Obscure Arcanum - Chapter Fourteen

A DIARY (also called a journal) is a record (originally in handwritten format) with discrete entries arranged by date reporting on what has happened over the course of a day or other period. A personal diary may include a person's experiences, and/or thoughts or feelings, including comment on current events outside the writer's direct experience. Someone who keeps a diary is known as a diarist.

Have you ever wanted to read someone's diary? Here's your chance...Is this your first time here? It's always best to start at the beginning.

The written word is a powerful tool.

I started writing at a very early age. By the tender age of 7 years-old I was creating complex universes and mythical monsters for others to enjoy. While much of my adventures were used for role playing games, I also did quite well in school when it came to writing reports and stories. After four decades of putting pen to paper it's safe to say that while there is still quite a bit of room for improvement, my skills as an author have become very established. For most of my childhood I was limited to hand-writing everything, as computers didn't become a house-hold item until I was 15. Can you imagine writing everything by hand, and then having to rewrite copies? I can still remember the joy I felt when I discovered the Church's photocopier for the first time! Using a computer to write was exciting for so many reasons, and the idea of printing copies of my work made me giddy. Needless to say, I took to computers faster than Superman on an adrenaline surge. It was at least another 5 years before we hooked up a computer to the Internet for the first time, but, once online I quickly adapted. Taking my debate skills from High-school, my writing skills from countless articles and stories, and my desire to explore this strange, new, virtual world, I entered into debate forums with exuberance. In no time at all I had developed an online persona based on integrity of profile, fact-checking, and my ability to throw people around with the use of the written word.

In 2006 I created a blog so that I could store information online for others to see, but also as a way for me to find things more easily. (Basically, I was using it as a virtual cloud server, before that was even a concept) I started sharing the articles I was using to debate with, and quickly discovered how convenient it was to write detailed articles on a topic and then simply provide a link to the website during a debate. Even then, however, I wasn't using the blog to its full potential, and it wasn't until 6 years later that I actually started "Blogging".

Why do I keep an online journal for anyone to see and read?  I didn't start out thinking that I would someday make a habit of writing daily, but life changed for me as all things eventually do, The very first diary I posted online was my memoirs written during my incarceration in 2012. I found that writing my thoughts down helped me to see things more clearly, as well as, getting all those thoughts out of my head. I find that when I fixate on something the best way to move past the moment in time or the imagery is to write, paint, or craft. In this same manner, I put my thoughts down each day not only as a reminder to me about all the day's events, but also how I feel and more importantly how things are affecting me.

One thing I have noticed about the Obscure Arcanum series, is that over time I am beginning to make more references to worldly issues. This is being done for two main reasons. The first reason why I am mentioning more politics is because I believe we are living in a dramatic era of humanity, and the second reason I am making references to worldly issues is due to my desire to bring the truth to others who may not have the ability to see past the propaganda and rhetoric of mainstream media. From climate change to proxy wars and the subsequent mass illegal-immigration, this planet is being changed before my very eyes, and I believe that as a journalist and author it is my duty to record these occurrences for prosperity.

There are many reasons that spur me to diligently write in my diary, but one of the biggest is the thousands of people who follow me online.

 It's quite the story. You can tell from reading my journal, or as I tend to call it, "Dear Diary", how things in my life are going from day to day. For me? It's an interesting social experience, although it was not originally intended to become a world-wide phenomenon like it did; the whole purpose of the "Turn the Page Series" and "Obscure Arcanum" was for my family and friends back home to keep track of my whereabouts and the major events in my life during my move to Southern Ontario in 2014. Then, it morphed into something much more......

........Chapter Fourteen! To date, over FORTY THOUSAND people have visited my website! My goal to become world-renown is being achieved, and it's only through the help and support of people like you that I am able to continue chasing my dreams. Thank you for helping make this such a huge success!

This chapter will be featuring highlights of the festivities of Canada celebrating 150 years this Summer. I'll endevour to provide pictures and reports on events I attend.

If you haven't taken the time to read my other diary entries I suggest you do. Jumping into the middle of any story isn't as much fun as starting from the beginning. Don't forget all my free short stories that I have published for your reading pleasure. My favourites are "I Wish", "Don't Read This", "Two Doors", "One Last Ride", "The Man and the Birds", and who can forget the ever-popular "Jell-O Shooter" instructional article featuring 72 types of different shooters. If you choose to go online to Amazon, there are even more stories of greater length for you to enjoy, along with a full length novel and a complete screen-play! There's lots to see and read, and I just hope you get as much pleasure reading my stories as I do sharing them with you. Thank you, again.


May 31st
Good morning, Dear Diary. Chapter Fourteen, eh? How the time does fly!

It looks to be a great day in the forecast. The sun is shining and the birds are singing outside my window. I'm in a pretty decent mood today, and I'm not too bad health-wise.

Apparently we are getting a new roommate. I met him yesterday and while I am going to withhold judgement at this time, I do foresee problems based on my powers of observation. I've told you before, Dear Diary, how I am a people-watcher and can tell quite a bit about others based on observation. Oh well. Let's just hope I'm wrong.

It does suck that as tenants we get little-to-no say who gets to live with us. I think it should be like "Survivor" and you not only have to earn your right to the house, but you can get voted out if the rest of the tribe deems it necessary. Yes? No? [Sighs] I guess that's illegal, eh? I'd say make a show about it, but they already did. It's called "Canada's Big Brother".

Speaking of Canada.... We are celebrating 150 years. The big 150... It's becoming more prevalent on media and the radio while the whole country is gearing up for the celebrations from coast to coast. While I feel a major sense of pride and nationality I fear that Canada will not see another 150 years. This is conjecture is based on the dissent from Western Canada and Quebec, as well as, the changing face of Canadians due to rampant legal and illegal immigration.

"The destruction of North America will not be caused by any bomb or bullet, but political correctness run amok" - Zzorhn Carlson, 2009

Enough doom and gloom, let's focus on today. I'm currently writing an article about the changing education laws in Ontario, and I'm pretty close to completion. My iggy is doing well, and I want to spend more time with him. There's a few things in the yard I'd like to tidy up, and the house could use a good cleaning.

It's a bit of a short entry today, but that's due to the fact I had to start a whole new chapter. I felt it was time to move on past the dramatic Chapter Thirteen, although the content oddly reflects the opening attitude about having to be flexible in life. Maybe this chapter will be more of the same development, and in that line of rational, I hope that I become even more famous with my written work as I mentioned at the beginning! It'll happen. I just know it will.

Have a great day!

June 1st
Good morning!! The sun is shining and the air is fairly warm.

I don't have much time to write this morning, because I have to run uptown to go and get Hephestusamazilion a new light bulb. It burned out yesterday, and his enclosure is a tad on the chilly side (For iguanas) I'm also supposed to help do some moving later, and I'm not sure how long that will take.

Well, hope everyone has a great Friday-Junior. Talk soon.

June 2nd
Shots have been fired. Last night I ended up having words with one of the self-entitled 20-somethings that live above me. Sick and tired of hearing their booted feet across my head, I went outside and found a garbage bag sitting on the porch. They have done this before where they place their garbage at the front entrance and expect me or someone else to take it to the dumpster. Well, I grabbed the bag of garbage, opened their door, and set it inside on their landing. Ten seconds later the girl came down and tried to berate me for putting their garbage at the bottom of the stairs. Words were exchanged, and I ended up telling her off, explaining that they need to realize there are other people in the house and to stop living like entitled little shits.

It went downhill fast.

I knew that this is going to come back on me, so I took action by writing to the landlord to let him know what had occurred and the daily stress that is occurring because of individuals acting like they are the center of the Universe. I even described how that woman nearly hit someone with her car last Saturday in her hurry to pull out of the driveway.

You know what the landlord did? He (explicit) defended their actions, claiming "They may not know". What the literal hell?! 4 adults over the age of 20 don't realize their actions are causing stress? Don't see the garbage bin each time they park their car in front of it? Like, what don't they know? To take their shoes off when entering a house? To not stomp on the floor because they live in a house with other tenants? What exactly do they not know that excuses their stress-causing behaviour?

The only thing I can control in life is myself; my own actions and words. This is the first step in Co-Dependency Anonymous. At times like this I have to remind myself that over and over.

I feel like garbage this morning. My health issues are flared up bad. Not sure how much I'll get done today. Cara is supposed to come over later tonight, so I'm looking forward to that. Anyway, it's hurting to lean over and type this morning, so I'll let you go. Hope you have a great weekend.

June 3rd
Good morning, Dear Diary. The sun is shining and it's already warming up. I hear that the temps are going to be about 24 degrees today. I might even be able to take my iguana for a walk.

So, Cara didn't come over last night. No problems on our part, but there was an issue that prevented her from coming to visit. I guess she's coming over today, now.

Just got called away by roommate - be back.

11:30 AM
Totally forgot to finish this entry. I got side-tracked by my roommate, and ended up cleaning the floors. Then I decided to tackle the Iguana Cage (My studio). Everything is spotless. Yay! I love being clean.

Not a germaphobe or anything. I just understand the need to stay clean and organized. In a way it makes me feel better because it's something I can control.  The same holds true for mowing the grass, whereas, I derive pleasure from a job well done because it takes work and effort, and I get to choose when and how it's cut. [Shrugs] Not certain if most people analyze their actions like I do, but I understand my needs down to the core.

Oh, it's warming up outside, and I'm excited to take Hephestusamazilion for a walk. I'm thinking of actually taking him down the street for the first time. I hope he behaves. I'll probably trim his nails before we go to minimize scratches......

......Oh. Last night the little fella didn't want to go to bed. I tucked him in twice, but he kept coming back out to hang-out with me. (This is his "new thing" - Just like a little kid) So, I picked him up and tucked him into my bed. A short while later when I decided to go to bed, I just pushed him over a bit and crawled in with him. I awoke this morning to find him laying on my chest.

Yup. He's my scale baby.

Well, I just got a call from Cara to tell me that she is on her way over. I guess we'll be spending the whole day together. Should be fun!

But! On that note, I should go..... Places to see and people* to do. [Grins] Have a great Saturday!

*The correct phrase is "Places to go and things to do".

June 4th
Good morning, Dear Diary. It's a bit later in the day, because I spent the morning with Cara. Now she's gone home and I'm tidying up a bit.

I was asked by Brian to help him host a BBQ this afternoon. I did have plans to go to sword-fighting practice this afternoon, but this event he's asked me to attend is only once a year. Hopefully the weather holds out and doesn't rain.

The sun was AWESOME yesterday. It was so nice out that I carried Hephestusamazilion's portable roost to the backyard and let him explore for almost two hours. He's starting to get much better about not running away, and being scared of everything. Don't get me wrong, he's still cautious when the cars zip by or someone new walks by, but he's not trying to run away anymore. He walked around a bit on his own, always sticking close to his roost or Cara and I.

Well, I'm moving a little slower today, and it seems to be taking me forever to get this entry done as I keep having to do other things. Perhaps I'll just make this a short entry so I can go help set up and get ready for this function. Should be fun... A community concert in the park behind our house, complete with a band.

Have a great day! Talk soon.

June 5th
Good afternoon, Dear Diary. It's 2 PM, and the reason I'm making such a late entry is because I had an appointment this morning. I had to walk uptown, because of the threat of rain. (Should have saw the thunderstorm last night - Sounded like the sky was growling for an hour) It's chilly with a brisk wind, but the sun keeps peeking out to tease us.

"We stand on the threshold of a new beginning. In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the two nations of Canada and United States of America will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire, for a safe and secure society...."

The community event went well yesterday. I volunteered about four hours of my time behind the BBQ and in the end we had raised nearly $170 dollars to give to the Kensington Community charity. It was pretty good. I'm not a fan of Blue-Grass music, but the band was great! The crowd loved it, and the weather couldn't have been more co-operative. (It was a bit "Touch-and-go" there in the morning, with the threat of rain always looming in the distance)

So, after a day of basking in the sun and the glow you get when do something worthwhile, I cleaned up and came in. The evening was fairly quiet and uneventful, that is, until I decided to go to bed at 10:30......

....The four young-adults upstairs decided to watch a movie loud enough to hear the words spilling from the TV, while Andy decided to cook in the kitchen and slam pots and pans around. I didn't manage to get back to sleep until after midnight. Then, I was awoken at 6:30ish by the sound of loud booted feet across my ceiling.

I reread that letter sent to me by my landlord. I cannot believe that the attitude problem was brushed under the rug, and then for him to go on to explain that it's "Easier to have those four sending me one rent payment", just bolsters my belief that the landlord doesn't give two shits about those living in the house. Great for you, buddy! Glad it's easier to get your rent once a month... I just have to live here. [Sighs and curses]

Got into a fight online today. Same crap.... Generation X'er believing that perception is somehow reality. This seems to be a common theme with that generation. I've said it before and I'll say it again, just because you perceive things to be a certain way doesn't make it so. In the end I had to leave the social media group, which was amazingly enough a garage sale group for London and had no political discussion board or room for debate. The post in question was one where a member was vilifying someone living in London, when they were clearly in the wrong. I read the conversation posted, and immediately pointed out the hypocrisy of the original poster. Next thing you know I'm surrounded by a group of female friends all patting each other on the vagina to stoke their personal belief and poor choices as well as, offer support against big bad me. OK, that last sentence wasn't true, persay, but it's an excellent personification for their motivations and actions. Whatever.... I'm just getting annoyed with the way society is becoming.

More proof Canada is going down the shitter? The government just passed a bill that changes the definition of "Abuse of children" to include sexual identity. What's that mean? If a gay child is living with parents who maintain conservative values about marriage and sex, the child can file a motion of abuse against his parents and be removed by the Child Protective Agency. I'm not making this up, Several Canadian couples that wanted to adopt children were denied because of their personal beliefs of conservative values. I can't even begin to explain how slippery of a slope this is.

The whole world is going to Hell.

I've cleaned the house since I got back. The garbage was stinking and even though I'm living with three other grown men, only Brian cleans other than me.

Loud use of cell phones. Watching movies using speakers instead of headphones. Stomping on the floor day and night. Reckless operation of motor vehicles. Ignoring the fact that other people live in the house........

....something is going to change, because I can't take this stress anymore.

June 6th
Good morning, Dear Diary. I'm still being subject to the usual neighbours and cold weather, but I am simply choosing to not let it get me down. I mean, I can't... It screws me right up to be stressed out all the time. So, when the ignoramus above me started stomping and dropping crap on his floor / my ceiling I just got out of bed, picked up my iguana,, and cuddled for half an hour.

I love knowing that my life-giving heat is warming my scale-baby's core temperature when I do that. He knows it too, and although his limbic brain is screaming at him to run away, his training and bonding with humans tells him that he is safe. So, when I pull up the covers and drape it up to his little head, he panics for a brief second and then relaxes, like, "Oh, yea. Nice. Warm. Safe". Sometimes he rests his chin on mine, and sometimes he sits there warming up using my body heat, simply looking around the room in the growing light of the morning sun spilling int through the window. It's a much more peaceful way to wake up then jump out of bed angry just because the neighbours don't seem to realize there are other people in the building.

I finished that piece of satire that highlights the destruction of Canadian conservative values, and although Cara wants me to work on the Yule story as promised, I have something I need to get out of my mind. It's dark and twisted, and it's due to the information I stumbled across regarding the dark web. Like everything that gets stuck in my head, I need to use my creativity to pour it out so I can move on. So, today is going to be focusing on my new story, trying to see how much of it I can get finished. I'm writing it in the first-person narrative, much like my other short story, "The Perils of Power", which is available to buy on Amazon. You can read the first chapter HERE if you like to see what I mean about the specific writing style. It's a bit different from graphic narrative, because I am wiring the story like it's the main character writing the story. You'll see......

.......anywho, I decided to change my profile picture on social media from "The Joker" who I don't have much in common with, to that of a Sith Lord. For fun I did up a couple of pictures of Cara and I, and I think they suit us quite aptly; Cara being the Jedi, and I the Sith. For those who don't follow Star Wars, you really should, but even those that do might misinterpret this as me claiming I'm "Bad" and Cara is "Good". The thing is, the force isn't really "Good vs Evil", as so many people believe, but is much better described as the difference between Samurai and Ninjas. Both fight to maintain order and balance, both will go out of their way to influence politics, but the similarity ends there as the Samurai are a visible entity in the public eye, while the Ninja prefers to work in secrecy. Different fighting styles and ideology are also what makes these two opposites on the spectrum, with the Jedi enforcing a lack of emotion and the Sith teaching that emotion is key to success. Anyway, I liked the concept of "Ying and Yang" and it is for that reason that I took a couple of minutes to craft the picture.

Well, I should jet. Lots to do. Hope you have a really great day!

June 7th
I wore earplugs to bed because my roommates decided to wait until after 10 PM to start cooking. Even still, I was woke up to booted feet above my head. The sun is shining, but the air is very chilly.

Woke up in a good mood, regardless of the rudeness of the adults living with me. I got up, started my routine*, and sat down to get my morning fix of media coverage. I start with CBC's "The National" because it offers me a glimpse of distinctly Canadian news, but I regularly find it irritating because of the obvious leftist agenda of the company.** While the National is rolling I'm on a tailored media application that highlights International news from a variety of organizations like Reuters, MacLeans, Canadian Press, National Post, BBC, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, The New York Times, and many other credible agencies. Also at this time I will become embroiled in debates, reply to column writers, play devil's-advocate on sensitive issues, and even take notes and pictures for future references. After that I switch from the Canadian Broadcast Company to Al Jazeera International on a live feed. With top news at the hour and featuring many informative programs from opposing views, I find things that Western media either doesn't cover, or inaccurately reports.

In all things, never view one side when it comes to opinions and plights. For it is only when you examine the issue from both sides that you can truly make an informed judgement.

By the way, did I tell you that I use two computers at a time?

Canada had a terrorist attack on Saturday, but CBC hasn't really reported it all, and the local media sources are all downplaying the incident, even though the headlines read "Woman, reportedly wearing Isis headband accused of armed assault at Canadian Tire". NOW that I go and cross-reference this incident it turns out the CBC did in fact write a report about it, but it wasn't published until yesterday. The extremely sterile article could have been written about ANY armed robbery, with one exception; the warning tacked on that everything is going to be fine, just go about your business Canada.... Nothing to see here. Oh! And there's also no mention of the ISIS headband the woman reported wore during the attack, which they are now calling a robbery.....

.......and THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen is how the media manipulates your emotional state and controls how you perceive things.

Seriously, do your own research. If anything I've said sounds incorrect or misinformed, by all means, please let me know. My number is at the top of the website, as is my email. I get mail every month from people just like you, so feel free to drop me a line.

Just, try not to troll me. I'm much better at it, having been doing it since the Internet rolled through our little town. Debate? SURE! There's a wonderful little spot on Facebook called "Zzorhn's Bar and Grill" where I have been honoured to host people from all walks of life and from all over the planet. We share jokes, engage in debates, and talk about whatever suits the mood. Politics is a big seller for some of our members, but not necessarily all. Anyway, we're always looking for new members, and if you want to debate me on any topic, it's a safe environment in a private forum.

I am really booting along on the Dark Web story. It's... Well..... I probably can't publish it for public use. Not sure how I can get around this one..... How did my mind get so dark and twisted all of a sudden? Oh.. Right... Author. As I've said before, I can write about fluffy, billowing clouds overhead a fuzzy, white bunny in the meadow glen, but I can also write about a demonic, twisted individual who enjoy torture and ...... K.... You get the picture.

Hmmm... The last time I made that quote it wasn't quite so vividly graphic. Something inside me has changed.

From children's books to horror stories and everything in between. Poems, short stories, articles, personal journals, novels, jokes, and so much more.......

.....It would appear I am capable of several writing styles and genres. Now if only I could properly figure out the comma. [Laughs] Never heard of my "Comma Game"? Oh, it's simple. Just imagine you're me, and super-highly-critical of everything you do. K? Here's how it works.

Write three sentences, delete two. Quickly reread what was last written, and begin typing again. Write three sentences, delete two. Throw commas, into the mix, like, William Shattner, is narrating. Comma, comma, comma. Write three sentences, delete two. Comm, comma. Proof read paragraph. Delete 90% of the commas, and then re-add 50% back.

I'm kidding. It's not THAT bad..... Only a little bad. [Chuckles]

Well, I should jet. Just had an online spat with Cara. Same stuff.... Her financial plights are important, while mine are not important and are due to "Stupid priorities". Yea, stupid medication. How I wish I didn't need to be on medication not covered by Health Canada.... It's always a choice between food and meds..... And I usually just take the meds. Eat and have no way to stop the problem? Or not eat, and have no pain? Anyway, I felt ticked off and went from a good mood to a bad one in less than zero seconds....

...I gotta stop doing that.... Can't keep letting others influence my emotional state and energy output. If I have any lesson in life, it is this; I need to remember the Law of Attraction works regardless of whether you believe it or not. "Like begets like", and what you give out comes back to you from the Universe. [Starts making OOOOMMMM sounds, and then laughs] No, seriously. I gotta get this thing nailed down, because until I do I will never advance further as an enlightened soul.

I gotta go. I'm itching to see how far I can get today on that story. Maybe once it's out of my head I will figure out what to do with it, AKA how to publish something children under the age of 16 shouldn't have access to. Yes, it's that suggestively graphic. But!! On that note, I'm outta here. Hope everyone has a wonderful HUMP DAY!

* Routine: Deal with health issues. Take care of iguana. Make bed, tidy, etc. News, news, and more news. Write.

**The irritation isn't because they are promoting a leftist agenda, it's because there are Canadians who will accept everything the hear and see as fact. THAT'S the problem I have. [Thinks] In retrospect, this is a societal problem.

June 8th
Good morning, Dear Diary. The sun is shining and there's only a slight breeze. I hear the temperatures are going to hit 23ish degrees today, so you know what that means? I'll have a chance to take Hephestusamazilion outside. Not sure if it's going to be a walk or a bask in the sun on his transportable perch, but I know he's going to love the fresh air.

He also needs me to work with him a bit. In the last couple of days I have not been paying as much attention to him as I should have been, and it's starting to show. Don't get me wrong, Dear Diary, he's still a very gentle little guy, but he actually tried to posture and bare his teeth yesterday and I don't want him to think that's acceptable. When he did that I picked him up and held him until he calmed down, by giving him lots of attention and talking with a gentle voice. It works, and before long he's back to being a loving little lizard.

He is getting bigger. I can tell when I'm handling him, and I want to make certain these lessons I'm trying to teach him stick in his little brain before he gets really big and too strong to deal with if he ends up aggressive. It just takes handling and time. And patience, lots and lots of patience.

When dealing with an iguana you just have to keep in mind that it's not like a mammal, and the way it thinks is totally different than what people are used to. For example, I know that he's cold in the morning and I'm quite warm under a layer of blankets, so I place him  in bed with me to help him warm up quicker. What this really doing is teaching him that I am a place of safety, because in his mind he's just basking with a bigger iguana. They don't think in terms of "Human", "Dog / Cat", etc, they see most household pets and the people in it as part of their iguana family. Once you realize that fact it makes dealing with them much easier. As long as I don't head-bob or show signs of aggression, I'm just a big, old, dominate male iguana that runs the roost. When he postures to appear dominate it's just challenging my authority and the lazy tail whips and baring of teeth is just his way of saying, "Hello. I see that you are bigger, so don't hurt me. I just want to hang out in your territory if that's ok with you".

Seriously. It's just like that.

Woke up to booted feet running down the stairs. The other roommates on this level are sleeping in. I cleaned the house for two days in a row, tackling different parts that really need it, and they don't lift a finger. In fact, the reason I'm cleaning is because grown men can't hit a toilet and the smell of urine on the wall is gross! What am I getting at here? Same old, same old.......

......Here's my prediction regarding the living arrangements in these two housing units.  (There's two identical buildings - Both are suffering from the same lack of leadership and corresponding chaos) There is going to be two outcomes. #1: Nothing is done to curb the problems and things escalate. #2: The dominate tenants will forge together a list of rules in the absence of proper leadership by the landlord.

I predict #2 will happen, although #1 is currently underway. I guess the only way we'll know which way it goes is if fights break out, or someone draws up a list of solutions to the problems.

Guess what! I knuckled down and finished that short story I was working on. Threw it through 3 filters, and then proof-read the whole thing. By 7 PM last night I had it rendering on Amazon and now I'm just waiting to hear back from the online company. For the time being you can get a hint of what I've been talking about by checking out the first half of the story, "The Syndicate Web - Trust No One". However, if you're not into horror, don't bother; it's very suggestive regarding violence and things found on the Dark Web.

[Laughs] Guess what just arrived via email as I was writing that last paragraph?! The notification that my book is now published and available on Amazon. Go have a look, and while you're at it check out my other books.

Is it just me? Or am I starting to amass a bit of a library? Wow!

Well, I gotta go clean up the Iguana enclosure. Heffy made a mess last night with his rabbit pellets, and I've been waiting until 10 AM to turn on the vacuum. Aren't I a considerate roommate?

Hope you have a bright, sun-shine-filled day!

June 9th
The sun is out and it's already warm. Yay!! Apparently the temperature is going to be around the 30 degree mark. Summer is here!!

I ended up helping my roommate yesterday move one of the other tenants out of the other house. (Remember, there's two identical houses in this rental unit) Another grown, working male being chased out of the residence by non-working immigrants.

What did I just say? It's called "White Flight", and it's indicative of reverse-racism.

We're seeing this occur all over the planet, but for me it's personal. The place I'm renting is not the same as it used to be due to the new owner's negligence to weed out problematic tenants like the old landlord did. The houses are filling up with immigrants who have no desire to get a job and content to let Canadian tax-payers foot the bill.

Blame Jihadist Trudeau for his open-border policies.

As predicted, shit hit the fan yesterday when the newest tenant, a man from South Sudan who believes women are property and should be "Properly raped to keep them in their place", decided to get in my way to the bathroom. No one gets in my face, let alone that waste of skin! I let him have it good, and I'm determined now that he needs to get out of my country, not just my home. We don't need his worthless ass in Canada!

[Chuckles] So, this morning he's cleaning. It's a shame that he decided to have a confrontation yesterday, but apparently my words had an impact. That's the first time he's lifted a finger since he got here.

Changing the subject, Cara is supposed to come over today. She claims to be spending the weekend here, but we'll see how that goes. Last time the visit was nice, but every time before that was near-disastrous. Anyway, it'll be nice to see her, but if she stays all weekend I won't be getting anything done.

Heffy slept in my bed last night. I woke up to him laying on my head with one paw in my mouth and his little eye looking right into mine. Like, "Morning, human. It's not yet 6 AM, but I'm awake and you should be too".  Today he's basking on my computer desk in front of me, being all social and stuff.

Anyway, I should go. I've got my laundry done, the Iguana Cage cleaned, showered, and I'm ready to deal with my day.

I have to laugh at something..... I've been cleaning up branches and cardboard around the rental units, and using Brian's fire-pit to get rid of it. I had nearly managed to burn up all the unwanted branches and sticks, but this morning when I went outside I noticed someone dropped off a big pile of sticks in the back. Like....... Uhh, guys? I'm trying to get rid of crap around here, and you bring more in? Maybe they thought I wanted firewood so I can have more fires. [Laughs] How nice of them.

Anywho... Gotta jet. There's a few things I need to do. Hope you have a great weekend.

June 10th
Good morning! The sun is shining and it's already quite warm out. Temperatures are projected to hit 28 degrees.

Cara is here. We had a quiet evening last night, but the plans for today involve a fire and a BBQ. It's nice to have her here, but I do worry what my roommates think about it. Andy has had his lady-friend over before, I don't see a problem, but you never know, right? I guess the responsibility is on me to prove to everyone how to conduct yourself and lead by example.

We're heading across town to the supermarket to pick up food, as well as supplies for a new art piece I've been commissioned to craft. What's that, you ask? Well, I was approached by the community organizers responsible for the Canada Day celebrations in the park near our house to build a pinata for the children. What kind of pinata?

They want me to build them a dragon.

Turns out the day we had our garage sale two weeks ago, a few of the organizers had come around to have a look and saw some of my art on display. They were so intrigued by the paper mache that they decided to turn to me for one instead of buying a pre-made one. Which probably means there's no real profit in this piece of art, and they are going to destroy it. BUT! It's going to be well documented, and will probably end up in the newspaper in the community living section. Oh well, I look at it as a chance to show off my talents and give something to the community. Needless to say, I'm probably going to Zzorhn* it.

Anywho... Not getting much done as expected, but I'm really enjoying having Cara around. She does complete me in so many ways. I'll talk to you later Gotta go jump in the shower and get ready to go out for a bit. Hopefully we can even get Heffy outside.... Have a great Saturday!

*Zzorhn it: To over-do something by paying more attention to detail than necessary.

June 11th
Good morning, Dear Diary. The sun is out and it's nice and warm. Cara is still here; she's reading a book while I write.

Tons of stuff to tell you, so I'll just get to it.....

.........yesterday was pretty decent. Cara needed to go to the food market to pick up iggy food for her female iguana, Konika. I chose to go with her, and we spent a few hours out and about the town. I picked up corn starch from the bulk food store to start working on that dragon I need to build. She needed to meet a friend, so I decided to come home with all the groceries and put them away.

I hadn't even finished cutting up the beef loin into steaks when the new roommate got into a major argument with Brian in the living room. I guess this fight had been simmering for a bit, and when I got back from the store it had reached a tipping point. The issues are the theft of food and using other people's stuff (Without asking) like soap, toilet paper, missing sunglasses, and the fact that the new roommate doesn't seem to understand we don't store old, used mattresses in the hallways. Those two were screaming at each other for about 10 minutes, when the new guy (I'm not using his name on purpose) decided he'd had enough of Brian and stalked into the kitchen. I'm standing at the counter with this guy yelling and waving his arms right beside me, and I was beyond irritated at that point. I looked at this tall, muscled, 20-something year old, and stated, "A young, able-bodied man like you with nothing to do but sit around the house all day? You need to get a job!".


The asspick sucker-punched me in the head! Next thing you know I'm staggering backwards and he's throwing punches.  Like, he must have been gunning for me bad, because my comment couldn't have been the only reason this man attacked me. After screaming for 10 minutes and taking no violent action against Brian, and to attack me after only 30 seconds proves this fact. He tried to hit me a few more times, but I blocked and dodged his punches and the sloppy groin kick he threw. Next thing you know the Police are on their way.......

..........My face this morning is swollen pretty good. The interior of my mouth has a gaping hole where my teeth were smashed through my cheek. I now have to go have pictures taken at the Police station at 2 PM....

.......did I call that? Or what?

Now, don't you go all, "It's a self-fulfilling prophecy", I must point out that I was not part of the argument, and only snapped at him because he was creating hostility within the house because of the fact he had no hobbies and nothing to do all day but sit in his room and brood. His reaction was of his own. I did not cause this.

There's another development that has occurred in light of this incident. I sent my landlord a text message to explain the incident and let them know that the Police will be contacting them. After 12 hours there has been absolutely no reply. None. Zilch. Nadda......

........and here's my prediction for how this is going to play out. Instead of asking me if I'm ok, or something similar, they will issue a letter to all the tenants in the building informing them of "New Rules". I predict victim-shaming. Guess we'll just have to wait and see how this all pans out. I do know one thing for certain, IF they chose to victim-shame me, I'm going to take action. Not sure what this would entail, but I'm sick and tired of being blamed for something that isn't my fault!

So, shit hit the fan. The roommate is in jail, and I don't want him back here. I'm hoping this doesn't damage my standing with the landlord, but as I stated before this happened I'm not that impressed with this new landlord at all.

Anyway, it's warm enough to have the iguana outside, so I'm going to do that for an hour or so, and then take a bus down to the Police station. This incident is taking up my time, but I intend to see it through to the end, because if I don't it's just going to happen again. But, yea! I'm going to go spend some time with Cara and the iggy. Talk soon.

June 12th
It's after noon as I start writing this entry. 12:30 PM to be exact. Why am I so late? After the Police station I chose to go to Cara's house, yesterday. Once I got home this morning, I was busy talking to Brian, and tidying up the house a bit. I'm still shook up about the attack on Saturday afternoon, and as of right now I still haven't heard from the landlord yet.

Hephestusamazilion must be feeling my stress, because he actually tried to bite me this morning. I'm not taking it personally, because he is after all, a lizard. I do know why he's acting like that, and it's simply because I didn't come home last night. Even iguanas like routine, and will get upset when they feel they are slighted. Today he is not doing what he normally does, and is instead basking on his top branch, shooting me little dirty looks. Poor baby [Chuckles]

I have a very busy day today. I have to go to my Doctor for paperwork, I need to go to a walk-in clinic because I'm pretty certain my cheek is infected, I have to start working on the dragon pinata now that I have the materials procured, clean the bathroom to get rid of the ring in the tub, and hopefully the sun keeps shining long enough to have Heffy go outside for a bit.  (Just happened to notice a heavy shade cloud is covering the sun)

Still waiting to hear back from the landlord..... I DID get a call from the Police telling me they released the guy that attacked me, but he has a bunch of conditions, which means he cannot come here without a Police escort, and cannot have contact with me directly or indirectly. Still... What if?

Anywho, short entry I guess, but it's definitely a Monday with a boat-load of things to do. I'll talk to you later.

June 13th
I woke up to booted feet on my ceiling at 6:20 AM.... 20 minutes later another session of banging was heard. I went to the window to see who is ignoring the rules regarding communal living and it turns out it's the young woman upstairs, as well as, one particular young male who lives directly above me that's causing the problems. (There's four of them upstairs) I wonder if they would act the same if their parents were below them... I'm guessing no, which immediately shows the problem; their attitude.

On that note, I still haven't heard from my landlord yet regarding the attack that took place on Saturday. Just in case you're wondering, it's now Tuesday.

Morning, Dear Diary. The forecast is calling for 28 degrees, humid, and with constant cloud patches.

I managed to cut the grass last night. It's still one of my favourite chores during the Summer. Nothing better than having everything all neat and trimmed, with a blooming, weed-free flower garden!

Hephestusamazilion is getting much better when he's outside. I'm not even hooking up his leash, but rather, just letting him roam with only a collar. He doesn't go far from me which is a good thing, and much of the reason I am not using a leash. He's still scared of cars, birds, people, dogs, and flickering shadows, but I imagine he'll get used to it after some time. Poor little institutionalized iguana! Don't forget, Dear Diary, that he is a rescue and when I got him he was in rough shape. He's doing well now and getting bigger each day! His personality is developing too, but I think he's always going to be a very wary, spoiled lizard with a tail phobia. He's grumpy today and just tried to bite me again. I wonder what's going on in his little brain? Don't worry... I can see his posturing and know how to handle an aggressive iggy. I do have to admit, however, he is not the same as the last iguana I owned who was extremely gentle and docile, but it's also important to realize that I got Cyaniaragonamazilion when he was a hatchling and raised him myself.

Oh! Forgot to tell you..... I went to the Doctor's office yesterday, and when I came home Joshua was in the kitchen! Yup! The guy who attacked me on Saturday and was ordered by the Police to stay away from me was in my house. I spun around in my tracks, went to the backyard, and waited for him to leave. Fuck! Why am I being subjected to this level of stress? Why hasn't the landlord taken action to ensure the safety of the tenants?!?!

My face is still swollen up pretty bad, and the gash in my mouth still feels like a massive crater on the tip of my tongue. I have to keep rinsing my mouth with salt water to ensure it doesn't get infected.....

....and the shithead that did this to me was roaming around in my home.

Changing the subject, I started the dragon pinata yesterday and got a decent chunk of the body, legs, tail, and head formed. It's going to be days of putting things together and adding layers.... Then making it a pinata by cutting holes and making "Break away parts" so that candy will spill from the dragon when hit with a stick by eager children.

Yes [Chuckles] I'm pouring my heart and soul into something that is going to be destroyed by the person who commissioned it. It reminds me of when I used to do acrylic body-painting; an hour of work only to come off after 5 minutes with soap and water. Building something that people are going to destroy sounds odd, but I am focusing on the fact that it is helping me be part of the community. Don't forget, this pinata is for the July 1st celebration, and will be seen by quite a few people.

I have to help Brian a bit this morning, but the afternoon will be spent working on the dragon. I have three weeks, but I want to make certain I don't have to rush. On that note, I'm going to sign off for today. Hopefully there's less drama and stress....... Have a great day!

June 14th
More stress. The twats upstairs woke me up at midnight by banging on my ceiling, and then again at 6 AM. I want to cry I'm so tired and frustrated! I just can't keep doing this! Like, when does it end?

You have to remember that I have tried twice to talk to these idiots, and even wrote into the landlord once. Nothing is being done....

..speaking of nothing being done, I still haven't heard back from the landlord regarding the attack that took place four days ago. No locks have been changed, and nothing has been addressed. The perpetrator is still walking around town with the house keys, and I'm feeling very vulnerable. Can you blame me?

To make matters worse in all this, Cara came over yesterday and during her time here decided to defend the poor choices and actions of everyone causing me stress. Like seriously, what the actual fuck?!!? It's like she's delighting in my discomfort and frustration.

So, this morning I wrote an angry text message to Cara and let her know how I am sick and tired of her blaming me for shit that I'm frustrated about, and even defending the twat-waffles living above me. She came back with a guilt trip, and blamed me again for being frustrated. So...........

....I told her to go fuck herself.

When she came over yesterday to pick up a few things she had forgotten the last time she was here, it's obvious Cara doesn't understand my goals and deadlines. This was evident when I lived with her and got nothing done in nine months. There I was wrist-deep in paper mache with two or three other things needing to be done immediately, and she wants to have sex.... During the day.... With three roommates in the house.... With one of the roommates bustling about and needing my attention, and most likely to knock on my door if it was closed. Like............. Not the time, nor the place. BUT! Then I'm made to feel guilty for not wanting intimacy. THEN, once I got a couple of things done with her help and still faced with at least three hours of work, she "Wants to cuddle before she leaves".....

......look, lady. I'm glad you came over, but I'm in serious work-mode. The house is quite messy due to the various cleaning projects and paper mache, and I've got roommates to consider. Just to give you an idea of what it would entail to "Cuddle for a little bit", it would mean putting everything away, cleaning everything up, then laying down and losing my energy and creativity. Basically, it would have been exactly what occurred for nine months when I lived with Cara; nothing done, but Cara gets the attention she craves.

10 Minutes Later

WELL............. Just had a fight with Cara via text messages. In the space of 10 minutes I tried to explain that my problems are being caused by her, and she still can't see the guilt-trips, the blame, and the pain she's causing me. Then, exactly on cue she decided to throw another guilt trip at me and tells me she's "Done".

May as well take today out in the backyard and shoot it in the head. I'm not getting anything accomplished today..................

June 15th
Half-way through the month of June already. Where does the time go?

Woke up at 6 AM to banging on my ceiling. This is apparently not going away.

Cara and I talked. Right now our relationship is simmering. The blazing light of love has been diminished by distance and space. The same problems that we've been encountering for the last two years are still prevalent. I'm trying to change the situations that are creating these problems, but I'm constantly stonewalled by stoical leftist ideology on Cara's part. Her methodology to handling situations is to accept things as they are, while mine is to stand up for values and beliefs. This same attitude of hers is what is destroying Canada...........

.........I believe we need to stand together to ensure our Canadian values and morals are maintained! The slippery slope of the Liberals and those who support the leftist agenda are eroding our culture and ideology. Are we going to stand idle while our country is sold off piece by piece to other nations? Are we going to allow other cultures to degrade our traditions that have held for 150 years? Canada is under attack by leftist mainstream-media and the current government. This is evident in the propaganda and out-right lies being constantly spewed over social media. Perhaps they need to be reminded of the first part of the Charter.......


"Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of GOD and the rule of law:"

...........the rule of law. And for those Liberal lawmakers that don't like the law of the land, it is being changed. M-103 is going to make it illegal to condemn Islam...... But, no mention of other Religions in the controversial bill. What this does is divide Canadians into two castes; Muslim, and non-Muslim. Why the actual fuck is this even being considered?!? How can people not realize how destructive this is?!

Just to give you an idea of how the Leftist agenda works, let's examine the LGBT movement. For decades they fought for their rights in North America and in many other countries all over the world. Bit by bit they managed to have the laws changed to reflect their way of life and ideology. Soon it became mainstream, and anyone speaking out against the movement was demonized by the use of name-calling, boycotting businesses, removal of individuals from office, and personal public attacks. Eventually the issue became like a hot-potato that no one wanted to touch for fear of reprisal. The laws changed, and everyone assumed it would end there........

....nope. Once the LGBT had the laws changed they went after the education system to change, citing discrimination in sexual education studies. NOW, Grade 1 students are being taught how to identify penises and vaginas, and taught that homosexuality is normal.... At the age of 4 - 5 years old.... Yuck!

This same principal can be applied to bill M-103. Once that law is changed you can kiss your Canadian rights goodbye. No free speech (Not like we REALLY had it, but this lessens it even more) about the dangers of Islam. No ability to condemn the practice of Sharia law. No rights to protest the fact that Muslim traditions and Western culture are incompatible.

Scary stuff!

It gets worse..... NOW you see pedophiles (Child molesters) standing up to claim they are being discriminated against. Their logic is that they were "Born that way", and the fact that most of them do not act on their impulses "Removes them from the category of being some sort of monstrous entity." Four years ago an article published in the Washington Post claimed that pedophilia is a disorder, not a criminal matter, and the author who was a self-declared pedophile admitted he thought of children as sexually appealing, but never took action. According to the author, this made him not a criminal, but rather, someone who felt discriminated against by other people who believe pedophilia to be a criminal matter. A year later another major media source released a similar article claiming that pedophiles deserve rights. The year after another one, and the year after that......... A purposeful agenda to desensitize the general public to the concept of engaging in sexual acts with children, with the end goal of removing the criminality of pedophilia from the Canada Charter of Rights. Just like they intend to make condemnation of "Islamophobia" illegal, they will make condemning pedophilia a crime of discrimination.

The next step in their agenda is to make it illegal for any parent to stop their child from engaging in sex. Any parent who "Prevents their child from engaging in acts they chose to", will be forcibly removed from the home by Child Services. Don't think this will happen? Think again, Dear Diary..... It's already underway. Don't believe me? Do your own research.

[Sighs] I'm tired. My abdomen is rolling from pain. I can't concentrate well due to the amount of stress I'm suffering each day. Something has to change.

10 Bells (22:00 hours)


Mother help me if......... [Sighs] Fuck! Just hate being in love. You know what I'm talking about?

[Sighs heavily] I managed to get a big chunk of the dragon done today. Oh. did I change the subject? Silly moi! Well, I'm pleased to say that the paper mache dragon I'm planning on donating to the community for their July 1st celebrations is taking shape rather well.......I'll post a picture...

....Whatchoo think?

Anyway, I'm tired. Feeling worn. Using more of my medication than I should because of the gaping hole in my cheek...... [Sigh] I'm going to bed soon..... After I rip up another bunch of paper for tomorrow.....

....have a good night,

June 16th
Good morning, Dear Diary. The sun is shining and it's quite warm outside. I have to go donate blood this afternoon, so right now I'm starving myself until after I get back. This is the only way I can leave the house for an appointment because of my health problems. Still, the choice to donate blood is an important one, and I am blood-type O-Negative..... Which means I'm a universal donar.

Yes, I can donate blood even with my health issues.

Anyway, I received a couple more messages from Cara. She's just posting rhetoric and trying to convince herself that this is what she needs.... Comments like, "Getting my life back", and "This is for the best"..... Which is akin to claiming, "I just lost 160 pounds of extra weight that was holding me back...."

But, enough about that..... It's time to move on.

Guess I won't have to finish that Yule Story in time for Christmas, being that it was a request from Cara. I'll probably finish it, but now I just don't have the time-frame anymore.

The goal for today is to do more work on the paper mache dragon. I've never ripped so many yard-bags for one project before. I'm also going through quite a bit of corn starch. While I'm uptown this afternoon I'll grab more building supplies.

Other than that things are decent. No excess noise from upstairs today, but instead, it was Andy who decided to slam doors and walk through the house with shoes on at 7 AM. Last night I explained to him very nicely that we don't leave our dirty dishes out all the time, and wash them soon after using them. I mean, can you imagine if everyone in the house just left dirty dishes around? Once again this is like Kindergarten..... Pick up your toys, take off your shoes, and clean up after yourself. If we don't we're going to end up with insects, mold, and other types of parasites and fungus.

I don't know why people need to be told to clean up after themselves and stop being selfish. There's 10 people living in this three-story house, so a conscientious effort must be taken each day to ensure no one is being bothered by excess noise or personal actions (or lack thereof) The problems in the house are caused due to self-entitlement, and a lack of proper training as a child.

Anyway, I have tons of stuff to do, and I want to take advantage of the sun's heat. I'm heading outside with Heffy to go and rip some paper while he basks in the sun. Hope you have a great day!

June 18th
It's Father's Day, so I made certain to give my dad a phone call and talk for a bit. It was nice to hear his voice. I haven't talked to him much due to our strained relationship, but I do miss him. He moved and remarried over a decade ago, and since then we haven't been close. Anyway, Happy Father's Day, dude.......

.......hope all the dads and single moms out there have a good day.

It's been a very quiet weekend, but Brian has been waking up early which wakes me up. He tries to be quiet, so I can't fault him. See how that works? A little effort goes a long way!

Unsettled weather today. It keeps swinging between warm and sunny to dark clouds and rain.

The goal today is to work on the dragon pinata. It seems like that's all I've been doing for the last few days...... Much more work to do.

Short entry. Not in the mood to write today, but that's also is an indication of low stress levels too. Sometimes no news is good news.... Talk soon.

June 20th
Good morning, Dear Diary. It's a beautiful day out there, and stepping outside for a breath of fresh air seems akin to magic. No, I'm not under the influence ..... [Chuckles] There's the scent of last night's rainstorm in the air, the warm kiss of the golden sun coming over the horizon, and a gentle breeze cascading through dew covered leaves that act like a myriad of tiny rainbow mirrors creating a twinkling sensation everywhere you look. See? Magic.

No stomping and banging to wake me up. The reason for this is the guy that consistently wears his shoes in the house and is constantly responsible for waking me up, didn't leave the house. I know because his vehicle is still parked outside. I've been making small-talk with some of the others that live above me, and so far we're getting along. They don't seem to be problematic. Looks like we've discovered the actual problem.

Speaking of dealing with problems, I received a phone call from the Property Management yesterday afternoon. It turns out they JUST found out about the altercation that occurred on Saturday, June 10th, 2017. I gave the lady the information she requested, but during that time also inadvertently asked about Michael and Rose (The two individuals I dealt with originally). Turns out there's been some serious shuffling within the ranks in the last couple of weeks..... Something happened that I don't know about..... I do know Rose either quit or lost her job for some reason. I know I will no longer send my rent to Michael, but rather, to the company in Calgary. This makes me wonder if the fight created a cascading ripple effect that the new landlord couldn't deal with. [Shrugs] I'll probably never find out, eh?

The dragon pinata is coming along. I've got the wings attached, the horns and spine glued on, and it's basically a waiting game for things to dry. I can't progress to the next step until the glue dries from the day before, and so on. EG: The wings need to be covered with another layer before I can cut them down from the moorings in the ceiling holding them in place. I can't put that layer of paper mache on the wings until the wings are completely dry where they are secured to the shoulders, or I'll end up with a structural collapse.

Things are fairly quiet today. Heffy is doing well. My health is average. Staying home means I'm not meeting anyone new, and I have no desire to meet anyone for a while - Staying busy seems to be helping as well.

Lots to do. Hope you have a great day!

June 22nd
Good morning, Dear Diary. It's a cold, wet day out there. I had forgotten to close my window last night and awoke to a chill, so I got out of bed and got Hephestusamazilion and tucked him in bed with me. I figured that if I'm chilly, he probably would be too. Woke up with his head resting on my chin.

I started my day as normal, but then discovered a couple of messages I had received from my ex. Not getting into it, but the messages were enough to inspire me to super-clean both of my computers. I hooked up my external hard-drive and spent two-and-a-half hours going through all my files. Pictures, stories, and even some video are now safely stored away, and I've deleted tonnes of stuff I won't need anymore.

I'm all twisted up inside. My mind feels like it's spinning around. Fuck, love sucks!

Heffy is chilling at the top of his cage directly under his heat lamp. Poor little fella. Apparently this is the second day of Summer, but you wouldn't know it by the temperatures.

More work on the dragon. It's hip-skipping along. Lots of hours spent ripping paper, and even more drying time. Right now I have a big fan on the wings trying to hurry things along. I'd like to be able to cut them down and shift the dragon's legs into their final position. The head is done, the body is done, and I even have the tail ready to be installed once I have the room. Now I just have to wait for the candy, but I'm willing to bet it's going to be left to the last moment.

Can't write..... Too distracted. Both computers have been scoured, and the desktop is all defraged and virus-checked. Both computers are running faster, but I still have a few things to do on the laptop, which require restarts. I'm going to go.....

June 23rd
Rain, rain, and more rain. The light coming from the window is similar to sunrise at 6 AM; very dim and offering no heat.

Still heartbroken, but I'm not going to get into that. Pretty certain you can figure out what's really going on here.

I put the final touches on the "Lizard-man" and sprayed it with a plastic coating. Not sure if I want to sell the piece as it's so interesting and I know I won't get what I want for it. To be blunt, I personally believe that my artwork is getting much better and this piece of art only highlights that fact.

Speaking of art, the dragon got its first full coat of paint yesterday. It's not drying like I need it to because of the constant dampness in the air. Why is it so hard to get a dry day?

Moving on............

.........International incidents in the last few days have been monumental and historic. For years under the Obama administration, rebel groups attempting to overthrow the governments in Iraq and Syria have been supplied with weapons, ammunition, and money to continue the proxy war. While there has been a dramatic shift in politics in the USA, the effort to overthrow Bashar al-Assad has remained at the forefront of their efforts in the Middle East. United States is arming known terrorist groups such as The Kurdish YPG, The Syrian Defense Force, and ISIS, while the Russians have been providing support to the Syrian government. It's important to also note that the United States government has NOT authorized any military action in Syria, and their time of operating under a military banner has long been viewed as illegal by the International Community.  STILL.... The United States of America decided to fire Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian defense base a few weeks ago, and three days ago USA pilots shot down a Syrian military jet......

........Their claim that the Syrians were targeting the SDF with American allies is hyperbole. US forces are immersed in the rebel units trying to overthrow Assad, so it creates a very precocious situation, one that the US forces are using to their advantage. The truth of the incident took a couple of days to figure out, but now that the dust has settled it is proven that the Syrian military was bombing ISIS, and the USA military protected their allies by blowing the Syrian jet out of the sky. Russia responded by cutting all communications with the United States task forces, and is promising to shoot at any US warplanes crossing the Euphrates River.

What does this all mean? Well, it's a proxy war; United States forces and allies are engaging in a military conflict with Russia and its allies. While both sides argue over who is causing the problems, thew world has realized that the United States has a planned policy of overthrowing the governments in not just Syria, but released information coming from the White House indicates they are desiring to remove the leaders of 7 sovereign nations. In fact, Retired US General Wesley Clarke went on record in 2007 stating that the fix was "In": the U.S. had unilaterally decided to destroy Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

You won't find that information on mainstream media.

Let's all hope that there can be a political move to stem this rising conflict, because if not it is going to create a massive war that will drag many other countries into the mix. Mark my words!

Well, I gotta go. I'm supposed to help Brian a bit this afternoon and I have hours of more work to do on the dragon. Hope you have a great weekend!

June 24th
Went to bed late due to working* on the dragon.... It was well after midnight when I shut things down for the day. This morning I was woken up at 6 AM by the fucktard living above me. As of right now I'm running on less than 6 hours sleep.  I'm going to have to take some sort of action. This cannot continue.

The weather is still variable. Threatening storm clouds for an hour, and sunshine the next. Rain, rain, and cloudy... Then an hour of sun to make everything muggy. If this is climate change, it sucks! It's been over 5 years now that I have noticed an increase of variable weather due to the fact I have been attempting to hold outdoor events such as paintball tournaments, socials, and camping, and every-time I engage in some sort of outdoor event it is foreshadowed by crappy weather.

Please God, let it be sunshine and heat for July 1st. Canada is depending on it!

More heightened tensions between immigrants and status Canadians, but you won't hear about it in mainstream media because the government is suppressing such information in the hope that Canadians will not react in fear, and help swell the crowds for Canada's 150th Birthday celebrations. After all, small crowds, regardless of reasons, will reflect poorly on the current government. Seriously. That's their rational for hiding the truth from Canadians. They are worried that if Canadians knew the ugly reality of recently-passed legislation they wouldn't be attending "Canada Day" celebrations, but rather, calling for the Prime Minister to resign! The Imams have issued their fatwas regarding Western civilization, as well as, train followers on how to set up splinter cells and convert more people to their cause, while Justin Trudeau has opened the door to illegal immigrants with personal  Tweets like, "#WelcometoCanada ". Violence and division rocks the nation, and Canadian values are being slowly eroded away. Terrorists with Canadian citizenship have been in the news for the last two weeks, but there's little-to-no mention in Canadian mainstream media. (In Canada's case, this is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, or CBC) Money is flowing from Canada back to the Middle East, visiting Imams are allowed to preach hate (London, Ontario - February 2017, that I personally know of), and splinter cells of soon-to-be-known terrorists lie in wait...... Meanwhile bill M-103 prevents criticism of Islam......This makes me seriously think about the big day, exactly one week from today.....

.......I'm attending a small celebration, and staying away from any large groups or gatherings. Why? Do I need to spell it out for you? Let me just say that if nothing of significance happens that day I'll be pleasantly surprised.

That's not fear-mongering. That's my personal prediction based on current situations and events. I hope to the good Lord above that I'm wrong!

Well, I've already got a batch of corn starch already cooling on the stove and ready to tackle another day of working on the dragon. I've had a couple of setbacks in development, mostly notably, the wings. I had to do some major reconstruction yesterday, and ended up cutting off a decent portion of the beast. I added the tail, added some support wires (Clothes hangers with hot-glue), and cut two holes to stuff it with candy. I really should get at it.....

....the goal I have in mind is to create a situation where the children will be rewarded with candy at different parts of the pinata. The neck, tail, hind legs, as well as the stomach are all able to contain candy and will rain down with each successful "Attack". As for candy, Brian spent $70 yesterday on treats and sweets! I'd have to say he is probably as excited as I am to see the kidlets faces that day.... It's nice to see someone else getting involved and passionate about my art!

Well, I'm going to booker and get some work done, eh? Hope you have a really awesome weekend!

* Working on the dragon - It's "Crunch-time". ONE WEEK until this pinata is to be unveiled for the community. It HAS to be ready to go by that time! Everything else has now been placed on the back-burner to simmer until this is done. My reputation and my pride are at stake. It has to look good, function well, and every possibility must be accounted for..... Yes, it must be Zzorhned.

June 27th
Morning, Dear Diary. It's cold at barely 13 degrees, and dark, rolling black clouds keep threatening to bring rain. This unsettled weather system has been going on for several days now; sunshine and heat, only to be followed by a sudden cold front and massive amounts of rain. It feels like we're living in some sort of rain-forest with the constant wet crap and insistent major shifts in weather conditions. I mean, when you are flip-flopping between rain and shine with severe drops and increases in temperature you know something has to be going on, right? To make a comparison, the weather in Southern Ontario is now similar to North-Western Ontario; cold and prone to sudden major shifts. The joke from back home was, "If you don't like the weather, just wait four hours". This Summer has been unfortunately exactly the same.

Remember how excited I was a couple of years ago about the sun and heat of the Southern Ontario climate? It's now too cold to even take my iguana outside. That's right, the end of June and we're 5-6 degrees below "Room temperature". Like, what the actual Hell?!

Changing the subject, the White House issued a stern warning to Syrian President Bashar Assad on Monday night as it claimed "potential" evidence that Syria was preparing for another chemical weapons attack. United States has been funding terrorist organizations to bolster a proxy war, but NOW, they have been caught with their pants down aiding ISIS and the YPG. The US military knows they cannot cross the Euphrates river due to Russian threats, so they are going to kick and scream like a spoiled child, making accusations that will create a similar situation to the Iraq war.....

......with a clear "Us vs Them" mentality, they are attempting to demonize Syria and its allies. This is a DANGEROUS game! The anti-Russian narrative coming out of the States is pure rhetoric, as it's been proven Russia is actually combating terrorism while the USA is arming them. You can't make this up! Yet another case of reality being stranger than fiction......

.......USA is going to hit a recession of the same caliber of 1930 within a year. What better way to dissolve debt, get rid of "Extra mouths to feed", and re-write the world map than a world war? THIS is what the States want.......

...they want a war, but one in which they are the "Good guys". Strip away all the lies and rhetoric, and all you are left with is the core fact that the war-mongering USA wants a war to fix domestic and International matters by initiating a situation they can REACT to. Long story short? USA will use their proxy wars and military conquest as a means to create a situation that allows the States to play the Victim Card.

United States now needs to either withdraw its forces from the Middle-East. or become embroiled in a war that will allow its military to cross the division lines and keep the illegal US-lead operation firmly entrenched in the oil-rich region.

There it is.... With its vast oil reserves, the Syrian government is being thwarted so that USA can attempt to overtake the country and set up a puppet government that will allow the oil to flow back to the States. The fact that they do not want Russia to have access to those energy reserves is another factor.

If there isn't some sort of deescalation you are going to see a major world war within a year.

On a personal note, Cara came over on Saturday night. We worked on the dragon pinata a bit, and then went out to the "Cowboys" bar. We had a nice time talking and people-watching. She even let me dance a couple of times with her. It was really great to go out for a change, but there was two notable observations to make from the incident; I felt old surrounded by a crowd of 20-30 somethings, and the mechanical bull the bar features is rigged.......

........for $5 you can get to ride the mechanical bull. I didn't bother even though Cara told me I should try. Why didn't I? Simple... After watching several people attempt to ride it I determined that the guy operating the machine is fickle and bias. When the women step up to have a ride, he sets the machine on a low setting, but when a man tries the machine is ramped up to toss them quickly. Like, is a man's money not as good as a woman's? Is this catering to women, demeaning? It's obviously sexist! To be fair they should have one setting for everyone...... But that's not going to happen in our divided country. Just more proof of the sexist bias that exists in our modern society.

You want sexual equality? Then demand actual equality.

The dragon is now being painted. The paper mache is now done, and yesterday I did 4 coats of dry-brush on the body and wings. I'm starting detail work, and due to the size of this piece of art it's going to take quite some time.

I have a specialist appointment tomorrow. It's early in the morning, so that means I'll have to go to bed early and wake up at 4 am to get ready. Ugh! Why did they schedule me for an appointment in the morning? One good thing about this, is that my intestines will be properly rolling when they examine me. I'll have to remember to NOT medicate before I go so that my flare-up is highlighted for the Doctor.

The escalation of stress in the house exploded yesterday when the twats upstairs decided to bang on the ceiling (Their floor) for about an hour. It mean, it was so loud I could barely hear anything in my headphones! In pure frustration I picked up a boffer (Foam sword) and gave two good raps on the ceiling to indicate my displeasure at being subjected to daily excess noise. What was the response? Like a spoiled little child the 20-something year old upstairs decided to jump around for half an hour on purpose, throwing a hissy-fit. Well, I've had enough and took it upon myself to phone the property managers this morning and explain the attitude problem of those four self-entitled individuals.From dangerous operation of a motor-vehicle to creating daily stress, they need to be reminded they are living in a residential zone with many neighbours. I seriously hope this is the last time I have to be subjected to this kind of abuse, but I'm not holding my breath. Based on observation I honestly don't believe that anything positive will come of this. I may have to move if this keeps up.....

....just another example of me reacting to a situation, only to be met with resistance from someone who believes they are "special". Had roles been reversed, and I was made aware that my actions were disruptive, you can bet your ass that the last thing I would do is start stomping around to prove some sort of point. I just cannot fathom the mindset of these kids. Like, what goes through your mind that validates abusive behaviour?

Well, I should go. I've got a few things to do, and I need to try and get as much painting done today as possible. With only a couple days until July 1st, each day must be taken advantage of to ensure the dragon is ready. Not that it matters, I guess..... The weather channel shows that on June 30th we are going to be hit with severe thunderstorms, and the forecast for Canada Day is continued wet crap. God, I hope this isn't the case! I'm so sick of rain!! I can so see the weather destroying the event.....

....just like when I would schedule events back in North-Western Ontario; spend money and time getting ready, only to end up cancelling due to rain and cold weather. [Sighs]

Gotta go. Hope you have a great day!

Was just informed that my wings on the dragon are hanging too low. I think they are perfectly fine, and I actually like the way it looks. BUT!, I just gave in and snapped the wings back so I can start from scratch again. Fuck me..... I'm never volunteering for this again. Back to paper mache. I'll have to get more paint tomorrow.... Not sure if it will be done in time now.

June 29th
Talk about results! For the last 12 hours I haven't heard a freaking thing from upstairs. I guess the phone call I made to the property managers actually fixed things. It's either that, or the individuals responsible are simply not at home. Still, I have to say this is the first in a long time I've woken up in a peaceful manner.

I realize I didn't write an entry yesterday. This is due to a couple of events; a specialist appointment in the form of a CT SCAN, and sheer exhaustion. Why was I so tired? Blame Andy*.............

......... on June 27th at 8 PM, Andy's fiancee walked into the house unannounced. As she walked past me in the living room I could tell she was not wearing make-up and had her hair pulled back in haste. Her face was that of impending doom. At first I barely gave it a thought, but within minutes a loud argument broke out from Andy's room. The stress levels in the house went up as the sounds of skin striking skin erupted, followed by a long wail from the fiancee, crying, "Stop it! Stop it". I didn't know what to do......

....I wanted to phone the Police, but was worried about the fall-out of me reporting yet another assault in the home..... So, for 2.5 hours I was subjected to the sounds of a woman getting assaulted by the man she loves. Even with my headphones on and turned up loud I could hear the thuds and slaps of the attack, followed by pain-filled cries from her.

"Not my circus, not my monkeys", I kept reminding myself, but now I just feel guilty I didn't do something to stop this assault. In retrospect I should have called the Police; maybe it might have stopped the attack, and it may have even brought a little justice to this immigrant who believes that woman are sub-class to men. Yea... Andy is from India, and a immigrant. His views on relationships are not Canadian, and I wish I had addressed this when it happened. This kind of behaviour is going to continue, and I feel so sorry for that poor woman. Still, this is acceptable behaviour in India and other parts of the world, and she probably agrees with getting beaten. THIS is why immigration should be carefully screened for criminal ideology....

.......Want to come to Canada? Then act Canadian.... Immigration without assimilation is an invasion.

At 11 PM she left the house in a hurry. I was relieved to FINALLY have the yelling and stress over with, BUT 15 minutes later Andy is on speaker phone and walking around the house arguing again. I can hear her screaming over my headphones, because of the use of his speaker phone. Like, what the actual fuck?!?! It's past 11 PM, and this twat-waffle is using a speaker phone? Well, I was beyond angry at that point and I went out into the hallway and barked at him to turn that shit off because there are other people in the house. Turns out he listened, but the fact that he thinks it's acceptable to be so disruptive baffles me! What goes through your head that makes anyone think using a speaker phone is acceptable behaviour, especially at that hour?!?

Anyway, I have lost all respect for Andy. To his credit he has kept his head down for the last 24 hours which is a good thing...... For him. Can't imagine me keeping my mouth shut when there's stress-factor.

Changing the topic, I ended up breaking the wings on the dragon and re-positioning them. This set me back 48 hours in development, but I have to say the dragon is PERFECT! I managed to get a layer of paint on it last night before bed, and today is going to be spent painting the rest of it. Not that it matters.....

...because it's forecast to thundershower for the next three days, effectively killing Canada Day events.

(Explicit)!!! Like, really? A massive event cancelled due to rain. Told ya! Isn't it sickening?!? The unsettled weather that has pervaded London, Ontario, since early Spring is still creating colder-than-average temperatures with constant precipitation. To make along story short, the weather this year has been DREADFUL!

So, it's a cold, dark, cloudy day. Rain keeps spattering like an insult, reminding me that I'm wasting my time getting ready for an event that is not going to occur. The problem? I've spent over $50 on materials to build the pinata, and Brian has purchased $70 worth of candy. The candy is now installed in the beast........

.....I seriously hope there's a "Rain Day". Otherwise we're going to be left with a very expensive paper-weight in our living room.

I'm thinking of doing a LIVE video on social media today. We'll see what happens......

....because Andy just crawled out of his room and is now going to cook up another batch of his stinking Indian cuisine. FUCK! I hate that stench! Turns out there's going to be some words, and I hope to God I can somewhat restrain myself. I have ZERO respect for that pile of crap now...... Argh!

Gotta go. There's a busy day ahead, and I better get at it. Hope you have a great day!

*Andy - Not his real name

June 30th
Cold, dark clouds, and raining off-and-on.

The dragon is FINISHED! I pushed myself hard yesterday and managed to get the whole thing painted. The eyes are not something I'm proud of, due to the fact I didn't paint them on like I normally do, but rather, as per Brian's request I hot-glued glass half-marbles with a black "Reptile pupil" painted on them. Sure it looks ok, but it's not the way I do my eyes. Much of this is because I like to do things myself, and not rely on something fake-looking to augment my art. Oh well... It's done and ready for the kidlets to bash open and get the goodies inside.

If it stops raining.....

......like, this whole year has been below average temperatures with above average rainfall. I was sick of this in March.... It's now the end of June.

I have a few things to do today. I promised Brian I would help him for a bit once I feel better. There's rent to pay, and I have to make a medical marijuana order. The house NEEDS to be cleaned, mostly due to the fact no one else cleans, and I've been so busy lately I haven't had time.

I gotta go jump in the shower and get ready. Hope you have a great day, and I wish everyone a safe, and enjoyable Canada Day! Happy 150th!!!

July 1st - Canada's 150th Birthday - 8 PM
I'm exhausted! [Laughs] From head to toe I am quite stiff and sore, but that's from a day filled with activity and celebration. Play until it hurts, I always say.... And wow! Did I ever have fun!

Cara came over last night and we put the finishing engineering touches to the hand-cart I used to wheel the dragon pinata around in the parade, as well as, to drag it into place for the big moment. It was nice to have her over, and I'm growing used to her coming over to see me. Not sure if Hephestusamazilion is always happy, because she is much bubblier than I am and I can see the little fella react when she squeals his name in happiness. Cara's iguana, Konika, is doing quite well, but she is being trained much more differently than mine. I treat mine like a one-year-old child, while she treats hers like a toddler.

Heffy went for a walk to meet a whole bunch of curious children. He was such a good boy!! Like, oh my goodness, bless his little heart! He took so many pictures and let so many kidlets pet him. I couldn't have been more proud with the way he behaved!

I got dressed up in my warrior garb, had Cara paint my nails and do my eye-liner. Then I went and set up my float on the sidewalk.


As I rolled down the street dragging my dragon pinata I attracted children like an ice cream truck. For the last couple of weeks they've all heard rumours about a dragon filled with candy, and here it was right in front of them! The squeals of delight and amazement only brought more to come see. As we lined up for the parade people kept wanting photographs and asking over and over again if it was really made out of paper mache.

"Yup! It's paper mache."

We all proudly sang OH CANADA, and then as a community, marched back and forth down our little street. The children were mostly on bicycles, all decorated and painted a matching red and white, but a few adults dressed up a bit or walked carrying flags. Our parade leader was riding a motorbike, blasting out parade music at the front of the show.

After a short time we filed back to the Park. I rolled the dragon across the grass and set it up on display. There was about three hours until show-time, so I took the time to chill and relax. To get the children excited I brought out my boffers and did one on one fights with the children. With no wavers to sign we couldn't let the kidlets fight each other, alas. A small oversight perhaps, but it's not a big deal. My plan worked, however, and the more I played to the children's imagination, the more excited they became.

It was during this time I decided to shoot some video. It's a bit shaky, but I'm still learning how to run my tablet. I am so happy with the hand-held computer

And then the dark storm clouds rolled in. [Sighs] I knew it was going to happen, but I was prepared; a shower curtain was tucked under the dragon's feet just in case and I quickly covered most of the pinata with it. I knew it was going to keep raining, so we quickly rolled the beast back through the park and stored it in the back of Brian's cube-truck. Safe from the rain, it fortunately only got a little bit wet....

.....however, the rain chased over 3/4 of the children away.

 Cara and I went inside to clean up and change into some dry clothes. I checked the weather channel to see that the band of thunderstorms would be passed London by 5 PM. So, I decided to go back outside and while carrying an umbrella to ward off the rain, did my best to keep the interest going. It worked! The children stayed, and before long the clouds rolled over us and the blue sky emerged.

I had an absolute blast doing the pinata with the children!! After three weeks of building and dreaming of that very moment, I lead the charge in attacking the candy-filled creature. I lined up the kidlets from shortest to tallest, and blindfolded each one to gave them the chance to have a whack at the dragon.

It was a blast!

One slight hitch in my plans. During the "Attack" of the creature, Brian kept encouraging the kidlets to poke at the weak underbelly. So, instead of hammering it to bits like I had planned, they purposely went after the stomach. Once the candy rained down they rushed in and there was no chance of getting the children to line back again to keep hacking at it until it all came out. So, a slight hiccup with a bit of stress, but I know better for next time how to do such a thing.

This has been one massive learning experience!

I'm thinking that if I actually had a decent place to craft and work I wouldn't mind tackling a few big projects like the dragon. It's not really possible to do so in my current situation, and the only reason I got away with designing the dragon was because it was a donation to the community. I seriously doubt my roommates would be pleased if I was doing this on a regular basis.

I decided that since I knew exactly where the break-point was in the neck I would decapitate the beast since I couldn't get the children to listen once the candy was raining. So, with a mighty swing (Actually, it took two) I sliced through the neck and the head fell off in a dramatic thud.

The cool part is that there was barely any damage done to the dragon's head, so I'll be able to mount it on a plaque. Another cool factor? It's probably really desired by one of the neighbours....

.......for example, one of the dragon's eye was knocked out, so I decided to give it to the child that broke it off. An hour later I overheard a conversation that the dragon's-eye owner has had offers of $10 to purchase it for nostalgia. I'm not kidding when I say that the only thing I have left of the entire project is the head, one foot, and a couple of wing bits. I guess the rest was torn apart with each child suddenly desiring to have a piece of the dragon for nostalgia. Seriously, it was like watching a pack of piranha devour a bleeding cow. Gone! Like, the only reason I have the head is because I picked it up and took it home right away. Where the the rest of it went I have no idea. [Laughs] Picked CLEAN.....

......there is one part of all this I find very amusing. Due to the fact I was dressed up like a dragon hunter, brandished weapons, carried an iguana around for a bit, and acted a bit for the children's delight, it became evident that many of the kidlets had a really interesting impression of who I am. It was made quite clear when three of them asked me if I was "Real", and wanted to know if I kept my iguana in a magic pocket, as well as, curious to know what magic tricks I could do. Am I real....

....is anyone? [Laughs]

I'm now sitting here, basking in the afterglow of a day filled with fun. I have downloaded the LIVE FACEBOOK VIDEOS I took, and I'm going to make a bit of a compiled video. I'll post it once I get it done.

[Sighs happily] Tired. Not certain if I'll make it to see any sort of fireworks display. It would probably be quite something to see being as that it's Canada's 150th Birthday and all... But Cara is so zonked out she's napping in my bed at the moment, and I just feel like crawling in next to her and cuddling. Maybe after I check out the video feed from today.......

.......after a bit of a snack and a drink. Anywho, Happy Birthday, Canada! I'll talk to you tomorrow.

July 3rd
Good morning, Dear Diary. The sun is shining, but temperatures are only expected to hit 23 degrees. I suppose to other people this is an awesome day, but for me it's only a bit warmer than room temperature. Everyone has a preference, right? I like the heat.

Didn't sleep well. The guy above me was running his fan all night. It's like trying to sleep under a refrigerator motor. I ended up having to put earplugs in at 4 AM to try and block out the droning sound.

I did wake up in a decent mood, however. I was a bit groggy when I plucked a still-sleeping iggy from the branch over my head (He fell asleep on the top branch last night instead of his enclosure), laid down on my bed, and placed him on my chest. As I closed my eyes for a moment I could feel his little tongue gently licking my chin as my body heat spread through his cold-blooded body, AKA iggy kisses. We laid like that for about 20 minutes before I got up and started our day.

It was a super-quiet morning. With Monday being a holiday (Which I think is ludicrous!) for all government buildings and banks, barely anyone is around. Andy is gone, thank God. Not in the mood to deal with his abusive ass, and I hope he stays gone. Brian is bustling around, but to his credit he's cleaning the house. Told you he was a good guy..... The bathroom smells 100% better. I'm happy that Brian has similar standards of living as I do.....

.....Cleanliness IS next to Godliness.

No dragon to work on... Does THAT ever feel weird. [Chuckles] "Now that I am finished the dragon pinata, I don't know what to do with the rest of my life"......

.......time to get back to writing, methinks. Since everything is closed there's nothing else for me to do but stay home. So, my plan for today is to write a bit, tidy up, and maybe even take Hephestusamazilion outside for a bit of a walk during the hottest part of the day. Sounds like a great day to me!

I would like to add that I am a bit emotional this morning due to the retirement of Peter Mansbridge from CBC "The National". For five decades he has been the steady voice for Canadians, covering everything from elections to scandals since he was 19 year old. I will miss him greatly, but I do wish him all the best as he starts his retirement! Thank you Peter for being there for Canada for so many years!

With that I am going to sign off for the day. Hope you have a great week!

P.S. I made a video about the cremation of the dragon pinata. Have a look...

3 PM
Just finished my first audiobook. After a couple of weeks of trying to figure out the way I wanted to do it, I managed to get a chance to try. I believe it turned out pretty well! Check it out!!

July 4th
I've been awake since 3:30 AM. Why? The guy who lives above me has a fan where the natural frequency creates a vibration that echoes in my room, which wakes me up. It's akin to attempting to sleep under a refrigerator motor.

This is going to be a long day.

Not feeling like I'm in the mood to write much of a diary entry. Being tired and frustrated does that....

.....but before I go, I just want to mention the second audio-book now available on Youtube. I recorded me narrating "One Last Ride", and managed to put together a second video yesterday. Not much in the way of writing was accomplished, but I've been wanting to make audio-books for some time now. Pretty pleased with my production yesterday.

Have a good one, eh?

July 5th
More of the same bullshit. Between having to vent out the house because Andy doesn't know how to cook anything without using curry, and the fuckwads upstairs keep acting like there are no other tenants in the building. I am more frustrated than a Millennial being told they're not special! I keep getting woke up to banging and excess noise from upstairs, and the rancid, acrid scent of Andy's cooking makes my eyes water, not to mention, seeps into anything made of fabric. I don't want my shit to smell sour because some immigrant doesn't know how to assimilate to Canadian cuisine. I can't stand that I'm gagging when this man cooks his food. Still can't figure out how anyone can even put that shit into their mouth, and I'm at a loss as to why anyone would even want to!

So, because of the fact I am frustrated to the point of believing I won't be staying here for any great length of time, and the fact I don't want my belongings stinking, I started packing last night. The paintings and art in the main living area are now in my room, and stored safely away. I'm thinking perhaps I should try and sell some of this extra art I have laying around, but it's so hard to sell art.....

......When people are forced to choose between simply paying bills or purchasing art, most choose to buy food and pay their rent. Who can blame them, right? Art isn't necessarily useful, and unless you have extra money to spend on such things, most people choose to buy cheap store-bought prints and plastic decorations.

It's supposed to be warm today, so that's good.

My plans are to do some more audio-books, but today I am going to focus on children stories. Why not, eh? Make something the parents can let play for their kidlets.... Actually, this idea comes from a wonderful woman from the Philippines who told me she let her classroom listen to my rendition of "I Wish" yesterday. Can you imagine the children's faces when they get to hear about "Fuzzgrommet", or "Fritz the Frog"?

Oh! I did a third audio-book yesterday. The short, horror story, "Don't Read This", is now available for a listen. I think that one turned out pretty well, because I am learning how to adjust the microphone volume by using the web-camera I bought 4 years ago instead of my actual microphone. Have a listen if you like....

...but I have to go. Lots of things to do, and time seems to be racing by. I'll talk to you later.

3 PM
I thought I should make a entry regarding the ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) that was launched by North Korea on July 4th. It was deliberately launched on Independence Day, with a promise of more. Read the CBC article HERE.

I agree with the journalist on this one; it's not just North Korea that is escalating the arms race in the Asian theater..... But the United States as well.

To be blunt, I believe the United States is purposely taunting the DPRK in the hope that Kim Jong-un makes a mistake allowing for an invasion by the US. With that amount of firepower and personnel in the region something is eventually going to happen.

It reminds me of squabbling sibling..... Each trying to get the other in trouble while attempting to come out looking the victim.

Let's hope it de-escalates soon!

July 6th
Good morning! It's only 8 AM, but it's already beginning to get warm. Yay!! Temperatures are supposed to hit 27 degrees this afternoon, which I think is a good thing.

The plan for today is to clean up the house really well, and then pack up a few things and go stay with Cara for a couple of days. What am I going to do with Hephestusamazilion? I'm taking him with me.....

.......while routine is absolutely necessary, it's also important to not allow your iguana to become sheltered from reality. Most lizard owners tend to stick their iguana in a cage and treat them like a goldfish; little interaction, and mostly just to look at. Not my iguana... He's learning to be friendly around people and other animals, because I'm forcing him to go outside and be exposed to new things. Taking him for a ride in a plastic crate across town to visit another iguana, some cats, and a kidlet, will do much in the way of tempering the little fella. There is going to be some stress, but I believe this will be a good thing for him, as well as, afford me a chance to go for an extended visit......

.....and yea! I really need to get out of this house.

Due to my health issues I am not able to come and go as I please, so there are many days where I am forced to remain in the house. The problem with this, is that the constant noise pollution coming from upstairs and the revolting cooking habits of my roommate, Andy, make it stressful. Do I have a right to complain about foreign cooking-habits? I believe I do when it's so raunchy that the smell makes my eyes water every-time he decided to cook something. I also believe that when you are in a group setting, such as we are, that you take measures to ensure that you are not offending anyone else living in the house....

....I mean, I take it upon myself to ensure I'm not creating noise or other kinds of unwanted behaviour, so why don't the others? The answer to this is quite simple; it's the way they were raised. I was taught respect and forethought, something they don't teach in today's society.

Changing the topic, I took it upon myself to record the two "Fuzzgrommet" stories I had written. These two children stories are now available on Youtube as audio-books! Please feel free to share these wonderful tales with your family......

.......and, just so you know, Dear Diary, my work is being shared all over the world by teachers. I know for a fact that the "Fuzzgrommet" stories are being shared in a certain Filipino school, because I am extremely good friends with the teacher. I'll refer to her by the nickname she enjoys, rather than use her real name (Remember my personal creed on using names in my diary?) Well, it turns out that Rhessy's class in the Philippines has been delighted by my previous Skype sessions so much, that when she realized I had made an audio-book, Rhessy decided to let them listen to "I Wish". When I heard that it suddenly dawned on me that I needed to record children stories, and decided to start with "Fuzzgrommet". When I sent her a private message last night that I had finished two children books for her to share, she promised me that she will indeed let her class have a a listen.....

....not only that, but I was informed a couple of days ago that the school that Diane's kidlets attend, had insisted on the big, green, stuffed frog called "Fritz" be brought for the last day, and the teacher read the whole story "Fritz the Frog" to the class! Like, wow!! How much fun is that?

So, there you have it, Dear Diary. I am indeed achieving my goals of becoming a known author / artist. My goals of becoming world-wide are also being achieved. Next step is an editor and publisher, and get my work actually printed. My end goal is to not only become a recognizable name all over the planet, but leaving a lasting legacy where parents of newborns choose to name their child after me. After all, I am the first Zzorhn. There has never been anyone with that name before, but someday there will......

.......not so far-fetched if you really think about it.

My plan is to go and clean the house before I take off for a couple of days. I also have to pack...... Should get my butt in gear. . Hope you have a great day!

July 10th
It's a deary, chilly, Monday afternoon as I type this. I realize it's been a couple of days since I last wrote anything. There are legitimate reasons I haven't made a journal entry; no room to set up and type being one major reason. Another reason is the emotional roller-coaster I've experienced all weekend.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning.

On Thursday night  We decided to have a couple of drinks and sing karaoke using some of my older CD+G discs and a used machine that Brian and I found. It was fun for a bit, but then a few other people showed up. They didn't want to sing, and although there was still drinks available they all wanted to go to the bar. At that point Cara and I had a good glow on, and I didn't think we should go out, but you know how peer pressure works....

...not with me, Dear Diary, Peer pressure does nothing once I've made up my mind..... I was talking about Cara and her buddies. Once they determined they wanted to go to the bar there was no amount of logic that was going to stop them. I didn't go, but everyone else did. Well, I got woke up at 3:30 AM when they returned. Long story short? It didn't go that well.

Saturday was spent cleaning up and working on getting ready for the kidlet's Birthday party. Cara decided to sew some towel bags for the guests to take home as party favours. Yup! A pool party! How cool is that? On Saturday night we chose to cuddle on the couch and watch moves......

......in the afternoon, however, I received a phone call from Brian who explained that one of the other tenants had broken into our house in an angry fit, and slipped a note of some kind under my door. I guess this man, Mark, angrily demanded to know where I was, and proceeded to make threats.

Like, what the actual Hell?

So, on Sunday when the Birthday party was well underway, I quietly made my way into my house. I grabbed a few things, as well as, the angry letter left by Mark, and then took the bus back across town. I wanted to wait until Monday to call the Property Managers and let them know I am not going back there until this situation is resolved......

....to which they told me they don't plan on doing anything to ensure my safety.

I guess Brian had to call and make a report, since he was the one who was home when Mark broke into our house. Why? Because Mark is jealous of the fact I am getting to do the lawn-work, and he wants to worm his way into getting the position. Why do I care? Because I get rental of a storage shed in lieu of cutting the lawn, and where I to stop mowing the lawn I would lose out on being able to use the storage shed. This bastard is deliberately manipulating and bullying me for his own benefit.

I am so sick of all this bullshit drama!

Anywho, the weather is crap and I don't feel very motivated. Not able to type well on a laptop keyboard, but there's not much I CAN do about it. Oh well.... I now have to wait for this bullshit to get fixed before I think of going home.

Hope you have a good week.

July 12
Nothing done today except cleaning. Creativity is at a stand-still.

July 13th
I'm a bit more relaxed today, although there are still a few things bothering me.
1. Still on the fence about where to live.
2. Worried about mowing the lawn.
3. Ashamed of the Canadian government
4. Afraid of Canada's future.
5. Iguana cage needs to be rebuilt.

Starting at number one.....

.......I love Cara and want to be with her, but we all know how that has ended up before. I've lost track of the times I've had to move out, but sometimes a year can make a difference in the way people act. I like my little apartment, but not the people that live there (Except Brian, he's a great guy) So, the argument of "My own place" vs "Cara's apartment" can also be described as "Stress from strangers" vs "Stress from family", or even "Frustration caused by co-dependency" vs "Frustration from co-dependency". Seriously, it's just like that..... And I probably wouldn't hesitate to move back in if I wasn't worried  about becoming homeless again. Remember earlier this Spring? When I was made homeless? Yea, that happened.......

.......so, right now I am cautious about jumping at the chance to move back in. I like the idea of having my own place just in case something happens. It sucks when my stuff is across town, but I just have to remind myself that before I move anything I need to address the fact that Cara still views the apartment as "Hers". This ideology created major problems last time, and it still exists. So, before I make any major decisions on this there needs to be a few things addressed.

Number two. I realize the lawn needs to be mowed, but I can't stand the idea it might cause a fight. I guess I'll have to check the weather and try and get it done while Mark is away. Sounds so stupid having to avoid a roommate because they want to manipulate things and create drama!

Number three is a major concern. My embarrassment of the current Canadian government is growing by leaps and bounds each day. It's got to the point where I can't see anything possibly getting more ridiculous, but over-and-over the Trudeau government keeps lowering the bar in an attack on Conservative values. Which brings me to number four.....

......I'm worried that Canada will never recover from having such a ludicrous stance on illegal immigrants and economic migrants. Personally, I think that all the current lawmakers should be charged with treason for compromising Canada's security!

Number five is based on number one. Do I delve into a project so that the iguanas can co-habitat better? Or just keep waiting to see if things are going to work out or not.

One thing is certain..... I still haven't received a reply from the landlord, Michael, regarding the fact Mark broke into the house and threatened me.... But then again, the locks on the door still haven't been changed since the assault on June 10th. So, not shocking.. Disappointing, but not a surprise.... Michael is a lousy landlord who is worried about getting his rent on time, but is not concerned about the safety of his tenants.

Rain.... and the sun cannot penetrate the gloomy cloud cover. [Sigh] Oh well... Hope you have a great day!

July 14th
Rain clouds loom overhead on this foggy Friday morning. London received another big dump of wet shit yesterday, and the clouds that brought the deluge is sticking around to make everyone's day miserable. Good morning, Dear Diary. It's quite early, but I've been up since 5:30 due to my health issues flaring up.

It's a shitty topic, Dear Diary, but I'm bleeding internally today. I can barely move without feeling like I'm being stuck with a fork in my abdomen. What's the cause of this sudden flare up? Who knows! I didn't eat or drink anything yesterday that would make such a difference.[Sigh] Probably end up medicating earlier than normal today just to be able to function.

It sucks having to use drugs just to be able to function.

EVERYONE: "OH! You have your pot card! That must be SO awesome to legally order and smoke marijuana!"

ME: No, I'd rather not NEED to have it because my health is poor. Who likes being stoned all the time?

Well, to be fair, Dear Diary, I do NOT get stoned off marijuana. At least, not like I used to..... Even high-grade medical marijuana has very little effect on me compared to how it effects others. It takes away the bloating and pain, and that's all I want, but if I imbibe drugs from the moment I wake up I'm burned out by 8 PM. Anywho, I was forced to medicate today earlier than I normally like.

Changing the topic, I promised Brian I would go back to the house this morning and help him do a few things. While I'm there I'm going to do a bit of packing... May as well, right? I can't sit on the fence forever.

I probably won't be doing any actual work until I either move back to the "Iguana Cage", or decide to move my work station here. It's not easy to type sitting at the kitchen table, even if I am using a keyboard.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Talk soon!

July 16th
Good morning, Dear Diary. The sun is shining, but the forecast tells me that this won't last. In fact, a thunderstorm is expected to move in by noon......

....just in time to cancel my plans.

I woke up in a decent mood today despite my typical health issues. Did the usual news thing, took care of the two iguanas, and then made breakfast for everyone. Apparently my good mood is infectious, because we all had a pretty decent experience.

Not sure if this is a "Honeymoon Phase", or if the conversations we've had about trying to adapt to one another's habits is actually taking hold. Whatever it is, it's working.

The plan for today is to go visit Cara's family for a bit, and then head off to Belegarth for some sword practice. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is calling for a passing thundershower.... Right in the middle of the scheduled practice.... Like, quelle surprise, eh?!?!?!

[Mutters about the rain wrecking plans]

I have made a decision to move most of my stuff to Cara's place. I'll be selling the iguana enclosure as it's already becoming too small for my free-roaming iggy. He is much better suited to an artificial tree with strategic lighting in basking spots. Which is my goal... Regardless of where I am....So, sell the enclosure and divide the money with Cara as promised. Not sure if we'll get the money back that we invested in it..... [Laughs] Probably not.

So, Monday is the big day. The plan is for me to head over to the house and disassemble everything and pack. After noon, Brian is going to offer his truck to move everything in one shot. Set up my workspace, and get back to family life.

I need to reinforce my right to work this time. I am going to ignore the daily plights of drama and focus on my goals. This is something that didn't happen the last time, and because I have a cognitive understanding of how things transpired, the goal is make certain this doesn't happen.

Speaking of artwork, I'm mounting that dragon head from the pinata on a plaque. My plan is to gift it to Brian when finished as a memorial for the July 1st event in which he contributed so much. It's safe to publicly state this, because I know for a fact that Brian doesn't read my diary.

I gotta jet. Things are hectic right now and we have to leave soon. I'll talk to you later.

July 18th
Good morning, Dear Diary. I'm sitting at my computer desk as I type this entry, set up in Cara's bedroom.....

....this is the original place where I set up the first time I moved in with Cara the first time. We ended up moving the computer desk out of the bedroom and into the living room believing it would be better for a few reasons, but it ended up becoming problematic. I do have a problem typing sitting beside my sleeping better-half, but she keeps telling me the sound of my typing is extremely therapeutic. The one problem I cannot get away from, however, is that I cannot use a light to type. I've been awake for over an hour now, but am only starting this entry once the rising sun's light made it possible.

Much has happened since I last wrote about worldly matters. Here's a quick recap....

- Canada's Prime Minister awarded $10.5 MILLION to a known Islamic soldier, Omar Khadre.  This waste of flesh was born in Canada, but whisked out of the country before his first birthday, and then raised as a child-soldier, brain-washed to fight for an Islamic terrorist organization. He knowingly killed one USA soldier with a grenade and blinded another before he was captured. While there might be some legitimate, legal reason for this slap-in-the-face to Canadian tax-payers, this man should have been stripped of his Canadian citizenship the moment he was caught by USA marines! I seriously hope this ludicrous decision by Justin Trudeau is the final nail in the coffin for the Liberal party in Canada!

- Wildfires rage all over the planet. Canada's West coast is being hit hard for a second year in a row.

- USA President, Donald Trump, is making deals like only he knows how. From promoting "America First" to renegotiating NAFTA to brokering BILLIONS of dollars in American goods to many different countries, the 45th American President is actually doing what he said he was going to do in terms of trade.

-Russian and USA peace pact in the Middle East is still holding.

-Iraq just announced that ISIS is eradicated in the country. Clean-up crews are just entering the city of Mosul after three years of ISIS control.

- Violence is rising in Europe with the majority of perpetrators being immigrants from the Middle East and Africa.

- An iceberg topping the scales at over a TRILLION tons is now floating around in the Antarctic ocean.

- A man-hunt is underway in Quebec for an Imam who was caught inciting hate-speech. It is my humble opinion that for every one they hear about there are at least two that are getting away with inciting hate-speech and calling for the implementation of Sharia Law to Europe and North America.

- The news media is being very quiet about North Korea. In this case, no news is good news.

- Protesters want to have a Canadian historical site for General Cornwallis torn down, in an imitation of the divided United States. I fear that in our attempts to bury history we are doomed to repeat it.

- The Russian "Hacking scandal" has been exposed for the bullshit that it was. Initiated by independent hackers, the story was hyped by CNN and other leftist news organizations. These media sources are now playing defense as the world around them realizes just how corrupt they really are. (This has to be one of the best things I've heard about news in a long time) I'd go so far as to add CBC into that list of corrupt media, and when I go on social media it's relieving to see so many individuals calling out CBC, CNN,FOX, et all, for the state-censored propaganda they spew.

There's lots of other things occurring, but those are the highlights that are on my mind the most. If you toss in the disgust I have for the divide in America fueled by the previous President, Obama, as well as, the divide created by the Trudeau government, I am feeling like a by-stander watching as a child plays with a can of gas and a lighter.....

.....because shit is about to explode at any second.

War is coming, mark my words. If no external conflict arises within the next 5 years you are going to see a rise in violence in North America. The potential for a race-war or even one based on radically-opposing religious beliefs is very real, but IF a call to war against another nation occurs it will prevent civil war from breaking out.  Why do I think if the conflict occurs elsewhere that the impending civil war won't happen? War has a way of bringing a nation together.....

.....all conflict has an end result of determining a new balance. That's why we argue and fight; it's to restore balance. When you have a major conflict, it boosts the economy and rallies the country in a way that nothing else can. However, war can also cripple nations in many ways with long-lasting repercussions, which is why most nations push for peace.

I gotta go. I have to do the iguana thing and there's tons of things to do today. Hope you have a great day!

July 20th
Featuring an article that explains how a drama teacher is completely changing Canada in an effort to turn it into a Third-world country.
Good morning, Dear Diary. While the weather might be gloomy my spirits are good. I had a productive day yesterday, and I'm pleased to announce that Hephestusamazilion's artificial tree is completed.....

.........I've done away with the concept of a cage for him, and instead, crafted a roost made out of logs and fake greenery. In my experience the wood will dry out and become preserved over time as long as it stays dry. Everything gets a good scrub in a bathtub full of bleach-water to kill any unwanted mold, fungus, or insects. Cheap, and it's the most natural setting for a domestic iguana. You should have saw him checking it out for the first time. I can state with certainty that he remembered his favourite branch from the other house, because I've never seen him act in the way he did when I presented him with his new roost using the materials that were familiar.....

........his little tongue kept licking the air in his excitement. Lick, lick, lick, and then cock his head to re-examine the branch with wide, excited eyes. Lick, lick.... Move a centimeter.... Lick, lick, lick, check it all out... Move a tiny fraction... Repeat for two hours.

It was adorable! Just more proof that iguanas are misunderstood creatures, with obvious evidence of memory and capable of displaying emotions such as joy and excitement. Yes, it's hard to tell if a lizard is smiling, but the best way is to look at their eyes.

Anywho, his lights and radio are all set up. He can look out the window from his perch under the UVA / UVB lights, and watch people and cars as they pass by, PLUS he is now conveniently located directly above my work-station which he obviously enjoys. Remember how he liked to climb down and sit on my desk just to be near me? Now he is always within petting distance and my social little iguana gets to hang out with me all the time when I work. Don't forget that I crafted his perch with all the knowledge of what iguanas need and feels most natural for them.... Most importantly, being high in the air with a safe place to view the whole room.

Moving on, I just received a private message from Diane that I now have to respond to. I understand that she doesn't like Cara for... Reasons.... And is quite upset that I am trying to make a life with her. Yes, I get that she did help me out many times, and there has been natural reasons for Diane to be wary of Cara, however, I don't understand why she feels like I need to be chastised for my choice.

I have a great way to explain how I feel about the unwanted drama that seems to pop up in my life. Jesus liked to explain things by the use of parables, and so do I..... Now, this is a true story, but it highlights my point quite well.........

.........last night, I put the final touches on the new tree for my iguana. While it was designed for my iguana, there is a second iguana in the house that might possibly enjoy it as well from time to time. Her name is Konika, and she's about a year older than Hephestusamazilion. Knowing that Heffy was going to be using the roost the most, Cara chose to go and get Konika and let her give it a test run. As usual, I was doing two or three different things all at the same time, and in this case I was posting items for sale on Kijiji, rewiring the power cords for the lights, and working on the fake tree. I barely took notice of Cara placing Konika on the branch above me with the exception of simply thinking that all was right with the world, and that I was happy to share my experience with Cara and Konika.

I was looking down and hard at work. On my head was a set of wireless headphones softly playing "Mood music" laced with bi-neural beats to help boost my brain's creativity. A short time went by as I multi-tasked, painstakingly going over all the wiring and trying to find clever ways to describe the various items I want to sell online..... When suddenly, I heard this fart-sound followed by a splash of iguana poop all over the desk.

Instantly I jumped up in shock and disgust. As Konika relieved herself from atop the basking spot because she was stressing out, the runny fecal matter poured down like the Niagara Falls all over my desk, splashing up the side of a computer monitor and flecked across the top keyboard. It did my utmost best to try and get everything out of the way, and waited for Konika to stop crapping.

It could have been worse. Much worse in fact, had that iguana decided to move about a foot forward before defecating, because it would have been directly over my desk and would have been a completer nightmare. As it was, it took Cara and I about 10 minutes to clean it all up and sanitize everything that had been splattered by iguana poop. 10 minutes of rushing frantically to clean up an unexpected mess... Caused by someone / something else.

So to recap, there I was sitting quietly hard at work and being quite productive.... And then something unexpected comes and takes a shit all over my desk, and I'm left cleaning up the mess.

Is that not a perfect comparison to how life goes? There you are being all productive and such, and someone drops a crap-load of drama in your lap..... And it's only after getting sucked into cleaning it up, usually getting covered in the shit as a result, that you can move forward.

Parable aside, that is one design flaw with the new iguana roost; it IS directly over my work-space. I keep Heffy's enclosure pretty damned clean, but now I have to be super vigilant to ensure he is properly pooped each morning to prevent accidents, as well as, not feed him when he's on the branch over the desk. More specifically, I have to take great care when giving him his calcium powder each day so that it doesn't fall into the electronics. [Shrugs] No biggee for me, I guess.

So, I have a few things I need to do today. Everything seems to be good, and even the kidlet is on her best behaviour. Looks like we all want this to work.....

......Hope you have a wonderful Friday-Junior. We'll talk soon.

July 21st
Good morning, Dear Diary. The weather is calling for partly-cloudy skies and the high for the day is expected to be 28 degrees.

Turns out there is one bit of a problem with Heffy sitting atop my workstation and directly beside the bed; iguanas sneeze to rid their bodies of excess salts. This fine spray sticks to everything and leaves a whitish stain. Cara noticed there is a speckled pattern on the headboard of the bed, and there's iggy sneeze-marks all over my desk. Nothing new for me, as Hephestusamazilion has been using my desk for a couple of months, but the bed getting hit by iguana sneezes IS new. [Shrugs] Looks like I'll have to keep on top of cleaning.

It's always something.

I have to run downtown this morning and drop off some papers. I figure since I'm heading across town I may as well go check out the other house for a bit.

It's Friday, but I don't think there are any plans. Perhaps more organizing and cleaning? Guess we'll see.

Had a fairly productive day yesterday. I sorted and cleaned, fixed a couple of things, set up a computer for the kidlet, and helped Cara move some furniture.

I should jet. Lots to do and time seems to be skipping by quickly. Hope you have a great day!

July 22nd
Good morning, Dear Diary. It's a cloudy, cooler day. There's talk of rain and possible thundershowers. Being as that there are no real plans for me today this matters little, however, it would have been nice to maybe go swimming....

....can't go swimming when it's raining, because you'll get wet. [Chuckles]

So, Saturday morning.... I awoke to Hephestusamazilion's radio and lights turning on, and groggily got out of bed. Turns out I slept pretty decently, and didn't wake up to severe cramping this morning. Don't worry, I've since been hit by a wave of pain and had to medicate, but this morning wasn't a mad dash to the bathroom like I usually do. Shitty topic.... Anyway, I made the two iguanas their breakfast, made myself some coffee, and put on some news. Even Cara is in decent spirits this morning, so it's apparently not just me.

Not certain if I've mentioned this, Dear Diary, but apparently Justin Trudeau is donating over $20 million Canadian tax-payer's dollars to the Hillary Clinton foundation to "Promote Feminism". This money is earmarked for abortion clinics and pushing feminism agendas......

.....now, it's NO secret that the current Canadian Prime Minister is married to a feminist and is an admitted feminist. His march in this year's Gay Pride Parade was splashed all over media with images of a smiling celebrity shaking hands and hugging scantily-clad revelers. His agenda of "Equal representation" in the varied government cabinets is also a clear indication of how he views men......

........and his attack on men is extremely clear!

I'm not going to point out that Hillary Clinton is a criminal and should be languishing behind bars for the rest of her miserable life. I'm not going to talk about abortion, because I firmly believe that it is a woman's right to choose, even if they choose to murder their unborn child. (Up to a certain point - Leftist agenda wants to make it possible to "Terminate a pregnancy" up to 28 days after a live birth)  I'm not going to talk about the "Equal representation" stance of the current government as I think that's a good thing in itself, because I firmly believe in EQUALITY, although no one should be getting a job because of what's between their legs. What I AM going to address is the destructive agenda of feminism,.....

........let me go on record and state that feminism and chauvinism are both destructive. Perhaps at one time the feminist movement was about equality, but that goal has long since been abandoned. Now? The feminist movement has become bitter, sexist, and seeks to tear down men.

Alpha males are the ones most threatened by feminists. The agenda of the feminist movement is to soften the male image and ego, turning "Rough and tough" competitive males into wimpy, non-aggressive men that can be controlled by domineering women. This is not about equality, but rather, an agenda to make men a lesser sex.

You already see the lop-sided sexism in Canadian family court, with women winning over 80% of all domestic issues. In the Western world where women have more rights than their male counterparts due to the raging agenda to make reparations for past wrongs, the balance has indeed tipped. Basically, this current generation of men are being punished and shamed for past generations of sexism toward women.... Which almost seems like someone giving you a paper cut, and THEN pouring lemon juice on it as an insult.

I want to see equality between the sexes. The fact remains, there are very NOTABLE differences between men and women, and instead of trying to diminish or destroy those differences I firmly believe they should be celebrated. Women can give birth, while men are on average much stronger. Women tend to be more nurturing, but studies prove that children need the alpha-male influence just as much as a nurturing figure in their lives for proper growth.

Now, every child is different. I'm certainly not opposed to little boys playing with Barbie dolls, nor am I opposed to little girls playing rough-and-tumble games. Equality in ALL things, I say...... But let's not force our beliefs on the impressionable youth, shall we? Just because you feel a certain way about something, doesn't mean you need to make other people become like you....

....and let's not forget that while the parents of Canada are indoctrinating their youngsters in an ideology of inclusiveness and non-competitive attitudes, the rest of the planet is establishing firm sexual stereotypes, the competitive nature of the world in which we live, and are teaching their children to kill your children.

On that note, I think I shall get on with the rest of my day. Cara has plans to take me shopping, so once I get all my cramping and bloating out of the way, I'll be joining her for a foray downtown to the Asian food market.... Best prices for food in town!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! We'll talk soon.

July 23rd
The sun cannot shine through the thick cloud cover. There's no wind, and everything is very quiet. Even the loud party down the block seems to have died off (Finally). It's a muggy, sunless, threatening-to-rain, Sunday morning.

It sucks that there's rain in the forecast for this afternoon! I had plans to go to Belegarth today and do some sword fighting. I've been crafting some new garb, and kinda wanted to try it out.

[Sighs] Can't rub more than three dry days together this year.

So, yesterday I decided to tackle Cara's sewing machine, and I cleaned it out and oiled it up. After that I tried my hand at a project I've been wanting to craft for some time now..... A raised, spike collar. It's hard to describe, because even searching for references online came up empty. It's akin to the "Mage collar" you see in fantasy movies. It's not quite finished, but with another rain-day I imagine I'll finish that, and perhaps start another project.

I'm forcing myself to stay productive as that was one of the problems I had the last time I lived with Cara. Non-productivity drives me stir-crazy.

As for the family thing, we're good. There's the normal problems that come with sharing a home with others, but in this case they are not roommates; it's my youngest kidlet and her mother that I love that I have to contend with. While there is a stressor not found in the other house AKA "Cleanliness", I am not cleaning up after strangers. I did a few hours of laundry yesterday, and ended up cleaning the house just so I could sew. Oh well, it was productive.

I found the kidlet a used computer. Right now mommy is hacking and fixing it to ensure there's no hidden files for a child to find. It's a great asset for a growing mind to have access to her own computer, and I'm happy I could provide this for her.

Cara wants to go shopping, since we didn't get to yesterday. Not sure when that is happening, but I must remain flexible with my family.

I'm happy. I have to remember that there will be moments of frustration, but with the tools I have garnered over the last couple of years I should be adequately equipped to deal with Cara....

....I hope.

Kidding, of course about the hoping thing..... We all hope that things work out in the end. What I was really referring to, is that I hope that this is IT... You know? The last time Cara and I choose to make a life together. [Raises his coffee mug in a toast] To a life-time of no drama, and lots of love....

....Well, at least we have the love part.

Hope you have a great Sunday! I want to go and get a jump on some of my projects so I'm going to leave you, Dear Diary, with one last statement. I NEED to start working on my "Yule Story" that's due December 21st, 2017. It seems to be coming up much too quickly!

Have a great day!

July 24th
I'm out of medication. Can barely lean over the computer to type this morning.

21 degrees, cloudy, rain, and windy.....

.....our plans to take the kidlet swimming have been cancelled. This foul weather seems to have put Cara in a foul mood. Her health issues become more pronounced during unsettled weather patterns.... But this weekend has also been emotionally rough on her as well. I'll admit I perhaps had a hand in it when I became frustrated yesterday over the fact I wanted to craft and instead, was running around the house cleaning up after pets and other people. I may have mumbled a couple of remarks about feeling like Cinderella or something, because she's upset about my "Attitude". Her ex was also to blame for the stress Cara is feeling, because he has spent quite a bit of time at the apartment this weekend visiting his kidlet, and those two rub each other the wrong way like it's a competition. It became so bad last night that I had to retreat to the bedroom and get away from the constant bickering. Anyway, I have my headphones on, and I'm going to do my utmost best to avoid confrontation.

[[Sighs] Another cold, soggy day. What to do? [Snaps his fingers] OH! I could write, right? I'm at the point where I would have to go back and reread a few pages to figure out where I left off, but I do believe it was at a new chapter, so that should make it easier to start again on the Yule story....

....the hardest part of doing anything, is starting.

I AM in a grumpy mood, having already been accused of things I didn't do. Not just from Cara, but online as well... It's like the stars are not in my favour today... Must refocus energy to something positive.

Well, probably should go start cleaning. There's garbage to take out, things to vacuum, and I really need to wash my desk from Heffy sneezing on it..... Just like the glass enclosure back at the house where I was forced to wash it every other day or have it looking quite dirty, my desk will have to undergo the same constant cleaning......

....it still looks awesome, though.

Hope you have a great week. I'm going to have to take some measures to get some medication... Somehow... There's still seven days left in this month.....

......Talk soon.

July 25th
Had a rough night. Between the neighbours who choose to sit outside until midnight speaking in loud voices, to the flipping and flopping of Cara in her sleep, I only got about 4-5 hours of rest. Yes, I'm a light sleeper and will wake up to noise, lights, and movement. Don't get me wrong, Dear Diary, I love the cuddles.

The sun is forecast to shine. As I write this the clouds are finally burning away to reveal a blue sky. I can feel my spirits lifting already.

Since I was up so early, I half-heartedly threw myself into a couple of debates. I know I chose to stop personal debates and only stick to media sources like CBC, but since I purged my profile of anything that has to do with the corrupt Canadian Broadcasting Company, I no longer get those articles and debates. Oh well, no loss.... It was mostly an echo-chamber for leftists, and truth only created stress for all the weak-minded individuals that flock to CBC and CNN.

There is indeed a problem with "Fake News".

There's a video circulating showing a Toronto mosque calling for the death of Jews and non-Muslims. Where are the rights of natural-born Canadians who don't want that kind of hate in our country? Why are the Police not arresting anyone for hate-speech? The video clearly shows the faces of the men calling for the deaths of Canadians, so why is no action being taken? Oh... Right. The current Prime Minister wants to destroy Christians and conservative values. Not only that, but because of bill M-103 we can't even have a conversation about it.....

.......to highlight that point, a Mississauga man was recently charged with hate-crimes due to his attempts to expose the hate-speech of Muslims. "Peel Regional Police have charged a Mississauga, Ont., man, who earlier this year posted a YouTube video offering a $1,000 reward for recordings of Muslim students during prayer, with a hate crime in connection with "numerous incidents reported to police. Kevin J. Johnston, 45, was arrested Monday and charged with one count of wilful [SIC] promotion of hatred against an identifiable group under the Criminal Code Section 319 (2). The charge follows "concerns over information published on various social media sites," police said.

Hey guess what..... Here's one......

.......I m completely baffled why this Toronto mosque isn't leveled to the ground and all the leaders of that facility charged with hate-crimes. Just more proof how much of a double-standard there is in Canada!

Moving on...... I am going to take a trip over to the other house and cut some grass and check up on the place. I might make decent use of my time there and sort through a few things. Besides, a bit of time away will probably do me good....

....hey! Good news! While there was a prime opportunity for things to blow up yesterday, I managed to stay in a good mood and was even able to get some writing done. I have to say that I'm quite pleased with the way this story reads.... And you know how big of a critic I am.

I hope Brian is home, and can help with a bit of medication.

Well, gotta go. Hope you have a great day!

July 26th
I've been awake since 4 AM due to pain.... No medication.

The weather is unseasonably cold. It feels like September out there this morning. This unsettled weather has plagued us since February. We can't seem to rub three nice warm days together without some rain cloud getting in the way. I'm glad I was here three years ago to see what the climate is SUPPOSED to be like, because I would have just assumed London, Ontario, to be the exact same as North-Western Ontario had I not witnessed the sun and heat for two years. This is the climate changing. "Global warming" does not mean that the entire planet is going to heat up; only certain parts will, creating unstable weather patterns and more frequent, violent storms.

The iguana lights just came on, which means I've been sitting here for three hours already and not achieved a single thing. I can barely move at the moment.

Brian wasn't home yesterday, so I'm going to see if he's home today. Hopefully he can help me out in the medication department.

Can't type right now. It hurts to lean forward.

I did get some work done yesterday. Cara lent me a recording device, and I made good use of it. I managed to narrate two more short stories, specifically, "All's Fair in Love and War", and "The Man and the Birds". Have a listen if you like.

Well, hope your day is better than mine...... This intestinal pain really affects me.

July 27th
Good morning, Dear Diary. It's another cloudy day. I awoke at 6 AM to a severe muscle cramp across my abdomen, and had to roll  out of bed to stretch until it stopped cramping. What a rude way to start the day! Even now my abdomen is still sore from the muscle cramp, and I've been moving pretty slowly thus far.

Other than that, things are pretty decent.

There was an interesting moment yesterday when an MPP from North-Western Ontario decided to respond to a statement I made on social media. Yes, you read that correctly, the Member of Provincial Parliament. I had written, "Diversity is the opposite of unification. A divided nation is weak", and this woman must have been triggered, because she felt compelled to respond not just once, but twice on the post.

I WISH I had captured a screen-shot.

No names, but it doesn't take a genius to use Google and find out whom I'm speaking of. Let's just say that her attitude is completely in-line with the leftist agenda. Filled with fuzzy sentimentality and completely lacking logic, she chose take me on in a furious, but fast debate......

........here's how it went.

Step 1: MPP spews propaganda claiming that Canada is made stronger by diversity.

Step 2: I tell the MPP to save her rhetoric for those who don't know any better.

Step 3: MPP blasts back, then two minutes later deletes the whole conversation, and tucks tail and runs.

My eyes are wide open, and no one can bullshit me. That includes politicians......

.....but since this politician decided to call me out, I'd like to share a little bit about the political party she works for, and how it has impacted the Rainy River District.

Nestled snugly between Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Kenora, Ontario, as well as, conveniently across the Rainy River from International Falls, Minnesota, United States of America, the border town of Fort Frances is dying. In fact, the whole district is dying......

.......the cancer rate is exorbitant! The mercury levels in Grassy River Reservation have been killing Canadians for decades. When you talk about industry and infrastructure, there is NO major industry with the exception of a gold mine on the far end of the district. Any residents who speak of this single industry do so with rose-coloured glasses, claiming that trickle-down economics will keep the rest of the district alive. The roads are falling apart, and the technology is so out-dated that I have often referred to the Rainy River District as the most "Technologically Ignorant part of Canada". There are NO incentives for children to remain, because there is very little in the way of infrastructure and development to create a future for them. Per capita, it's a very violent place to live when you compare the numbers of Police reports versus bigger urban areas of Canada. Systemic racism runs rampant. High rates of unemployment. Alcoholism rates are high.

Now, some of the problems are municipal issues, however, the political party that has dominated North-Western Ontario has been NDP over the years. Sure, the Liberals have held power a few times, but the whole district leans toward the center-left. Conservative candidates rarely get a foothold.........

.........which is part and parcel of the problem. [Shrugs] Cause and effect. Do I really need to explain this concept further?

This MPP has held power for a while now, and since her time in office she has voted the party line without real consideration for the people that elected her into power. The paper mill in Fort Frances closed on her watch, and while the final nail in the coffin was an American political decision made by Barack Obama, her attempts to keep the industry alive had zero effect. Same goes for the poisoning of the waterways. Same goes for the tourist industry. Basically what I'm saying, is that this MPP is a seat-warmer and tows the party line without care to her constituents.

They are going to need to do a serious purge of all the politicians in the Municipal and Provincial government in the Rainy River district if they want real change. Keeping the current government in power is obviously not working.

There NEEDS to be an active, working government for the people of the Rainy River District! Someone with incentive and drive... Someone that realizes that grants need to be applied for, and development NEEDS to be undertaken. Tourism needs to be promoted, and laws need to be changed to reflect the topography. For too long has Toronto and Ottawa dictated the future of the rural North-Western part of Ontario!

If I had a voice, I would press to have Ontario divided in half for proper representation in parliament.

Much of the development issues are actually Federal. It takes incentive and drive to get the MPP's to get action from Ottawa, but it is possible. The fact that it simply isn't being done is indicative of the attitudes that are killing the Rainy River District; no one goes above and beyond their required duties, simply because they don't have to.

So, as the body count piles up in the Indigenous reservations and the countryside is dwindling to dust, you keep your leftist sentimentality and shove them where the sun don't shine! Being divided is what has gotten us into this mess, and adding more diversity is akin to a constantly-feuding couple having a baby because they believe it will save their relationship.

Jesus Christ liked to use parables to make a point, and so do I.........

.........let's say that Canada is the Mississippi River. Now, most of you are quite familiar with the massive body of fresh water that meanders across United States, and I'm just going to assume you know of the rich history and natural diversity that encompasses the mighty Mississippi... Same as Canada..... From plants to animals, fish and amphibians, the historic river was home to a variety of native species that had evolved to live specifically in that part of the planet. Once again, same as Canada... 150-plus years of Indigenous people working with European immigrants to build a better country. THEN, one day someone made a decision that changed the river forever......

.........when fish farmers brought in a non-native species to clean the algae from their pools, the Asian carp was the species to do it. They grow fast, propagate quickly, and have a ravenous appetite. They were perfect for keeping the cages clean for the farmers. HOWEVER, as it tends to do, "Nature happened". The riverbanks swelled and flooded the pools, releasing the farmer's fish and washed them into the river...... Along with species destined for food-markets, the Asian carp fled from the pools they were confined to, and invaded the mighty Mississippi.

At first, there was very little problems. No one even took notice or even cared that a few farmer's pond had been flooded and released these non-native stocks into the river. it took a few years before environmentalists and conservation officers realized that the invasive species was wiping out the plants and animals native to the river. As the population of these fish grew due to favourable conditions and alack of natural predators, they started to affect the residents and companies that live and work along the Mississippi. Eventually efforts to take action against this invasive fish were implemented, but it was too late. The native stocks are gone, replaced by dead sections of the River; wrent uninhabitable for other species by the invading Asian carp. THIS is what happens when an invasive species is given the proper conditions. THIS is what Canada's future holds if the Liberal and NDP agendas are allowed to run rampant. Whole sections of our country will be made inhospitable for the natural-born Canadians by the "Diversity" that is flooding our shores.

Diversity DOES NOT mean strength! It's the opposite of unity. Our nation is being divided, and because of legislators like the MPP of the Rainy River District who are more worried about public perception than actually leading the country, we CANNOT EVEN HAVE A DISCUSSION ABOUT IT.

Is there a moral to this story other than illegal immigration and diversity are going to destroy Canada just like the Asian carp did to the Mississippi? Yup..... Don't debate me on topics I'm well-versed in, regardless of who you are. [Chuckles]

Well, would you look at the time. I'd better get my butt in gear and tidy up the house a bit. The cramping has subsided due to medication, but I can still feel the lingering pain. Guess I'll just take it easy today......

....hope you have a great day!

July 28th
Good morning, Dear Diary. The weather is a continued repeat of the cold, cloudy crap we've got since February. While London is unseasonably cold, the Western half of Canada is on fire from drought and heat.

It seems like the whole world is running rampantly scared of standing up for their Nation's defense.

The above statement stems from frustration, from a man who doesn't want to see Canada turned into a third world country by economic migrants. Anyone who cannot see the destructive attitudes of these migrants is blind, or is part of the leftist agenda to overthrow the governments of Canada, USA, Britain, France, et all. It's coming, riding on a tide of propaganda and political shaming.

Meanwhile the Canadian government just wants to GIVE our country away.

At what point do we say "Enough?!" When do natural-born Canadians get to tell the government we do NOT want our laws changed to accommodate a sect of humans who are still living in what is essentially the dark ages? Our laws are contradictory to the ideals of the Middle East, and anyone desiring to come to Canada should be abandoning the destructive concepts that make up Islam!

Immigration without assimilation is an invasion.......

....and meanwhile, we're bent over with our pants down around our ankles when it comes to National defense due to political correctness!

Anyway, it's Friday. I'm not in that bad of shape this morning, and although the sun refuses to shine I should attempt to get across town and take care of a few things at the other place. No plans for today, but I'm certain there'll be something I need to clean......

....woke up this morning to a pile of cat hair in the hall. Apparently the cats had a wrestling match during the night and when I swept up the mess there was almost enough fur to make another cat. This constant cleaning after pets and other people really wears on me.

For one, I'm not a fan of cats. Don't get me wrong, Dear Diary, I like all kinds of animals and have a huge respect for them having been raised on a farm. I understand exactly the fine line between pets and food, and although those lines have blurred during "Farm-Kills" as a youngster, I will never permit or allow an animal to be abused in my presence. Now having said that, I have personally prepared many, MANY animals for food, as well as, been the owner of several dogs, cats, birds, horses, cattle, etc, etc. Do I like all animals the same? No.... Certain animals bring me much more joy than others. A fish in a tank, for example, is an experiment or art project, while the young heifer-calf I received for my 12th birthday was a chore. Dogs are companions, while cats have an attitude that doesn't allow for much human interaction........

.......seriously, if a dog was behaving the same way a cat does, the owner would probably put the dog down. Cats have an asshole attitude, they are destructive, and seem to make demands the owner's attention, while a dog is loyal, dedicated, enjoys to please their owner, and can be trained to not destroy the furniture.

When it comes to pets, people are stupid. No one should be owning a pet that makes noise if they live in an apartment building. The residents of this apartment building all own some form of pet that creates noise pollution it seems. We're surrounded on three sides by dog owners... And one is a massive boxer.... Like, who in their right mind owns such a loud, energetic animal in such a small space?!? Seriously... It's like these people only use their head to hold their ears apart!

Why is this an issue? Because it's part and parcel of my problems of lack of creativity. If I have to clean after pets and people, that's the time I should be writing or crafting.  Right now I own an iguana that needs a bath in the morning to warm up and have his daily bowel movement. I clean the tub after and there's no muss, and no fuss. A quick half hour ritual that helps start my day is nothing compared to having to go around the house and clean. I have to vacuum around his cage about every-other day, which really isn't that much work.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

No matter where I go I find inequality in cleanness standards. The way some people live is revolting!! I like my house clean, smelling good, and everything in its proper place so I can find things easily, and not waste my time constantly cleaning.

Back to politics, things are pretty much the same as usual; Justin Trudeau is handing foreigners the country, Trump is under fire for something he tweeted, and no one is taking the economic migrant crisis seriously.

Canada now has laws that prevent condemning Islam, which a complete farce!! If things go the way they are, you will not recognize Canada in a decade.... Much like France and Germany have already lost their National identity because of the swaths of illegal immigrants flooding Europe. Things will never be the same, and you can expect conflict, violence, and terrorism to run rampant across Canada, just like Europe and the Middle East.

Right now our borders are being flooded by illegal immigrants seeking asylum due to a Prime Minister who constantly keeps taking to social media and make announcements about welcoming anyone who feels oppressed or discriminated. Hundreds of people are flocking into Canada with no background checks, sifting through our open borders like a virus infecting a healthy, human cell....

....and Justin Trudeau keeps making it easier for immigrants, while it harder for Canadian citizens to stop the rising tide of illegals! It's absolutely surreal when you think about it! Like, what goes through your mind?!

Meanwhile, just when we thought that North Korea was going to be the opening scene for World War Three, it turns out Iran has decided to become the focal point of United States of America. Donald Trump's administration is pushing a bill through congress that allows for the use of military power if Iran doesn't comply with the Nuclear deal arranged by Barack Obama. Now, while the Republicans are pushing for war with Iran, the Democrats are...... Pushing for war with Iran!?! Yup! Turns out that Iran has decided to stop using American dollars as a currency for their oil sales, and the USA government is united in an effort to ensure that Iran and no other nation stops using the American dollar as currency. Has this happened before? Yup! Qaddafi in Libya wanted to stop using American currency, and he was destroyed by the US military. Saddam Hussein? He was a bad guy, right? Well, turns out the real reason USA invaded Iraq wasn't because of "Weapons of Mass Destruction", but because the Iraqi President was moving to do away with American currency, even claiming "We will no longer use the currency of the enemy". Seriously... That's WHY USA invaded Iraq. And, now they are going to invade Iran for the same reason. Watch for mentions of a nuclear missile program, and how "IF implemented would present a rick for the people of the United States". Will Iran back down? Or will USA actually start a major conflict with a nuclear-capable country?

Enough politics for today. The more I dwell on this disaster in the making, the more irritated I become. Why stress myself? Not much I can do about it except attempting to raise awareness of the issues, stay strong to my beliefs, and keep fighting for our Canadian rights. That's all a guy really can do, eh?

Well, I should run and jump in the shower. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Talk soon!

July 30th
Good morning, Dear Diary! The sun is shining brightly and already the air feels warm. It looks like we're going to get normal Summer temperatures in London, Ontario, and I am endevouring to make the most out of today. Health is about the same, and I just medicated so the pain has diminished where I can do a few things. Man, I slept like a log last night! Probably because of the fact I only had two-and-a-half hours sleep the night before. Why didn't I get a full night's sleep on Friday night? Well, here's the thing.....

......Picture this; Friday night and I had the house to myself. My luvvy has gone out for a few drinky-poos with her girlfriends. I've got a batch of paper mache going, and I'm redesigning one of the newer dragon heads, as well as, papering a couple of balloons for a new project. There was a six-pack of tallboys in the fridge, and Brian had graciously given me a bit of medication. I had the large, flat-screen TV streaming "Game of Thrones", and was having an extremely enjoyable, productive evening.

Around 8 PM Cara and one of her girlfriends walked in the door. It was evident the two had drank tee many martoonies, and were in great spirits. I figured that I should put away my arts and crafts, and proceeded to tidy up the house. During that time the two ladies had turned on some music, poured a couple of drinks, and were talking about BDSM.

Just to be clear, Dear Diary, that when it comes to sexual encounters and relationships, I have a different outlook than the uber-conservative Canadian. My experiences in life seem almost contradictory to what I've been told is "Normal" behaviour, but that's not because I seek lawlessness or chaos, but rather, I can see how human's evolution has been impacted by the idea of monogamous relationships and traditional marriage in Western civilization. Long story short? Humans were never designed to enter into contractual monogamy. For most of our evolutionary history our social units would have more resembled a harem of females for one dominate male, as is quite common in our closest mammalian cousins, as well as, a plethora of other creatures that have survived by the strongest and fastest male of their species maintaining a relationship with several females. Anyway, the reason many modern relationships fail is because we're in a daily struggle between our subconscious desire to engage in coitus with others, and our laws and vows that tell us that we can only mate with the same person for the rest of our lives. I'm not going to get into a topic of loyalty and whatnot, because those kind of ideals are already defined in a few of my previous articles, more specifically, "50 Shades of Zzorhn", and "The Contract".

Well, it quickly became very clear that the two ladies were eager to engage in group sex.

There's that interesting moment when you get asked by a couple of women to join them in the bedroom. I mean, what does a red-blooded Canadian guy like me do? Say no?! [Laughs] "Would like like to have sex?" Yes, please.....


Anyway, I don't want spend all day typing, because there's plans to head over to Odessa Park and join the realm of Belegarth for a few rousing sessions of medieval combat. I can't wait to see their faces when I show up in my new garb!

Anywho, hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Talk soon.

*Since I built "Chuck the Canadian Dragon", I realized how I've been designing my dragon skulls incorrectly. As a predator, they should have their eyes looking forward, instead of to the side like some of my pieces are. With this knowledge, I am changing the style of my wall-mounted dragon heads.

July 31
Good morning, Dear Diary. It's Monday, and the sun is out in full force to welcome us into yet another week. A beautiful day, filled with much promise......

.....I'm in a decent mood; health is manageable, the weather is warm, and I've managed to get all my bills paid before 9 AM.

I really like online banking. Don't have to leave the house, but can still conduct financial transactions.

The problem with technology, however, is that for all the good it can be used for, you can be certain that someone is going to use technology for evil intent.... While you and I are busy paying our rent and playing on our smart phones, several countries are developing technology to kill each other.......

......North Korea launched its second ICBM on the 27th of July, and the world experts that have analyzed the missile-test claim that this new technology is now capable of reaching mainland USA, hitting as far as Chicago, not just Alaska or Hawaii. They now have the capability to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere at 25 times the speed of sound, with technology that releases decoys and allows for multiple nuclear weapons from the same missile. (This is called a MIRV - Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle) For over a decade the United States of America has been stating that North Korea will NOT be allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon. Then the experts started claiming that NK would have the technology come 2019...... Now the experts claim that they HAVE the technology, two year ahead of their projected guess......

......North Korea now has nuclear weapons, with missiles capable of reaching mainland United States. The time to say they "Cannot have such weapons", is over. They have them..... It's not a matter of what will happen once NK gets these weapons, but rather, now that they have them, what, if anything is going to be done about it.

Let's face it; USA could turn NK into a parking lot if it wanted to, but you and I both know that if the States comes out swinging without provocation they will be condemned by the International community. THIS is why nothing is being done..... The United States cannot make a move without Kim Jong-un firing first. They know this, and so does Kim Jong-un. Backed by mighty nations such as China and Russia, North Korea is safe to continue its push for miniaturizing its warheads, and there very little to nothing the United States of America can do except a military response....Which they cannot do for fear of International condemnation.

The Russia - United States "Cold War 2.0" seems to go practically unnoticed compared to other major issues taking place on the planet. It seems the only place this is even an issue is in the USA Parliament with Democrats pushing the anti-Russian rhetoric down everyone's throat. Don't forget the scandals surrounding the election last year and the unproven conspiracy that Russian hackers somehow affected the election, even though there is no proof of that, as well as, actual proof of domestic interference. [Chuckles] It still strikes me as odd that the Democrats, including Hilary Clinton are still claiming they were "Attacked", meanwhile, they were so dirty that the truth impacted the election results. How do you even make such claims of being under attack, when the "Attack" was just releasing proof of how corrupt they really were? To me this is a real boon-doggle, or an interesting twist on the "Chick and the Egg" conundrum.  Anyway, the odd thing is that when the States push for sanctions and seized property belonging to the Russia diplomats, the Russians responded, but not in the way you think they would. While it's true they have reciprocated by seizing USA-owned property in Russia and kicking out a few diplomats, it's important to realize that THIS IS THE MINIMAL RESPONSE THEY COULD MAKE. It's almost as if Putin wants to maintain a working relationship with Trump, not wanting to bind President Trump's hands in future negotiations.

Seriously though, what's wrong with two super-powers working together?

India and Pakistan are going to end up fighting each other. It's not a matter of "If", but "When". North Korea now has nuclear weapons, and it's obvious that China isn't interested in applying sanctions. (Why would they? North Korea is a buffer-zone for the Chinese) Iran has been told they are "On notice" for military intervention if they decide to change their currency like they have announced. The Middle East is still producing economic migrants, but now it's riding on we rhetorical wave of sensationalism all the way into Europe and Canada. Sharia law is creeping up in North America, while the natural-born citizens flee the scene in a perfect example of reverse-racism.....

.....a major war is coming in which a few million people will die, if not more. Whole countries are being radically altered by invasive ideology. Governments are being subverted from within, and agendas are underway. Sharia law is being implemented in parts of France, Britain, the UK, and now there are reports of Sharia law emerging in Canada and United States.

"NO WAY", you cry in disbelief. "Our government won't permit such barbaric practices such as the mutilation of female genitalia, child-brides, sex abuse, pedophilia, honour killings, abuse against women, homophobia, hate-speech, and numerous other humanitarian crimes?", you stammer, barely able to believe what you're reading.....

......I'm sorry. Don't shoot the messenger.

Justin Trudeau, who is a self-proclaimed feminist has now been proven to endorse Sharia law. When the Harper government implemented a new Immigrant and Refugee Guidebook, and approved by a vote in parliament, Trudeau voted for it as it was written, but in his election campaign he vowed that he would repeal the part that spoke of the barbaric practices of FMG, child brides, and spousal abuse. The Trudeau-Liberal's updated "Discover Canada" booklet now has completely re-written the guide and reversed most of the statements and laws around it.

Then they went and pushed M-103 through Parliament so Canadians can't criticize it.

I NEED to point out that feminism and  Islam are incongruent. The two ideologies are completely incomparable..... One calls for empowering women and the other wants to mutilate and oppress women. [Shakes his head with a sigh] A good analogy would be a farmer trying to raise cattle in a minefield.... It. Doesn't Work.......

....and while all this is going on, Trudeau has spent the Summer going around Eastern Canada attending Gay Pride parades, posing for selfies in provocative displays. The Western half of Canada is on fire, and the world is primed with a powder-keg of dynamite.... Ready to explode into a major war... A banking collapse is imminent, and our border security is a joke.....And Canada's leader is running around being a playboy.

I'd like to ask a favour, Dear Diary.... Can you please say a little prayer for humanity? Possibly put in a mention of Canada to the Big Guy? Maybe even a whisper of help for me? ....I'd sure appreciate it......

...and we can use all the help we can get!

I do feel like I need to keep making mention of worldly politics. A couple of years ago I couldn't have given a fiddler's fart to include any mention on politics in my journal, but today it seems so important to do so. Why do I believe this? It's strange, Dear Diary, but I feel very much like some literary heroes that have witnessed key historical occurrences, and risked life and limb to document it. Even fantasy books can be based on real-life occurrences, and in these cases the author invents their own literary hero that documents the unfolding tragedy. One of my favourites is a book called "Mila 18" written by Leon Uris in 1961. In the first chapter there is a line written by the oppressed hero that reads, "This is the first entry in my journal. Perhaps the tensions of the moment are making me over-dramatic. My journal may prove completely worthless and a waste of time. Yet, as a historian, I must satisfy the impulse to record what is happening around me". This character then goes on to document the crisis, and the transcendent courage and determination. Leon Uris's novel is set in the midst of the ghetto uprising that defied Nazi tyranny, as the Jews of Warsaw boldly met Wehrmacht tanks with homemade weapons and bare fists. Here, painted on a canvas as broad as its subject matter, is the compelling story of one of the most heroic struggles of modern times [Copied from "Goodbooks" website]

So it is that I feel that we are on the precipice of something big, and I believe it needs to be documented for historical sake. That's what journals are, right? A day-to-day report of events and occurrences intermingled with personal thoughts and experiences. After all, Dear Diary, that's why you're here.......

.....and don't forget that if you ever want to reach out and contact me, I'm just an email or message away. I enjoy getting mail from my readers, so don't hesitate!

I hope you have a great week! I have to go and check on a few things today, so between that and cleaning I'm going to be super busy. Talk soon!

August 2nd
It's well into the afternoon as I type this. The sun is shining, and it's 29 degrees. I didn't have the best of evening, and my entire day has been nothing but drama.

What's wrong with wanting to go to sleep at a decent hour? If there's other people in the house sleeping do you invite guess over at midnight? Why am I asking this? Because last night Cara decided to do exactly that..... When I want to go to sleep, she wants to invite over friends.

I awoke to find the house trashed and one of her guests sleeping on the couch. You know me, Dear Diary, and between the fact that I hate waking up to pain each day, being forced to deal with other people's garbage and dishes just so I can start my own routine pisses me off. Couple that with the fact that I'm not getting quality sleep due to cats, Cara's night-owl habits, as well as, the fact I quite enjoy dreaming because I lucid dream, you can see why I am so frustrated first thing in the morning. All this stress culminates in audible grumbling due to my inability to properly control my verbal diarrhea without a jolt of caffeine to the brain.

You know that scene in Austin Powers where the hero is "Thawed" and CAN'T CONTROL THE SOUND OF HIS VOICE, or realize that his thoughts are being said out-loud instead of in his mind? Yea? That's what it's like......

........the running dialog of the voice in my head and my thoughts spill out from my lips unfiltered and unfettered.

Don't get me wrong, Dear Diary. I am as guilty as the next man who mumbles a remark at his better-half, and probably for the exact same reasons, however, there are times where I seriously don't realize I'm speaking out-loud. [Shrugs] What can you do, eh?  It's a flaw. Or a personality quirk..... Yea.. Let's go with quirky.

ANYWHO, between being pissed off that I go from being a spell-casting superhero (Dreams) to that of a middle-aged, crippled, broke man (Awake), you can probably see why I'm grumpy first thing in the morning. When I am forced to contend with extra stress factors my stubbornness kicks in.....

........Pretty certain it's this chapter that spoke of how events and incidents can become stressful over time, however to quickly recap; Anything negative that occurs can be dealt with, but when negative things become a routine or a habit then it creates stress. Repetition creates stress.....

.......For example, if you woke up at 8 AM on a Monday morning to a crew of city workers using a jackhammer just outside your house it would probably irritate you. Your whole day might even be a bit "Off", or even spiral out of control due to negative energy. (See "Law of Attraction"). You may even pass by the hole they created sometime during the day, noticing it has little to no purpose that is evident. NOW......

.....what if that happened every single morning?

See what I mean? Repetitive negative energy or unwanted behaviour / situations creates stress.

Now the irony is, it wouldn't matter if I stayed at Cara's apartment or went back to my house to try to sleep. No matter where I go there are people who seem like they are purposely thwarting my attempts to get a decent night's sleep.

Not going to go into all the health issues that can occur when there's a lack of sleep. I'm just trying to explain how come I'm so (Explicit) bitchy when I wake up.....

...that being said, I woke up the guy on the couch and set the tone for his day. THEN he wants to talk.....

...between my regular routine and the all the stuff I needed to do to be able to go through my routine, it was well past noon before I found a moment to relax.

That's when I realized my phone was on silent and I had missed 4 calls from Brian. Now he's texted me a nasty message AKA dropped a drama bomb.

[Sighs heavily]

This place is exactly the same as the other place; everyone here seems to act selfishly.The part that makes Cara's house less appealing? We're should be acting like family and working toward common goals, which it doesn't seem to be.

You know, I've been asked a few times why I air my "Dirty laundry" so to speak, in public. I mean, why would I talk about the ins-and-outs of my daily life like it matters or something? I get letters about it quite frequently, and even a few hate letters. Did you know there are people out there that really hate me? Did you know that I'm banned in some countries? What would posses me to write about personal stuff? Even I've condemned people on social media for posting crap about their life in broad public view. We all know that people like a tragedy, but what makes for a good read? Am I so vain as to think it's perfectly fine for me to write about the stress in my life, but condemn those on Facebook and Twitter for doing the exact same thing? Like, am I being hypocritical, or what?

Those are good questions. To summarize......

..........This is a diary. Everyone has haters. China and North Korea don't allow my Website or Youtube channel, which is to be expected, however, I'm still surprised that Russia is my number Three viewer. Actually, if you think about the content I write it's probably not that shocking that Russia allows my website and has so many views. In my opinion I wouldn't be shocked if the United States of America suddenly banned my website. [Laughs] The way I throw truth around I'm pretty certain I'm on at least one USA watch-list......AMMARIGHT? As for what possesses me to write a public diary, I offer...... Narcissism. A good read is anything the reading audience enjoys. People are fickle, but most can't resist drama.... And, well..... I can spot drama like a Snowy Owl on a common house mouse. Yes, yes I am that vain. As for posting your daily drama on Facebook or tossing out tweets about the crap in your life, I suggest getting a website. I usually just unfollow those kinds of people anyway. I mean, who wants that kind of negativity in their life, eh? No one, I tell you. On the "I want to keep my subscribers" hand, I'm pretty certain you're here for the drama, so I'll keep being me and posting what I think and see around me. I'm also very certain I just answered the hypocritical question with that last sentence.

Well, Cara just walked into the house from going to the market, so I'll let you go for now, Dear Diary. Hope you have had a great Hump Day.

August 3rd
Good morning, Dear Diary. It's Friday-Junior, and the sun is shining this morning brightly in my window. I've had a rough morning health-wise. I woke up to severe cramping at 5 AM and it's been problematic for 5 hours now. Looks like I'm going to have to medicate a bit more than normal. [Sighs]

I'm not certain if the Universe is aligning in some weird way, but I just had another friend decide to get all dramatic and cause a falling out. I'm not going to name names, but let's just say that I have now seen this person in an entirely different light, and I can't believe how selfish and shallow they are. How did this all come about? They were bragging about all the things they get to see and do, while at the same time shitting all over their spouse, so I responded with a dose of reality. Next thing I know my kids are being insulted, and was practically being mocked for having a disability.

Moving on.........

......So, when I made my medical prescription order, the expected delivery was for today. Turns out, they decided to show up yesterday at my house... When I was across town..... And now I have to go and get the post office form from the house and go and pick it up. Oh well... By this afternoon I'll have decent medication. [Sighs] Guess I gotta go across town today.

Things are good with Heffy and the rest of the household. Not much to report, really.

Well, there's a busy day ahead of me. I'll let you go for now, but we'll talk soon.

August 4th
Muggy, unsettled weather hangs over London like a thick blanket. Just more of the usual. Good morning, Dear Diary. Hope you're having a great day, as it's Friday!!

Not that a weekend means much to a guy like me who tries to push himself each day possible to write. Friday means very little to me at this point in my life..... So different from 7-10 years ago.... How that seems like another life-time ago.

I once owned and operated a paintball company PLUS a mobile DJ company, as well as, working full time. Needless to say I wasn't making much money as an entrepreneur because of high costs, and all I was doing was working from sun-up to sun-down with very little to show for it. When I took sick in 2007 my whole world came crumbling down, and I ended up having to sell anything of value just to survive. Not only did I lose my ability to maintain a routine work schedule, but both of my companies folded. While I still own the property that was given to me through inheritance, it is now under control of a caretaker. "Spirit Fire Park", as it's known, is no longer a company that rents paintball guns and offers camping sites, but is now a private facility for a handful of members.

Life changes. What can you do?

It looks like the good friend who I had words with yesterday is attempting to converse, so apparently our friendship isn't completely over. I'm quite relieved at that, however, I don't know if things can ever be the same. The blinders have been removed, and I'm seeing the situation for what it really is. (Due to the sensitivity of this I will not be providing a detailed recount)

This morning was quite a bit different, because every single family member in the house was awake and functional before 8 AM. No one is arguing or acting grumpy. Both Cara and I are having a better day when it comes to our disabilities.... Her fibro isn't flared up for once, and I had what seemed like a couple of purges this morning that left me feeling better than I have in quite some time.....

.......New medication coupled with fruit fiber is the cause.

So, with an entire day of possibilities, what am I going to do? [Thinks] Write, possibly do some recording, and I now have the materials to work on the dragon head I'm redesigning. Not certain what Cara has in mind, so all my plans might just end up tossed out the window.... [Sighs happily] Ahh, yes..... Family life.....

....If the Missus ain't happy, YOU ain't happy!

Not much to really report on International news. Things are as escalated as they can possibly get across several independent battle-lines spanning a couple of continents. The world is primed for war.... Any one armed display of power could ignite the flames of war, with many other countries simply jumping in to help due to the various treaties, but also as a way to de-escalate the tension in their own military stand-offs.

How does this work? Well, it's a two-fold answer......

........What is the purpose of conducting military drills and the testing of military equipment and weapon-platforms? To garner information on the effectiveness and readiness of personnel and equipment, as well as, stage a show of force to the International community. It sends a clear message as to the capabilities of the country's military might. There is, however, a much better way to display the combat effectiveness of any nation's military forces, and that's through engaging in actual combat. When any nation enters into a conflict it uses the very best equipment available, which can be monitored by other nations. The style in which a country engages in conflict is also an important detail for observers and military reconnaissance. How they treat their prisoners is very important, as quite a few countries who would not have engaged in major conflicts in our history have chosen to do so because of the crimes against humanity committed toward POW and civilians by the invading army. Any country that can quickly overwhelm their objective with minimal civilian causalities, and treats the invaded citizens with a level of respect, will be viewed by the International community as an acceptable show of force, and a warning for any other nations that might think of engaging in war with someone who has that kind of firepower mixed with a military that follows the basic tenants of warfare as laid out by several pacts and treaties, more specifically, the Geneva Convention toward treatment of POW's. This is the primary reason why other nations might dis-engage an armed stand-off if one side goes to war with another nation; they view the military might as a by-stander and are able to better calculate the risks involved with continuing the armed conflict.

Second, when any nation goes to war, their attention and resources get relocated. This has a way of de-escalating a military stand-off because once a nation is engaged in war they become extremely defensive on other potential front-lines. It's akin to hitting a hornet's nest with a rock and watching how the insects guard their territory - From being fairly calm but alert, to angry and expanding outward to search for invaders, they are aggressive and attack at a moment's notice. Anything can become a target. In the same way the leaders of countries who might have engaged in conflict, but halt when the other nation begins fighting elsewhere is for the exact same reason..... An already angry, aggressive military needs very little provocation to start firing their weapons. There is little room for negotiations in this case, which would lead to a escalation with little hope for peace-talks between the nations.

ALL THAT BEING SAID, the exact opposite can also be stated. Factions and military divides, such as the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) sandwiched between the two Korea's, may see an escalation of military conflict elsewhere on the globe as a threat. Basically, the fighting starts because it's better to take out the hornet's nest with a flame-thrower than risk it spreading, metaphorically speaking of course. The fact remains is that war and politics are not a clearly defined equation.... Sure, you can plan for almost any contingency, but there's always that unknown factor. War is unpredictable, and there is no way to properly explain all the nuances involved in analyzing it.

In the end, much of what I'm predicting is simply that; a prediction. I HOPE that humans could find a way to live in peace with each other instead of having to maintain a silent, cold-war armistice with the use of weapons of mass destruction just to keep the country safe. But, then again, I'm a realist.....

......I believe what every seems to forget, is that all of this [Waves his hand around] is really just a temporary thing. It's a show... A facade..... Because in ten to twenty years our world is not going to look the same.

The temperatures rise creating uninhabitable zones, as well as, raising sea-levels that displace millions in every nation of the world. From fresh water shortages to inevitable war on resources, all of these modern-day conflicts are moot.

Like, we really should be just focusing on getting our own nation prepared for the impending tide of destruction......

....Oh. Wait. Canada is just throwing open it's borders and letting in everyone that other nations don't want. Right.... [Sighs heavily]

........Want to know what it feels like to go insane? Be a natural-born Canadian analyst watching current politics in Canada and then compare it to current International issues....... How does that Sesame Street song go? Hmmmm......

.........Oh! "One of these things is NOT like the other. One of these things are not the same......."

Yup! Insane, I tells you.

Oh, look. It's raining and the wind has picked up. Well, hope you stay dry today, and have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Just remember that when life body-checks you into the boards, to keep your stick on the ice and your chin tucked...... And play the puck not the body. Talk soon.

August 5th
Apparently it's a long weekend. The weather is crap; it was single digits this morning when we woke up, and windy as all Hell. It's predicted to get to a high of just over 20 degrees, with high wind and rain....

...looks like an indoor-kind-of-day.

I reworked the "Red Wyrm" I constructed over a year ago; broke off the horns and re-attached them in a different pose, ripped the jaws open wider, and did some major interior surgery. I didn't get a full coat of paper mache on the beast last night, but that's because we had company and I ended up being pulled away. Oh well.... Probably get a good chunk of it worked on today.

Due to all the recent drama that has occurred in my life, I decided to write an article about it. When I started working on it, however, I realized that I didn't just want to write something, but rather, decided to write a transcript for a podcast.

Yup! I made my first solo podcast. I called it, "DRAMA, DRAMA".

In the audio version of "Inside Zzorhn's Mind", I was allowed to use a different style than if I had simply wrote the article. Once completed, I uploaded the video to Youtube and then shared it on social media. I also decided to leave a copy of the transcript in case anyone wants to read instead of listening to me speak. I hope you check it out! I left some important messages within, and explain how to deal with stress and frustration in your life caused by drama....

...I'm not going to give away the secrets... you have to go listen for yourself.

I did ask my viewing audience a question, in which I expect them to answer in the comment section of the Youtube video. The question, "What is the most dramatic moment you have have ever had or witnessed", is certain to bring out a heap of embarrassing moments.......

............not certain if this is the MOST dramatic moment in my life, but in 1998 tragedy struck our little rural farm; Bay-Lady, a horse of over 20 years had died.

Now, obviously my father who owned the horse since birth, was upset. He decided to borrow a massive tracked earth-moving machine so he could bury the dead horse.

Well, the horse field is hard to access with such heavy equipment, so my father decided to enter the field at the gate next to my house. (Yes, I lived next door to my mom and dad at that time) Well, to make a long story short the gate was much too small and dad had to use the machine to pull out a couple of fence posts to gain access to the field. Yup! He broke the gate in the process, but moreover, completely destroyed my pumpkin patch!

There was absolutely no need for my father to destroy my garden. It wouldn't have taken a genius to realize that the gate was much too small and it would have been better to pull a few poles somewhere else (Not in a landscaped backyard featuring a huge garden) Nope! I awoke that morning just before 8 AM to my bed shaking and the roar of some giant machine.......

.......I raced out of bed to confront what I perceived to be some sort of invasion (Not like aliens, but rather, heavy machinery in my backyard) and saw the giant 2 1/2 foot wide tracks dug 3-6 inches into my driveway and lawn leading to a giant Hoe pulling posts in my backyard... And my pumpkin patch flattened.....

...from the giant ruts in the yard to the complete loss of an entire season of pumpkins, not to mention the giant pumpkin I was growing for the annual contest.... All destroyed......

.....I flipped.

I picked up the shattered chunks of raw pumpkins and began lobbing them at the cab of the machine while screaming at my father for being such an asshole. He responded.....

.....BOOM! Big fight.

When he drove the machine into the field to go attend to his dead horse, I decided that because of his unthinking, uncaring attitude toward me and my garden, that the corn stalks I was throwing over the fence to feed the other three horses was not going to happen. I figured "To Hell" with my father and his horses, so I took a chainsaw and mowed down the remaining rows of already-picked corn.

I guess the image of me with a chainsaw in the garden mowing down corn made the woman next door fearful, because she went and called the cops.

So............... Cops show up.

As we're talking, the Police keep looking back to my pumpkin patch, which was something I was trying to avoid.......

...Yup! The spotted the three-and-a-half pound pot plant.

I'm sure you can figure out the rest, but that was an emotional, dramatic day for me. Yes, I lost my shit, and it's nothing to be proud of, however, I do have to say that once again this was a point in my life that stemmed from someone else's carelessness or selfishness.

It's also important to note that at the time I didn't have the tools to deal with stress like I do now. At that time I was a bit over-the-top, but not out of line in the small town in which we lived. I don't act like I did back then, because I don't think like I did during that time in my life. [Laughs] Having said that, it's still very possible for me to lose my shit from time to time...... Drama, eh?

Well.... There's laundry to do and a house to tidy up. I want to work on the dragon head and get a good chunk of it finished so I can move on to another project.... Like finishing Cara's book, for example.......

.....December IS coming. Probably faster than I want to admit. Memo to me.. Get that book written.

Anywho, hope you have a great day, eh! We'll talk soon.. I promise.

August 6th
Morning, Dear Diary. It's quite early as I pen this, being as I've been up since 4:30 AM due to health problems. The forecast for today calls for partly-cloudy skies with a high of only 24 degrees. This morning feels like September, not August weather. Just more proof of how screwed up the weather patterns have been most of this year.

One of the advantages of waking up so damned early is that you get a real jump-start to your day. The only down side to all that is the lack of sleep......

....and that seems to be haunting me no matter where I go.

What is with other people's aversion to sleep? Why do people not think of others........ Wait... Never mind... I know the answer to that last question. Self-centered, trained from birth to only think of themselves. [Sighs]

I'm actually pretty tired. Lately I've only been getting between 3-6 hours sleep each night, and it's intermittent due to interruptions from a variety of external factors. I almost go to bed now just wondering what it's going to be that wakes me this time......

......so, I'm kinda grumpy today.

I'm having a hell of a time with my disability this morning. Can't stop having to head to the bathroom.

Anyway, it's Sunday. I'm not certain if I'll be going to sword-fighting practice today because of my health. Hopefully the medication does it's job.

I'm too tired to be able to think clearly. Can't think of much to write about today. Same old, I guess.

I gotta go. Not feeling well at all. Have a good one.

August 7th
The sun is peeking out from behind a cloud bank, but don't get too comfortable, Dear Diary, because it's scheduled to rain this afternoon. Like a broken record the continued crappy weather keeps coming.

I actually managed to get a few hours of sleep last night. That's because the kidlet is over at her father's house, the cats took the night off for a change, Cara only flipped and flopped once (That I know of), the neighbours weren't loud and obnoxious for a change, as well as, a six-pack of beer helped take the edge off. I only woke up twice; once because of Cara flipping and flopping, and once due to the iguana lights coming on at 7 AM. Compared to the last week this was Heaven. Then again, Sunday night usually finds most people winding down and quieter compared to other days of the week.

On a related note, the neighbours who had decided to sit outside all day, have stopped. They were from the third floor, and are obviously good buddies with one of the neighbours downstairs. They have been parking themselves outside each day for about two weeks, from morning to night, right in front of our balcony. Their loud shouts and barking dog were the problem, and it was only when I took it upon myself to create a scene was the issue of noise pollution and unwanted activity, did they stop partying every day.

Sometimes you have to take a stand, and during the moment it might seem to be difficult, but the end result can be rewarding.

I doubt they'll stop entirely, but at least they haven't caused any problems for two days.

The fact is, there is a BIG public pool, as well as, a place constructed for hosting outdoor parties. This facility was designed so that tenants wouldn't tear up the grass in other places in the complex... Which those fools did.... The place where they have been utilizing is now a mud puddle, with all the grass scraped away by a large dog and the rambunctious activities of these two families. Can you imagine if EVERY tenant in this facility did that?! Perfect example as to why there are rules........

........well, I have to go, Dear Diary. The plan for today is to go and visit Diane and the kidlets for a bit. I guess we're going out for lunch. I gotta go and jump in the shower after I medicate......

....have a great week!

August 8th
Good morning, Dear Diary.Sunshine is spilling from the window, and a couple of texts from Brian have elevated my mood. Not only that......

.......but, yesterday when I met up with Diane, we had a really conversation (As per usual), as well as, Diane presented me with a gift; a full-coloured printed picture book of my children's story, "Fritz the Frog"!! I was stunned to see my work actually printed, along with Diane's contribution of exceptional photography, but the biggest part that amazed me in all this was the fact that Diane compiled the work herself and had it printed! I've witnessed her ability to work magic to make newsletters and pamphlets in projects for her kidlets, the Legion, CHAA, and other organizations she volunteers for, but this was by far the most detailed project I've ever seen!

Once again Diane has taken me by surprise by her generosity and insight. I cannot thank her enough for not only the physical gift of the book, but for always believing in me! Thank you, Diane, for all that you are, and all that you do.

What she may not have realized is that by crafting this picture book, Diane has created an opportunity; as I'm certain the files used to create the first three copies still exist, it would take very little effort to make more, as well as, provide a working copy to an actual children's publisher. Her goal to create three working copies (Two for her kidlets, and one for me) was done so that on the final day of school when the story was read to the classroom in London (See previous entry regarding my stories be read by schools all over the world) they not only wanted the large, stuffed frog named Fritz, but also a physical copy of the book. Well, the template used to provide aforementioned book can be utilized to fulfill one of my biggest life-goals...... A printed copy of my work in retail stores.

Memo to me: Talk to Diane about "Fritz the Frog"

Yesterday was quite productive. I worked on the original "Red Wyrmm", a paper mache dragon-head that sat around and didn't sell while others did... Only to end up becoming broken from moving back and forth and such..... Anyway, I re-glued the horns back on, reshaped the skull, broke the jaw and reshaped it, added twice as many teeth, added a tongue.... AND then I started working on the next art project.... A HYDRA bursting out of the wall. It's still in the "Its and bits part of the project", where everything is in pieces and I have to glue and paper it all together........

.......it's occurred to me that this newest project is going to be a doozy for detail. I am basically sculpting FIVE smaller dragon heads to fit atop a lizard-like body..... Instead of having just one head and all it entails, this project will have five [Sighs] Lots of hours...... I'll have to think of increasing my price for this piece, from "dirt-cheap" to "cheap".... Put 200 hours into something only to turn around and sell it for $50....... Basically, the life of an artist......

.......Changing the topic, I've decided I'm going to go visit Brian today. I seem to be able to manage my health problems with medication thus far, so that's always a plus. I'm glad we are going to work things out, because I really like the guy.

Look at that.... The Universe has started to realign itself. Yay!

I should go do some work on the hydra before I head over to see Brian. The household is doing well today; everyone is in great spirits, and even the animals seem to be conducting themselves as they should.... AKA Hephestusamazilion took his calcium supplement like a champ this morning, and the cats aren't destroying the place..... I dunno..... Things are really good today; lots of conversation, plans being made, projects are being worked on by both Cara and I........ [Shrugs] What can I say? The house and all that are in it seem to be riding a wave of positive energy...... And I LOVE it!

Hope you have a great day, Dear Diary. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

August 11th
Good morning, Dear Diary. I realize it's been a couple of days since we last talked, but I've been pretty busy this week. Things are good, so no worries...... Don't worry about the lapse of a couple of days....  Although, if it goes for longer than a few days between entries you could start to get worried.....I mean, you and I both know that when I go for two or more days without making an entry it could simply be that I'm busy, but there's also a random chance I could be drifting homeless around the city, or even sitting in jail. What can I say? It happens.

"That kind of stuff doesn't happen to normal people!", you say....... Well, that's akin to a self-opening Pandora's box.... Basically answering your own underwritten question as to why such things occur to me, aren't you, Sparkie?

I'm in a weird mood today. Part of the reason I didn't write the last two days is a lack of sleep. My brain literally felt like a pile of mush because I have been only getting disrupted, broken sleep that is not conducive for a proper REM cycle, PLUS a limited amount of hours spent trying to sleep..... Like between 3-5 hours a night.... Just simply isn't going to cut it for peak performance. Anyway, I managed to get some sleep last night and for the first time in three days I don't feel like I'm dragging my ass on the floor.

Brian and I talked. Another reason I've been busy the last couple of days is because I managed to get the iguana enclosure out of my room in pieces, and then took the time to clean it up completely, fix it all back up, and put it up for sale online. Will it sell? I guess we'll see..... To be blunt, I really don't want to part with it, but Cara doesn't want it in her house, as she already has an enclosure for her iguana and there's not really any room for the large cabinet. My iguana doesn't have an enclosure anymore, and now has a roost that hangs over my computer desk. There simply wouldn't be enough room to bring this cabinet into the house. [Shrugs] Oh well... Hope it sells soon, because right now it's sitting in the living room of the other place.

I also don't want to part with it, because it was Hephestusamazilion's first home. I feel sad that he isn't able to use it anymore, both because he's getting too big for it, but also because there's no way to accommodate the enclosure in the home I share with Cara.

I crafted some new foam boffers, specifically, a Roman-style Gladius, a double-ended staff, a couple of daggers, and I put the finishing touch on the sword I crafted at the weapon-building class I attended earlier this Spring.

So, a very productive couple of days, but it's not been without its issues; from destructive, loud cats (Can't wait to get rid of these two we're fostering) to obnoxious neighbours and vehicles, there is still a level of stress in the household. Want to hear something even more ridiculous? Living at Cara's house is less stressful than living at the other place..... Even during the day when I'm there people are still conducting themselves in the same self-absorbed manner, as well as, being nosy as Hell and based on the latest gossip, ultimately creating drama. So, here I am, at the lesser of two evils..... [Laughs]... Not exactly the way you're supposed to describe living with your lover.

Frik! The house is quite messy, and I've got a few projects to finish. The sun and heat we've had for two days has been interrupted by a bank of angry, dark clouds that are threatening to bring lightning and rumble thunder across the city's skyscape...... AKA a storm. Guess it's an indoors kind of day.....

....hope you have a great Friday! Talk soon.

August 12th
The sun cannot penetrate the thick clouds. Same shit, different day.

I'm decent* when it comes to health this morning, but I can feel the negative vibe that hangs over everything right now. "Negative vibe"?! What am I talking about? Well, in the past 24 hours I have observed the mood, energy, body language, and temperament of not just other humans, but also animals, as well as, the ebb-and-flow of the natural energy around me. There's a heightened tension, and it's so thick you can almost cut it with a butter-knife. Most people don't understand this, ignorant to the forces around them that pulls on them and influences the way they conduct themselves.

The best way for me to describe this phenomenon of energy being created or building to a crescendo, is to make two references; a rock concert, and a pack of dogs. Both events / incidents creates its own energy and has a major influence on anyone involved.

There's a psychological impact when any nurturing species congregates in gatherings. I say "Nurturing", because it is nigh impossible for a species who do not nurture their young to gather as a collective group with similar goals and desires. From the lowliest otter family splashing in the riverbank, to a herd of buffalo, any species that nurtures its offspring does so because of a psychological need for contact and interaction. This same psychology that fuels the survival of the species by being a collective social group can also fire the desire to militarize or become destructive. In animals such as dogs this is called "Pack Mentality", whereas, the individual is altered by the collective group to become violent or destructive by the energy produced, and then altered by the group's mentality. For example, I have personally witnessed a very peaceful, loving farm dog transform into a deer-chasing, snarling, vicious killer that ended up turning on the very farm animals he was raised to protect. The cause was a group of dogs roaming the countryside who were chasing deer and running rampant. They weren't wild dogs, but rather, domesticated pets that were simply allowed to run loose. I remember distinctly hearing that 4 dogs were put down that particular year for the exact same reason; loving animals became violent after a couple of weeks of killing and eating deer and other creatures. Now, these individual dogs would never have done this by themselves. In fact, most were raised on farms with many other animals, plus a family of doting, caring people who trained and looked after these dogs on a daily basis. In this example, the energy of running with the wrong crowd had disastrous results for not only the dogs involved, but the animals killed, and the families left devastated for being forced to kill a beloved pet. This is all causation.... An incident or event occurred whereas a group of three or more of the same species came together completely ignorant of how to conduct themselves and fell back on instinct, eventually rewriting all their training. The calm demeanor, and caring attitudes were replaced by stress, raw negativity, and a semblance of de-evolution of their intelligence and training.......

......and the same thing happens to humans.

When we are tired or stressed, we cannot think as clearly as when we are relaxed and well-rested. The incidental health and psychological problems fester and build in the individual's body, until one day it becomes problematic. Stress, either external or internally caused, changes the way we think and act.

Stressed out? If you are, then you are in the majority of all humans on the planet. What's the problem? Take your pick! From threat of global warming and all THAT entails, to the military tension raging across the globe, illegal immigration, economic migrants sweeping Europe and trickling into North America, personal problems, financial issues, racial division, the leftist / globalist agenda, etcetera, etcetera.... There are many issues that are building tension across the planet. I felt it yesterday on the bus, and even the neighbour who decided to attempt to become obnoxious when I was out on the balcony. Can you guess how I reacted?

I didn't react. I simply put my earphones on and walked back into the house. So, while I can feel the tension and stress around me, I'm choosing to not engage in it. As I stated in the article, "Drama, Drama", the best way to deal with negativity or drama is to simply ignore it. (If you can)

Still, it makes it difficult to live in a place where I have to be wary of who is around when I go outside. It seems each time I choose to leave the house or go out on the balcony there's someone trying to be confrontational. As I said before, these people who live at the apartment complex above us and on the bottom floor act like they are the only ones in the entire complex, and anyone (Like me) who steps up and attempts to explain to them (It was done kindly) that they are breaking the law and interfering with others ability to sleep, is met with severe condemnation.

[Sigh] Selfish people suck so bad! Like, look beyond yourself for one tiny moment......

......but that's not the way this world works. Not anymore. Gone are the days of community, replaced by the internet and an attitude of living inside a bubble.

As for the military tension between North Korea and the Unites States of America, things are pretty much at the breaking point. As I write this I wonder if history will one day look back at my notes on the subject and remark about how it must have felt to live in a world that is sitting on the brink of annihilation. To be fair, the world has been close to destroying itself many times, or rather, HUMANS have come close to destroying the planet a few times, and each time "Something happens" that prevents it. We can only hope and pray for peace, but more realistically, pray to the good Lord above that any military intervention taken is kept to a minimal and does the respective task of re-establishing peace in the Asian theater.  President Trump's comments yesterday have come under scrutiny, when he said, "...met with fire and fury...", when referring to the NK's promise to attack Guam. Many critics all claim the President is using "Dangerous rhetoric" especially when applied to the North Korean leader, Kim Jon-un. I personally think this isn't the case, in fact I believe it is exactly what the North Korean leader, AND the rest world needs to hear right now........

........taking all of President Trump's characteristics into account and his methods of negotiations, it is no small wonder that even before he was the USA President, Donald Trump was influential. Whole nations knew about him before he swore the Oath of Office, and already had a very distinct impression about the man. His strategy of negotiations are NOT similar to past Presidents, and while many claim Trump is a "Loose cannon with access to the nuclear launch codes ", it is important to remember than NONE of the past Presidents of the United States of America dealt properly with the North Korean regime. Clinton? He GAVE into their demands. Bush? All talk. Obama? For 8 years that man did nothing about North Korea, ignoring the growing problem for reasons unknown. Now the USA has Trump stepping up to the plate just as North Korea announces that it has miniaturized the warheads of it's ICBMs, and is capable of hitting mainland USA..........

.......Trump's not going to back down. BUT! From where I sit I see an interesting development..... We ALL KNOW that if China was to stop helping North Korea that the rogue nation would be unable to continue its missile programs and probably end up collapsing entirely, but China enjoys the buffer of North Korea and really doesn't want that to change. How can Trump get China to back down and actually allow the Korean peninsula to change? Well, while everyone was clinging to the President's words about severe retaliation SHOULD North Korea attack Guam, he also said something extremely important in regards to China where they to actually help.....

......"That could lead to greater leverage in future negotiations on other issues like trade."

Wait! Hold the phone! Did he just state that IF China helps the US deal with the North Korean nuclear missile crisis that President Trump will initiate trade with China?

A couple of things come to mind.....

1 - Yay! Trump is negotiating with a full-deck of cards. His usual tactic of making statements and gauging the reaction might actually work this time. Can you imagine the opportunity for China to gain negotiated access to Unites States markets? This would be a big incentive for the Chinese!

2 - Oh, no! What about "Making America Great Again"? A market with China would hurt the campaign policies of the Trump administration.

3 - This won't work. As tempting as it might be for China to gain access to USA markets, the buffer zone they enjoy with the North Korean is too much to give up.

So, my prediction is that while Trump is doing exactly what he needs to, the Chinese are not going to help with North Korea. The only good news to come out of this so far is that China has admitted they will not take action if North Korea strikes first and the US retaliates. At least in this. it removes one dangerous factor from the equation in Asia.

What's the Canadian leader, Justin Trudeau, doing all of this? Well, the Prime minister has shook his finger very sternly at the rogue nation, and sent an envoy of diplomats to negotiate the release of a Canadian pastor. The Canadian government's stance on North Korea is to have the National Security adviser instruct North Korea to comply with the UN's mandate....... And we all know how well telling North Korea to listen to anyone, works......

......."Stop! Or I'll say stop again!"

Would you look at that! The sun decided to burn away some of the clouds and is making an appearance. This is great news! Apparently we are going over to Cara's Grandparent's house today, so the nice weather means we might do something outside. I guess I won't be back until suppertime, so I'm going to get much done today.

I DID manage to get more foam-crafting done yesterday. I'm trying my hand at odd weapons, like staves and axes, rather than just making swords. I did an inventory check last night, and we have enough foam weapons to supply a small army. [Laughs] All these weapons and no one to fight....

.....but hopefully the weather is nice tomorrow and we can get out to Belegarth. Can't wait for them to see some of my newest weapons.

I'll let you go. Try to avoid giving into the negative energy that hangs over us at the moment. Things will get better... I promise. Talk soon.

* Decent - About as good as can be expected. Still includes cramps, pain, frequent trips to the bathroom, bleeding, and having to use marijuana to deal with all those symptoms. "Decent", means it's not crippling, as in, compared to the days where I just want to carve out my intestines with a knife to stop the pain.


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