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Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die

I'm an artist; I sing, write, act, sculpt, and paint. Now, I should explain that while I write quite a bit, it doesn't necessarily make me good. Sculpting has only taught me what I like, and that I need more practice. I'm a trained vocalist, but would probably be hard pressed to sing a solo for lack of practice lately. AND, while it may see like I'm painting quite a bit, I would happily be the first to point out all my mistakes. Maybe that's the goal; knowing what you are capable of being half the battle, and learning how to become as good as you know you can be, is the other half. I'm not the best. I'll never be, but I do try hard. Blame it on my mom; in fact I can even quote her verbatim, “Don't play the piano unless you know how!!” I understood that she was actually trying to say, “Do it properly, or don't do it at all”, and it's because of her wise words that I am the way I am.

So I paint. It started out pretty innocently. In the year 2006, …