Obscure Arcanum - Chapter Eighteen

A DIARY (also called a journal) is a record (originally in handwritten format) with discrete entries arranged by date reporting on what has happened over the course of a day or other period. A personal diary may include a person's experiences, and/or thoughts or feelings, including comment on current events outside the writer's direct experience. Someone who keeps a diary is known as a diarist.

Have you ever wanted to read someone's diary? Here's your chance...Is this your first time here? It's always best to start at the beginning.
Why do I keep a diary?

In retrospect, this whole blog is one big online diary; from my earliest attempts to share my thoughts with the world, to short stories, poems, full length novels, and a few different types of journals, I have been documenting my life and the world I live in, since 2006. The "Turn the Page" series explained how I came to live in Southern Ontario, and an earlier journal entitled, "Between the Bars of a Jail Cell" was not only my debut to diary keeping, but also a great way to burn away the time I spent incarcerated for crimes I didn't commit. "Fire-bombed" explains how I became homeless three times in a month-and-a-half.

That's what this all is; a record keeping process that keeps me grounded. As I read through my work I can get a better sense of who I am as an individual and how my life is evolving, and that's a very helpful tool indeed! Through my words I can get a clear sense of my mindset, emotional state, and focus. It's easy to see when there are dark times in my life, and you can definitely tell when things are going well.

Just a quick note regarding my integrity in this journal;

A) Once something is written / posted, I will not delete it or try to fix it in some way. I feel strongly about this, because it's usually during the times of extreme duress and frustration that I expose my raw emotions the most. Once my work has been witnessed by others, it would be akin to online trolling using a "Bait and Switch" tactic if I were to post something untrue or even libel and then erase it. Regardless of the legality of the situation, and / or the current punishment for posting any such information, there's my own personal integrity to take into consideration. I set the bar high for myself in all things, and my diary is to remain as unmodified as absolutely possible for prosperity sake. (To date there have been only three times I have deleted / switched content in my journals - They were done for extreme reasons)

2) I will not use names in my entries without asking first. Events and / or details can be used, however, any mention of names will be done only with verbal permission.

D) I don't write about every single little thing that I do. Now, this is due to the simplistic fact that I'm certain most people don't care about all the mundane aspects of my life. On the flip side, I don't give away all my secrets...

......So as long as you understand how this works we should have a good time! You are welcome to email me or even text.  If you want to, you can always look me up on social media.

Not every chapter in your life will be happy. As you read through the different chapters in my life, you can tell the times I am struggling and the times I'm happy......

.......We all make mistakes in life. As I grow and learn, there are going to be moments where I feel weak, just as there are going to be wonderfully grandiose moments. Due to my drive to become a better individual, these mere diary entries become a success story detailing the hardships and triumphs along the way.

This is my success story.

I started writing at a very early age. By the tender age of 7 years-old I was creating complex universes and mythical monsters for others to enjoy. While much of my adventures were used for role playing games, I also did quite well in school when it came to writing reports and stories. After four decades of putting pen to paper it's safe to say that while there is still quite a bit of room for improvement, my skills as an author have become very established. For most of my childhood I was limited to hand-writing everything, as computers didn't become a house-hold item until I was 15. Can you imagine writing everything by hand, and then having to rewrite copies? I can still remember the joy I felt when I discovered the Church's photocopier for the first time! Using a computer to write was exciting for so many reasons, and the idea of printing copies of my work made me giddy. Needless to say, I took to computers faster than a pack of dogs on a three-legged cat. It was at least another 5 years before we hooked up a computer to the Internet for the first time, but, once online I quickly adapted. Taking my debate skills from High-school, my writing skills from countless articles and stories, and my desire to explore this strange, new, virtual world, I entered into debate forums with exuberance. In no time at all I had developed an online persona based on integrity of profile, fact-checking, and my ability to throw people around with the use of the written word.

One thing I have noticed about the Obscure Arcanum series, is that over time I am beginning to make more references to worldly issues. This is being done for two main reasons. The first reason why I am mentioning more politics is because I believe we are living in a transitional era of humanity, and the second reason I am making references to worldly issues is due to my desire to bring the truth to others who may not have the ability to see past the propaganda and rhetoric of mainstream media. From climate change to proxy wars and the subsequent mass illegal-immigration, this planet is being changed before my very eyes, and I believe that as a journalist and author it is my duty to record these occurrences.

If you haven't taken the time to read my other diary entries I suggest you do. Jumping into the middle of any story isn't as much fun as starting from the beginning. Don't forget all my free short stories that I have published for your reading pleasure. My favourites are "I Wish""Don't Read This""Two Doors", "One Last Ride""The Man and the Birds", and who can forget the ever-popular "Jell-O Shooter" instructional article featuring 72 types of different shooters. If you choose to go online to Amazon, there are even more stories of greater length for you to enjoy, along with a full length novel and a complete screen-play! There's lots to see and read, and I just hope you get as much pleasure reading my stories as I do sharing them with you. Thank you, again.


August 17th, 2018
Well, hello Dear Dairy. It's been quite some time since I last wrote an entry. For that reason I decided to start a new chapter.... Well, that.... And so much has happened that it only made sense to start a new one.

Welcome to Chapter Eighteen.

Where do I start? Well, I'm happily living with Cara. We're doing extremely well, in fact our relationship has never been better. We have a nice place to call home, complete with a backyard, storage shed, a fire-pit, and a community garden. Our neighbours are quiet, mostly keep to themselves, and the street we live on is fairly quiet.

Instead of penning some long story, I'll run you through a short time line, as well as, a few pertinent details.

A) Last year Cara and I were not co-habitating well at all. Skipping the details, we eventually chose to continue to build a life together, and I'm proud to say that many of our personal issues are being addressed.

2) I'm still suffering each day with my intestinal issues. Not only that, but I ended up slipping a disk in my back that has created major problems on my right side. At first I was wheelchair bound, but as of now I only require a cane to walk any distance. More on that later.

D) I'm taking medication daily. For pain, for my intestinal issues, and now I'm being medicated for depression, PTSD (Loud Noises), anxiety, and some little yellow pills to make me sleep better... Ugh!

I moved out of my old place, and for two weeks lived at Cara's. She was moving and had a place all lined up. Everything was rolling along nicely, until the place we were to move into was given to someone else.

We found ourselves homeless.

We moved in with family. Things went very well for 27 days.... Then I lost my temper and said a few things I shouldn't have to a family member.

We found ourselves homeless. Again.

Our little family moved into a shelter. For 26 days we did our best to remain positive while searching for a place to live.

Finally, Cara and I found a place to call home. After being subject to set-backs three times where the landlord took our money and then gave the place away to someone else, we were frustrated, but things finally worked out.

We now have one cat, two iguanas, two fish tanks, and a growing brood of ants.*

Our home is set up pretty nice. We had to downsize our belongings quite a bit, but we have a nice place. The landlord seems professional, and is understanding, as well as, easy to work with.

The weather has been the same as February 2017; you can't rub three dry days together. Meanwhile, British Columbia is burning up.

I'm still writing for "Debunking the CBC". I had to take a short break due to homelessness (Not of our fault) but now I'm back at it. **

I've started doing plastic models. I loved to play with models in my youth, but I stopped. I received a Harvard aircraft model for Christmas and eventually put it together. Now? I'm working on my third, and have a fourth one on the shelf. I'm certain I'll get around to posting pictures one day.

I am busy. Cara IS allowing me the respect of working on my dreams; this includes art, writing, and paper mache. She's really adamant that I finish that book I started writing; "The Yule Story". In her defense, she's being very supportive.

I just suddenly realized exactly how political-minded I am. As well as, opinionated. I mean, I've always knew I was opinionated, and I don't know why I enjoy analyzing politics so much, but look at me go! Who knows why I do what I do?

Yes, I need a cane to walk. My leg sometimes gives oout on me, and my legs hurts very badly if forced to do much. This has put a major cramp in my lifestyle.... Get it? Cramp? In my...... [Sighs]... Dad jokes. No one ever laughs.

Anywho, I'm certain that the subsequent entries will fill in any blanks in my story. I do have a few more things to do today, so I should go. After all...........

............ Due to all my (Now) personal obligations I have spent most of the day on the computer, and I should get off my ars.

I'm trying to use my powers for good. Just thought I should add that. [Laughs]

Toodles! Hope you have a wonderful Friday! I'll talk to you very soon.


*Ants - I found a Camponotus Queen ant. I set her up in a test tube set-up, just like it says in ANTS CANADA. As of today, Queen Illia has four babies with more on the way.

** Debunking the CBC - It means daily viewing with long pausing sessions to research. Point form notes. And about 2-4 hours of writing..... And, they know who I am.

P.S. I went offline for months because a fatwa was issued to kill me. This was the second one, and it was very serious.

P.P.S. I won't post personal location details anymore due to threats against me. I'm sure you understand.

September 3rd - 5 AM
Good morning, Dear Diary. It's very early, and everyone else is sleeping. As for me, I was woke up and my disability kicked in; now I'm awake and doing "The Routine". At least I have a chance to write.

This long weekend has been pretty decent. We started out Friday night with a small fire in the backyard with some friends. I even got to see a buddy I rarely visit with. Spent some time with the new neighbours, and even bonded a bit. Saturday I slept in, but by the evening I had all the laundry done, and the house was nearly back to normal...

...yes. Sometimes it takes a whole day to recover from the day before.

I find if very entertaining that I will super-clean the house to get ready for a shindig, only to allow people to conduct themselves in my home in ways I normally wouldn't.... "Oh, don't mind your shoes! Everyone else is leaving them on... And if you can't find your lighter, just use the stove top. Make sure to run outside with your smoke once it's lit".

Sounds about normal, eh? We get our house cleaned up to pretend it's still dirty; "Please forgive the mess...". We spend 99.9% of our time in our home using it as a sanctuary, but that 0.1% of the time we act like having a wild party is a common occurrence.... "Oh, sure! Dance on the coffee table if you like. We do it all the time...."

Listen to me nit-pick... [Chuckles]... AND if you want MORE proof of my damned age, after a few wobbly-pops I decided it was time to drag out the boffers (Fake / training sword) and thought it would be a good idea to fight with the next door neighbour.... Who is turning 25 (Actually, today. Memo to me: Birthday wishes are in order) Anywho, I guess somehow I completely forgot the fact that I need a cane to walk.... And here I was trying to sword-fight....

.....[sighs heavily] Guess who woke up with a black-eye?

Want more proof of my age? I don't normally get hangover's, but I'll admit I was running on about 35% steam the next day. With a headache... And my regularly "Routine".... And a severely sore leg. With scratches on my back. And my right eye is black and swollen.

I'd like to say, "You should have seen the other guy", but I'll admit that the much younger guy had me. Turns out I'm not as quick as I used to be.

STILL!! A great time was had by nearly everyone. (There was one incident, but it didn't include me)

On Sunday I started writing on my Yule story. That's right, Dear Diary; I'm trying to launch myself back into some sort of routine. All Summer has been disjointed, and the only things that held me together was Cara and analyzing news.

Yes, I'm still writing for "Debunking the CBC". I enjoy it, but it's very time consuming. I'm thinking of changing the format a bit. We'll see.

I could be just tired. [Shrugs] I do babble when I'm groggy.

Yea, Sunday was quiet for half the day, and then Cara and I went for a Pokemon Go hunt. Yup! Still playing that game; it gets me out of the house, and it's fun to play with others.

My plans for today include writing, a Pokemon walk, maybe some work outside, and perhaps some paper mache. We DO have to get the kidlet ready for the first day of school tomorrow.

Hope you have a great day! I'll chat with you later.

September 11th
Good morning, Dear Diary. It's quite early, but I've woken up three times last night due to disturbing dreams. I figured the third time's the charm, so here I sit at 6 bells typing on the computer while the whole house is still sleeping.

My head is in a really weird place right now. This is due to dreams I keep having.

I've  always said that a dream can determine your mental outlook for the entire day. Most people don't really remember what they dream about, but it still has a tendency to affect their day when they wake. After all, dreams are the body's way of sorting through details in a safe environment.

I remember my dreams. Not only that, but I lucid dream. This means I am aware that I'm dreaming and can alter the dream by changing details.

For the last week I've been consistently dreaming about my past; places, events, and certain people. As you can well imagine this is causing me quite a bit of emotional distress. Things have changed so radically in some ways that they feel like an entirely different life. Interacting with those who have passed on leaves me feeling empty when I awake. Seeing places that used to hold such much memories for me, but now are no longer part of my life also stir pangs of sorrow.

As I said, this has been going on for over a week.

I haven't slept soundly in quite some time. The only time I've ever laid down and not risen until the sun shines were the evenings I've imbibed alcohol. For some reason I relax when I've drank a few wobbly-pop. However, as is commonly the case, attempting to sleep after an evening of consuming alcohol doesn't lend to a peaceful rest; more often it leaves the average person still exhausted. So..... I haven't really slept well since the beginning of Summer.

Last night I woke three times.

Oddly, my dreams last night were like movie sequels; I'd dream, wake up, then go back to sleep only to pick up right where I left off in my dream.

The most disturbing part of my dream last night was when I happened to notice a major change in my surroundings; the truck I was driving completely changed. It went from being a work truck to my late-Grandfather's red personal truck. This wasn't the reason why I was jolted wide awake, but rather, when I happened to wonder out-loud about the change in the scenery, one of the people in my dream looked at me point-blank, and stated, "The truck is different? Stop trying to influence your dream!"

Like, what? This is akin to a fictional character suddenly becoming self-aware and directly addressing me. To make an analogy, if it were "Star Trek" then it would be the same as a "Holo-suite character" becoming self-aware. (They did this theme a couple times)

So, the people in my dream are suddenly addressing the fact I am altering my dreams. What would Sigmund Freud say?

Changing the topic....

.....today is September 11th. It's been 17 years since the attack on the twin towers in New York. So much time has passed, yet for me it feels like only yesterday I was watching the incident on television, unable to take my eyes off the horrific scene.

How did we go from being attacked to being worried about the feelings of those who perpetrated this attack?!? Due to M-103 I cannot specifically name the ideology that is behind the destruction of Western ideals, but I'm certain you know what I'm referring to.

I'm out of medication for my pain.

Did I tell you about my missing tablet? When we moved on June 3rd, a small group of people volunteered to help my family. Needless to say it was extremely painful, as the majority of those assisting us simply wouldn't listen to instructions. At the time I had a brand-new tablet through a promotional deal with my phone company, and had intended to take it with me along with my suitcase. I place the expensive electronic device on my suitcase and told everyone "Don't touch my stuff"......

.........and, the tablet goes missing.

I've tried to figure out who the thief was, but to this day I still don't know. To make matters worse, the other-half is defending those who didn't listen to me which resulted in the theft of my device, because they are her "Friends". She went out of her way to pay for the cost of the missing tablet, but then told me I was to be happy she did so and not mention the theft of my property since the cost was taken care of.....

.....pardon my French, but what the actual fuck? I'm supposed to be happy I'm without my property simply because the cost of losing it has been dealt with? To this day I still think my girlfriend is protecting her friends, and it remains a rift between us.

The weather has changed; last week the humidity made it feel like 40 degrees Celsius, and today it's barely double digits. Ugh! I detest cold..... Hurry back Summer!! I miss you already!!

I've decided to not engage in a daily debunk of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I feel like the little Dutch boy trying to plug the ever expanding crack in the dike; no matter how much I attempt to spread the truth of CBC's lies, they just keep plugging along puking propaganda and passing it off as fact. Here's a quick report on last night's episode of "The National"; victim, victim, victim, blame Caucasians, victim, poor Muslim migrants, victim, victim, blame residential schools, blame, shame, and more victims. It's revolting! CBC is supposed to be a representation of Canada, and here it runs with the narrative of a socialist regime. The constant pandering to violent terrorists makes them a treasonous organization! The consistent blaming of people who weren't born at the time of residential schools is ludicrous! The shaming of Canadians for speaking out against the Liberal government is horrendous! The "Poor Muslim" narrative of CBC was old two years ago.... There, I just saved myself several hours of debunking.

I can just imagine tonight's episode; it'll be a documentary about the suffering of the families who lost their loved ones when they flew airplanes into the twin towers. You think I'm kidding, don't you.......

...I wish I was kidding. One only needs to look at the Rhohingya-religion-that-shall-not-be-named for proof of that narrative. They raped, murdered, and acted like it was 450 AD, and the Buddhist monks rose up and chased them out of their country.

How. Effed. Do. You. Need. To. Be. For. Buddhist. Monks. To Rise. Up. With. Violence??!?

Many people forget that we're still at war with this violent religion. All over the world Christians are being slaughtered and chased out of their countries, and yet everyone keeps pandering to the people responsible for the killing, raping, genitalia-mutilation, honour-killings, and subjugation of women that pervades our planet! It's disgusting!

Back in the day we used to hang traitors; today they sit in Parliament, as well as, run our news networks.

I need to sleep. Perhaps later when the pain becomes too intense I'll lay down for a nap. Right now I have too many things to do, so my health is once again placed on the back-burner.

17 years. No matter how much time passes it will still feel like yesterday that North America was attacked. For those who weren't born yet, it's time to learn history correctly......

....before it repeats itself.

Hope you have a great day. I'll chat with you very soon!

October 1st, 2018
In a last minute rush, the negotiations between the United States of America and Canada, formally known as NAFTA, have reached a deal.

While the details of the agreement are not yet fully known, the impact of a trade deal finally reached is sweet music to the ears of many Canadians, as well as, the Liberal Party of Canada.

Good morning, Dear Diary. It's Monday. The forecast calls for chilly rain all day with the chance of a thunderstorm. Temperatures are expected to be around 9 degrees.

Oddly, the weather is similar to my mood on NAFTA; grey and dark with a constant drizzle of torment...... Let me explain.

Keep in mind the details have not been released yet, as the last-second, photo-finish deal on the trade negotiations have not filtered down. I expect by this afternoon the mainstream media, as well as, the independent news sources will be BUZZING with an overload of information. You can be certain that CBC will be touting this like a major victory, especially because a few elections are currently poised to occur.. And let's face it, in light of the Liberal's recent performance they can use all the positive publicity they can get. Having said all that..............

........Why am I casting doubt on a finalized trade negotiation between Canada and the USA? Also, why am I comparing my opinion of the matter as a lingering overcast sky that won't stop raining?

Those are two separate questions, although both can be traced back to one common denominator; Canada's negotiating team.

I've never been a fan of someone who is attempting to negotiate while shitting on the other person at the same time. I mean, how freaking low-ball was it for Chrystia Freeland to attend an anti-Trump rally in Toronto when she was negotiating a trade deal on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Canadians? It was a dirty move, and if anything it showed Freeland in all her Unholy glory. Her TEAM went into these negotiations with factors of gender roles and female rights as trade priorities, and they were up against a team hired by Donald Trump and the United States government, who were interested in talking.. you know? TRADE!

My doubt in the finalized trade negotiations is simple; Trump set a deadline, and everyone else rushed to meet it. I'll say that again in case you missed the important part..... The Donald issued a decree, and all of North America took him seriously and rushed to meet the man's imposed deadline. The phrase that comes to mind is, "Jump little doggie... Jump!"

I am firmly convinced more than ever, than Donald Trump understands the power he holds. I am also convinced that the world is bowing down to Trump's power.

Just keep in mind, Dear Diary, I really don't like Donald Trump "The Man".... But I do like the way he negotiates.

The problem for Canada in a rushed negotiation is that USA holds all the aces. They set the time, they set the pace, and they placed Canada in a "Do or die" scenario. With threats of tariffs on aluminum and steel, threats on Canada's automotive industry, and much more, United States held all the power in these negotiations, and if anything all Canada could do was play defense.... Because, that's the only role that Canada could fill in this situation.

Canada and their negotiating team were played like a finely tuned fiddle. Being rushed at the end would have left them vulnerable.

AS FOR REASON TWO as to why I believe the weather is akin to my outlook on the trade negotiations finalized yesterday, this isn't necessarily something that will impact people for a year or two, rather, this is something that has a major impact for the foreseeable future. Like the constant dripping of raindrops falling from the sky, the trade between USA and Canada will feel like it won't go away.....

.......In real terms, this newly minted, rushed trade deal will most certainly have left Canada making concessions, and these will impact Canadians for the next decade or more.

Why am I so doom and gloom about what should be good news? This can be easily answered by stating the fact I really don't believe that Trudeau's negotiating team was prepared to meet up with Trump's. Don't get me wrong, Dear Diary, I hope for the best, but if I were a betting man I would be putting my money on the Trump team to come ahead, if you know what I'm saying.

Enough politics. I only mention all of this for the simple reason that this is history in-the-making.

So, yea it's raining. The sky is supposed to clear for tomorrow with warmer temps.

Things are good in the household. The kidlet is off to school, while the wife and I are making plans. The iggies are good, and Heffy is growing accustomed to having another iguana competing with him. Both lizards are getting tamer.

The house is a mess. My plans for today are to clean up and organize a bit, health willing. The other half wants to move furniture, and my "Honey-Do" list keeps growing no matter how much I tackle the items on the list. Funny how that works, eh?

Anywho, you can be certain my afternoon will also be spent reading and checking out a few Canadian analysts as they break down the new trade deal. Fun stuff, ammaright?!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday, and an even better week! Talk to you soon-ish.



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