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Don't Write About Me

Don't write about me”. I've heard that before. Even before I ever thought about starting an online diary, even before I knew what a blog was, and even before the internet, there were some who don't wish to be mentioned in what I write. Now I'm certain there are a few misguided readers who are saying “Now wait a minute, the world didn't exist before the internet. After all, computers have only been around for half your lifetime Mr. Zzorhn! What you're claiming is nigh impossible!” 

Book, journals, and much more; while they certainly may not have had the finesse I have now, I've been writing since I was 7!
When I think back to those days of yore when I was pulling girls pigtails and scratching their name on the chalkboard, there were times when she would say, “Don't tattletale”. A few years later when I suddenly realized girls didn't actually have cooties, I would stencil someone's name on my school binder or write what I thought was a clever love s…

50 Shades of Zzorhn

WARNING! The subject matter in this article may be offensive to some individuals.  User discretion is indeed advised.

I swore I wasn't going to watch this movie. I did read parts of the book for research when I was penning “Criminal Desire”, but then again, I read a few other books on the subject in my past including the Kama Sutra, and I personally found the book “50 SHADES OF GREY” to be distasteful. Vulgar in a sense, at least when it comes to the romantic in me. The idea of sitting through what is considered by most to be a chick flick for horny depraved women (OK, maybe that was my take on it) really didn't appeal to me. From the outside sources of those who had read the book and watched the movie, the general consensus was that it is degrading to women....

....But, then you have to remember that it was written to be that way.

"50 shades of Grey" is about a monster who takes pleasure in manipulating and degrading women. That's it, end of story. The book and mo…

All's Fair in Love and War

The banner flapped gaily in the light breeze. The aspen pole was brightly polished, and the familiar white dragon on a field of crimson was made from the most expensive silk. Even the fine, corded rope that secured the battle standard was embossed with threaded gold. The tassels were as light as goose down, and bristled beneath the long silk banner. It was a symbol of hope, peace, and prosperity. To those that opposed them, it meant strength, honour, and a certain death. It was revered and yet also hated; a sign of endearment and loyalty that brought about a fervor of pride, while those who lived in the shadow of the mighty symbol, spoke of oppression, conflict, and death. Made of the best materials mankind had to offer it was still just so much rags, for it was the value that humans placed upon it that made it so valuable, and yet, so damnable. The country's flag didn't understand the power it withheld, and as all flags do, continued to simply flutter in the hot summer sun.