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The Storm

Let it come.

The high winds, the shrieking banshees from the abyss, and the relentless fury that batters so many into submission.

My strength will never waver.

Even in the face of sheer madness, the soul-sucking blackness, gibbering with insane whispers that freezes the very soul within, I shall not falter.

Let the lashing sky and booming echoes rage around me.

The power of a thousand gods cannot equate to the dynamic concussion that will shake the Heavens. Like the sparks from a mighty forge, the flash of lights, and the killing stoke from the raw energy that pours from the mouth of the tempest, none may stand in the wake of such violence.

The chaos swirls from within.

As if a caged demon is unleashed upon the Earth, the destructiveness and ensuing mindless violence will catch both the guilty and the innocent in its wake. The touch of the madness will leave deep scars upon the soul, and the blatant fickleness of the whimsy, chaotic nature of the beast will bring pause many years to come.