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The Ghost of Christmas Future

THE ghostly wail of the past is barely heard by the future generation. 
Humans; an intelligent race who live most of their mortal existence with their eyes looking to the future while pretending the present doesn't exist, and rarely looking to the past for guidance. Much like humans, the Spirit of the Christmas Future is optimistic in all things and rarely looks backward. It is the oldest of the three Christmas Spirits; the past and present always follow behind the future.
The Ghost of Christmas Past
The Ghost of Christmas Present

Not long ago, Christmas was much different than it is today. The idea of flashing lights, brand-name toys and store-bought ornaments are a recent development in the evolution of the holiday. Before the invention of plastic toys, children were given home-made gifts. Not so long ago Christmas cards were unheard of. The idea of using candles to decorate an evergreen tree sounds outright dangerous, yet at one time no so long ago this practice was quite common.…

The Ghost of Christmas Present

Happy Holidays!!
Welcome to the Trifecta of major holidays in North America when the three month-long event culminates in a feverish pitch of merry-making and revelry that shuts down most of the country for many days, with the finale being the changing from one year to the next.

Beginning about the middle of September when children across Canada and the United States of America are just heading off to their first classes in the new school year, the beginning of this culmination of several holidays begins. It's noticed when the shopping centers begin displaying their Hallowe'en candy and decorations. Oddly, in some cases there are artificial Christmas trees across the isle from Hallowe'en decorations, but those are mostly limited to big-box corporations. The Thanksgiving decorations are available about the second week on October, and many Canadians have been found to blend the two holidays with their decorations, and in some cases it's not uncommon to see pumpkin alongsi…