Storybook Showcase

A Highlight of my Written Work 
(compiled September 2015)

One of the questions I'm asked frequently is, "What do you write?" The best way to answer that, is everything! From poems, short stories, screenplays, and even full-length novels, I write about things that inspire me or bring concern. My written work is based on my dreams and what I see around me. I hope you get a chance to read some of my books, and if you enjoy them you will pass them along to your friends. Thank you for being a part of my adventures. - Zz

Titles Available on Amazon

Once Bitten - A tale of rebirth of a man who was soulless and lost in humanity, who finds his worth as a monster. A story for the ages!

Criminal Desire - This book begs to ask you the question, "What would you do for love?" A love story during a planned prison break; what could go wrong?

Lavender Hill Road - A chilling horror story about a young man that falls in love with a ghost trapped within the remains of her family home.

Opposites Attract - A provocative sex story between a jail guard and a prisoner.

Perils of Power - What would you do, if you could do anything? This story cleverly involves the reader, as it explores the darker side of humanity.

Exceptional Short Reads

I Wish - An adaptation of the "Jack and Jill" story. A story about true love.

Two Doors - A clever depiction of Heaven and Hell

All's fair in Love and War - Prepare to be surprised in this story about knighthood and loyalty, when it comes to owning the crown.

The White Wolf - When disaster strikes in the rugged Canadian North, a man must make a difficult choice to save his children.

Life and Love - An emotional rollercoaster about acceptance and love.

The Making of a Prophecy - Behind the scenes of "Once Bitten", with the foretelling of a rising hero.

One Last Ride - An old World War Two veteran's final wish is fulfilled, featuring the Canadian Harvard aircraft

Don't Read This - You've been warned! A chain letter goes horribly wrong!

Ta'Anar Raoul MaQuesti - The exiled Elven Princess becomes a killer in this captivating cat-and-mouse story set in a Dungeons and Dragons setting. This sorceress / assassin will eventually become one of the main characters in other books.

Xxai'Lon daKhaan MaQuesti - The Elven crown Prince is exiled. A story of the coup that ended an entire family line set in a Dungeons and Dragons setting. This weapon master will eventually become one of the main characters in other books.

Talon Carde - The hunter becomes the hunted. In this twisted tale set in a Dungeons and Dragons setting, the cocky gambler meets his destiny that will forever change him. Half human, half monster, he will become one of the main characters in other books.

Clan Wolverine - A backstory to a character used in FASA BattleTech universe. Discover what honour among clansmen really is.

Children's Stories

Fritz the Frog - A wonderful story about a child's imagination and his love of frogs.

Fuzzgrommet - A poem about everyone's favourite little purple alien come to Earth.

Molly and Sarah to the Rescue - A delightful tale of a young girl following her passion of horses

Fuzzgrommet the Alien - Everyone's favourite purple alien finds adventure in Canada.


Truthful Lamentations - A man imprisoned discoverers the truth

The Irony of a Jail Cell - An observation about the irony of rehabilitation

Inspirational Quotations - Lessons learned from some of the greats!

Recipes - Not your normal cooking class

Add Alcohol to Fruit - Because, who doesn't want to, right?

Jell-O Shooters - 72 of the best you'll ever find!

How to Fill your Freezer with Wild Game - You'll never go hungry again.

Christmas Cookies - How to make cookies and get drunk at the same time.

Instructional Manuals / Tools for the Modern Age

Not your Average Monologue - A personal little ditty I use during auditions.

The Contract - The unwritten rules of dating

The Truth about Dancers - How you can tell what someone is going to be like in bed, by watching them dance.

Put the Fort back in Fort Frances - Step by step, the little town could be saved.

True Life Stories

Turn the Page - "Dear Diary" 2014

Obscure Arcanum - "Dear Diary" 2015

Between the Bars of a Jail Cell - My diary during the summer of 2012

Don't Write About Me - Explains why it never pays to kiss and tell.



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