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Life is Like a Beach

We are akin to the billions of stones that are washed up on the beach. Each one is different and unique in its own way, but together they create a community. People come in all shapes and sizes, colours, and chemistry, like the stones on a beach. And just like the stones, humans are created from the dust of long-dead stars.
By itself a single stone is barely anything at all, however, when you gather enough of them together you can create something wonderful. The same is also true for humans. An individual human can be exceptional, but it is only through a sharing community that true growth and potential is achieved.
It's hard work for a stone to make it to the beach. It takes years and years of struggling against the strong current and the shifting of millions of other stones. Each day you inch a little closer towards your goals, scraping your way as you push past countless others. Day in and day out, the tide comes and pushes you closer, and then like some twisted cruel fate it pul…