? I threw her against the wall, and attacked her! My head was throbbing in pain, but there was an animal urge building up inside of me I had never felt before. I wanted this woman..... Vampire? It didn't matter! The passion we shared was almost instinctive; savage, and raw.

“This way”, she moaned. Taking me by the hand, she pulled me down the hall, and up the large stairwell to the second floor. Like two teenage lovers, we giggled and pawed at each other, barely making it to her room.

What's sex like with a vampiress? Pretty much the same thing, with a lot more biting.

Natasha is a very animated, energetic, passionate woman. The fact that she's an undead, blood sucker? It doesn't necessarily change who she is, but it really does change her perspective on life. What can I say? I fell in love with her that night, covered in my own blood. I didn't notice that part at first. - Tiny little bite marks dotted my skin; on my neck, my chest, and my shoulders. Little rivulets of blood were the only tell-tale sign that when she nibbles in bed, she actually leaves marks. It was only later, that I realized I had been bitten so many times, because at the time I didn't feel a thing.

“How do you feel, my love?”, she purred, crawling across the bed. Her naked body was shimmering in the torchlight from a fine layer of sweat. Everything about this woman is amazing!

I felt extremely light headed, so I lied. “I'm good. Great! Actually...”, I murmured.

Natasha crawled on top of me and wrapped her leg around mine. Her finger toyed with my bottom lip as she clucked, “Well, good. But you're dying”.

I pulled my head back in surprise. Had this been a trick? “What do you mean, dying?”, I slurred.

“Well”, she pouted, “I'm afraid I might have drained you a bit too much”. She pushed me back in the velvet pillows, and climbed off the bed. She crossed her arms and pursed her lips. “So, I guess you have a choice”, Natasha chirped.

“Is this the part where I have to say yes? Or did we do that already?” I thought it was funny, but Natasha didn't appear amused.

She cocked her head, and her eyes flashed in mock anger. “No”, she said coyly, “That's not what I'm talking about” Natasha crossed her arms again, “Are you toying with me?” Her bare foot tapped the stone floor impatiently.

Between you and I, it's true, I was trying to play cocky. While everyone is scared to die, I felt no remorse. Honestly? I was enjoying the moment for some odd reason, but I could feel myself fading. "What was the question?", I sighed.

Natasha pursed her lips, wrinkled her nose, and took a deep breath. "Alright, here goes", she sighed nervously. "So, you obviously know what I am". She started walking toward me on the bed. Her long red hair was falling over her naked shoulders, and she had a worried look on her face. "The question where you need to answer yes or no, is based on many aspects....."

I cut her off. "You're a vampire", I grinned, "And a smoking hot one, at that!"

"Stop it", she pouted. Natasha sat down on the bed, and laid her hand on my heart. "You're growing weaker Joe". 

I tried to sit up, but only managed  a weak smile. "Do I want to become a vampire? Is that the question?", I sighed, and shrugged, "Sure".

She became concerned. Her face wrinkled up, and worry raced across her eyes as she nervously chewed on her bottom lip. "Well, yea", she blurted, "But that's not just it".

"Why?", I wondered aloud, "What else is there, Natasha?" I was losing focus fast.

"I'm asking you, if you want to live forever". Her voice was just a whisper in my ear.

I nodded my head as best I could. "Yes", I whispered, "I do".

"With me?"


She tore into my neck with her razor sharp teeth! I cried aloud from the savage bite, and winced in pain as blood seeped from my artery. Natasha stood up, and bit deep into her forearm. Blood pulsed from the deep incisions in her arm, and dripped on the polished stone. "OK baby", she cooed, "This is it", and pressed the wound on her arm against my neck. 

I felt a shock of adrenaline, and gasped aloud. Then I died.

What is life? Do all living creatures have a soul? Some little bit of stuff, that glues all the parts together, and gives rise to conscientiousness? What is death? What happens to that soul? To be honest, I really don't know if there is such a thing as a soul. I kept mine, or at least I think I did. To be totally honest, when I woke up I didn't feel any different; at least not at first. The fact is, I died that night, and yet still live. I still don't understand it, not really. My transformation from a human being to an immortal, is explainable; vampirism is a virus. It doesn't explain the other aspects of being undead though; the ability to fly, turn invisible, control living creatures, or see someone's soul. That last part took me by delight, as I've always been a people watcher. Now I have the ability to see the dark thoughts that exist within, which is a useful trait to have when you are a predator. I like to think of it as culling the diseased and weak from the herd; picking the most vile and wretched souls to feed on. And before you go thinking I'm some sort of prowl-by-night vigilante, please let me cut you off right there; I'm an undead killer.

I remember rolling over in bed. The satin sheets swished as I swung my leg over and bumped into a shapely female's bare leg. Half asleep, I reached out in the dark and felt the naked torso of Natasha. "Mmmm, hey baby", I muttered, and pulled her close. I lay there in the dark, smelling her hair and perfume, and gently running my hands over her body.

She stirred in her sleep. "Hey", she whispered, and took my hand, placing it around her waist, and cuddled. "Mmmm", she purred, "This feels good". 

You know that moment, where you have this nagging feeling you forgot something? As I lay in the dark, in a strange bed with a naked woman, a sudden nagging thought occurred to me. Where the hell am I?

Natasha began to snore softly. Everything she does is magic and wonderful; even her snore. I couldn't sleep! It was dead silent in the room with the exception of Natasha snoring, and pitch black. There was no way I could even get my bearings, and my mind swam with images of blood and the bodies of the two young women from the bar. I kept asking myself, "Did that really happen, or was it just a bad dream?" It seemed a little surreal. I didn't want to move my arm for fear of waking up Natasha, so I quietly listened to her sleep. I'm not sure how long I laid in the dark, trying piece together my thoughts. I remembered being bit on the neck, but when I checked with my hand I felt no wound. No blood. Even the bedsheets were clean, and I started to convince myself that it had all just been a very bad dream. I could feel the warm body of a beautiful woman laying beside me, and that seemed real enough for me, so I pressed my body against her, holding her tight. As I listened to her rhythmic snores in the dark, I felt myself nod off.

"Delve into a world of immortals, where human history is redefined. Follow the journey of an unlikely hero, as he struggles with the problem of being a modern day vampire. 
A true love story for the ages! This book will make you question your own humanity, as the lines between good and evil become blurred.
Cheer, laugh, and cry along, as the vibrant story of a very old prophecy comes true. A book for all to enjoy!"


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