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The Contract

The happy couple kiss, and the gathered family and friends burst into cheers. There's laughter and tears, food and drink, music and dancing; it's a celebration! More than just a public declaration of love, the wedding vows are a contract that binds the two in a relationship. The reason for the celebration is simple – Two people have made a commitment to each other that will benefit and protect them, as well as, any children involved. The act of getting married is filled with symbols that declare a commitment, from the exchange of the rings, to the various rituals involved; the emphasis of the occasion is “eternal”, meaning no end to the binding of souls.
HOWEVER, we have a whole generation of Canadians thinking that if you don't “put a ring on it”, the relationship isn't sincere and the individuals involved are vulnerable to the whims of others. This is an unfortunate and destructive bi-product of commercialism where the entire country is subject to false ideology of l…

Fuzzgrommet the Alien

I dedicate this story to children of all ages.  May you never lose the  gift of imagination. - Zzorhn
This short children's story was written as a request from a friend. It's based on a character I created last summer, when I wrote a poem called Fuzzgrommet. I've had the opportunity to read several of my stories to children, and I know that they have quite enjoyed the colourful personality of the little purple alien. Through his eyes I believe we discover, that even though we might look a bit different, we are all the same. 
I hope you enjoy reading about his adventures as much as I enjoy telling them. _________________
Fuzzgrommet the alien was excited! He had been waiting for a whole week to go on this trip, and today was the big day. The little purple alien really liked to fly around in his red rocket. With a flick of a switch and the press of a big blue button, he would blast off to visit the stars and all the different planets. There…