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The White Wolf - Chapter Two

"If you haven't read the beginning 
of the story, I suggest you do.   
The White Wolf,
speaks of spirits and strength
 in rugged Northern Canada." - Zz
Chapter Two The minutes seemed like hours. Forcing himself forward, Eric moved like an automaton; jerky, stiff, and shivering from the onset of hypothermia. His mind was a blur as he began rescue efforts. Once they found the flashlight, he examined the cockpit. A survival kit was tucked into the tail of the plane, and it contained a couple of thick blankets, some canned food, and water. Eric carefully crawled into the back of the plane, unbuckled both of his children, and laid them gently on the bottom of the wreck. He spread the blankets over the unconscious body of his son and instructed Kelly to cuddle with him for warmth.
Once his children were somewhat safe, his eyes darted to the front of the cockpit. The dead pilot lay slumped to the side, still belted into his leather seat. Forcing himself to swallow his own reluctan…

Can You Hear Me?

Can you hear me? Over the clatter and din of Facebook “Likes”. Can you tear yourself away from the Internet sites? The armchair experts, The trolls, The games, Is this your life, and who's to blame? The World as we know it, will never be the same. Can you hear me?
Can you see me? For hours a day, while you wile away, doing absolutely nil. Ignoring family and friends, your world in a lens. Addictive, like a pill. Past the selfies, and videos, the articles, and more. Their cry for attention; a silent roar. When social media becomes a chore, Can you see me?
Can you feel me? When the only way you can say hello, is a poke or an emicon. Is proof to the fact that our grammar is failing, and mannerisms are gone. Notifications from family and friends make Birthday pretenses deceiving. With the flick of the keys and the click of a mouse, it clearly has no meaning! The memes, the themes, the constant schemes, Attention seeking has become our dream, Our families forgotten or so it seems. Can you feel me?