The Making of a Prophecy

Delve into a world of immortals, where human history is redefined. Follow the journey of an unlikely hero, as he struggles with the problem of being a modern day vampire. 
A true love story for the ages! 
This book will make you question your own humanity, as the lines between good and evil become blurred.

Cheer, laugh, and cry along, as the vibrant story of a very old prophecy comes true.

of the first couple chapters?  

“Of all the predators in the world, there are only two types. Vampires, and everything else”.
Grace Dekker
“Vampires kill because they have to hide evidence. We do not kill because we need to feed. But since most humans don't like the idea of bleeding for an undead bloodsucking monster, we usually just end up killing them to get what we need”.
Natasha Walsh
"Hi. I'm Raphael Lightbright. I 'm a vampire. My hobbies are flying through walls, getting shot, getting shot at, and having my ass kicked by vampire ninjas” 

“The love story in Beauty and the Beast is one of morals. Basically, it means don't judge a book by its cover, or in Rakshasa's case, a werewolf with a golden heart”. 
Sherri Love

"To the Valissar; the brave, and the just. We entreat you with the power of the elements; fire, Earth, air, energy, and poison, so that the Champion Five may enforce the will of the Empire". 
The Immortals Codex 
7000 BC
"In wasteland and in splendour, no greater being can be found than the Trueborn. They are above all, but plagued with mimics and vermin of the field. It is the duty of conscience then, to destroy all attempts by the virus to find commonality”
Chapter 2, verses 8-9 of the Puritan Scroll 
5000 BC - New World Translation
“The Valissar is more than a very elegant weapon. It is power, beauty, and holds the weight of the world upon its edge. It is also a binding contract for the immortal that wields such power, beauty, and poetic justice. For it is not just a weapon, but a joining of two souls”. 
The Immortals Codex 
7000 BC

“The complex was a maze. It's original design was once a major vampire fortification, but several thousands of years later was turned into the secret headquarters for both the ruling council, and the Valiss court. The sprawling network of tunnels, caverns, and naturally occurring underground grotto were known only to the ruling houses of the immortal Empire, and was completely sheltered from the outside world. It's an island. A pin-drop of land in a vast ocean so remote that no human ever found a need to visit. To the unlucky souls that do find their way to the island there is no escape, for if the wilds of the jungle, thirst, starvation, or even exposure doesn't kill them, there are other ways to die. Brainless, soulless, and existing only as mindless servants, they are the living dead. Ghouls and zombies alike feasting on the flesh of the living, and while those slow, shuffling, shambling corpses would be problem enough, there are other horrors! Animated skeletal remains that were ripped from their graves using dark, old magics, endlessly stalk the catacombs, usually armed with whatever weapons they carried in death. There are nightmares that wander this world, and I have seen them all, however, nowhere do they congregate so thick, as they do at the island of the dead.” 

“There are many cultures that speak of renewal, by the use of myths and lore. The Phoenix, for example, is spoken of world-wide as a mythological creature that must destroy itself to create new life. Out of the ashes arises anew, is a common phrase used to describe the moral of that particular story. There are other kinds of tales throughout the world that emphasis renewal and growth from the destruction of dogma. They all pretty much mean the same thing. That nothing ever stays the same, because the Universe is always changing, but worry not, for from that change new hope rises and the Universe is reborn.”
Mordecai Vaanderhause
circa 476 AD 
The Valiss Chronicles describing the collapse of the Roman Empire

“Being a practical immortal, I tend not to follow the whimsies of superstition. There are two things in this world I believe in; death, and taxes. And I don't pay taxes”. 
Khekrin Daolsegg



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