KaDaemonous the Dread


KaDamaemonous the Dread is a fantasy story of colourful characters and epic monsters based on the continued storyline of London's Amtgard chapter.

A surprising tale of heroism, love, and betrayal, will have you laugh and cry along! The amazing story of true inner strength will have you cheering as the chapters unfold, with an ending that no one could see coming!

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


I just want to thank each and everyone that is a part of Silva Urbem! YOU are what makes this park so successful! Although each of us are unique in our characters and game play, we come together with one goal in mind; to have the best experience possible in a combat sport we love! It's our co-operation and dedication to making Silva Urbem a better place for ourselves and others, that has brought us this far.

And we're not done yet!

On June 19th, 2014 Silva Urbem officially became a chapter of Amtgard. A few short months later the hard work of Renee and Christopher Hudson came to fruition when they were formally accepted as a Shire under Goldenvale on September 20th.

The Founders had a vision. To put London's newest Amtgard chapter on the map, and make it a safe, family-orientated place where people can enjoy Live Action Role Play and battlegames. It took quite a bit of time and effort, and it was only through perseverance that Chris and Renee achieved their goals,

It was with a heavy heart that the Hudson's left Silva Urbem, but before they travelled to Wolvenfang, they set up a working government to keep Silva Urbem alive. At the time, there was only 7 members, and none of us could be considered a “regular”.

It was October 2015. We were new. We were fresh. We didn't know all the rules either, but we sure did learn fast! We made a few mistakes, but we met quite a few great friends along the way!

We forged ahead with a clear goal in mind; to make Silva Urbem THE place to be in Southern Ontario for Amtgard.

That was, and has always been our goal; to bring to you a level of Role Play not seen in other parks. We want to develop battle-games and quests that are unique and work with London's infrastructure. We want to help others become the best Amtgard player they can be! Our morals have always kept us as the Champions, or Heroes of the story, and we rejoice in other's success!

What does the future hold for Silva Urbem?

We live in a richly diverse community that is overflowing with positive energy! London was, and continues to be the common trade route due to its location in the center of Southern Ontario. With a bustling city of over three hundred, seventy thousand (370,000), the opportunities for growth in our Amtgard chapter are endless! The numerous parks, trails, and other infrastructure maintained by the city offer a wide variety of choices in venue and location, and will afford Silva Urbem the space to grow in size. There really is no limit to how big Silva Urbem could get!

Zzorhn Carlson

Make sure to say thank you.

You know those guys / girls walking around in gold sashes? Those officers organizing events? Next time you see them, make sure to give them a big thank you. Those people that put in long hours each month planning and organizing, writing and skyping? Those people don't get paid to do that! Those reeves that show up to field each week, or officers that are always in attendance? They don't get any personal glory, other than to see other people enjoy themselves in a safe manner. With all the pressure of the political system and the various levels of accountability, running a park successfully is a daunting task! Liability is a big factor, and yet, not one of our volunteers gets any formal safety training. There is no WHIMIS. No how-to manual when it comes to dealing with public officials, public (in general), scheduling events, and so much more. And yet, these individuals show up at field each week, or open their homes for Arts and Craft sessions without hesitation, and in many cases, without compensation.


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