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A serious problem plagues North America; weapon offences and violence are still rampant. Even in our digital age where Police and Big Brother surveillance dominate our society, there are still occurrences of unfathomable violence; mass murder, weapon-related crimes, and even terrorism, threaten our daily existence! Our leaders are quick to respond, and although they press for a change in weapon laws, the violence continues.

In Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has recently passed a measure that affords CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) nearly unlimited power. Despite cries from some opposition leaders and humanitarian groups, the bill C-51 passed into Canadian history as a direct measure to counter terrorism, and / or the threat of terrorism. In United States of America, President Barack Obama is calling for increased measures on gun control to combat rampant gun violence. Both leaders are pushing their country to restrict not only the weapons that continue to fuel th…

Two Doors

There once lived a rich businessman. All day long he worked very hard to accumulate money, and all night long he worried about his fortune. Years came and went, and in that time he became very wealthy. He did absolutely everything he could to increase profits, even if it meant taking a few shortcuts along the way. His company employed thousands of people and although he paid them barely anything, he rationalized that he was doing them a favour by ensuring that they had a job to come to every day. Day after day the profit margins grew, while his entire workforce laboured hard while barely able to scrape by. Week after week, employees came and went. Some would retire, some would die, but there was always fresh blood to grease the company cogs.
There was competition; as is quite common in the corporate world, many other companies all over the world competed for the rights to sell the same products and services, however, there was a major difference as they took care of their employees. A…